Subject: Physical Therapy – Chapter 8 Physical Therapy Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Physical Therapy — Chapter 8 “We are going to room 1 today. Please go in and remove your clothes” Dr. Kennedy instructed. I walked into the room, stripped down to my briefs, and sat on the edge of the table wondering what new adventure he had in store for me. Several minutes later Dr. Kennedy entered the room, followed by another guy. Both men turned to me. “This is Erick, my apprentice. He will be training under me for some time” Dr. Kennedy said, placing his hands on Erick’s shoulders. Erick was much shorter than me and Dr. Kennedy, standing at only about 5’9. His body was compact and muscular stretching the navy-blue polo shirt so that it contoured to every curve of his body. He had a dark, thick well-trimmed beard that attempted to conceal boyish features. As I listened to Dr. Kennedy, one of his hands slipped down from Erick’s shoulder to his chest, and he began to play with the right nipple while I watched. Erick leaned back into Dr. Kennedy and closed his eyes. “I think Brian’s ready to get started” Dr. Kennedy said, with a grin and looked down at the bulge in my briefs. “Let’s have you lay on your back Brian” Dr. Kennedy said, then moved to the side of the table. Erick moved to the opposite side. Dr. Kennedy took the bottle of lubricating gel and squirted some onto my chest. Then he began applying pressure, moving it across my pecs. Dr. Kennedy’s hands expertly moved in patterns across my chest, and he seemed to take extra care to circle my nipples. My dick seemed to react every time he touched my nipples. “Erick let’s have you take over here” Dr. Kennedy said moving his hands lower on my body. I watched as Erick began to massage my chest. Just as Dr. Kennedy had done, Erick made the same circles and ran his fingers over my nipples with similar intention. “Move your hands like this” Dr. Kennedy said, placing his hand on top of Erick’s and directing it right to the nipple closest to Erick. While holding his hand, Erick began to put pressure on the nipple, his fingers pinched the hard brown tip and began to firmly pull on it. I took a deep breath as the slight pain brought so much pleasure. My heart raced and my dick throbbed with every manipulation that Erick made. “Looks like the patient is enjoying the therapy” Dr. Kennedy said then ran his hand over my torso to the elastic band of my briefs, pulling it back and exposing my dick. Precum oozed and dripped on my pubes as my dick was freed of the cotton material binding it. Dr. Kennedy took the base and pulled my dick back so that it was pointing straight up, then held it there. Dr. Kennedy looked at Erick who was just watching, his hand still on my chest. “Come here Erick” Dr. Kennedy said, and Çanakkale Escort Erick moved a bit closer. “Try it” Dr. Kennedy instructed, and without hesitation Erick bent forward and took my dick deep into his throat, swallowing me almost to my pubes. “Fuck” I moaned and I closed my eyes as the sensations rushed my body. Erick began to slowly suck my dick drawing his head up and down my hard cock. The feeling was incredible, and I softly moaned as his warm mouth engulfed my dick. “Easy there” Dr. Kennedy said, and Erick pulled up off my dick, a trickle of saliva ran down his lip and over his chin onto his beard. He wiped it away with the back of his hand. Dr. Kennedy bent forward and took my saliva coated dick into his mouth. Dr. Kennedy’s mouth felt different but equally good as Erick’s. As Dr. Kennedy took his turn sucking my dick, Erick moved up the side of the table and began to play with my nipple. Intense sensations rushed through my body. I reached for Erick’s shirt and began to pull the navy-blue polo free of his jeans. “Take it off” I said, wanting to see and feel his body. Erick pulled the shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor. Erick’s body was every bit as good as it appeared under the dark, tight material. I placed my hand behind his head and pulled him to me. His chest touched mine and our lips met. His thick beard brushed against my face as I snaked my tongue deep into his mouth holding us tightly together while Dr. Kennedy continued to suck my dick. I felt myself getting close and I began to moan loudly and writhe on the table. Dr. Kennedy pulled his mouth from my dick and the cool room air rushed around it. Erick pulled himself from me, though I wanted to continue kissing him. I waited for Erick to take his turn sucking my dick again, but he waited for Dr. Kennedy’s instruction instead. Dr. Kennedy moved around to Erick and stood behind him, then reached his hands around Erick’s body and opened his jeans, then slid them down his legs. Erick was wearing a jockstrap, similar to the kind all the guys wore on the team. Erick’s jock was well-worn and frayed at the edges, the wide elastic band was unable to contain his large cock. Dr. Kenney slid his hand down Erick’s body and into the wide band and pulled the jock over Erick’s hard dick and large balls. He grabbed Erick’s cock by the base and pointed it in my direction. I stared at the big bulbous mushroom-head of his cock and the thick tube of flesh with the slight curve. Dr. Kennedy turned Erick so that his back was to me, then he ran his hands down Erick’s smooth muscular back to his firm, round, smooth ass. Erick slid his legs slightly apart and Dr. Kennedy began to spread Erick’s ass cheeks exposing a tight brown puckered hole. Dr. Kennedy’s finger slid over the hole and began to probe Çanakkale Escort Bayan it, while I watched. Erick placed his hands on Dr. Kennedy’s arms and moaned as Dr. Kennedy’s finger began to slide deeper inside while I watched. Dr. Kennedy looked at me and smiled. “Come here Brian” he said softly. I got up from the table and walked over to where Dr. Kennedy and Erick were standing, my hard dick bouncing in front of me. With his free hand, Dr. Kennedy took my hand and brought it to Erick’s butt. The cheek was solid muscle as my hand came into contact with it. “Do you want to fuck him?” Dr. Kennedy asked and slid his finger out of Erick’s hole. I did want to fuck Erick, but at the same time I felt anxious and nervous about it. What if I didn’t know how to do it? What if I hurt him? Before I could make any further decisions, Dr. Kennedy took the bottle of lubricating gel and, on his fingers, and began smearing it over Erick’s hole. Then with the same hand he reached for my cock and began sliding the gel over my dickhead and shaft. With his fingers tight around the base of my cock, he began to pull me closer to Erick’s hole. I watched as the tip of my cock was guided to the brown puckered opening. Slowly it pushed in and there was a slight pop feeling. Erick took a deep breath and I recoiled and stopped. “It’s ok” Dr. Kennedy said and began pulling me forward and deeper inside Erick. “His dick is so big” Erick moaned, through gritted teeth. “I told you it was” Dr. Kennedy said, with a chuckle. Dr. Kennedy moved his hand away and I pushed myself forward. Erick’s hole was very warm and moist, and it held on to my cock, better than any mouth ever had. Finally, my dick was deep inside Erick. I placed both hands on his hips and just enjoyed the feeling for a moment. Erick tilted his body forward providing me with better access. “Fuck him” Dr. Kennedy said, looking over Erick’s arched back. Dr. Kennedy took a step back and unzipped his khakis and pulled his hard dick out. Then he placed a hand on Erick’s head and began feeding his dick into Erick’s mouth. My dick swelled watching Dr. Kennedy as he began to fuck Erick’s mouth. I began to slide my dick slowly out of Erick’s ass, then I pushed it back in, each time moving a bit faster. Erick made sucking and moaning sounds as he was fucked on both ends. Dr. Kennedy watched me as I began to thrust harder and deeper into Erick’s ass. A smile on his face as he watched. Quickly, fear and intimidation were replaced by lust, and I began to pound Erick’s ass without any regard for whether he liked it or wanted it. If he didn’t like it, he certainly wasn’t complaining. My body heated up and I could feel sweat rolling down my body, as I pounded Erick’s hole. I pushed deeper and deeper inside him, each time pounding him harder. Escort Çanakkale I wanted this feeling to last, but I was getting too close, and I needed to feel that amazing release. “I’m so close” I moaned. “Fill his ass” Dr. Kennedy said and began to fuck Erick’s mouth with increased intensity. Erick moaned and held on to it. Dr. Kennedy as he continued sucking his dick. My balls began to tuck up and my body became very tense, then I felt my dick swell and start to shoot inside Erick. My breath caught as the intense orgasm seemed to pull every bit of energy out of me and shoot it into Erick’s tight hole. I let out an almost involuntary, guttural sound as the orgasm expanded across my body. “Suck it Erick” Dr. Kennedy said, and then he quickly pulled his hard wet dick from Erick’s mouth and positioned it in front of Erick’s face, and I watched as a jet of white cum shot out hitting Erick in the face. Dr. Kennedy gave his dick a few more strokes and more com splattered Erick’s face. Erick took every drop without saying a word. Dr. Kennedy gave his dick a few my shakes getting the last drops of cum onto Erick. Reluctantly, I began to slide my still hard cock from Erick’s warm tight hole. I watched as it slowly slid free of him. As my cockhead pulled free, I watched as a stream of white cum trailed from Erick’s hole and dropped to the floor. Erick turned to me, and I saw the cum that Dr. Kennedy shot in Erick’s face. Erick grinned then brought is cum soaked face closer to me. I bent forward and began to kiss and lick the cum from his beard and his mouth. Erick’s tongue entwined with mine as we shared Dr. Kennedy’s seed. While Erick continued sharing Dr. Kennedy’s cum with me, Dr. Kennedy sank to his feet and began to lick Erick’s hole. I couldn’t see what was happening, but Erick’s moans and facial expressions told me he liked it. Erick’s dick was still hard and pressed against me. I broke off my kiss and sank to my feet and took the head into my mouth. Erick placed his hands on my shoulders as I began to draw my mouth back and forth. While I sucked Erick’s cock, Dr. Kennedy continued licking Erick’s ass. The effect seemed to be working for Erick because he began to pant and squirm. Erick pressed hard into my shoulders, and he lifted his body up onto his toes then warm cum flooded my mouth. It was so fast and intense that it actually surprised me, and I began to cough a bit till I recovered some control. More cum filled my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could. Then his body seemed to shake a bit and finally relax. “Damn” he said, with a grunt as his dick slipped from my mouth. Dr. Kennedy rose to his feet and grabbed a few towels, handing one to me and one to Erick. The 3 of us quietly cleaned ourselves up and found our clothes and started to get dressed. Dr. Kennedy walked over to me with a big, satisfied smile on his face. “Next visit” he said, handing me an appointment card. Erick smiled and tucked his tight-fitting navy-blue polo shirt into his jeans as I headed out of the office. Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/

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