Progression Ch. 14: BefriendedProgression Ch. 14: Befriended

Caressing Pussy

Nathan woke up earlier than usual the next morning after a night of arousing dreams. He was eager to start work and see what the guys had in store for him.

After his daily inspection with Kevin, they both made their way to Ryan and Jacks house. Once they arrived, Nathan stripped and made his way to the basement to begin his daily show.

When he reached the bottom of the basement stairs, he noticed the camera and bed was not set up as usual.

“Guys, where’s the camera?” he shouted up to Ryan and Jack, “Is there no show today?”

Jack started to make his way down the stairs. “You can make your way into the cell room,” he said.

Nathan did as he was instructed, and walked into the cell. He sat down on the bed and waited.

After a few minutes passed, Jack, Ryan and Kevin entered the room. Kevin held in his hand a leather hood that would cover someone’s entire head. There were no holes except for one where the mouth would go.

“As you can see, we have fitted a few more cameras around this cell,” said Jack.

Nathan looks up and saw each of the four corners had a small camera mounted.

“The show can now take place inside the cell,” explained Jack. “We can zoom into any location in here with perfect quality. I think the viewers will enjoy this setup a lot.”

“Today you will be wearing this leather hood,” said Kevin as he approached Nathan still sat on the bed.

Nathan reached out for the hood, but Kevin didn’t hand it to him.

“Let me put it on for you,” said Kevin as he untied the straps and gently placed it over Nathans’ head. Once it was firmly attached, he asked: “Can you see anything?”

“No, it’s pitch black,” answered Nathan.

Kevin tied the straps to ensure the hood could not be slid off his head. He then attached a padlock, securing it to his head.

“I think we’re ready,” said Kevin to Jack, “Let’s do it.”

Jack reached into his pocket and picked up his phone. He opened an app and clicked a few buttons. Within a few seconds, Nathan could hear a muffled white noise.

“Can you hear me,” said Kevin towards Nathan.

Nathan, however, could not hear a thing.

“Nathan, would you like to cum? Say yes, and we’ll unlock you and let you cum right now,” shouted Jack quite loudly.

Still, Nathan did not reply, unaware that anyone was talking.

“Hello, I can’t hear anything,” said Nathan.

“Looks like it works,” said Jack. “So Ryan, tell us about this new friend of yours.”

The three of them walked out of the room, locking the door behind them, then proceeded up the basement stairs and into the kitchen.

Nathan took a few steps forward with his hands held out.

“Hello, are you still there?” he asked while waving his hands in front of him.

He pulled on the hood, trying to move the hood in a way that could let him hear. But it was firmly attached. There was no way he could rotate the hood enough to stop the speakers playing in his ears.

Back in the kitchen, everyone sat down and watched as Jack opened his laptop and displayed the live camera feed of Nathan in the cell.

“Look at him. He has no idea what’s going on,” said Jack, giving the other two a laugh.

“So do you know what time your friend’s coming over,” said Kevin.

“I don’t even know if he’ll show up,” said Ryan. “He seemed interested, but you know how people say they are interested then get scared at the last minute.”

“So what exactly happened? How did you meet?” said Kevin.

“Well I was at work in the sex shop as usual, and a young man, in his mid-twenties came in and bought a ball gag, some bondage rope, and a dildo,” explained Ryan.

“And you just couldn’t help yourself but offer him some help,” said Jack, winking at Kevin.

“You know me,” said Ryan. “So I invited him to the back, and he started explaining how he doesn’t have a partner to play with but is experienced in chastity and submission. I invited him around to our place, and here we are.”

“Nice. It would be great to have a new addition to the crew,” said Jack.

They discussed some of the plans they had for Nathan and then chatted with some of the viewers on the webcam show. After trabzon escort an hour had passed, the doorbell rang.

“No way,” said Ryan.

“Yes!” shouted Jack and Kevin.

Ryan made his way to the front door and opened it. Standing outside was a slim man with blond hair, wearing a tight white t-shirt and shorts.

“Hello, it’s Paul, from the shop,” said the man.

“Yes, I wasn’t sure if you would come,” said Ryan.

“Definitely, I’ve been looking for someone to play with for ages,” said Paul.

“Come in, I have some friends for you to meet,” said Ryan leading Paul into the kitchen.

Kevin and Jack welcomed him as they sat down around the table.

“So like I explained yesterday, we have a submissive guy already with us. We’ve kept him in chastity for two months now, controlling any contact he has with his penis,” said Ryan.

“Yeah that’s really hot,” said Paul.

“So is that something you would like to do? Have your orgasms controlled?” said Kevin.

“Yes, I’ve been wearing a chastity belt myself for years, but I hold the key myself. Not as much fun when you know you can let yourself out at any minute,” said Paul.

“Well let us see it then,” said Kevin.

Paul pulled down his shorts revealing some tight white briefs with the outline of a chastity cage. Next, he pulled his briefs down, letting the guys see his locked cock.

“So when was the last orgasm you had?” asked Kevin.

“Well I gave myself a ruined orgasm yesterday, after meeting Ryan,” said Paul. “But before that, I came a couple of days ago.”

“Yes, having those keys is just too easy,” said Jack.

Paul agreed while pulling up his underwear.

“Before you pull those up, why not take everything off. Let us see what you’ve got for us,” said Ryan.

Paul paused for a moment, then smiled. “Sure,” he said, removing his shirt first, then stripping naked for them. His body hair had been entirely shaven, giving everyone a clear view of his tall but petite figure.

“Did you bring the keys with you,” said Ryan.

“Yes, they’re in my pocket,” said Paul.

Ryan bent down to pick up the shorts. He pulled out the keys from the pockets, then unlocked the cage from Pauls cock.

“Ah you’re circumcised,” said Kevin.

“Yup,” said Paul.

“It’s quite a high cut,” said Kevin noticing the complete lack of any foreskin.

“Not that it matters since I like to have my cock locked anyway,” said Paul.

“Why don’t we show you our basement,” said Ryan.

Every followed Ryan down the basement stairs.

“Wow, this is all your gear,” asked Paul, looking around at the shelves and cupboards full of bondage equipment, sex machines and chains.

“Yes, we’ve collected quite a lot over the years,” said Jack.

Ryan walked over to a cupboard and grabbed a chastity belt that looked the same as Nathans.

“Is this a DigiCage?” asked Paul.

“Yes, it sure is,” said Ryan.

“Wow, I’ve never seen one in real life. They cost a fortune,” said Paul reaching out for it. “Can I try it on?”

“Of course, here you go,” said Ryan entertained by Pauls excitement.

Paul pulled the belt around his waist, but it was quite loose.

“Let me help you with that,” said Jack and he adjusted the screws on the back of the belt.

“Much better,” said Paul reaching for the chastity tube. He tried to fit his penis into the narrow gap, but his semi-erection was too big.

“Damn I can’t fit,” said Paul.

Jack left the basement and came back a few minutes later with some ice cubes and his laptop.

“Here this should help,” he said, handing Paul the ice.

After applying the ice to his cock, his erection faded and finally, he could push his cock into the tube.

Once he attached the tube to the belt, it sat firmly in place, but it was still not locked.

“So where is the control panel?” asked Paul.

Jack pulled out his laptop and showed Paul the same control panel he showed Nathan two months ago.

“This is amazing, I still don’t know how it can do so much,” said Paul excited by all the belts features.

“Please, can you lock it on me? For as long as you uşak escort want. I’ll do anything,” said Paul.

Jack, amazed at the speed things were going, ran up the stairs and grabbed a copy of the same contract Nathan signed.

“We’d love for you to join us,” said Jack appearing with the contract. “There’s just a few terms we need you to agree to. Just because the belt is expensive and we want you to fully commit.”

“Yes, anything, I’ll sign it right now,” said Paul.

“Here it is, you’ll want to read it carefully,” said Jack.

But Paul was too eager to sign the contract and be locked in the belt. He was desperate to have his cock controlled and satisfy his submissive side. He grabbed the document, signed and dated it then handed it back to Jack.

“That was fast,” said Jack. “Welcome to the club.”

Jack reached for the laptop, and the belt clicked as it locked in place.

Paul pulled on the belt and tested its security.

“This really is as secure as they say it is,” said Paul. “So what’s next? I’m yours, what do you want? Can I give you a blowjob? Do you want to use my ass?”

“All in good time, you have to earn your way to that,” said Ryan taking a leather hood, like Nathans, from a cupboard. “Here, put this on.”

Paul placed the hood over his head, struggling with excitement.

Ryan then secured it firmly on his head and placed a padlock over the straps ensuring it could not be removed.

“Take my hand, and we can have some fun,” said Ryan, leading him to the cell where Nathan was being held.

Once inside the cell, Ryan led Paul to the bed where Nathan was sitting unaware anyone had even entered the room.

Nathan felt as Paul sat on the bed and said “Hello, Kevin? Is that you?”

“Hello? I’m Paul,”

But Nathan couldn’t hear anything.

Before Paul could hear another word, Jack took his phone and activated the white noise on Pauls hood.

“Oh, what’s that? Hello?” said Paul, confused and disorientated.

Nathan held out his hand and felt Paul, unaware of who he was.

“Jack? Is that you, I still can’t hear anything?” said Nathan.

Ryan, Jack and Kevin chuckled to each other, then left the room locking the door behind them.

“I wonder what must be going on in their minds?” laughed Kevin as they all worked up the basement stairs and back into the kitchen.

Sat down they opened the laptop and watched the live stream. The chat room viewers were notably excited by the new company. Already requests were pouring in, but the guys decided to tease them and ignore their demands for now.

Several hours later, after Ryan, Jack and Kevin had eaten and relaxed, they decided to go down to the cell and see how the two chaste guys were getting along.

They opened the door to see the two guys sitting in silence at opposite ends of the bed. Unable to hear anything, they could not communicate, so decided to wait for the white noise to stop. But Jack kept it on, keeping them confused and disorientated.

Jack looked into one of the cameras and winked, then started to remove his clothes. Once he was naked, he lay down on the bed.

Both chaste guys shouted out “hello?”

Jack placed his hand on Nathans’ chest and slowly rubbed down, over his stomach then chastity belt. He then did the same to Paul.

Nathan reached out his hand and felt Jack. When he reached Jacks hard cock, he got excited.

“Oh yes, please, let me suck you off?” said Nathan as he got off the bed and knelt down in front of Jack.

Using the hole in the leather hood, he was able to place Jacks cock in his mouth.

Nathan moaned, enjoying the taste of cock in his mouth.

Paul sensing the movements on the bed also reached out. Feeling Nathans’ head, he was able to work out what was going on. Wanting some of the action, he used his hands to touch Nathans body. When he reached Nathans’ waist, he realised he was also wearing a chastity belt.

“Oh you’re the other one into chastity,” said Paul. But neither of them could hear each other.

Paul knelt down beside Nathan, attempting to place his head near Jacks cock to have his turn sucking him off.

But van escort Ryan came over and gently pulled his head away, letting Nathan do all the work.

Ryan placed his hands on Pauls’ shoulders and softly pulled him back behind Nathan. He then slowly moved Pauls head towards Nathans ass.

Paul moved his face closer towards Nathans ass. Without having to be told, he stuck out his tongue and started to lick Nathans asshole.

Nathan let out a moan. He wasn’t sure who was giving him the pleasurable sensation, but he knew he wanted it to keep going.

Jack continued to thrust into Nathans’ mouth harder as he enjoyed the view of his two submissives. Moving faster and moaning loudly, he got closer to orgasm. Giving two final harsh jerks, he ejaculated a large amount of cum into Nathans’ mouth.

Nathan was incredibly horny, wishing the person licking his ass would insert something inside.

Jack made sure Nathan swallowed all his cum, then stood up and put his clothes back on.

Ryan pulled Paul away from Nathans ass, and let him catch his breath.

“Please, I really need the toilet,” begged Paul, desperate to pee since no one had told him where the bathroom was.

Ryan helped Paul to stand up and took his hand, leading him to the small bathroom attached to the cell. He assisted Paul so he could sit on the toilet, then let him relieve himself. When he was finished, Ryan showed him to the sink so he could wash up.

The three dominant guys left the cell again, leaving the two submissives in an aroused and confused state.

After another short session of watching tv, eating some snacks and hanging out, Ryan, Jack and Kevin opened the laptop to watch the live stream. They noticed the two subs had started to get to know each other, as Nathan was on all fours letting Paul lick his ass.

They went back into the basement and opened up the cell. Ryan noticing how wet Nathans asshole was decided to use the opportunity to his advantage.

Ryan stripped naked and gave himself a hard erection. He placed himself in front of Nathans’ mouth and eased his cock through the hole in the hood. He only let Nathan suck him off for a few seconds, to get his cock wet and lubricated.

Next Ryan positioned himself behind Nathan and moved Pauls head out of the way. He lightly placed his cock on the entrance to his asshole, then pushed himself as deep as he could into Nathan.

Nathan let out a moan of pleasure as his ass was finally given the satisfaction he so badly wanted.

Ryan rocked back and forward, sliding his cock in and out at different speeds for his own pleasure. He continued to thrust for what seemed like an hour, keeping a steady stream of precum leaking from Nathans cock. The chatroom viewers loved the show, and quickly the room became the top-rated channel for the day.

Feeling his cock become more sensitive, Ryan could feel himself ready to orgasm. He continued for another minute until a series of bursts shot out from his cock straight into Nathans ass. He pressed in hard, making sure every drop of cum left his cock.

Relieved and exhausted, Ryan stood up and got dressed again.

Kevin, who noticed the cum dripping helped position Pauls face so he could lick Nathan’s ass clean.

Paul hesitated, but after a few tastes he quickly got into it and continued until there was no cum left in Nathans ass.

Jack, who had left the room during the scene, came back holding a couple of plates with some cooked food for the guys to eat. He held each of thee submissives hands and let them feel the places, then the three dominants left the room so they could eat.

Nathan and Paul were still confused but glad of the food. They were naturally submissive and even though their current situation was difficult, they were happy being held in suspense.

Paul’s cock filled his chastity tube. Unlike Nathan who’s training still helped him control his erections, Paul was almost permanently attempting an erection. After he had eaten, he rubbed the tube, shaking and grinding against the bed trying to get any form of relief. Since locking himself in chastity for years with no keyholder, he would always unlock himself when he was this horny. But now he was entirely at the mercy of another man.

The two sat on the bed full from their meal and exhausted from frustration. It wasn’t long until both of them fell asleep, dreaming of what their next adventure would be.

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