Pizza Delivery – The Best Job EverPizza Delivery – The Best Job Ever

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I had two semesters to go and for some reason all these thoughts about my student debt started to invade my mind during the day and even during the night. Summer break was coming up and I felt an urgency to finally get a job and lessen my future financial burden a bit. Not that I could put a significant dent into that sum over just one summer anyway but I guess it’s the thought that counts. Right? No?

Living in a sizable city I saw all those opportunities just waiting for me to snatch them up and earn myself a quick dollar. Yeah, it didn’t take long for my awakening to rinse my brain clean from these pipedreams. I was rejected at a bank, at the library, at the hardware store, at the pet shop, at the gas station and on the factory assembly line. Just to name a few. Spare me the torture of putting these in order.

One evening, after walking through town forever in search of just ANY way to earn some money, I was approaching my dorm again when a sign caught my eye. “You’ve always wanted to deliver pizza for a living? Give us a call!” It was this little pizza place on the corner which exactly matched the reputation it had in this neighborhood. Not a great one. One of these one-man-shows who called themselves “us” while talking business. Let’s say that I was contemplating if the guy who wrote the sign actually meant those words without any intention of humor.

I felt some disgust as I was walking past that pizza place and anger began to rise in me about the stupidity of some of the business owners in this town. But then my step slowed down and finally stopped. I felt like I was controlled by some foreign force when I turned around and swiftly walked toward that sign again. I called the number and I don’t remember exactly what I talked with the owner about. I just had lots of red numbers and dollar signs in front of my eyes. Fear is a powerful motivator.

Don’t pat yourself on the back too much for guessing that I got the job. Even after so many prior rejections I was not sure if I should be happy about it. Bernard, the owner, was not exactly the person who you’d imagine having a great time hanging out with. He was rather old, at least to me. He quickly succeeded in giving me the feeling that he just sees me as a work robot who happens to eat and shit on a regular basis. Robots of course don’t need to sleep. Also, the one time I bought a pizza from him – You didn’t think I’d get one for free, did you? – I immediately started feeling pity for the people who wanted to give this place a try. Let’s not even talk about the pay or I might go insane wondering if I’m actually more stupid than Bernard for taking the job.

So right about now you might wonder why I would call delivering pizza the best job ever, right? Well, it was a Wednesday, about 11 a.m. As always Benard yelled out to me like I was two miles away even though I was sitting in the eating area and he was in the kitchen. Maybe he assumed that my hearing is as bad as his. He gave me the pizza, he gave me the address and a few seconds later I was on my bike going to the other side of town. Haha, don’t tell me you thought that I had one of those little pizza cars to ride in. Did you read the last paragraphs? 🙂

It didn’t happen very often that I had to cross the whole town to deliver the goods. It didn’t help either that it was summer and the sun showed me no mercy during the ride. At some point I was questioning if we even officially delivered pizza to a part of town that is so far away.

I didn’t really check the time but I swear it felt like I was driving for an hour before I arrived. I didn’t even feel bad. Pizza of this quality couldn’t get much worse even if you ate it two days later.

I located the building I was supposed to bring the pizza to. It looked like an old apartment building and was located in a neighborhood that you would expect to see in one of those zombie movies. Burdur Escort It looked just dead.

So I entered the building and quickly realized that it sure wasn’t a bunch of normal apartments. It was some kind of business as the entrance area and the receptionist lady would suggest. I approached her and didn’t even bother to tell her who I am or what I want. The enthusiasm about my work and the experiences I had with it so far weren’t really overwhelming in any positive way, I’m sure you understand.

“One pepperoni pizza. Medium” were the only words that came out of me followed by silence and an absolute confidence that every other word was redundant.

The receptionist lady seemed to be a little stumped. She gave me this puzzled look and made me wonder if this was one of these prank orders where I almost kill myself bringing the pizza on time just to realize that someone thought they were funny.

“Nobody here ordered a medium pepperoni?” I asked. Maybe I should have been angry but at this point there was just resignation in my voice.

“How old are you, darling?” asked the receptionist lady with a voice that surely must have been deepened over the years through steady consumption of cigarettes but which also had an unexpected warmth in it as well as some kind of motherly concern.

It’s like I wanted to tell my mom that I was old ENOUGH when I puffed out my chest, lifted my chin and let out a confident “Twenty!”, like I wanted to challenge her or something. Let me take the chance and laugh at the ego I had that day.

She kind of sighed and said: “Third floor, room 309”. Then she pushed a button that was probably below the counter and a small buzzing sound came from the direction of the door, after which the door opened. Apparently it led to “the rooms” of the house.

By now the building was more than just a bit suspicious to me. I had the feeling that something shady was going on here. As I climbed the stairs to the third floor I noticed that every floor’s entrance had a door of its own. So you didn’t really see “the rooms” on that floor if you didn’t open the floor entrance door.

I arrived on the third floor with the cold pizza in my hand and opened the floor entrance door. I went down the hallway, which happened to be empty and quiet, studying the room numbers. There were quite a lot of rooms there. Most of them were closed. Some had their doors open a few inches. That was also the case with room 309.

Even though the door was technically open I thought that knocking would still be the polite thing to do. I waited maybe ten seconds but nobody answered the door. I knocked again and the result didn’t change. I wanted to get rid of the pizza and go back. After all I had about an hour or so of a ride still before me. So I just swung the door open and stepped into the room.

It kind of looked like an old hotel room. At least the furniture seemed pretty old. But there was this distinct atmosphere to it. Soon the observation crept into my consciousness that there was a lot of red and pink color in the room and that the dominating piece of furniture was a large king size bed in the middle of the room.

I don’t know if something inside my mind was subconsciously not allowing me to admit that I knew what was going on inside those walls but that was only the case for those few seconds in which my eyes absorbed what was directly in front of me after I stepped into the room.

Once I looked to the right I almost dropped the pizza. There was an open doorway to another room. It was a bathroom. The door of the bathroom was wide open. The bathroom was rather small. There was a small sink and a toilet. But what made my knees a little weak was the realization that there was a woman sitting on the toilet.

She didn’t notice me and I soon knew why. She had headphones on. She probably listened to some music and Burdur Escort Bayan didn’t even hear me knocking. In her left hand she had a phone which she was swiping on from time to time. In her right hand she had a cigarette. The most unordinary thing though – maybe not for this place though – was that she was completely naked. She sat naked on that toilet, hunched over with her legs spread rather wide, staring into her phone.

I felt cold sweat emerging from all of my body’s pores at the same time. It’s weird how this sensation can materialize in a split second. I won’t lie though, there was also some immediate sexual tension building inside me, without a doubt. I’m sure my mouth was open and my hands started shaking a bit.

Then, all of a sudden, she looked up and noticed me. She looked at me like she witnessed something that shouldn’t be possible. Her face didn’t leave a doubt she was not in her thirties any more even though it was also obvious that she took care of her appearance. The puzzled look she gave me seemed to exaggerate a few wrinkles for about five seconds. Then she almost gave me a heart attack as she burst into violent loud laughter.

She must have noticed that she gave me a scare and she began to quickly apologize.

“I’m sorry, darling! Didn’t mean to scare you!” she said in a tone clearly meant to calm me down.

Then she realized that the view she gave me in that moment was not something that was too common to see for a pizza delivery boy. She proceeded to study me for a few seconds. She looked like she wanted to make up her mind about what to think of me. I don’t know if there was a bulge showing in my pants at that moment but apparently she noticed that there was clearly a part of me that was a little excited about this situation.

Her next moves seemed very calculated. She stared straight into my eyes while she slowly brought herself from that hunched over position into a perfect upright posture. Then, just as slowly, she took a piece of toilet paper, wiped her pussy, brought her spread legs together again and finally crossed them. She took a long puff from her cigarette and made it obvious that she enjoyed it, inhaling deeply. Never losing connection between our eyes she blew out the smoke and a wide smile appeared on her lips.

Sexual excitement was trying to invade all aspects of my experience at that point. This woman was not the youngest and most people would probably not call her the prettiest. She was a bit plump. A pair of fleshy hangers is what nature blessed her with and I must admit that large naturals is something that I always have had a weak spot for. That moment before, where her legs were still spread, I had seen that she had a full pussy with a thick set of outer labia and a cover of dark hair which looked like it was carefully trimmed. These observations were what just flowed into my consciousness while we looked at each other for what felt like an eternity even though it was probably just a few seconds.

“OH! You brought my pizza!” she said suddenly with genuine surprise in her voice. “I didn’t think you would come any more.” She looked at her phone and said: “I ordered more than an hour ago!” The way she said that seemed more intended to make me realize why she gave up on me showing up than to complain about the long delivery time. “The guy on the phone said something about 30 Minutes.”

Sudden anger prevented me from diplomacy and just made me blurt out: “Yeah, Bernard is a bastard. Always tells customers some dream delivery times that are way too optimistic and I am the one who has to explain it to the customer when I arrive 30 minutes later than promised. Who does he think I am? Lance Armstrong? In that case I wouldn’t deliver some shitty pizza but crush my competition in the Tour De France instead!”

“I’m sorry!” I added after a short pause and she must have Escort Burdur seen the sincerity in my eyes.

“You… came on a BIKE?” she asked in disbelief and added an “Oh!” when she saw me nodding a bit embarrassed. I noticed that some of the implications of my words must have clicked in her mind. “I’m guessing it’s not piping hot anymore then, right?” She stated the obvious but her tone was one of understanding.

Something in her seemed to shift as she apparently noticed once again that the place and her non-outfit were not so usual for me to see. It felt like she didn’t want to upset me more than I already was.

“I really thought that you wouldn’t come any more and today must be one of the hottest days of the year. With the air being so humid I thought that just getting rid of those clothes would be the best option. Not that being clothed is in any way necessary in this place as you probably have guessed by now.”

She grinned. Had you asked me an hour earlier I would have never guessed that one day I would have a naked middle aged chubby prostitute in front of me and the only thought in my mind would be how cute her mischievous smile is.

“So at some point I had to go potty. Of course it didn’t cross my mind that I wouldn’t hear you knocking or entering with my headphones on.”

She stood up, flushed and walking naked across the room, with a confidence like she’s never worn clothes in her life before, she took a short skirt from the bed. She put it on and then did the same with a thin blouse of which she left so many buttons open that I wondered how her tits were not spilling out immediately. She didn’t bother with the panties at all and just left them on the bed.

Finally she looked at me again and asked “Better?” with a warm wide smile.

For some reason I thought that she was convinced that with the look she now presented she was safe to attend church. I guess your perception of being presentable gets skewed after a while when you work in this business.

Without waiting for an answer she got her purse from the nightstand near the bed, fished out exactly $10.50 which was the price for the pizza and handed me the money.

I looked at the money for a second. Then I realized something and a frustrated loud “FUCK!” escaped my lips.

She looked confused and started to rationalize. “Look, I don’t mean to be mean but I waited a lot longer for the pizza than I was promised and now it’s cold. And I know that this is not really your fault but I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from. …also…” she added obviously reluctantly “business was kinda non-existent today. Sorry, darling! I just can’t give you a tip today!”

While she was talking to me I was looking out of the window and her words kind of arrived a bit late in my mind. I snapped out of it and after realizing that there is a misunderstanding I explained to her:

“NO! No, no, don’t worry about the tip, lady! That’s not what made me cuss!”

I pointed towards the window and her gaze followed where my finger was indicating. Then she saw it too. During our brief encounter it started raining. It started very quickly and out of nowhere it was raining really hard now.

“There’s no way I can drive back for an hour in this pouring rain, lady!”

I exhaled deeply in disappointment and said: “Guess I’m stuck here for some time.”

She didn’t say anything but her mouth formed an “Oh” in disbelief about how fast the weather changed outside.

“That means that… WHEN you go back it won’t be as hot outside any more? Right?” It sounded like she wanted to apologize for the weather.

Then she added cautiously: “Don’t take this the wrong way but you are welcome to stay and just wait it out with me until it stops raining. I really doubt that any customers will show up until then on a day like this.”

I looked at her and wasn’t too sure what to think. My rational mind was still trying to evaluate if she wanted to get some business out of me but in my heart I already knew that she was sincere and wouldn’t try to take advantage of me.

Still a little lost in thought I just said: “Sure. Why not.”

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