Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 33 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- He kissed me again, I picked up the last card. `To Davy, have a great Birthday, I hope you realised it was me waving from that bloody crate, hope you enjoyed it to. I wouldn’t have missed your Birthday for anything. Congratulations on your award, give Forts a kiss from me too, you are both very special to me and Callum. All my love G’ I looked at Forts, my eyes filling with tears again and as he read the card, I kissed him once more. `That’s from Mr G’ ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 33 Tap, tap, tap, …Tap, tap, tap I buried my head under the pillow; not again. Tap, tap, tap, …Tap, tap, tap `Get lost’ I scrambled for my slipper, launching it at the window, every morning that bloody crow did it. Bloody thing. Its head tilted its black beady eyes looked at me, my slipper banged against the window. Caw, caw, caw It flapped its wings and rose off the window ledge a few inches, I laid back. Tap, tap, tap, No, I was going mad, that was the final straw, I jumped up out of bed and run at the window; bloody crow, more flapping of wings. Caw, caw, caw I heard a chuckle from behind me. `He’s laughing at you, come back to bed, just ignore it’ Forts was grinning at me, he pulled back the covers, nodding for me to get back in. `It’s not funny, Forts, it’s every morning’ Forts obviously couldn’t help himself as he carried on laughing, then began mimicking the bird, flapping his arms on the bed. `Caw, caw, to slow, to slow, caw, caw’ I leapt at the bed and began tickling him, we both rolled about the bed laughing uncontrollably. `Stop it, stop it’ He shrieked, burying himself in the sheets. `It’s not bloody funny, its every morning since my birthday, that was months ago, what’s wrong with the stupid bird?’ More laughing as he snorted out `Maybe he just likes to see your little willy flopping about every morning as you chase him? That was it; more tickling, Forts had tears streaming down his face, he was laughing hysterically. `Well maybe you should show him your war club then’ More tickling and shrieking Thump, thump, thump I thought Forts was going to end himself `Now you have set off Dickens, caw, caw, caw’ He began flapping his arms again, `Forts, you are so going to get it’ Forts leapt out of bed as I chased him, Thump, thump, thump, Dickens irate voice filtered through the wall from his room next door. `Shut up you two, its five o’clock, it’s every morning, it’s not funny, I’ve had enough’ Thump, thump, thump, Forts, held his hands up in surrender to me and crossed to the wall and stuck his mouth next to it. `Sorry Dickens, it was Davy’s crow again…caw, caw, caw’ More laughing and arm flapping, I went to hit him, mouthing `now he thinks I am crazy’ Forts continued laughing, sliding to the floor and covering his head as I attacked him. The door burst open; Forts peered up from under me. `Morning Dickens, sorry, its him’ He began laughing again `Well it’s not bloody funny, it every morning’ Dickens had obviously seen red in his room, he was standing his hands on his hips, his erect cock sticking straight up. `Watch out Davy, he has come armed’ Forts tears streaming down his face as he laughed; pointed and covered his head, now it was my turn to join him laughing. Dickens glanced down at himself, his initial look of anger replaced by one of shock replaced by one of embarrassment as his hands rapidly covered his erect cock and swinging balls. `Well you two aren’t much better’ He was right Forts and me were both sporting morning lobs too. Forts gripped his monster. `Shame to waste them guys, what do you say Davy? `Sounds like fun but it is up to Dickens’ Forts and I both grinned at Dickens. Forts stood his hands-on hips, his cock slowly throbbing to its full eight inches. `What do you say Dickens? Dickens looked embarrassed and nodded `On your knees and worship my big cock’ Forts, laughing again was obviously in top form this morning, he stood thrusting his bellend at Dickens. Dickens glanced at me, I shook my head, smiling and nodding. `Go on Dickens, unfortunately it is not only his cock that has a big head’ Dickens licked his lips and went to get on his knees. I stopped him and pushed my preening Forts onto the bed, his cock swayed wildly. `Now, let’s get him Dickens’ Forts, laid back ginning, gripping his cocks’ shaft at the base, it throbbed upright. Dickens was straight on it, his mouth engulfed Forts fat flared bellend; Dickens was making contented mmmmuumhmm noises. I got my head down beside his, Forts balls lay waiting to be kissed, I gently pressed my lips to them in turn, then opening my mouth I sucked one into my wet mouth, I heard Forts gasp; now was that because of me or Dickens, more likely both. I rolled his big ball around my mouth gently pulling it away from its twin, his sac gently stretching, I let it fall from my mouth. Dickens turned and grinned at me, gripping Forts shaft tightly, Forts now had his hands behind his head as us two cock worshippers indulged ourselves. Dicken pointed the slick bellend towards my mouth; so nice of him to share, I licked up the shaft ankara escort and took the flared cockhead into my mouth, it was hot, I licked over his cock lips, rewarded with a dribble of precum, I hungrily lapped it up, running my tongue around the ridge, I felt his cock being ever so gently pulled from my mouth, I glanced up at Dickens, his mouth was open his tongue waiting expectantly for its next go, I opened wide, feeling the flared ridge pulled from my mouth, I let my tongue follow it to Dickens mouth, he hungrily was pushing the tip of his tongue in between Forts cock lips, strands of sticky precum joining them in pleasure. I went back to Forts ball sac cradling his balls gently, licking and kissing each egg again; now which one had I sucked into my mouth, I couldn’t remember, so started again, gently sucking each into my mouth, enjoying the spongy warmness, Dickens was still gobbling down on Forts cock, one hand holding the shaft upright his other gently stroking his own erection. I let go of Forts ball sac and crawled over to Dickens cock, he had been changing in the months since I had seen him hard and horny, a bushier patch of pubes topped the base of his shaft, his cock looked thicker too, maybe even a bit longer than mine now, his balls were definitely bigger than mine. I cupped them, he looked down at me, letting go of his shaft, his foreskin pulled back behind his bellend, now his was more the same thickness as the rest of his shaft, not a great flared ridge like Forts, I shuffled till I could rest on my elbows and took hold of his shaft too, slowly starting to wank it, he was well excited a great dribble of precum appeared at his cock head, I leant forward and took his cock into my mouth, he groaned audibly; still with Forts cock in his mouth. I licked up his precum, he tasted sweat; I loved this honey we all create, I smeared it round my mouth coating all of my tongue and gums in his sticky juice, I pulled his cockhead from my mouth and looked at it, he had a beautiful dick, it was now a reasonable thickness, beautifully in proportion to the rest of him, his balls; although not as big as Forts were a good size too, I couldn’t help thinking I was the only boy here. I went back to sucking him, enjoying the taste explosions I kept getting, I had shut my eyes, enjoying just the sensations, a sudden movement on the bed, startled me, I opened my eyes, Forts was looking up at me; giving me his `I love you smile’ his mouth inches from my cock, he gripped my shaft and swallowed me down, I glanced to Dickens, his mouth was like mine and Forts filled with a hard cock. Forts worked my cock, let’s face it he now knew exactly what to do to turn me on, I felt a finger push at my hole, I looked down, he grinned and winked at me, he sucked the finger and pushed it back against me; toyed with my hole and buried it in me. Like some kind of bizarre game, I licked one of my fingers and eased it between Dickens cheeks and toyed with his hole; he gasped and smiled down at me, pushing back against my finger. I gestured with my eyes for him to do the same to Forts, Dickens smiled and exaggeratedly sucked on his finger, before easing it into Forts. Any thought of chatting was gone, replaced by the moans and groans of three guys having their cocks sucked and boy nuts worked, Forts came first, Dickens gulping down his fresh milk, then Dickens spewed his load into my mouth and finally, with one final push of Forts fingers into my arse, I came in his mouth; Dickens was alongside his face his tongue out, Forts leant into him and pushed his lips to Dickens, pushing and sharing some of my morning milk with our neighbour, I stretched out my legs and propped myself up on my elbows `Has anyone got any to share with me? The both looked guilty and shook their heads `Dickens surely you saved some of Forts for me? He shook his head; I gave a mock look of disappointment and folded my arms. `Greedy bastards’ Forts grinned and winked at Dickens `Always tomorrow morning, if our little friend comes back’ I looked at them both `What the crow? Forts guffawed `No not the bloody crow, Dickens get him’ The two of them jumped on me, with time for a few more kisses and gropes the alarm clock went off telling us it was time to get up. Forts got off the bed, his heavy cock hanging `Come on everybody up, Dickens remember you are on shower block duty this morning’ He groaned and hauled himself off the bed. `Thanks guys’ And he was gone. Dickens takes up the story My initial anger at being woken so early had soon disappeared, I think we all had a crush on Forts; yes, yes, we knew he belonged to Davy, but also knew that occasionally, just occasionally, we were allowed to have fun with him, well his cock, really. I loved his cock and had enjoyed savouring his cum letting it gloop down my throat, I had a chuckle when Davy asked if I had saved any of Forts to share; I had, but quickly swallowed it, I hate letting guys have the last sweet in my packet too. I had returned to my room and grabbing my towel and wash kit headed down to the showers. It was the usual organised chaos, loads of loud shouting and shattering as boys got themselves ready for the new day. I stood with my towel round me, my back to the shower door, I stood monitoring the first years cleaning their teeth, none of them need to shave yet. Thwack `Ouch’ I spun round, seeing just the bare arse of a third year running into the shower area; little git had got me with his towel. I ran after him, the third years were all standing naked in the shower area. The water had yet to be switched on, they were all dry. `Right who did that? Loud laughing and giggling from the mass of naked bodies, not wanting to get my towel wet I took it off and hung it on one of the hooks; I was naked now too. `Right which one of you was it? They escort ankara huddled together; I saw one at the back sticking out his tongue `You’ I pushed into them, it struck me as strange as they seemed to split apart, like the parting of the seas, then I felt it, I glanced down, seeing the streams of yellow splattering over my legs, cock, feet, little shits all had their dicks in their hands and were pissing on me. I was just about to grab the nearest one when the shower heads burst into life, drenching me in icy cold water, more shrieks and giggles, they had this worked out, I broke for the dry area, more laughing and giggling. `What’s going on? `Good Morning Mr Duff, the boys were just messing …’ I heard the showers come on behind me, I glanced back all of them were now showering quiet normally, all smiling sweetly, steam filling the room. Mr Duff glanced past me and then at me, he turned away shaking his head, I was pretty sure I heard him say `Stupid Boy’ `I will get my own back later you little gits’ I made a mental note of who was there. Davy resumes the story I stood watching my watch, I was on breakfast gong duty this morning; I had already had my breakfast a bit earlier. I waited until my watch clicked to exactly the right time and then began banging or is it ringing the gong, I imagined myself as the guy from the start of the films I had seen before the war; I can’t remember the company now. As if by magic boy’s began filling the stairs and corridors making their way into breakfast, we were back to porridge now, usually with a spoon full of honey or jam and some cold milk; generously supplied by one of the dairy cows the castle parklands now supported. `Good morning Thomas’ `Oh, good morning Mr MacDonald’ He stopped and moved a bit closer to me `What on earth was going on in your room this morning, all that giggling and laughing you woke me up’ `Sorry Sir, it was the crow again, the one that taps at our window’ `What was he telling jokes too this morning then? `No Sir’ It suddenly dawned on me he was taking the mickey. He shook his head and headed off into Breakfast, stopping by the door. `Davy can you make sure the radio is in the hall, there is some important news, I want the school to hear’ `Yes Sir, no problem’ I left my position by the gong and walked along to the Great Hall, passing the new display case. I stopped and looked at the Honour Goblet and the baton of Honour. Each stood on the carved boxes they came in and now Forts and my names were clearly engraved on the little silver plates on each box. I squinted at the Goblet and the Baton, I think he had been joking, but the day we got them we had been invited in to the staff room and Mr MacDonald a bit worse for several Malt Whisky’s told us that the wooden Baton was exactly the same size as Forts hard dick and the crystal Goblet the same as mine; they did look pretty close. I got the radio from the staff room and placed it on a small table at the front of the hall and connected up the speaker, giving it a quick check to make sure it all worked correctly. I wondered what the news could be, Mr MacDonald only really told us the major events of the war; I hoped it wasn’t more bad news. Mr MacDonald made his usual announcements during the assembly, but everyone had seen the radio and knew he was waiting for the hour to arrive so we could all hear the news. Just before ten O’clock, Mr Duncan, Landers and Mr Morris came into the Hall and stood at the back. My heart was pounding, I hoped it wasn’t more bad news, that was all we had heard recently. We had been told about our troop having to be evacuated from Norway when the Germans invaded and occupied it on the 9th of April, then on the 10th of May Winston Churchill had become the Prime Minister taking over from Neville Chamberlain, then we had learned stunned; but proud, about the gallant evacuation of British and other troops from France at Dunkirk, after Germany had over ran France too. I tried to remember when that was; that’s right between the 26th of May and the 4th of June, we all stood watching the clock at it clicked to ten o’clock. `This is London, you will now hear a recording of a speech by the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, given to the House of Commons’ The radio crackled and then we hear him speak, his voice instantly recognisable. “What General Weygand call the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilisation. Upon it depends our own British life and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of a perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will say, `This was their finest hour’.” Mr MacDonald slowly stood and turned off the radio, all eyes were on him the room totally silent. What did this all mean. He seemed to take stock of his thoughts. `Boys and Staff of Harrow Boys School, you have all heard our Prime Minister Mr Churchill speak. I too extoll you all to your duties here at the Castle, we all have a part to play however small it may seem in the coming struggle. I know I can trust you all to conduct yourselves with dignity and resolve. I ask you all to pray for our Armed Forces and the Royal Family. ankara escort bayan God Save The King’ Mr Evans immediately struck up the school song and immediately followed that with the National Anthem. As that came to an end Mr MacDonald turned to Mr Evans. `Mr Evans can you conclude things here, I think it is a good time for the boys to write home, Prefects and other Masters can you please join me in the staffroom’. We all glanced at each other and then followed Mr MacDonald as he strode out of the room, not stopping for any questions. We all filled into the staff room. `Gentlemen, this goes without saying really and I know you will all be alert to any of the boys being effected by the speech and its implications, the war starts for us now properly, we must all strive to do our bit’ He stood and looked at each of us in turn. `Mr MacDonald Sir’ `Go on Thomas’ `I was wondering if there had been any news about Torcall or Callum, sorry, I mean Captain Farquharson or Flying Officer Tremblay, Sir, it’s just that there has been no news since Dunkirk Sir? He nodded `I am afraid not Davy, I know you were close to them both, if I hear anything, I will let you know’ I felt my stomach flip, it had been weeks now. Mr MacDonald looked round the room once more. `Okay, thank you all gentlemen, Forts, could you please go and see if you can find Margery Matherson, I am told she is in charge of the Land Girls, could you ask her to come and see me, let’s see what else we can do to assist them.’ Forts nodded Forts take up the story I quickly scribbled down the name, I would never remember that, I told Davy I would seek him out later and headed off out of the Castle, I thought I would try the wooden barracks first. I hadn’t seen the hut since the Land Girls had arrived, where there had been once bare windows, their now hung pink frilly curtains, a gramophone was playing dance music and a washing line had been erected outside now too, I felt my self-blushing at the array of ladies under garments, I got to the door and gave a knock. Nothing, I knocked again louder this time; the door opened. `Ohh, what have we got ere? The door was opened by a young woman in white vest and olive trousers, her hair in a bun on top of her head, her face covered in a thick white cream. She smiled as I stammered `I, I , err I am looking for’ `Come on, spit it out gorgeous’ I blushed as another voice shouted from behind her `You never do Maureen’ She glanced back into the hut `Stop it you, he is as red as a beetroot already, so what can I do for you young man’ `A young man, get him in ere’ More laughing, the voice sounded very common, but so did this lady, I recognised the accent from East London. Another girl appeared at the door, she was just in a bra and a skirt, her face clarted in thick cream too. `Ohh, he is gorgeous, look at that chest and those lovely eyes and kissable lips and those hairy legs’ She moved closer; licking her lips exaggeratedly, I felt myself step back `You a real Scotsman? What you hiding under the kilt tiger, let me ave a look? She stepped forward shrieking again. I reached to hold down the front of my kilt; why had I done that, now she was laughing even harder. `Daphne top it, leave him alone, he looks terrified. So, who is it your looking for gorgeous? I knew I was blushing; I steadied my breathing; she was right I was terrified. `Ladies, I am lo…’ `Ohh, he called me a Lady’ `Not err luv, she ain’t no lady, come in and she will show ya’ Daphne vanished back inside, laughing madly. `Do you want to come in? I shook my head, probably a bit to fast, betraying my nervousness. `Pity, so who are you looking for, who’s the lucky girl?’ `Err,’ I scrabbled for the piece of paper in my sporran. `Oh, that’s what that’s for, we all thought they was to weigh your thing down’ She sounded disappointed `Daphne, he’s got his own handbag, it’s not for, what you said’ She shouted over her shoulder `The guy in Inverurie’s was’ Daphne cackled again. `It’s a Sporran…not a handbag’ I stammered `I know luv, just messin, who was it you wanted’ `Mar…Margery Math…Mather…Matherson’ I finally managed to say `He sounds a bit tongue tied to me, bring him in, I can elp with that’ More dirty laughing from inside, I jumped as a loud voice spoke behind me. `Maureen, leave the young man alone’ I turned round confronted with a large woman, built like a battle ship in Khaki trousers with Beige socks, brown shoes, her top was a bottle green jumper over a beige shirt with a green tie. She thrust out her hand at me and in a very upper class accent she said `Margery Matherson, and you are? `Fortnum, Miss’ More laughter from inside `Err Mrs, err…my Lady’ I knew I was bright red, she chuckled, `Margery will do, now what can I do for you young man? `I have been sent to invite you to meet Mr MacDonald, the head of the school up at the Castle, err, Mrs, err Margery’ `Well let’s get going then, if you keep trying to speak to me, we will be here all night’ So here you have it, my first real encounter since going through puberty with women, girls, err ladies, beings of the opposite sex, crikes. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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