Part 3: I got fucked by my husband’s friendsPart 3: I got fucked by my husband’s friends


“I belong to the boys now…and to the boys I shall remain.”

These words changed my life as I typed them into the group chat that my husband’s friends created. My husband was not invited to the group chat. Just me, his slutty wife, who just the night before fucked one of his best friends behind his back.

But let’s back up for a second. My name is Nina. I’m 27 years old, 5 foot 1 inch tall, about 115 pounds with dark brown hair, light skin and brown eyes. I was born and raised in Canada but my background is Lebanese. I have small, but perky breasts, soft creamy legs and my butt is the feature I’m most proud of. My husband and I have been married for a year. Prior to this experience, he was the only man I had ever been with. Growing up in an ultra-conservative family meant that I couldn’t have boyfriends or stay out late.

This all started when my husband said he wanted me to get to know his friends better. They are a group of 6 guys (including my husband) who are very close and have known each other for years. My husband is the only one who is married amongst his friends. He insisted that I dress sexy for our gatherings, as he wanted to show me off to his friends. I was happy to do this as I love my body and wear skirts and dresses regularly. I also didn’t mind being the only girl present, as I have a lot of male friends and grew up with two brothers. We would all hang out every weekend and I got to know his friends really well.

About 6 months ago when we were going to hang out at his friend’s place, my husband asked me to dress ‘extra special’. I wore an ultra-short white mini skirt that hugged my body tightly and clearly showed my neon pink thong through the thin fabric (Outfit 1). I paired this with a pink, backless top that showed my nipples pointing through. To be honest, I had tons of trouble functioning in this outfit. My skirt kept on riding up and I constantly found myself pulling it down. When I sat, my skirt would ride up even more, exposing my bright pink thong to anyone who sat across from me, despite my best efforts to conceal it by crossing my legs or gluing them together. It was no use. I just sat there and let the guys enjoy the view.

I was sitting on the couch between two of my husband’s friends, Rodney and Ken. Rodney is a well-built, muscular black guy and Ken is a tall, cute white man. Rodney and Ken playfully caressed my naked legs and bare back throughout the night and my husband didn’t seem to mind this at all. I let them continue to caress me, as I enjoyed their soft touch on my body.

Shortly after that, my husband said that he was going out with the other 3 guys, and that Rodney and Ken would “take care of me”. My husband had left his nearly naked wife in the company of two of his friends. When he left, Rodney and Ken started to move their fingers further up my leg to the hem of my tiny little skirt. And, without much contemplation, I found myself getting fucked by my husband’s friends, my beautiful little pussy getting clobbered by their long, thick cocks. I had never felt a rush like this in my life. It was absolutely exhilarating and the amount of pleasure that I received truly put my husband’s performance in the bedroom to shame.

One mystery remained when the night was over, however. Did my husband plan all of this? If he did, then what was his motivation? I had my suspicions, as he was always keen on showing me off to his friends and specifically asked me to put on this whorish outfit on this particular night. Not only that, he was completely not phased by his friends touching my naked legs and my bare back.

My husband solved this mystery for me the next day. He revealed to me that he was in on this from the start and meant for me to get fucked by Rodney and Ken based on a pact that the boys made in the past. My husband and his friends were always a wild bunch, partying every weekend and hooking up with new girls regularly. They thought that marriage would be the undoing of their exciting lifestyle and made a pact amongst the 6 of them to not get married. The first person to break this pact would have to let one of the boys fuck their wife. There were no two ways about it and they took the pact very seriously. As my husband was the first, and only one of his friends to get married, the sweepstakes to fuck my innocent pussy were up for grabs. Ken was the lucky winner, but Rodney insisted that he wanted in as well. Rodney had done some favours for my husband in the past, making my husband feel obliged to him and so they agreed that Ken and Rodney would do me together if I was willing. My husband made it clear that this was a one-time deal and would not be repeated. Everything would go back to normal.

But we had drifted far from normal at this point. I could not go back to normal. What I had experienced was the best sex of my life. I felt liberated, free, vulnerable, yet in control, and incredibly confident. It was too good to stop. I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop.

And so the following weekend when it was time for us to hang out again, I put on another slutty outfit – a super tight, slitted royal blue mini skirt and a white bralette (Outfit 2). I paired these with a white thong and peach coloured heels. I purposely wore a skirt that would ride up and show off my tiny thong when I sat or bent. When we got to his friend’s house, I was much more confident and incredibly turned on by the fact that my skirt kept riding up to expose my butt cheeks when I bent and that anyone across from me had a perfect view of my white underwear that stood out under my blue skirt. I sat with Rodney the entire night, letting him touch and caress my white, creamy legs and my soft, bare back. My husband wasn’t too fond of this, but I let it continue.

Some time after that, Rodney sent me a discreet text on my phone asking me to meet him at his car. It was time. Rodney left by saying he was grabbing a smoke, while I excused myself to the bathroom. I met Rodney in his car. I sucked his monstrous cock, gagging and choking, but my strong Lebanese pride made me stick to the task at hand. Within an instant, I found myself taking my thong off and hopping on Rodney, as his chocolate cock went between my vanilla legs and into my strawberry pussy. Rodney fucked me viciously and I hung on for dear life, as he thrusted and propelled his monster deeper and deeper into me. When it came time for him to finish, he asked me where I would like him to cum. I gave specific instructions to him to cum deep into my pussy. I did not care about the consequences or the risks that this would entail. In the moment, I was only concerned about one thing. I wanted all of him. Nothing held back. All or nothing. And so, Rodney shot his cum inside my drenched pussy like bullets. When he was done, I walked back to the house on my own with Rodney’s sizzling white cum oozing out of my pussy and down my thighs.

And that brings us to our story now. The next morning when I woke up, I saw a Whatsapp notification. I had been added to a separate group chat with all my husband’s friends…my husband was not in the group chat. It was just me and them.

One of his friends sent a message saying, “Hey Nina. We heard that Rodney gave it to you good last night. Hope you had fun. Your husband doesn’t need to know about this group chat. He won’t know anything. But the rest of us want our turn with you too. What do you say? P.S. You left your panties in Rodney’s car.”

My mind could not contain my excitement. Who would have thought that a good girl like me would become such a slut with my conservative upbringing. First, it was Ken and Rodney. And last night I had my brains fucked out by Rodney again without my Yenimahalle Escort husband’s knowledge. He was totally clueless and oblivious to the fact that his sweet, innocent and pure wife got fucked by his friend. But again, who the fuck cares? This is who I am now. I need to do this. I can’t go back to just fucking my husband. I need more. Much more. And his friends will give it to me. I didn’t feel guilty about this either. My husband knew what he was doing when he let two of his friends fuck me. There were bound to be consequences. His expectation of this being a one time thing and for everything to go back to normal was unrealistic, and quite frankly, selfish. I was exposed to a world I never knew existed and I wanted to spread my wings and explore it to the fullest.

I sent a message back in the group chat with the words: “Tell Rodney he can keep my panties as a memory. I belong to the boys now. And to the boys I shall remain.”

I knew that nothing would be the same now that I had sent this message. And I didn’t care. This is what I want…no…this is what I need. The purpose of this group chat was for the boys to interact with me and for me to interact with them without any interference (AKA, my husband). As soon as I sent this message, the group chat was flooded with messages like “Woah Nina!”, “Yes Nina!” and “I can’t wait!”. I felt an incredible rush as I began talking to them. Funny enough, the boys started to argue amongst themselves about who would have me first. Rodney was insisting he wanted me again, and so did Ken. The other two guys, Alex and Jamal, hadn’t had their turn yet and were pushing to be next in line. The fifth guy was in a serious committed relationship with his girlfriend and couldn’t bring himself to participate (no matter how much he wanted to). He still wanted to be part of the group chat to stay in the loop.

This went on for some time, with the boys continuing to argue amongst themselves. I just kept reading their messages, smiling ear to ear, feeling special and overly flattered with the attention I was receiving. Finally, Rodney sent a message that I did not expect. “How about we all do her…together. In one night.” The boys slowly started to message back their agreement. Rodney sent another message, “How about it, Nina? Are you up for it?”

I froze. I didn’t know what to do. Taking both Rodney and Ken together was a challenge in itself. But adding Alex and Jamal on top of that? Four guys together? I couldn’t handle that. That’s ridiculous! How would that even work? Reluctance and fear crept into my mind as I began to deliberate my options. And suddenly, my mind wandered deeper into the rabbit role as curiosity took its grasp. The five of us together…it could really be something special. I could experience pleasure that I never knew existed and getting fucked by all of them, one after another, sounds too good to pass on. I was scared. But I wanted it. I wanted to take the plunge, to take on the challenge of the extreme pounding that I was being offered. I was greedy and I wanted it all. It was as if my fingers had a mind of their own. I found myself typing in three letters – “Yes”.

It was done. I was in it. I couldn’t back down now. I was excited and nervous at the prospect of being treated like the boys’ slut, their whore, their private hoe. It turned me on to no end. I felt empowered and strong and I couldn’t wait! Saturday could not come soon enough!

Later that day, my husband told me that the boys couldn’t hang out this coming weekend. Hmm, I wonder why. My husband asked me if I wanted to do date night on Saturday.

“Actually, I was thinking of hanging with my girls. It’s been a while and I wanted to see them.” I lied confidently . Actually babe, I’m already doing date night. I’ve got four dates this Saturday and you’re not one of them.

Saturday finally came around. I started to get ready by showering and shaving my pussy to make sure it was soft, fresh and velvet smooth for the boys. I did my hair just how I like it, straight all the way through with the ends teased to create subtle curls. I applied my makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner and crimson red lipstick. Then, it was time to get dressed. I went shopping earlier during the week and picked out my outfit. What did I buy? Well, of course I bought a skirt! I love wearing skirts. Half of my closet is filled with them and the other half with dresses. This skirt was special. It was nudish-brown in colour, made up of a thick velvety, silky material, fitting super short and super tight (Outfit 3). My favourite feature of the skirt was the laces along the side that required tying and tightening. The laces started at the hem of the skirt and went all the way to the top, resulting in massive, gaping holes along the side of the skirt. It showed my naked thigh all the way to my hip bone and gave a sneak peek of my thong. At first, I thought about wearing a more subtle and less conspicuous coloured thong. But who am I kidding? I LOVE showing off my thong to these boys. I opted to wear a leopard print thong instead, which I knew would stand out much more. I paired this with a backless black top and no bra.

I walked downstairs ready to leave where I saw my husband. “WOW!” he said. “You’re looking incredible!”

“Thanks, babe” I responded.

“I think you’ve made me hard, Nina. How ’bout a quick one before you head out?”

“Sorry babe, I can’t. Gotta go. Don’t wait up. Me and the girls are going to be out late”, I quickly said as I left. There is no way I’m going to let you have a taste before the boys are through with me. I don’t want to spoil their meal. I want to stay tight, perky and perfect for them. Not that your dick is going to do much damage to my pussy anyway. I bet my pussy would have stayed nice and tight even if I had let you fuck me; they wouldn’t know the difference. I hopped into the Uber, leaving my husband high and dry as I went to go see my boys.

We were meeting at Jamal’s condo today. Jamal is a black guy, 6 ft tall, almost as well built as Rodney and was perhaps the cutest amongst them, while Alex is white and just as tall. I took the elevator up and knocked on the door. Jamal opened it for me. He smiled and hugged me as he let me in. Rodney, Alex and Ken were already there. I walked up to all the guys, giving them all a nice, tight squeeze. I gave Rodney his usual peck on the cheek as I took my seat in my regular spot beside him.

“How you doing, girl?” he asked.

“I’m good!” I replied giddily.

“What did you tell your man?”

“I told him I was going out with the girls.”

They all laughed in unison. I smiled. “He wanted to do date night with me when he found out that you guys couldn’t hang this weekend.” They snickered at this. I enjoyed taking subtle jabs at my husband. He was the one that exposed me to this whole situation. If it weren’t for him, I would have never become this person. I was always a good girl before all of this! But I guess I should be thanking him. This is the most alive I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We all got comfortable as the boys started passing drinks around. I took my glass, sipping it slowly and enjoying the soothing warmth as it hit my throat. Rodney rested his glass on my thigh, using it like a coaster. I loved the feeling of his cool glass and hand resting on my leg. He would occasionally swirl his glass, causing the cool condensation from the melting ice drip on to my naked legs.

Moments after, Jamal brought out tequila shots. The party was about to get started as I squirmed in my seat excitedly. The boys drank their shots first, Ulus Escort straight and in one coordinated motion. Jamal gestured for me get out of my seat and make room for him. I got up off of the couch to give my seat to Jamal and proceeded to sit on the ground and on my knees. My skirt tightened up and rose up further in my new position as I sat there on my knees in front of the 4 boys. Jamal handed me a tequila shot, poured salt in Alex’s hand and lightly held a lemon slice in between his own teeth. I crawled closer to the guys, pulling Alex’s hand close to my face as I licked the salt off of his palm, gently moving my tongue out to the tips of his fingers. I quickly took the shot. My throat was on fire as the hard tequila rapidly slid down my throat. I moved my face close to Jamal’s and grabbed the lemon wedge out of his mouth as my lips briefly grazed his. I coughed as the boys cheered me on, smiling and proud of myself. Good job, Nina! Jamal handed me another shot, this time pouring salt in his own hands and handing Alex a lemon wedge to squeeze between his lips. I grabbed Jamal’s hand, eagerly licking the sodium off as I grabbed the lemon slice out of Alex’s mouth, biting his bottom lip in the process. The boys howled and cheered for me as a feeling of accomplishment overcame me. I put my arms into the air yelling “WOOOOO!!!” and shook my hips from side to side while sitting on my knees. I did the same exercise with Ken.

Then it was Rodney’s turn. As expected, Rodney provided the toughest challenge of them all. Jamal started to pour a fourth shot into my glass until Rodney motioned for him to stop. He snatched the tequila bottle out of Jamal’s hands and gestured for me to come closer to him. I squirmed on my knees towards Rodney, moving my body closer and closer to his until I sat snugly between his legs. Rodney poured salt on his forearm and held the lemon slice in between his teeth. He beckoned me to lick the salt off of his arm which I did. He held me by the chin and pulled my face close to the bottle. “Open wide” he commanded. I opened my mouth and pulled my head back as Rodney poured Tequila into my mouth. He gave me more than just a shot glass worth of the burning hot liquid as it spread down my throat like wild fire, some of it falling out of my mouth and dripping down my chin and chest like candle wax. I pulled myself towards Rodney’s face but he playfully resisted. My eyes started to well up with tears as the tequila continued to burn my insides. Rodney retreated the lime back into his mouth. I jumped up on the couch and on to his lap, my knees resting on his large, muscular thighs as I grabbed him by the back of his head and locked my lips with his. I started to kiss him passionately, using my tongue to hunt for the lemon slice in his mouth. Found it! I slid the lemon out of his mouth and bit into it, smiling from ear to ear as I enjoyed my victory. Once the burning of the tequila had ceased, I spat the lemon slice out of my mouth and pulled myself back towards Rodney, kissing him deeply and biting his lips in hunger. He kissed me back, matching my passion blow for blow as he slid his large hands from my back and down to my bouncy ass cheeks. My skirt had slid up all the way, fully exposing my butt and my leopard print thong. Rodney smacked my right ass cheek hard. I let out a muffled moan while his tongue was in my mouth and dug my nails into his neck. SMACK! Rodney slapped my right butt cheek again and I let out another moan. SMACK! Another one, harder than the last. My nails dug deeper into his neck as our kisses became wetter and fiercer. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The room filled with the deafening whipping sounds of Rodney’s massive hands clapping my meaty ass. The overwhelming pain and burning was only matched by the undeniable pleasure of being handled by this king-like man. The three other guys sat beside us enjoying the show. Jamal started to play with my hair, stroking his slender black fingers down my cheek, navigating to my shoulder and down to my arm. Rodney, being the generous friend he is, decided to let his friends in on the fun. He stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes, our noses touching, my lips quivering and my right butt cheek burning and imprinted with the remnants of Rodney’s hands. “You ready, baby girl?” he asked me.

“Mmm hmm” I nodded in a high-pitched, mouse-like moan. He lifted me off of his knees and gestured me to get back on to the floor. The boys stood up all together in military-like fashion and surrounded me, their bulges aching to be release from their denim prisons. I had a good idea of what I was expected to do. I unzipped their pants, one at a time, and slid them down with their boxer shorts. And there they were. My kings standing above me, looking down on me, their magnificent cocks firm and erect, waiting and begging for my attention. I was intimidated and nervous. Fuck fuck fuck! This is it! Look at them. Just look at them! 4 beautiful dicks and they’re all for me. They’re so much bigger and thicker than my husband’s! Am I going to be able to handle all of this? I’ve officially become their slut. They’re going to destroy me tonight, I just know it! Alex and Ken’s dicks were roughly the same size, veiny, thick and appetizing. Jamal’s dark cock was longer than the other two and looked like an absolute treat. But they were nothing compared to him. Rodney. He knew it as well. He knew that I wanted him most of all of them. I had seen his magnificent cock twice already but it still captivated me just like it did the first two times.

Jamal moved his hands down to my spaghetti straps and pulled them off my shoulders, pulling my top down past my chest and to my stomach. My small, innocent breasts were bare and my nipples hard and perky from the excitement. Jamal playfully flicked my nipple with his finger causing me to let out a quiet squeal. I grabbed each of their cocks with two steady heads and gave them each 5 good sucks, starting with Ken and moving back to Rodney, ensuring they were properly lubricated before I started on the monumental task at hand. I started by grabbing Jamal’s cock with one hand and Ken’s with the other as I moved my mouth close to Alex’s cock. I started to suck his dick, bobbing my head back and forth, while attempting to stroke the other two. This was more difficult than it sounds. I initially had a tough time getting the motion right but sooner than later, I was able to coordinate the motion of my mouth with that of my hands. The boys each took turns stroking my hair. I moved my face to Jamal’s monster dick and grabbed Alex and Rodney with my hands, continuing the exercise. Stroke and suck. Stroke and suck. Stroke and suck. Just keep going, Nina. Keep making the boys proud. Prove to them that you’re worthy of being their slut, worthy of the privilege to have them in your mouth, worth of them being inside you. Show them how special you are. Yes, that’s right. I think I got this. I think I’m doing a good job. They seem to be loving it. I kept on sucking, slurping and stroking their dicks, giving each of them more than a turn of the wetness of my warm mouth. My eyes were closed and I fell into a trance-like state as I danced back and forth, dick to dick. I lost track of who I was sucking off and who I was stroking. I went to Rodney’s massive monster and started to suck. He stopped me and held my head in place. I paused and looked up at him down from my knees. He was massive, king-like and I was intimidated by the way he looked down at me. He positioned his cock, his hands firmly around my head, as he started to penetrate my mouth. I grabbed two other cocks in my hands, I couldn’t tell which, and started to furiously massage them. Rodney continued to fuck my face, his balls slapping against my chin as my spit gurgled and built up, leaking out of the sides of my mouth. Tears started to well up in my eyes as I looked up at this man penetrating my skull with his devilish cock. The pleasure overwhelmed me as I let out muffled moans of pleasure, taking tiny breaths whenever I could, making sure that I stood my ground and took the punishing he gave me. I loved it. Every second of it.

It was time for my next challenge. Jamal and Alex helped me up and Ken took off my top, skirt and thong. I stood there naked, as the boys looked at me hungrily, greedily, all wanting me and desiring me more than anything else. Rodney picked me up off of the ground and walked to the bedroom. The others followed closely behind. “WOOOOO” I yelled excitedly as the anticipation of what was to come took hold of me, while the tequila started to marinate itself within my body. Rodney gently laid me down on my back at the edge of the bed. He stood before me as I slid my ass closer to the edge of the bed, welcoming his cock with my widespread legs. Rodney forced his devil into my drenched pussy, pounding me deep and hard, without mercy or restraint. I screamed and howled in pleasure. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME! GIVE IT TO ME, RODNEY! I NEED IT! GIVE IT TO ME!” Alex and Jamal climbed on to the bed and positioned themselves on either side of my mouth. I grabbed each cock in a hand and continued to suck them off, regularly rotating from left to right, to ensure both of them got some. Ken climbed on to the bed and started to bite and kiss my tiny nipples. This set me off even more as the sensation of getting my nipples nibbled on provided me with sweet, sultry pleasure. The boys rotated positions and took turns at each station of my body. They were organized, quick and efficient. None of them came while they were fucking me. They were saving it…saving it for the finale. A mouth on my breasts. Two dicks in my mouth. And a cock in my pussy. Does it get any better than this? Yes…yes it does.

We changed positions. Jamal positioned himself under me as he pushed his cock in my pussy. He fucked me hard and deep, his thick black cock tearing and ripping through my pussy lips. Alex and Ken stood in front of my face as they put their cocks in my mouth one at a time, alternating and taking turns. Then Rodney spoke. “You ready, Nina?” He was standing behind me, his hard, intimidating cock demanding my undivided attention.

I turned back to look at him. “Ready for what, Rod?”

“To take it in your white ass” he replied.

WHAT THE FUCK? I didn’t know this was going to happen! In my ass? How could I survive that? No. I can’t do that. Just my pussy. Not my ass. But…what if…what if it’s incredible? Before this, I had no idea how good it would feel to become a slut. To no longer be a good girl. But I tried it. And I liked it…no…I loved it. What if I love this too? I took a deep breath and moaned my reply back. “I’m ready…”. Rodney took his finger and applied a generous amount of lubricant on and inside my asshole, putting one finger inside my tiny little hole and pushing the lube deep inside. His fingers felt gigantic in my tight asshole but after a few seconds, I relaxed as I got used to it being inside me. Rodney positioned himself closer, his cock resting at the gates of my asshole, while the other 3 were fucking my mouth and pussy. Rodney gently applied pressure, pushing his cock inwards. I let out a scream despite how gentle he was. He paused but I told him to keep going. He went deeper and deeper, slowly and almost gentleman-like, as far in as he could go. Then he slowly slid out. I moaned in agonizing pleasure as he proceeded to go back in. Then out. In…out…in…out. Faster now. In…out…in…out. He started fucking my creamy white ass faster and faster. I was being fucked in all three of holes simultaneously. The boys rotated again, with someone new fucking my pussy, my ass and my mouth every few minutes.

“I’m yours!” I screamed. “I belong to the boys! I belong to the boys! I belong to the boys!” I chanted over and over. “I’m yours! You all own me! I’m your fucking whore! Your fucking slut! YES, YES YES, I BELONG TO THE BOYS!” The pleasure and pain were intense, fierce and indescribable as I lay there getting each area of my body pounded by them. The pounding made my toes curl, my knees buckle and my body orgasm multiple times.

“You guys almost there?” Rodney asked the others. They all nodded in agreement. They all stood around me stroking their dicks, with Ken and Alex near my pussy, Jamal standing by my breasts and Rodney standing by my face. Jamal came first and squirted his huge load all over my tits. The warm, hot liquid felt soothing and refreshing on my skin as it slid down my perky breasts and all over my chest and stomach. Ken was next as he unloaded himself all over my pussy, making it wetter than it already was with his cum. Alex followed him up and added to the stickiness with his cum landing on my stomach and trickling down to my pussy and creating a pool inside my belly button. Then it was Rodney’s turn. His moans sounded like roars as his massive cock shot out truckloads of cum towards my face. It landed smack-dab in the middle, covering my nose, forehead, mouth and chin. The boys left me to go clean themselves as I laid there, soaked in hot white cum from 4 different cocks, sticking to my pussy, stomach, breasts, neck and face. I scooped some of Rodney’s cum off of my face and licked my fingers and proceeded to taste the others as well. Their cum was salty and delicious and felt like a well deserved treat for me. I continued to slowly scoop bits and bits of their cum on to my fingers and lick it, savouring each drop. Rodney came back into the room and handed me a towel. I wiped myself clean and he effortlessly picked up my exhausted body in his arms. With my arms and legs firmly wrapped around his body, he walked me over to the bathroom and joined me in the shower. Rodney took care of me, gently lathering my body with soap and water. We kissed passionately in the shower, our wet mouths and bodies locked and united in embrace. He fucked me once more in the shower, this time much more gently, almost lovingly. When we were clean, I wrapped myself in a towel and walked out the bathroom.

Rodney gave me his shirt to wear while he kept his undershirt on. I put it on and it was large enough to be a dress. I walked out to the living room to find the rest of the boys waiting for me. I smiled naughtily to all of them and they smiled back as I took my seat. My skirt, top and thong were still on the floor. I decided to check my phone. It was past 1 AM and I had 2 missed calls and several texts from my husband. “When will you be home”, he asked.

I texted back, “Hey babe, just about finished, gonna be home in an hour. Love you.”

I quickly dried my hair and hugged the guys. I gave Rodney a kiss and proceeded to take off the shirt to return to him. “Keep it” he said.

I smiled as I stuffed his shirt into my bag. I walked naked towards my clothes and started to put my thong on before stopping halfway. I took the thong back off and walked up to Rodney. “Here’s something in return. Another memory for you.” He smiled back and slapped my ass as I skipped giddily back to my clothes.

As I was putting my skirt and top back on, I could hear the boys discussing something amongst themselves. I waved goodbye to them and started walking towards the door when Rodney called out, “Hey Nina. What are your plans 2 weekends from now?”

“Nothing yet” I replied.

“The boys and I were just talking. How ’bout we take a trip down South. You and the four of us. Leave your man here. It’ll be nice to get somewhere warm. What do you say?”

I bit my lower lip and replied back with a smile, “I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

– Nina

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