One Wild , Sexy DateOne Wild , Sexy Date


Hello Reader. This is the story of the final meeting between Rebecca & Mr Johnston. It’s great on it’s own, but if you want to know the how, when & why of this older man & sexy Rebecca…you might like to read my 2 previous submissions. Enjoy, and please, vote & leave some feedback….pinkdasie would greatly appreciate you doing so.

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After a long Saturday morning sleep in, I am awoken by the sounds of a lawn mower. I climb out of bed and go to the window to find Dad’s gardener, Stan, mowing the lawn. So much for a quiet and peaceful weekend.

It’s Saturday morning, Mr Johnson is coming out to take me to dinner tonight. Hmmm, what should I wear? I move to my wardrobe and start flipping through some dresses. I pick out a floral dress which has a low V neckline, crosses over and simply ties at the back. Yes, I think I’ll wear this one, it’s a very sexy dress.

Oh, look at the time. I have to be at the beautician in 30 minutes. I jump into the shower, lathering up body. I shave under my arms, all the way up my legs and over my pussy, leaving my little sweetie smooth as smooth can be.

Two hours later, I’m ready for my date with Mr Johnson. I’ve had a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. I drive home to find Stan just finishing up around the top of the driveway.

“Hello Rebecca, long time no see,” he says and leans over to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Stan, I know it has been. How are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m doing great and you look terrific Rebecca. I’ll be finished up here in about 20 minutes or so. I’ll close the gates when I leave,” he says.

“Thanks Stan cause I’ll be out by the pool. The gardens look beautiful, take care of yourself, bye,” and I continue driving down to the house.

I slip into my new white mesh G string, string bikini. Wow, as I admire myself in the mirror, it looks great. My nipples and slit are visible through the mesh. Giggling, I’m thinking lucky I’m home alone.

I flick on the CD player and Van Morrison starts singing. I make a sandwich to eat by the pool and just then, the doorbell rings. Who can that be I think to myself, it’s only 2pm, too early for Mr Johnson.

I hide behind the door as I open it slightly. It’s Mr Johnson.

“Hello Rebecca,” he says.

“Mr Johnson, you’re early for dinner,” I say, smiling.

“I did have something on today Rebecca but it fell through so I thought I’d drive out here a little earlier and knowing that you are here alone, well, I thought that you wouldn’t mind,” he says with a pleading look for it to be ok in his eyes.

“I don’t mind at all,” I say “it’s just that I umm, I just need to grab something, I’m not dressed for visitors, hang on a sec.”

He puts his hand to the door, “Rebecca, you don’t have to do that. Anything you’re wearing,” he says as he smiles, “or not wearing is ok with me. Come on, let me in Bec.”

I stand there thinking for a second, then I open the door all the way. “Come in Mr Johnson, welcome to my home”.

He steps into the foyer and I close the door behind him. He lets out a low wolf whistle.

“Well look at you,” he says. “You look good enough to eat honey.” I’m smiling and giggling as I take his hand and reach up and kiss him gently on the lips.

“Funny you should mention eating, I was just about to eat a sandwich, care to join me?” I ask him. But, he hasn’t taken his eyes off me.

“Rebecca you look sensational! Turn around for me.” And he holds my hand up and slowly spins me around getting a good look at the G string bikini. “That has to be the best bikini I’ve ever seen.” He draws me to him and kisses me deeply on the lips as his hands slide down onto my butt cheeks. I break our kiss and lead him to the kitchen.

“I’ll just make you a sandwich like mine,” I say as I turn to the fridge and grab what I need. He whistles again. “Bec, Bec, Bec. You look so hot baby,” he says and I feel him move up behind me as I begin to make the sandwich at the bench. He begins kissing my neck and puts his hands on my hips.

“Mr Johnson, how am I supposed to make your sandwich while you do that?” I say smiling.

“Forget the sandwich Bec. All I want to eat is you.” He turns me around and lifts me up and sits me on the bench top. His lips kissing mine as he unties my bikini top and moves down to my breasts, licking them with his hot wet tongue. He takes my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, flicking it with his tongue. I begin moaning, my nipples have always been so very sensitive. I could cum just from him sucking my nipples like that.

“Mr Johnson, if you keep that up I’m going to cum sir,” I whisper softly.

“Cum Bec, cum baby, cum for me” he softly says with my left nipple in his mouth and my right nipple being pinched between his fingers.

“Oh, Mr Johnson, oooooo, suck my nipple,” I whisper, my fingers in his hair “yessssss, yessssssss, mmmmmmm, yes, oh God, ooooooo honey yesssssssss” as I cum while sitting on the bench.

He frees my nipple from his mouth and kisses my breast as I catch beylikdüzü escort my breath. His tongue sliding along my neck till our lips meet again.

“Rebecca, I love hearing you cum for me honey,” he says. “You sounded so sexy on the phone last night, I just couldn’t wait to get out here today.” He reaches out and ties my bikini top back up over my hard nipples and his finger trails down to my bikini pants. His index finger grazes back and forth along my slit which is visible through the mesh of the bikini bottoms.

“Mmmm, I’ll save this delectable spot for later,” he moans in a husky voice and he helps me down off the bench top, holding me too him and kissing me deeply again. I can feel his rock hard cock pressing against me and I reach down to touch it.

He catches my hand, “No, no, don’t touch him for now Bec, he wants to wait for while and then enjoy you” he says. I kiss him again.

“Ok, Mr Johnson, let me make you that sandwich and we’ll go out and sit by the pool. Did you bring your cossie with you?” I ask him.

“I think it’s time you stopped calling me Mr Johnson all the time Rebecca. I want you to call me Malcolm. And yes, I think I’ve packed a pair of Speedos in my overnight bag.”

“Malcolm, Speedos huh, I just love a man in Speedos,” as I kiss his lips again. “Go slip them on while I make your sandwich.”

He comes back to the kitchen with his cock sitting so perfectly in those Speedos that my mouth starts watering. He’s not a slim guy, but damn he looks good in those Speedos. We go out and sit by the pool, eating and chatting as he asks me about my new job. I tell him that I’ll be working for a large construction company as a receptionist and that I begin my new job on Wednesday. He says he’s sorry I didn’t take the job at his company, but understands and wishes me all the luck in my new job venture.

He tells me his wife went to visit her sister for a few days and that he’s so happy that I agreed to have dinner with him. I tell him I’m so glad she did, as I lean over and kiss him, and that I’m so happy he asked me to dinner and that I’ve often thought of what transpired between us and it just brings a huge smile to my face each time, not to mention the wet patch it causes between my legs.

“You know Malcolm, it’s always been fantasy of mine to go for a job interview and have it turn out as it did with you. And, don’t take this the wrong way,” I say, reaching out and taking his hand, “but I always wondered what it would be like with an older man for a lover.”

He laughs a little and says, “Rebecca, I’m old enough to be your dad. I’m almost 50 years old, but I’ve always dreamed of a very similar fantasy to yours, the job interview thing and being with a much younger, beautiful, sassy and sexy woman. And you my dear, at 24, are all those things.”

“Well, you know what Malcolm,” I say smiling at him, “we have this time together, alone, lets totally indulge ourselves with each other for a weekend that will make memories that will last us a lifetime. What do you say?” I ask.

“Bec,” he says gazing into my eyes, “I’ll never forget you and that sounds terrific. How about a swim?” and he leans forward and kisses me gently.

“I’d love to,” I’m saying as the phone rings. “Go ahead, I’ll just get the phone.”

The phone call turns out to be Stan telling me that he’s left and locked the front gates and that he hopes that it was ok that he let that man drive down to the house to see me.

“It was fine Stan,” I say, “everything is ok. Thanks for calling to check on me. Have a good weekend Stan.”

I go back out and sit at the edge of the pool with my legs, parted and dangling into the pool so that Malcolm can enjoy the view, while I watch him do laps back and forth. He gets to the other end of the pool and stops.

“Aren’t you coming in Bec?” he says.

“Well, I kinda didn’t want to get my hair wet,” I reply shyly smiling at him. “I think I’ll just sit here and enjoy the view of you swimming around.”

He swims over to me and stands in front of me, scooping up water in his hands and drizzling it onto my knees, on my thighs, moving a little higher.

“I can drizzle some water there too Bec,” he says, “cause I can see you don’t have any hair there to get wet.” And he scoops up another handful and pours it onto the mesh covering my hairless mound. And another. Then he runs his finger over my slit again.

“Move forward a little Bec,” he says hoarsely.

I move so that my butt is on the very edge of the pool. He leans forward and places his lips on the mesh covering my slit. I feel his tongue slide out and lick the mesh. Oh yes, I’m thinking to myself, go for it Malcolm. I reach down and undo a tie on one side of my bikini. He looks up at me and smiles. I smile back. He takes that string in his mouth and pulls it back. I reach down and untie the other side.

“You little vixen,” he growls. “You’re such a teaser Bec!”

“You know you want to taste it Malcolm,” I answer him. And adana escort he grabs that string with his teeth and totally exposes my wet cunt, which is aching for the touch of his tongue. I feel his nose touch me. I feel his lips on my mound. I feel his tongue snake out and slide down between my slit. Oh, this feels so wonderful. I lean back on my elbows and he places his hands under my butt and holds me up to his mouth and starts lapping at my pussie like a kitten drinking milk from a bowl. Lapping at my pussie, teasing my clit with his teeth.

I wrap my ankles around his neck. He’s licking and lapping at my cunt. I can’t take it anymore and I start bucking up against his face.

I begin moaning, “I’m cumming Malcolm, oh I’m cumming,” and he increases the pressure of his tongue and all of sudden my pussie gushes her juices all cross his mouth and he laps them up.

“Oh, oh Malcolm,” I moan. He moves away and looks up at me.

“You like that don’t you Bec?” he says, his mouth glistening in the sunlight with my juices.

“Yessss, I love you eating me that way as much as you love licking and tasting me as you do,” I reply. “You’re lips are glistening in the sunlight with my pussie juices, come here and share them with me.”

I slide down into the pool against his body, leaving the mesh bottoms behind on the edge and kiss him deeply, licking his face, tasting myself on his lips, his hands on my butt pressing me against his hard cock. I reach down to touch him but again he stops me, taking my hand and bringing my fingers to his lips.

“You are one hell of a girl Bec!” he says, “got any beer in this house Rebecca?” he asks, “I could do with one if you do”.

“Sure, I’ll go get us a drink,” and I kiss him again, and walk out of the pool. I go in the house, tie my sarong around me and grab our drinks. I come back out and he’s still swimming around. I lay on the banana lounge in the shade and sip on my lemon, lime and bitters. Eventually Malcolm comes out and lays alongside me and we kiss again and chat a little as drinks his beer and I doze off for a nap.

I awaken to the phone ringing, I jump up and run to get it. As I go, I notice that Malcolm has dozed off too. I come back out with another Corona for Malcolm and water for me. I stand at the end of the his banana chair checking him out. He’s so sexy for a 50 year old man. He opens his eyes and sees me standing there checking him out. He smiles at me and says “checking me out huh?”

“Well of course, you look fantastic Malcolm, I thought you might like another beer,” I say.

“I’d love another beer,” he says raising his leg and slipping his toe under the edge of my sarong and moving it up, exposing my bald pussie lips to his eyes.

“Mmmmm, well well, what have we here, mmmmm, a little something to have with the beer huh, Bec?” and he extends his hand.

“Spread your legs a little for me Bec,” he says with his toe still holding up my sarong. “Now come over here honey,” he says to me and I move towards him, a leg on either side of his banana chair. As I stand there with my legs and pussie spread across him, he takes the beer from my hand, opens it and holds it to my leg.

“I want to make a toast…to the best pussie I’ve tasted in my entire life,” he says and he reaches up and slides the lip of the cold beer bottle onto my pussie lips.

“Ok Bec, now I want to you just slide down a little onto the bottle, very slowly now,” he’s saying. I feel the tip of the bottle slide inside me and he begins fucking me ever so gently with his Corona bottle. Then he slides it out of me and puts it to his lips and takes a big swig from it. I sit on his chest as I watch him drink it.

“That’ll be the best beer I’ll ever have in my life,” he says “followed by the best snack.”

He puts the beer down and draws me up to his mouth. He licks me with his cold tongue and I moan. With his thumbs he pushes my lips back and holds them there as his tongue moves in and flicks over my clit. It doesn’t take much to make me cum and he knows it. He’s licking and fucking me with his tongue. Oh, I’m ready to cum again, “Oh, Malcolm, Malcolm, you’re going to make me cum again.”

“Mmmmmm,” he moans, his mouth never leaving my cunt as I totally lose it again and cum all over his mouth. He moves me back off his mouth and sits me back on his chest.

“God you taste good Bec,” he says as he grabs his beer and has another sip and then offers it to me. I take a sip as well.

“And you, Mr Johnson are totally insatiable and incredible.” I sit there on his chest, my legs spread, my pussie inches from his mouth and we talk a bit while he finishes his beer. “You better go get this sexy little pussie” he’s saying, as he gently pinches my mound and then slides a finger inside me, “ready and yourself ready to go out for dinner. He slides his finger out and pops it into his mouth as I get up, lean down, kiss his lips and head into the house.

“You know where the guest bathroom is Malcolm?” I ask.

“Yeah, I got changed afyon escort in there. I’ll get ready too. See you in a bit Bec,” he says as I walk away to my room.

Thirty minutes later, showered and dressed in only my dress and some jewellery I come out to find Malcolm sitting on the lounge waiting for me. I’m wearing a pair of red strappy heels that tie around my ankles. My hair is brushed and loose.

“Oh baby, Rebecca, wow you look fantastic honey,” he says and he gets up and checks me out.

“You look great yourself. I love the way those pants fit you,” I say as I reach out and touch his butt. “And the colour of that shirt does something to your eyes.”

He takes my hand and leads me out to his Mercedes. When we arrive at the restaurant our table isn’t quite ready so we are shown to the bar and offered a complimentary drink. He helps me up onto the bar stool and we have our drinks and chat a little about the restaurant. He’s never been here before, but a friend recommend it to him. His eyes never stray to far from my cleavage and he asks how I keep the dress from moving and exposing my breasts cause he can tell I haven’t got a bra on. I just giggle at his comment and lean forward and kiss him as he runs his index finger up and down between my breasts and my belly button. The waiter comes up and tells him that our table is ready, and to take our time and finish our drinks.

Malcolm gets up and as I move to get up, one of my dangling earrings slips out and onto the floor. I have one foot on the floor, but my butt is still on the stool. My dress, being wrap around parts as I come to get up….it all happened so quickly. Malcolm bent down to pick up my earring and as he got up he looked and noticed my bare pussie was spread in front of him on the stool. I tried to pull my legs together but I wasn’t quick enough. Malcom didn’t move, he just stayed there and looked up at me.

Blushing and smiling I said “Oh Malcolm, ummm, I’m sorry, it was supposed to be a surprise for later.”

“Don’t be sorry Rebecca, no underwear at all huh? I love it,” he says smiling so wide. “God, I just love it. I just wish I could taste it here and now.”

As I pull my legs together, I take the earring from his hand and put it back on. As Malcolm looks for the waiter, I discreetly slid my finger in between my wet pussie lips. I get up, stand along side him. I look at him and whisper, “You can honey,” as I slid my finger into his mouth. He just smiles at me as slide it back out of his mouth.

Our table was very private and we shared a wonderful seafood platter and a bottle of white wine. Over dinner Malcolm tells me that he hasn’t been able to get the wonderful taste of my pussie out of his mind and that he was glad to be able to feast on it so often while he was with me and that he loved hearing me cum as he did that. It was another fantasy of his coming true before turning 50. He also loved the feeling of being so sexually aroused and being able to hold onto that feeling for a while.

I was just glad we were both sharing our fantasy’s with each other and making them real. He wished me well in my new job and told me a bit more about his new business venture. He was not only a wonderful lover but also a very interesting man to talk to and the evening just flew by. When the waiter came to offer us the dessert menu, Malcolm just said that he had something else organised for dessert and could the waiter please bring him the bill.

“Ooooo something else for dessert huh? What have you organised Malcolm” I asked smiling.

“Well Bec,” he said softly “it’s something that’s been marinating all night. It’s wet, creamy and so very tasty” he’s saying as his hands slide down between my legs as I part them for him. I feel his finger slide inside me and then he puts that finger to my lips.

“Taste it Rebecca? What do you think? Is it ready for me savour now?” I lick his finger, smile, and put it into my mouth and suck it clean.

“Mmmm, tastes good to me” I say. He groans aloud, smiles back at me, takes my hand and leads me out to his car. He hands me the keys. “Bec, you better drive,” he says, “I think I’ve had one to many today.”

He puts the top down on the Merc and I drive us back home as his hand slides around the cleavage he’s been admiring all night and caresses my breasts and nipples as I drive. By the time we arrive home, the dress is on either side of my breasts and they are fully exposed, as I drive down the driveway, he leans over and starts suckling on my nipples. When I’ve stopped the car he kisses my lips, gets out of the car and comes around to help me out. He opens the car door. As I move one leg out he drops to his knees in front of me, reclines the seat back, pulls me to edge of the leather seat and completely devours my wet, excited pussie right there under the dark sky with stars twinkling overhead. I’m moaning again as I’m cumming, but this time he makes me cum twice before carrying me out of the car and into the house.

I direct him as he carries me to my bedroom. He lays me down on the bed, the fabric of my dress falls apart and he goes back to his dessert. I’m going crazy with the feelings building inside me. I’ve never cum this way so many times in the one day, nor have I ever met a man who has such a non stop appetite for pussie.

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