No ParentsNo Parents


We stood at the front door. Dad had a large suitcase in each hand. Mom was on the front porch with the two carry-ons.

“Ted, remember.” Dad started.

“Yes, Dad, I remember. No parties, no drinking, no group of friends, a twelve o’clock curfew. You’ve told me every day for a week now. You know, Dee and I are both over eighteen.”

Dad gave me a stern look. “I know how old you are. I was there when both of you were born. House rules apply. Especially this week while your mom and I are in Hawaii.”

“Dad, you know that Cindy is coming over to study for finals with Dee a couple of times this week.”

Dad responds, “That’s different. Cindy will probably keep you and Dee from doing anything crazy.”

Mom called from the car. “Theo, let’s go. We have to get checked in on our flight.”

“Okay, I’m coming.” Then looking at me. “Ted, remember.”

I bristled, “Damn it Dad, go”

“Watch your tongue son.”

“Sorry Dad, but go. Don’t miss your flight. Love you, Have fun. We’ll text.”

Dad turned and started toward the car. “Love you. Tell Dee we love her.”

I closed the door and leaned against it. “Holy shit. If he gave me the rules one more time, I would have gone postal.”

Dee was standing in the kitchen laughing. “I’m glad you’re the oldest. That makes you in charge, so Dad gives you the rules, not me.”

I just grinned. “Yeah, the oldest by eleven months. They’re so worried we might have some kind of wild sex party.”

Dee snickered. “Eleven months between us. Mom must have got knocked up while she was still on maternity leave.” With that, Dee and I both started laughing.

Dee got a serious look on her face. “So where do you think we should start, Ted.”

“Start what?”

“Start doing the stuff we’re not supposed to do.”

I rubbed my chin. “I’ve been trying to think of things that didn’t make it on the DO NOT DO list.”

Dee said, “To start with, I agree with no party. That could end really badly. Plus, I’m not crazy about most of your friends.”

I countered, “Then why do you get to have Cindy over?”

Dee laughed again. “I know. It cracks me up. Cindy is about the worst. She’s sleeping with guys, drinks, smokes weed, cusses like a sailor, and Mom and Dad think she’s a Sunday school teacher.”

“Who’s Cindy sleeping with? Not with me.”

“Nobody is sleeping with you Butthead. You’re probably going to die a virgin. Ever wonder what an orgasm feels like?”

“Shut up. Your little hole has probably healed closed from lack of use.”

“Fuck you, I’m saving myself.”

“Saving yourself, is that what you call it? I guess I’m saving myself too.”

Dee said. “I may be the one who has to save you.”

“Save me how, what do you mean, save me.”

“Cindy has a real craving for you big brother. I’m the only one standing in her way. If she knew you are a virgin, she’d be dying to take your cherry.”

“What? Why are you standing in her way?”

Dee answered, “I can step aside. Is that what you want?”

“I don’t know. Let me think about it. But I think I know what I’m gonna do right now.”

“All this dirty talk have you going, Ted? Think you need to masturbate?”

“Maybe, but right now I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do ever since we got the sixty-five-inch tv. Watch porn.”

“YOU ARE!? Can I watch it with you? I’ve never seen porn.”

I looked shocked. “Bull. You’ve watched porn before. Every teen in the world has.”

“Not me. I swear. I’ve seen naked pictures, but not porn.”

“Oh shit, Dee. I don’t know. That would be me introducing you to porn. It would probably condemn me straight to hell.”

“Just quit it, Ted, I think it’s weirder that I’ve never seen it. Do you know any good porn sites?

I took Dee’s hand and led her into the den.

I took the remote and started pushing buttons. “This smart tv is so cool. Who would have thought you could surf the net on something this big? I don’t know why we don’t do it more.”

Dee said. “Maybe we’ll do lots of it this week.”

I finally got to my favorite porn site. “What do you have in mind, Dee? What do you want to see?”

“I want to see a penis, orgasm. That sounds so hot.”

I asked. “Anywhere in particular? In a vagina? In a girl’s mouth, on a girl’s face, on her boobs, in her ass.”

“What? You can see all of that. Anyway, I don’t care. Show me everything.”

I started with a guy getting a blowjob. The video was several minutes long so I ran to the last two minutes. Dee was totally engrossed. She was breathing hard. With twenty seconds to go in the video, the man pulled his cock from her mouth and started to masturbate. A long string of cum shot first across the girl’s cheek and nose, with five or six more shooting directly into her mouth.

“Oh my god, Oh my god. That is so hot. I may have to go to my room and take care of this in a few minutes. I don’t think I could do the mouth part.”

I looked at Dee and softly said. “You know, you don’t have to go özbek gaziantep escort to your room. We can sit here and watch this, and masturbate together.”

Dee looked stunned. “You’d see me and I’d see you.”

“Dee, I’ve kinda seen you before. I’ve peeked a couple of times when you were in the shower.”

“When, where?”

I answered. “That’s one drawback of a Jack and Jill bathroom. Sometimes you forget to lock the adjacent bedroom’s door.”

Dee laughed, “You fucking perv. Did you like what you saw?”

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen you in a few years and I can tell you have filled out nicely since the last time I peeked.

“Are we taking all of our clothes off?

“Well yeah, if we’re going to do it.

Dee sat for a moment. “It sounds crazy, but okay. Can you get undressed first? Maybe I won’t be so embarrassed.

“Tell you what, Dee, we’ll do it together. I’ll take something off, then you, then me, then you.”

Dee smiled. ‘Okay, you go first.”

I grabbed to bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

Dee blushed. “I don’t have a bra on. You’ll see my boobs.”

“I’ll only see them fifteen seconds sooner.”

Dee hesitated, then grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head.

I was in awe. “Dee, you have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. I knew they were nice, but damn.”

Dee started to cover them, but then stopped. I’m glad you like them. Now your shorts.”

I reached down and grabbed the waistband. As I started down, with both my shorts and my underwear, Dee grabbed hers and we both went down together. We stood there staring. Dee’s body was incredible. Five feet five, one hundred twenty pounds, not a mark or blemish anywhere. Her boobs were what I guess is a full C-cup. Her stomach was flat as a board and below that, her light brown bush was fairly short and thin. It almost looked manicured, but I doubt it. Her pussy lips were small and just barely protruding. I don’t think I even blinked for over a minute.

I finally looked at Dee’s face. She was flushed and staring at my cock, as it slowly grew to its full eight inches. “It’s so big. What does it feel like? Can I touch it?”

I stepped closer.

Dee ever so slowly reached out her hand and poked at my cock. She giggled as she made it bounce. She then looked me in the eyes as she wrapped her fingers around me. She slowly stroked me a couple of strokes. “I like it. It’s hard but soft. It’s smooth in my hand, and it’s so warm. I liked watching what that girl did, but I don’t know.”

Dee stroked it a couple of more times before I pulled her hand away. “Much more of that, Dee, and I won’t have to masturbate.”

Our moment was broken by the front doorbell. I ran to peek out the curtains while Dee put her clothes on. “It’s Cindy!”

Dee laughed. “Quick, leave your clothes off and hide in the kitchen. Don’t come out until I tell you.”

As I exited to the kitchen, Cindy started leaning on the doorbell. I heard Dee open the door and Cindy say. “What the fuck took you so long?” Cindy walked into the foyer and glanced into our den. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?”, she shouted. We forgot that porn was still playing on the TV. “It’s apparent that your parents are gone already.

Dee grinned, “Yeah, about an hour ago. Ted and I were watching some TV.”

Dee shouted, “Come on in Ted, it’s just Cindy.”

I walked out of the kitchen and I thought Cindy was going to faint. She gave a big smile, then walked quickly to me, threw her arms around me, pulled me tight against her, and gave me the biggest tongue kiss I’ve ever had. I felt her hand go between us and slide down to grab my hard, aching cock. When she felt it, she stepped back, looked down, and said. “Do you have any fucking idea how long I’ve dreamed of having this in my hand? And it’s even better than I dreamed.”

Cindy turned back to Dee and was shocked to see Dee stripped naked. Cindy started to laugh. “You two incestuous perverts. How long has this shit been going on?”

Dee smiled. “About an hour.”

“No, I mean, how long have you two been fucking?”

Dee smiled more, “We haven’t been fucking. We just exposed ourselves about fifteen minutes ago. We were just starting some porn.”

Cindy asked, “Cool, is it Okay if I join you?

I said, “Only if you’re naked.”

It took Cindy less than thirty seconds to be totally nude. I think it was probably a reflex action, but Cindy massaged one of her boobs and ran a finger through her slit. Then asked what are we watching?

Dee answered. “I’d never seen porn before. I had Ted find me a video of a guy cumming in a girl’s mouth. It was so hot. I want to see more. Let’s go and watch.

We went back to the den and sat on the sofa. I was in the middle between the two girls. I asked, any more requests?

Cindy said, “Can you find one of a guy eating pussy?”

I scrolled through the list, found something, and clicked.

The gaziantep özbek escort video started with a man and woman on a couch. She was on her back with her spread legs in the air. The man kneeled and began to lick her inner thighs. He worked his way up to her pussy. He put a hand on each thigh and used his fingers to slowly open her up. The man reached his tongue into her and flicked it several times across her engorged clit. The woman shuddered and moaned. The man became more aggressive and slipped a finger into her. He rapidly finger-fucked her and she began bucking from an orgasm. As she relaxed, another woman appeared. The woman on the couch scooted down and the new woman straddled her face. The man took his huge cock and slid it into the hole he had been licking. He then leaned forward and began tongue-kissing the woman whose pussy was being eaten.

I looked to both sides of me and both girls had a hand between their legs. I looked back at the screen and felt Cindy’s fingers again wrapped around my cock. Dee was looking at me, then back at Cindy. I thought I’d take a chance, so I slowly move my hands between both girls’ legs. They simultaneously moved their hands and gave me access. I caressed their mons, then began inserting a finger. First Cindy, then Dee scooted down on the couch, to give me a better angle of attack. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but both girls were cooing and moaning so I must be doing something right.

The video ended and I found one of a guy with a humongous cock starting to have sex with a very small black girl. Both Dee and Cindy were totally engrossed.

Dee watched for just a minute then said, “That can’t be real. He can’t fit that in her. That has to hurt.

Cindy said, “Oh it’s real, and it does hurt. Believe me, Dee. If a guy ever comes at you with something like that, run. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.

Dee asked, “What? Have you had one like that?”

“No, the one I had was a little smaller. It hurt like hell going in. It hurt the whole time it was in, and it hurt after it came out. I was sore for a couple of days, and sex wasn’t as enjoyable for several weeks. And the bad part is, I really liked the guy. He was handsome, polite, smart, and from a rich family. I just couldn’t bear the thought of fucking him again. I even tried blowing him, but I could only get an inch or so in my mouth, and in less than a minute, my jaw refused to open anymore. We went out a couple of more times, but no more sex. It hurt him when he asked me out again and I said no. I was honest and told him why. He said he was used to it. It had happened several times. He jokingly said his fate was probably to find a woman that could accommodate him and she would be an ugly mean cheat. I really felt sorry for him.

Cindy turned toward me. “Now, this cock is perfect. Nice and big, but not too big. This cock is all a girl would ever need.” “Ted, has any girl ever told you that you’re too big?

I may have blushed. “Cindy, I’m a virgin. Today is the first day that any girl has ever touched me.”

Cindy stared at me in disbelief. Then she turned to Dee for confirmation. “Dee?”

Dee said, Are you asking me? You know I’m a virgin, I can’t comment on Ted because I’m not with him 24/7, but if he says no, then I have no reason to doubt him.”

Cindy turned back to me with tears in her eyes.

I asked, “What’s wrong Cindy? Did something offend you?”

“No Ted, not at all. I’ve always been cautious around you. I think I’ve had sexy thoughts of you since I reach puberty. I always assumed that you were quite popular with the girls. I tried to never let my feeling show. Two reasons. One, I never wanted to compete with another girl and risk losing your friendship. Two, I love Dee, and if you and I were together and then broke up, it would damage my relationship with Dee.”

I sat for a minute. “Cindy, I don’t know what to say. I love you, but I love you more like a sister. And what makes this even stranger, is I’m sitting here with my fingers in yours and my sister’s pussies. How fucked up is that?

After a second of contemplation, all three of us busted out laughing.

I finally said, “What now? “

Dee spoke up. “What now is, I’m finally getting my sex education and I’m not through. What other nasty things have I not seen?”

Cindy said, “How about anal? Did you see anal yet?

I started scrolling. “Here’s an anal. Let’s try this.”

The video started with a young man and a mature woman. Apparently, it was a stepmom and stepson. Stepmom tells stepson that she craves anal sex but her husband won’t participate. She’s on the verge of asking for a divorce. The stepson says that he can help satisfy his stepmom’s anal craving.

We watched as the action progressed from caressing, oral, to anal rimming, to anal insertion.

Dee commented. Now that doesn’t look too bad. I’m not sure what his dick will look like when it comes out gaziantep özbek escort bayan of there. We continued watching for the four minutes or so of butt pounding when the woman says, “Cum in my mouth.”

At this, Dee says “Oops, I spoke too soon. Don’t think I’m

going there.”

The guy pulls his cock out and it seems totally clean.

Cindy says, “It’s only a movie. You don’t very often see one with any residue on it. These porn stars flush themselves pretty well before shooting these anal scenes. I’m with you Dee, I don’t think I’ll go that far. I kinda like kinky every once in a while. But I have my limits.”

Dee asks me to pause the video. “I don’t know about you two, but I think I’m through watching for a while. I’d like to put some of what I’ve learned into practice. Any objections?”

Cindy still had my cock in her hand. “Dee, you’re on the pill right? Period problems?”

“Yeah, been on them for a couple of years now. Why?”

Cindy smiled, “Because you need to fuck your brother. As much as I would love to pop his cherry, you two are both virgins. You have the best and closest brother/sister bond I’ve ever seen. Friends come and go. As much as I would love to think that I’ll be in your lives forever, the reality is, someday I’ll get married, and no telling where I might end up. Losing your virginity is a major milestone in your life. I lost mine to my first love and I don’t even know where he is now. Even if you marry the person you give your virginity to, it doesn’t mean you’ll always be together. You two will be siblings forever. You are close now and you will always have each other, no matter where your life takes you. Giving this piece of yourselves to each other is a bond very, very few have.”

Dee looked up with tears in her eyes. “I want that Ted. I love you and I can’t imagine ever loving anyone more. I doubt that I would ever keep my virginity until I marry. I want you to have me, and for me to have you. That way, it will always mean something.”

I turned to Dee and gave her the most loving kiss. It lasted and lasted. When we parted, we all three were crying.

Dee took my hand and we stood. Would you come to my bedroom, Ted? I want to give myself to you.”

I replied, “I want to give myself to you, Dee. I love you. I always want you to have that piece of my heart. I whispered in Dee’s ear.”

Dee took Cindy’s hand. “We love you, Cindy. Will you come and be with us? Be a witness of our love?”

I took both girls’ hands and we went to Dee’s bedroom. When we entered her room, Dee and I caressed. My cock was standing strong and hard between us. It should have been awkward, having three naked people caressing each other, but it wasn’t at all.

I laid back on the bed and eased Dee down beside me. We ran our hands up and down each other’s bodies. We kissed and fondled. I sucked on each of Dee’s nipples, while gently massaging her clitoris. Dee gently urged me on top of her. She spread her legs and I could feel the warm wetness of her vagina. Dee reached down and placed my throbbing cock at her opening.

“Go slow, Ted. I want to savor every second and every inch as you enter me.”

I felt Cindy’s hand reach for Dee’s hand. I lowered my lips onto Dee’s as I lowered my body. I was about an inch inside of Dee when I felt the obstruction and heard Dee give a slight gasp. I stopped.

Dee whispered, “Don’t stop, just go slow.” I pushed a little harder. Dee whimpered. I stopped. Dee whispered, “Please Ted, I want this. I give myself to you. Please, take me.”

I again put my lips against Dee’s. I pressed, down. I felt a light snap and Dee whimpered again, harder.”

Dee reached around me and pulled me tight. “All the way Ted. Give me all of you.”

I slowly pressed on a little at a time. I could hear the soft crying from both Dee and Cindy. I eventually felt my pelvis hard against Dee and we rested. We kissed. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt.

Dee pushed my face back so she could look at me through her teary eyes. “I love you, Ted. I love you so much. Now I want you to make love to me.”

I slowly pulled back so that only the head was in Dee, then I slowly pushed back into her. I slowly retreated, then slowly back deep.

Dee said, “Ted, I thought I knew how this would feel, but this is so much more. As much physical pleasure as this is, my heart and my soul are almost overpowered. I want you now to fuck me. I want you to fuck me like you own me; because you do. With that, I began speeding up my assault. Cindy continued to hold Dee’s hand but sat back so should observe everything. My strokes became stronger, harder, and deeper. Dee was urging me on.

“Oh, Ted, fuck me, I love you, fuck me, love me. I want your cum in me. I want this forever. I want you forever.”

I could feel the pressure building. My rhythm was so strong I was afraid I was hurting Dee, but she kept chanting, “Fuck me, Ted, I love you, Fuck me deep, make me yours.”

I felt my head go back as I exploded into Dee. I kept cumming. “Oh my god, Dee. I love you.”

When the spasm subsided, I relaxed. I was afraid I was too heavy but Dee held me tight. “I don’t want this to end, Ted. Don’t pull out yet.”

At one point it felt like Dee fell asleep. I raised up to see her face. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled up at me, then pulled me down for another kiss.

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