Piercing For National Nude Day Ch. 03Piercing For National Nude Day Ch. 03


Dinner On Friday

Dear Readers: Please read Piercing for National Nude Day, and Chapter 2, to get a flavour of how this tale has evolved. Happy reading, and enjoy yourselves!

It took our young driver a minute, or two, to regain his composure. Initially we all thought that he might have a heart attack.

He turned very pale as he stood, mouth wide open, looking at his three female passengers. He did not give me a second glance.

He looked at my own delectable companion. Her breasts were covered in sparkling, starburst, jewellery connected by a chain to another gold starburst covering her pubic area. All appeared to be held by bars, and rings, through her very long nipples and clitoris. These were clearly visible, but most of all, she appeared to have a diamond on the end of each teat.

He stared hard at our deeply tanned chestnut haired friend, with her smaller nipples, but larger, brown, globe breasts. Between her legs she had a full, and wonderful, chestnut bush from which chains of gold appeared, as if by magic. She seemed to be dressed in chains.

These were everywhere, spreading from the gold wire cups that encased her breasts, over her shoulders. Apparently these were for support. He was not sure. They fanned in and out down her back. There was a very tight gold chain on each hip. These appeared to encircled her arse, then disappeared between her legs. He thought that they were the ones that reappeared at either side of her bush.

He was virtually hypnotised by our Parlour Girl. She grinned form ear to ear, and pirouetted on one foot. He was not sure exactly what he saw. She wore a complete, and very beautiful gold coloured collar, locked by a small gold padlock. Her beautiful, perfectly formed, breasts were small, rounded. They appeared to fill two gold wire cages, but they did not press on them. It seemed to him that a bar through each nipple was all that held her jewellery cages in place.

He had never seen anything like it before. He had never driven passengers dressed like this before!

He was fascinated by the complete simplicity of the Parlour Girl’s jewellery. None was linked, unlike that on the other girls. He though he saw something gold, low down at the back. He could not believe that such a beautiful girl might have something up her arse. He had never seen a butt plug, so it was new territory for him. He was sure that he had seen a large thimble like button sticking out where her clit should be. She was completely shaved, so it was easy to see. It had to be real; something on the end sparkled deep red in the light of the room. Therefore, he surmised, she just might have a “thing” in her back passage.

For a fleeting moment I had though of them as “my harem”. No, here were three totally free spirits.

One, had deliberately decided to become a slave to my partner, who, with the chestnut beauty, just loved to show their glorious bodied off to the full, and to be pierced. It was my privilege to be their escort for the night!

Ever since our experiences on National Nude Day I had a feeling that they were beginning to realise that they might be rewriting tenants of freedom of dress in the United States of America.

We all wore simple open toed sandals on our feet.

We locked the house, walked down to the vehicle, and our driver held the door of the limousine wide open. His trousers pushed out showing a huge erection, as he salute. We ducked to enter the enormous interior. We left for our dinner, where I knew that the owner had booked us a table to seat six.

We were only a little way into our journey when the driver came onto the intercom. He asked if he could speak. He wanted to know why were dressed as we were. I told him a little about Nude Day. He was enthralled. He spoke to his office to say that he wanted to be our driver on the return journey, after dinner.

A little before that conversation our Parlour Girl had asked her mistress for permission to speak. Logically this was granted. The delectable creature began to describe how pressure in her backside, and in her cunt, were combining to make her feel wonderfully full.

Then she asked her mistress if she might have the wings of the spreader, which fanned out just below her clit, made wider. She explained that it felt delicious to have them in place. Then she asked if she might have her labia lips pierced, with jewels through both to hold them as wide open, and inviting, as possible on each face of the spreader.

I was in awe, in ecstasy, but there was more to come.

She said that motion, from the road, plus pressure on her arse as she sat in the vehicle, was causing her butt plug, and cunt tube, to work together drawing her nearer to an orgasm.

She explained, in a very soft, shy, voice that she did not want to cum. She wanted to wait until I broke her hymen. She only wanted to orgasm then. She said that she knew that this act would only happen when her mistress allowed her to make love with me.

She was told that she was correct, and that this was how it should be! She must not have an canlı bahis orgasm; she must not cum, until she was told that she could.

I nearly choked, I was not sure if I had heard correctly. How could such an exquisite creature still be a virgin? She was in her twenties, and she was the manageress of a piercing parlour.

Not for the first time in my life I had completely underestimated the complexity of the female mind, and what the three had been dreaming up.

My erection grew larger, and larger. My cock ring tightened its grip. I was wild at the thought of somebody wanting to give her virginity to me. I tried to force my prick to subside as we approached the restaurant. No amount of positive thinking would help it. I stayed erect, and would not go down.

I had something too important on my mind.

I was picturing bending over that delectable butt filled by a gold bung the size of a chicken’s egg. I was picturing those wonderful pierced nipples, her covered clit, and gold surrounded hole. I was seeing myself laying her on our bed. I saw myself kiss her nipples, then move between her legs.

I felt her bend at the hips, then moved her legs to rest on my shoulders. I could see her golden covered labia, her hidden clitoris, and the plug. I could feel myself, as I moved gently into her body, into her vagina, to pierce her hymen for the first time. I saw myself couple gold ring, with gold ring as I pressed my cock right home into her cunt. I was feeling the added pressure, and pleasure from the plug in her arse

This was all I could think about. I was in a trance.

The vehicle was too long to turn, or park outside, so we stopped opposite. This time the girls were completely nude, so they stood on the sidewalk after the driver had opened their door. They had to wait for me.

I came out of my dreams with a jolt, adjusted myself as best I could, and step out to join them. I was very grateful for the pantaloons that they had suggested I wore. They might hide my huge erection, although they only had a simple cross over open front. There were no buttons. There was always a danger of my cock “slipping out” unnoticed as it swayed from side to side.

On Monday evening there had been no traffic. Now it was Friday. There was a great deal, moving in both directions. We expected to stand a while on the warm summer night, but the first car to pick up a naked girl in it’s headlamps simply stopped dead!

In seconds all vehicles travelling in both directions stopped. It was like a parting of the waters. An instant party began on the highway.

Drivers stepped out of their cars to look, to ogle, and probably to lust. It could have caused chaos, but it was a moment to pure enjoyment. The simplicity of the girl’s statement, of their first appearing stark naked, made everybody feel happy.

Three beautiful girls glided across a very busy highway, nude, except that they sparkled with jewels, and appeared to be wearing gold ornaments. They shouted, “Thank you” to the motorists, otherwise they were laughing, as they chatted to each other. Motorists shouted back, “Good luck!” and they cheered. They cheered us to the door of the restaurant.

As we reached the path leading to the entrance we were discussing what stories drivers might say to their wives, or what might be the talk around the bars of the town by midnight.

The owner had heard the traffic, and the commotion. We were met at the door. We were ushered into the front bar, and offered drinks. Our friend explained that the whole dining area was already full, except for the table he held for us, in the centre towards the rear.

It seemed that Fridays were always busy, much more so than Monday. The grape vine had been working. Whispers were abroad. All the tables were booked by Wednesday evening. We were good for his business!

Offering drinks at the bar was a very thoughtful thing to do. My darling partner was becoming used to being nude in public. For the other two walking across a darkening road was to be nothing compared with the ordeal of passing between tables of complete strangers, or so we thought.

Then, to calm any butterflies, my wonderful partner said two things. She pointed out that dress was simply a fetish in itself. We had all been brought up to see nudity as taboo.


Girls went topless on beaches on every coast in the country. Models walked the catwalks of every great design house, showing bare breasts, or in diaphanous clothes that showed nipples, breasts, and sometimes more.

All we were doing was extending boundaries.

She then said that there could be no more beautifully girls in town that night, and none was more fully dressed. Finally she said that nobody in the restaurant would be wearing such beautiful, or expensive wear.

She then described the erotic pleasure of being asked to stop and talk at tables, as we left on Monday after our meal. She said that girls, and only the girls touched her nipples, and stroked her jewellery, and that some even touched the wetness of her clitoris.

She said that it bahis siteleri had almost made her orgasm. With a wink at our Parlour Girl, she said, “Take care, my beautiful love, if they want to talk to you!” The dear girl went bright red at the thought.

Our charming guests adored her more. I adored her more, and remained totally erect, waiting for the gates to heaven to be opened.

We finished our drinks, she took a girls hand in hers. They all rose, and we entered the dining room. All conversation stopped, rather in the manner of her original walk on Monday evening. I recognised one or two faces of people, whom she had stopped to talk to as we left after that meal. There were huge smiles of pleasure on the faces of these diners, both girls and boys. It broke the ice, and relaxed my wonderful companions.

They smiled back, with a shy demureness, and, as before, the diners began to clap. There was a tangible atmosphere of sexual magic in the air.

Once we were all seated, our host, the owner came to sit with us. Initially he was most interested in changes to the sunbursts. He could not believe that there was a diamond on the end of each teat, so he asked about it.

Our chestnut haired friend answered. She had been astonished as she saw a nipple taken between two fingers. Then a very sharp pin was simply driven fully into the end of each teat.

She admitted that she found the buttercup and diamond ends completely erotic. She admitted that she became wet as she talked about it, but was not sure that she could ever do it to herself.

He moved to touch the nipple, and to lift the diamond dangle that hung from her outer piercing. He was totally mesmerised. Her chains rocked, and swayed.

We had just finished ordering food when a petite, very pretty, girl approached our table. She was sitting with three girlfriends, near to the entrance, when we arrived. She asked if our Parlour Girl could go to their table to talk to her friends, until our first course was served. It was agreed, and off she went.

W did no realise what a pleasure it was, until she returned as food was being served. Her normal pale skin was flushed pink. As she sat with the girls they began to touch her everywhere. They asked about her collar, she explained that my partner was her mistress. They were amazed that her breasts fitted their gold cages so perfectly. They could not believe that only her nipple pins held them in place. Her whole upper body was stroked. Fingers felt along her rock hard teats, squeezing gently.

She was becoming very aroused, and very worried!

Her anxieties reached fever pitch when they asked about her clit cap. She explained that she was not allowed to remove it herself, or to pleasure herself. The petite girl, who had fetched her from our table, became very excited. She said that she wanted to be pierced. It was agreed that I would give her a business card for the Piercing Parlour as we left at the end of our meal.

One of the other girls almost caused the beautiful creature to cum. This girl explained that she was sure that she had seen something in her arse. The butt plug, and cunt tube, were explained. Immediately they all wanted to see. She pushed her chair back, and moved her bum to the edge of the seat. She brought her knees up towards her chest. She made a wonderfully simple, sexy, gesture, of somebody still remarkably innocent about the effect that her body could have on others. She took her knees in her hands, and spread her legs apart. She was totally exposed.

All four girls gasped so loudly that the whole restaurant went quiet.

They saw her garnet capped clit hood, her shining gold “V” lip spreader, her stretched, large cunt hole ringed in gold, then a small half circle over her butt hole. All was clearly visible in exquisite detail, wet, and gently pulsing with her heart. All parts were joined together as if by magic. They were enthralled. Little did they realise that small cap over her anal orifice led to a plug the size of a large chicken’s egg.

The dear child returned to our table exhausted by the attention. She asked her mistress if she could go to the Ladies Room. Of course she could, but first there had to be a minor adjustment.

She stood meekly in front of my partner as she gently unscrewed the garnet mounted tip at the end of her clit tube. Her wetness was visible. Her smell was enthralling. She wafted down the room, and disappeared. The whole restaurant must have smelt of her sex.

Minutes later she reappeared. The room went silent. Then, again, as on Monday, the girls led a room full of clapping. She stood meekly while her clit was kissed clean, and the cab screwed tightly home.

The restaurant owner sat flabbergasted at everything he was witnessing.


He turned to address my partner, and me. He had a business proposition. His understanding was that she made all the stunning jewellery at a workshop in our house. He also knew that the Parlour where we had met our delicious submissive was rather special. It was in an upmarket part of bahis firmaları town. He had made enquiries; the owners might be willing to sell at a reasonable price.

Why shouldn’t we all go into business together?

We hardly needed to look at each other; we were enthralled with the idea. This meant that the two darling girls sitting at the table could come into the business with us. It was a wonderful idea.

We had some explaining to do. Firstly, to the exquisite chestnut haired beauty, who was slowly becoming part of our lives, but also to our dear submissive friend.

We told of how we had known the restaurant owner for a very long time. We liked the fact that all his employees were partners in the business. This is what made it so special. We wanted our new venture to run on similar lines.

Torrents of ideas began to pour out as the concept took hold. Our dear chestnut hair friend said that she had Greek blood. Now we realised why she had dark eyes, and was such a wonderful tan all over! She proposed that we might call the new shop “Aphrodite”. She, who was Goddess of Love, would be our guide.

Everybody thought this was a marvellous suggestion. By the end of our discussions we were seeing the new group name as “Aphrodite”, with “Aphrodite Jewellery”, “Aphrodite Piercing”, with the Starburst breast jewellery as our symbol.

Suddenly, with extraordinary modesty our chestnut beauty, of the perfect bush, asked why we had adopted her. We explained that we realised that she had been the odd man out in her party on Monday night.

We had become enamoured by her bravery in coming forward, of the fact that she showed us her beautiful breasts at our table. We had watched her as she had her nipples enhanced, and then pierced. We saw how she had not flinched as the needles passed through her tender flesh.

Most of all we were totally taken by the way her self esteem had returned. She was one of us, if she wanted to be.

She blushed beneath her overall tan, looked down, and was very meek. My wonderful friend left here seat, and moved to her. She almost repeated what she had done at the table on Monday. She held her chin in her left hand, raised her head, and planted an enormous, deep, long, kiss straight onto her mouth. Tongues were moving between, messages were being sent, the dear girl was wriggling in her seat. Quietly, very softly, as mouths parted she said, “Yes”. She was one of us.

Her right hand held the chestnut child’s left breast, gently stroking her newly pierced nipple. She bent down and kissed them both. First she kissed the left nipple, then the right. They were truly much bigger. They appeared to have grown with her stature.


Dinner was coming to an end.

We began to say our “good byes”, agreeing to meet in my lawyer’s office at midday on Monday.

We had the weekend to reflect on all our ideas, and I would draw up a plan.

Our departure was far more dramatic than any of us had thought possible. I have said that we thought that we had recognised one or two people from National Nude Day. We did. We had also told our friend the owner that that we would extend National Nude Day for the rest of the week.

We had done just that.

He had laughed, and said that he thought it likely that his restaurant would become a gathering place of like minded people. Well it was. At least three tables of guests had been with us at the beginning of the week. All had beckoned my divine child over. All did again.

I went with her to each table, to introduce us properly. I was more shaken than her by what I saw. We were already having the right effect.

At the first table a pretty girl, with glorious Titian Red hair curled in a simple bun on top of her face, had come to the restaurant naked above her waist. She was beautifully discrete, and appeared to be dressed in an exquisite lace jacket. But it was not buttoned, and I kept on catching glimpses of her pert, slightly puffy areola, capped by small, erect, teats.

Her companion was a tall handsome man, obviously fascinated by my wonderful girl, and proud of his. We swapped business cards very discretely, while the girls talked in whispers.

The girl was completely entranced by how the diamonds, in the up turned buttercups of yellow gold, were on the end of her nipples. My partner simply stated that very fine, sharp pins were pushed into the tip of each teat. The girl winced, but asked if she could touch.

Two delectable diamond headed teats were held up to her. A finger, then a thumb, felt one then the other nipple, tracing the thickness, and the hardness. She asked if it hurt to which the simple answer was “no”.

We explained that “Play Piercing” had taught us not to fear more than the shortest first prick of a needle, and that once it was home there was no pain.

Our Chestnut Beauty had moved to a table where there were two thirty something women. I found out later that both had seen her go to our table on Monday. Both had breast enhancement surgery, so they were mesmerised by her story. They had not seen her undress to the waist for us. They had not seen her place her breasts on our table in an act of despair. One began to cry at her story, then the other, and then all three were sobbing quietly.

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