Omg it’s sisterly love pt 2Omg it’s sisterly love pt 2

Big Tits

This is the second part to my first story. Comments are welcome and thanks for reading. And this time I checked everything over so I don’t think that there are that many mistakes as there were in the first one. Enjoy!!!

“James, Sara get out here and help us” our dad yelled from the doorway. 

“damn they have some shitty timing” Sara said. She looked at me as she got up “but don’t worry we’ll finish this later.”

She went out and I heard her scream “oh my god what the hell are those” I heard my day say watch the language young lady and then tell her what it was but I didn’t hear it. I was still sitting on the sofa dazed at what could have just happened. My dad called for me to help him.

I got up and pulled my shorts back up using the elastic of the shorts to hide my boner. I went outside an saw my mom and dad standing with two boxes. “what are those?” I asked

“the big one is a pool table and the smaller one is an air hockey table. My boss gave it to me today come help me take it in James.”

He picked up one side of the pool table box and I picked up the other. When I got to the doorway Sara came up behind me and grabbed my ass making me lose concentration and i nearly dropped the box on my foot. I saw her give me a sexy smile before she left.

“careful James.” my dad said to me and I nodded picking it up again and we made our way down into the basement which my dad had turned into a game room two years ago. I helped him set it up that night and before bed I was trying out the pool table when Sara walked in. 

She was wearing a tank top that was one size too small for her, and I knew because they were hugging her body and squeezing her tits making them look bigger than they were and she had on a pink pajama bottom. “Well looks like we’re finally alone” she said and took the pool cue form me.

She bent over on the pool table and wiggled her ass in my face. She giggled like a little girl and spanked her ass making it bounce (or jiggle or whatever it is) And looked at me with a and I only saw lust in her face “want to try it big brother?” she asked licking her lips.

I nodded yes and walked toward her and placed my hands in her ass cheeks. “Do it, spank me I’ve been a very bad girl” she said and moved her ass in my hands. 

I pulled back my hand and slapped her ass, stepping back to watch it bounce around. “more” she said giving me another sexy look and I gave into my desires after trying too hard to hold my self back and walked over to her. 

I started to rub my boner against her clothed ass crack and slipped my hands under her tank top and grabbing her tits. I lightly twisted and squeezed her nipples while massaging her fleshy mounds with my remaining fingers. 

I took my left hand and moved it slowly down to her crotch and I started rubbing her pussy from the outside trying to push my fingers in but I could only go so far before her pajamas would stop me from going in any more. 

I felt how wet she got and my boner had gotten so painful it made me just want to turn her around and push my dick inside of her. She turned around and sat down on the edge of the pool table and looked at me. “so are you ready to admit you love your sister and that you want to fuck her?”

“no not yet I need some more convincing.” her grin got bigger and her leaned in and we started kissing. Her tongue darted into my mouth and she moved moved her hands down my body and to my pants she unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock stroking it a few times, I shivered and kissed her harder.

She broke our kiss and let go of my cock before asking me “ready yet” 

“yes” I replied

“then say it” she said. 

I didn’t hesitate when the words left my mouth. “I love my little sister and I want to fuck her now” I said softly into her ear.

“Much better” she jumped down and took my hand and dragged me away from the pool table. 

“what about mom and dad” I asked her as we ran up the stairs which let me tell you is pretty hard to do when your pants are down near your ankles. 

“I slipped them sleeping pills when they were eating so their knocked out cold.” 

“you must want me a lot” I told her. 

We shut the door of my bedroom and she began stripping. “not as much as you want me though” she waited a little for me to catch on but when I didn’t “last night I saw you watching me finger myself” 

She walked up to me fully naked grabbed my face and mashed her lips to mine. We shared a long kiss before she pulled Mahmutpaşa Escort off my shirt. I turned around and closed the door pulling off the rest of my clothes and getting into my bed with my beautiful sister pulling all the blankets off the bed putting them on the floor and only leaving the pillows.

She rolled on top of me and we kissed again, then she moved down my body and grabbed my stiff cock and licked the head with her tongue. She licked up and down the shaft and then took it into her mouth. She started to suck on my cock while jerking me off with one hand and using her other hand to finger herself. 

She soon built up a rhythm and I was holding on to the back of her head pushing down making my cock go deeper into her throat. At first when I did this she choked a few times but as she got used to it she stopped and was soon deep throating my whole cock everytime. I was in heaven and  soon I felt my balls tightening and I shouted to her that I was about to cum.

She stopped sucking my cock, just putting her lips around the head started to just circle the head of my cock with her tongue and she started jerking me off even faster.

“oh shit Sara I’m cumming!” I screamed as my cum shot up my cock and  into her mouth. I was pretty sure that I shot about seven long thick robes of cum into her mouth but I never knew because she swallowed all of it.

“Wow that was so much cum I barley got it down, but I hope your not too exhausted because now you have to fuck me!” my dick which had gone limp from the recent blow job shot right back up hitting my sisters chin. “well well looks like someone is excited to get started” 

“With someone as beautiful as you who wouldn’t be” I got up and moved her putting her head on my pillows and then I lifted her legs and put them  up against my body so that her pussy was lifted up off the bed a little. “are oh sure about this?” I asked her before I did anything else.

“yes I am now put that big dick inside of me and fuck me!” she moaned. I took my cock and put the head  in front of her pussy and I started pushing it in slowly.

When I hit her hymen she shuddered a little and I waited for her. She nodded yes and I pulled out some and then thrust into her full force shattering her hymen in one swift move. She grabbed a pillow an put it over her face to muffle the scream.

After about a minute she moved the pillow and I stated to push into her again until I was all the way in her. I could feel her pussy moving around my dick stretching it’s self to accommodate my size. After a moment or two I pulled out and just before my cock left her I pushed back in. 

I started going faster and soon she was moaning for me to fuck her hard. “harder james harder don’t stop fucking me” she said. I started slamming into her harder and she was losing control of herself.

Her pussy was so tight i had to slow down a bit just to keep from cumming “fuck me!” she screamed, and I resumed slamming my dick into her.

 I was fucking her so hard that the back of the bed was hitting the wall and I was sure that our parents had woken up form all the noises that the two of us were making. 

After what felt like a few minutes I felt a tingling sensation in my balls. “I’m  about to cum Sara”

“me too, let’s cum together” and her legs fell off my shoulders and she wrapped them around my waist pulling me deeper inside of her, seconds later she began shaking. “oh god James I’m cuuuummming yesssssssss” she screamed as her body was rocked by her intense orgasm. This set me over the edge and with one final thrust into her “Sara I’m cumming again!” but I wasn’t sure if she herd me over her screaming. I released my seed deep inside her pussy.

Me cumming inside of her must have sent her into another orgasm because she wouldn’t stop shaking and her eyes had rolled back inside of her head and her mouth was open in a silent scream. After what felt like cumming gallons inside of my sister I collapsed onto her exhausted and fell asleep with my dick still inside of her. 

When I woke up I didn’t immediately open my eyes. “Did that really happen last night. Did I just have sex with my own sister.” These questions were all answered when I opened my eyes. Sara was laying with her arm draped across my chest and the rest of her body was pressed up against my own.

I watched her sleep, she looked beautiful no matter what she was doing and I brushed a few strands of her hair away from her face causing her to stir. Escort Mahmutpaşa Her eyes opened up and she gave me a sexy smile before she pulled my head down to kiss me. 

I shifted my body until I was face to face with her. “what made you do this Sara?”

“Well it was that day you came into my room and tried to comfort me. I realized that you would be the only boy that would care for me and saw me for me and not just want me for my body, and I always see the way that you look at me. Didn’t you think I would notice?”

I blushed and looked away from her eyes. “if you knew that I wanted you all this time why did you make me say that last night before we had sex?”

“Because I wasn’t sure if you liked me enough to get into bed with me and I didn’t want you to feel pressured and then regret what you did. I wanted to make sure that when you had sex with me that the next day you wouldn’t have any regrets. Do you James?”

“Of corse I don’t have any regrets about what happened last night” we kissed until I heard my door knob start to turn. My heart started to race. 

My door opened but whoever it was didn’t come in. Sara and I were frozen in place. “James your mom and I are going to work now get up or you’ll be late for school and don’t forget to wake up Sara.” 

“Sure thing dad” and he closed my door and I heard him walk away and moments later his car pulled out of the driveway. 

“How could you have forgotten to close the door.” She said to me

“I did it was the first think I did when we came in here” She looked at me.

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes!” i assured her.

“Well at least you remembered to cover us when you woke back up” 

“yeah at least I…… wait what; I just woke up like five minutes ago and besides I put all the blankets on the floor. I thought that you did that!”

“No way James I just woke up are you trying to be funny!” she shouted.

“Sara I swear to god I had nothing to do with this please calm down.” I told her. 

“Do you think it was mom and dad?” she asked me. 

“No I don’t think so because it was we would have been woken up a lot earlier than this” we sat in science for a while before i looked at the clock. We had little over an hour before we  had to get to school. 

“We need to get ready for school. I’m gonna go take a shower we both probably stink of sex.” and I laughed out loud. 

“I might join you if your lucky.” she added just before I left. I stepped into the shower and the hit water running down my skin felt great and soothed me. I heard the bathroom door open and close and the shower curtains were pulled back. 

“Move over I’m getting in.” Sara got in next to me and stared at her god like form that seduced me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in and kissed her full in her mouth letting my tongue explore while she did the same. 

I picked up the soap and started to rub it all over her and she did the same for me. We washed each others bodies and then dried each other before we started grabbing each other.

I grabbed her ass and my finger slipped into her asshole and she slumped forward unto my chest for a moment before gaining control over her self.    

She smiled devilishly at me and ran to her room. The drive to school was calm, we did nothing Sara only moved closer to me and placed her head on my shoulder. I wrapped m free arm around her her and held her until we got to school.

School was different from home. With so many people there we could not do anything but I got the feeling that she was planning something from all the looks that I was getting from her.

At the end of the school day I rushed to my car only to find that Sara was already there. “I want us to try something when we get home are you up to it?”

“sure thing Sara just as long as it involves me and you” she smiled and when I stepped on the gas peddle she bent down and before I knew it my cock was out of my pants and in her mouth.

She started sucking me off but not fast enough to make me cum so I put lore pressure on the gas peddle and sped home as fast as I go go without being noticed (40 miles tops.) 

We hopped out of the car and ran into the house. She rant to the basement and I followed wondering what she had planned. I got to the basement a full minute later as I locked the door so that no one could come in namely the parents. When I saw her she was once again sitting on the edge of the poole table and she had Mahmutpaşa Escort Bayan on a totally different set of clothes on which was cutting it close by saying what she had on was clothes. All that was covering her was a pink bra and matching pink thongs.  

Next to her was a jar of Vaseline. “what the hell is that for?” I asked her.

She beckoned for me to come closer and I did. She leaned in and kissed me taking off my shirt and my hands reached across her back and un hooked her bra letting it fall off of her. I massaged her boobs while she un did my pants still kissing me.

When my pants fell down she pushed the Vaseline jar into my hands “put it on” she demanded and I took some and started rubbing It all over my now hard cock. 

She got down off the pool table and turned around leaning on it. Her ass was in the air and she had to turn her head to look a me. Her boobs were pressed up on the pool table and she was waving her ass back and fourth in front of me. 

She reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks and began to massage them and I moved colder to help her. I grabbed my dick and rubbed slit of her pussy and was about to push in when she moaned “nooooo not there”

She parted her ass cheeks and I saw her tight asshole. “won’t that hurt the both of us?” i asked her.

“that’s what the Vaseline is for now put that monster inside of me!” and I guided my cock until it was right in front of her asshole and I slowly  pushed in.

I nearly blew my load right at that moment. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy and she squealed loudly as I penetrated her behind. I pushed in inch by inch until I was all the way inside of her.

I could feel her ass muscles moving around my dick and stretching because of my size. I started pumping in and out of her with long fast strokes and the only noise that filled the basement was the grunts that sara and I were making. 

I was holding her hips and pulling her into me and she was rubbing her clit with one hand and she was just lost in the bliss of the moment. 

After what felt like hours of fucking her in the ass I felt the familiar tingling sensation in my balls. “Sara I’m about to cum” I told her hoping that she heard.

“oh me too cum inside of my tight ass James right now!” she commanded and I was slamming into her twice as hard now.  “ugh ugh ugh ugh oh god I’m cumming” was all I heard for her and her body was rocked by her intense orgasm as her feminine juices flooded my lower half  and I could feel all her ass muscles contracting around my cock and this sent me over the edge and I released my sperm into her ass. It poured out like piss non stop and it filled her up so much it started leaking out of her ass.

I collapsed on top of her and we lay like that for a moment or two before we both moved. “Oh shit I can feel your cum moving inside me” and she put her hand over her asshole and walked upstairs. 

I snapped out of my dazed trance and hagan to wipe up both of our cum and then picked up out things and headed up my self for a shower. I smiled to my self that I was able to please my sister.

After my shower I went to the living room and put my head on the arm rest and stretched my self out on the couch channel surfing until Sara walked in and laid down on top of me. We kissed for awhile not doing much. “you  inside me a lot earlier, it wouldn’t stop pouring out of my ass” she said with a giggle.

“Did you like that because if you didn’t we could always try again” she laughed.

“no more for today I’m tired. Anal is a lot of work” she said and we wen back to kissing. 

A little while later our parents came home carrying bags if takeout and other forms of fast food (pizza, burger king, chinese just to name a few) and food from places I never been to. 

I Becker my watch and it read 5:45 pm. They were home early today. Sara and I got up and headed into the kitchen. “Are we expecting guests today?” I asked my dad.

“Yeah there going to be here in a few minutes answer the door when they get here I’m gonna go set the table.” and he rushed off. 

“Who do you think it is?” I asked Sara and she shrugged. 

Just then our mom came in and asked to talk to Sara in her room. Sara looked back at me and I smiled a her she smiled back before going with our mom. 

I headed back into the hallway when the door bell rang. Apparently mom and Sara had finished their talk and were coming down the stairs. I pulled open the front door.

“Hey James long time no see!” a girls voice called out from the door way. I stood frozen in shock at who it was.

To be continued later(I left you hanging again now you have to wait until the third part to see what happens. Yeah that’s right I’m just that evil.)

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