Older Man Samples Lynn – Chapter 3Older Man Samples Lynn – Chapter 3


Charles and my wife lead the way to his bedroom. The bedroom also has a good view. Charles has a king size four poster bed. Against one wall he has positioned a mirror. The covers and sheets are pulled back. There are two pillows stacked in the center. He is obviously prepared. Charles and Lynn passionately kiss standing next to the bed. I cup one of her ass cheeks while Charles cups the other. “Well, my little married slut. Are you ready?” “Yeah, I’m ready.” “Ready for what?” She leans on the bed and reaches for his cock. “This nice big cock. I want it in my pussy?” “Any regrets?” “Just that Don didn’t come along so you could take turns with me.” She kneels in front of him and takes him back in her mouth. “You can’t fuck me until you get hard.” Charles looks down as my slutty wife strokes and sucks him hard. He encourages her with more lewd talk. Lynn stands back up. “There. That’s better. Now your cock is ready for my pussy. How do you want me?” Charles instructs her to get on the bed. He tells her to lie on her stomach on the pillows. This puts her ass in the air with her head on the bed. He crawls on the bed and kneels between her legs. He strokes her flanks and the globes of her ass. “Oh… yeah. Just like that. Do you like the view? Do you like my ass?” He doesn’t answer her directly. He turns to me. “I need your help again. Tie her arms and legs.” Then I notice almanbahis silk scarves hanging from the bedposts. I go to the head of the bed. Stretching one of her arms, I tie her by the wrist to the bedpost. I go around to the other side and tie her other arm. Then I go to the foot of the bed and tie one of her legs by the ankle. He tells me to tie her so her knees are still bent. I finish up the other leg. Now my wife is restrained by the silk scarves. with her arms out stretched, her head resting on the bed. “Is this how you want me? How do I look?” “Turn your head.” Lynn turns her head and looks in the mirror. She sees herself stretched out with Charles and his erect cock pointing toward her. The head is swollen; the veins and ridges plainly visible. “Since Lynn wants two men, get on the bed next to her.” I get on the bed next to her head on the opposite side of the mirror so I do not block her view. Charles slips his hand between her legs. Lynn moans, “That’s it play with my pussy some more. it has to be real wet to take your cock.” I kiss her neck and slide my hand under her body and palm her breast. “Does this feel good? Check out the view.” “God..don’t stop I like both of you playing with me.” “Do you want his cock? How do good girls ask for something. You like being a good girl, don’t you?” “Haven’t I been a good girl? I showed them my tits. Wasn’t I being a good almanbahis yeni giriş girl when I sucked their cocks?” “You were a very good girl. I know they liked your blowjob. Don told me you sucked him good. But now you need to ask for Charles’s cock in your pussy.” “Oh… Charles, I need your cock. Please put it in my pussy.” Charles takes his cock and rubs the head up and down her slit. “Will you suck Don again? Will you let us take turns with your pussy? Will you thank Linda Smith for inviting you to their parties so you can suck men’s cocks?” “I will. I promise. I will do anything you want. Just fuck me!” Charles tells her to move her knees to give him better access. He takes in her delectable ass and strokes her while lining up his cock to her slick passage . “Come here, you are going to want to see this.” I am kneeling beside him with my wife’s drenched cunt in plain view. Charles slowly eases his shaft into Lynn’s pussy. “Oh… yeah. Not only are you a hot married slut, you are a tight hot married slut.” “I want to be your slut. Put more in. You are already stretching me. I can take it.” He eases in about half way. “How does that feel? Is that better?” “Oh fuck yes. God are you stretching me even more. Don’t stop.” Lynn looks in the mirror to the image of Charles plowing her pussy. “Your cock looks good sliding in me. Keep fucking me like that.” She almanbahis giriş keeps moaning, encouraging him to fuck her. He keeps up the short strokes, easing in his full length. His pubic hair tickles her ass, letting her know he is all the way in. Charles takes longer strokes. Leaving just the head in, he slides the rest of his length and slams her the last couple of inches. “Oh… God, Charles. That’s it, slam my pussy.” Her cries of “fuck me, don’t stop” become a chant as she takes Charles’s big cock. He pounds her faster as my wife approaches climax. Charles does nothing to quiet her down. With a yell of, “Fuck I’m cumming, don’t stop,” Lynn has a tremendous orgasm. She collapses as much as she can against her restraints. Her chest is heaving as she catches her breath. “Oh… God, Charles was fantastic. I’ve never been fucked like this before.” Charles stops fucking her to let her calm down. He tells me to untie her. I take off the scarves and remove the pillows. Charles tells me there are fresh pillows in the linen closet. I return with the pillows and put them at the head of the bed, allowing my wife to rest her head. Lynn is on her back, with her legs splayed. Her cunt is open, dripping with their combined juices. Her breasts are swollen, the nipples fully erect. Charles is kneeling between her legs, stroking his cock. Lynn lifts her head and I position the fresh pillow. Raising her arms above her head, she displays her body for Charles. “I like to watch you play with that big cock. That was so good. Don’t you want to cum? My pussy is still ready.” Lynn lifts her legs, giving him access.

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