Q Is For QuickieQ Is For Quickie


Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series. SHORT AND SWEET, LIKE THE SUBJECT MATTER!

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

My wife Annie just glared at me. It was hardly a question to ask seeing as we were 14,000 feet above the ground. I wasn’t trying to be mean; I just wanted to make sure that she was really willing to help me test my new tandem harness.

“Donnie, I told you that I’d do it. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to double-check.”

Annie took my hands and smiled into the same warm brown eyes that I’d known for nearly twenty years. “I trust you, honey.” I knew she did. She had trusted me to quit my job all those years ago and started the parachute company. She trusted me to sink huge amounts of money into fleets of airplanes. She trusted me to travel the country without her, doing shows for months at a time. I knew that she trusted me. It was just that I had never jumped with her and my stomach was tied up in knots.

“Okay, sir!” Jerry radioed to me. “We’re over the target.”

“Great.” I answered, then motioned Annie to come to me. I snapped the harness on edirne escort and made sure that everything was ready. I didn’t need to give her any instructions; I’d filled her ear with information on the drive up and again, when we got into the plane. The harness we were testing was a new formation. Instead of the usual tandem harness where the client faces away from the instructor, the client and instructor are face to face. “Ready?”

I saw a sparkle in Annie’s eye when she nodded but I wouldn’t know what it was about until we were airborne. We stepped out and began to fly, freefalling towards the earth below.

Annie’s warm hand on my cock was a surprise. She began rubbing it through the thin material of my shorts, her fingers sliding under the spandex leg opening and lightly tugging on my balls. What a rush! I felt harder than ever, especially when she started squeezing the head, something she knew always set me off. I lowered my hands and cupped her ass, grinding against her. One hand snaked up her leg and I was startled to find that her panty-less pussy had soaked her shorts.

I pulled elazığ escort the waist of my spandex shorts down, fighting the buffeting of the wind and guided the head of my hard cock to her wet hole. I pulled the cord for the chute and our moans were lost on the wind as the air took up us and my prick slammed into her wet hole. She felt so good that I almost forgot to grab the steering toggles. Annie took over moving, hooking her legs around my waist and rocking her juicy pussy onto my stick.

“Oh, Don!” She breathed against my mouth and I Ieaned forward, capturing her lips and sucking her tongue into my mouth. The feeling of being inside her and soaring above the beautiful earth at the same time was inebriating, a high that I was sure I’d never come down from. Annie started moving more, her hands wrapped in the nylon of the harness, her stokes shorter, harder and faster and driving the breath from my lungs. Her first orgasm made her weeping pussy clamp down on me and she threw her head back, gasping for breath as her body jerked in sweet response.

I missed being able to touch her erzincan escort soft skin and suck one of her nipples into my mouth but it was such a treat to see her enjoying my rod so thoroughly. I made a mental note to make sure and that bring up when we landed. Hmmm, me tied up, her riding on top … made my mouth water. She quickly recovered and ground her sweet pussy into me, covering me with more of her sweet cream and before long, she was doing her best to pound me again, her breathing staggered as she moved closer and closer to another orgasm.

I gritted my teeth, trying to stave off my own climax but with the combination of her quivering, sopping pussy and the ground fast approaching, I knew I had to let go. I shouted my love to her and pumped my load into her clasping pussy. She shook with her release, her hands in my hair and her whimpers in my ear. While I came back to my senses, she tugged my pants back and adjusted my now-limp member and scooped a fingerful of our mingled juices into her mouth, leaning forward to share them with me.

I was in Heaven. We swung around the target and within moments, landed perfectly in the chalked circle, lauded by our friends who came forward to congratulate us. Annie clung to me with a shy, trembling smile and asked if we could do it again.

By the way, my harness has become a huge seller and it’s called the Quickie.

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