Paris TripParis Trip

Beautiful Face

I walk in the door and see you standing in the kitchen washing your coffee cup and putting it in the dish strainer to dry. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen standing there in my over shirt nipples hard as diamonds and twice as beautiful.  I walk behind you, reaching under your breast and around your rib cage. I can feel the thin material that I know so well, my favorite French-cut red panties. I pull you tight and feel you rub your ass against my cock as I kiss your neck and nibble on your ear. You turn around and grab me sliding your hands down until you have a firm hold on my bottom, pulling me ever closer. You can feel my growing affection pressing hard against you. “We need to pack; the limo will be here in half an hour,” I whisper hoarsely.“What limo?”I tell you to get dressed and pack for a four-day weekend, including your loveliest dinner dress. You quickly head to the room and drop your shirt on the floor. I cannot help but peek through the door like a teenage boy looking in the girls’ locker room. Your thin, sleek body is glowing with dark tan skin, perfect breasts, and tasty nipples. You are a goddess among women. I have to make a hasty retreat, or else I will not be able to walk out of the house. You walk out and look amazing as always, wearing a short knee-length dress with a floral pattern and a red belt that matches your high heel shoes. I am just about to take you back to the bedroom when there is a knock at the door. I sigh at the missed opportunity and open it.“Sir, I am Henry; I will be your driver tonight. May I take the bags?”As Henry takes kocaeli escort the bags, he almost trips when you enter the room. “My little missy, you sure are a stunning thing.” Then off he goes with the bags. We follow close behind. Once we enter the limo, Henry says, “You kids have fun; it will be about twenty minutes until we are there.”He raises the privacy glass between us. I reach over and give you a long passionate kiss as I slide my hand up your leg. Your skin is so very smooth and offers no resistance to my touch. I pull the sheer material to one side, finding your bare waxed pussy hot and dripping with a few strokes in and out. You bite your lip and softly moan. To your surprise, I slip a small wireless vibrating egg up in your pussy and move the panties back into place. Your brow wrinkles with curiosity as you feel a lovely buzzing deep inside with one little push of the button. I tell you that I am in control, and you will follow my instructions. Your only words are, “Yes, sir.” We reach the airport, and you ask, “Are we flying back to the island?”“No, hun, we are not.”The Loudspeaker sounds.We are now boarding flight 1328 to Paris, France. Your eyes light up, and you practically leap into my arm, making me think a buzz is in order. We board the flight, and since it is very late, there are minimal passengers. As we taxi down the runway, I keep increasing the intensity of your buzz. You grab my leg tight, clench your teeth, throw your head back, and I know from that look you are coming hard. Once airborne, the lights dim, and you ask for a blanket. darıca escort You place the blanket over both of us and cuddle close. You pull the blanket up to our chest and then slide under it. The next thing I know, you have my cock out and licking all the way around the head, tickling the underside with your tongue. You suck hard, milking me inch by inch. You take the whole length to my balls.I give you a long, strong buzz that makes you cum again. I gently pull your head above the blanket and ask if you have ever been part of the mile-high club. “Oh, my God, no,” you whisper, your eyes wide with excitement.I zip up and point you to the lavatory. You enter, and I closely follow. Once inside, I tell you to take off your panties and give them to me. I slip them into my pocket and have you pop out the egg, which goes in my pocket as well. I bend you over, lift your dress and slide easily into your tight wet lips. I grab your hips so I can control the pace. I start stroking in and out, slowly increasing my speed, enjoying the feel of our bodies merging. Moving in and out, I begin stroking side to side, then in and out again. You are fighting the urge to scream, biting your lip, and moaning. With a couple of light smacks on the ass, I can feel your pussy gripping my cock. “I’m going to cum soon, baby.”You push me back and quickly turn around, dropping to your knees and inhaling every inch of my manhood. Licking and sucking better than you ever have before, like a thirst you cannot quench. I am too far gone to hold back and explode jet after jet gölcük escort of hot cum in your mouth. It feels so good that I almost blacked out. The loudspeaker sounds.“This is your captain; we will be making our final approach in a few minutes. Please return to your seat and prepare for landing. Thank you for flying Air France flight 1328. You reach in my pocket, slip the egg back into your pussy, and purr, “Daddy, you are back in control again.”We return to our seats and buckle up, waiting to touch down. I take this time to give you a few random buzzes just to keep things interesting. Once on the ground, we grab a taxi to our hotel, filled with anticipation. Once we are in the taxi, I tell the driver we are staying at the Hôtel Elysia. The driver looks you up and down and informs us we made a fabulous choice.  He recommends the Prestige Suite. It has soundproofing in the walls so we can be as loud as we like without others hearing us. I tip the driver and make my way to the front desk while you check yourself in the lobby mirror.  Then without notice, I hit the button a give you a long buzz. I can see I have achieved the effect I was looking for as you cross your legs, bite your lip and give me a devilish look. I return with the key card as the bellhop takes our luggage. Once at the room, the young man opens the door and gives us a quick tour, then off he goes. The room is enormous and impeccably decorated; long sheer drapes cover the opening to the balcony. We both look and laugh at the thought of actually having French doors. There are several chairs and lounge couches around the room and a spa tub in the corner. The bedroom sports a king-size canopy bed with silken enclosure panels.  The master bath has double sinks, a glass-enclosed shower, and a deep jacuzzi tub made for two, and there are candles strategically placed all around. 

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