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Raised in a strict religious family, Cindi was a cliché. At 19, she’d already had sex with a couple of high school boyfriends, but it left her unsatisfied.

Cindi had, even for a teenager, an uncommonly high sex drive. She loved sex. She loved thinking about sex, she loved watching adult films – she loved to fuck.

With a sweet, pretty face, just barely shoulder-length blond streaked hair and dark eyes that looked out through small, rimless glasses, Cindi was a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and a hot little body. She often wore a small, silver chain around her neck. Small in stature, about five-foot-one, she was a feather-light 100 pounds. She had pert, pointy little breasts, she never wore a bra, and a tight, round ass – Cindi was pursued by boys who would have gladly played stud to her neatly trimmed, eager young pussy.

But Cindi had a driving lust for older guys …much older guys. And she had one particular 34-year-old in mind. Lawrence stood about five-foot-ten inches tall and was thin, but was in outstanding condition. Cindi knew he worked out. She would fantasize about his hard body. Lawrence was one stud Cindi was desperate to have mount her.

Lawrence was a professor of Cindi’s. She didn’t need to fuck him for a good grade – she just wanted to fuck him. When Cindi would meet Lawrence in his office to pick up graded papers, she tried her best to get close to him, to rub against him. He never seemed to notice. Once, Cindi dropped a paper onto the floor and bent over, making certain she was close to him, offering him a view of her petite, round ass.

Cindi loved the way Lawrence dressed, his scent, his hands and his blue eyes. Lawrence was bald and shaved his head. She thought that was incredibly hot, and she imagined he had a tattoo, maybe one of those thin, armband tattoos. She wondered how kinky he was in bed. Did he trim his pubic hair? Were his balls bare? Did he ever use a cock ring?

“God, antalya escort I can’t take this,” she thought. Whenever Cindi was around Lawrence, she started to lubricate. Her pussy was so wet just thinking about him, about touching him, smelling him, “screwing his brains out!” Whenever she saw him simply walking by, she thought about how his hard cock must feel – in her hand, in her mouth, parting her pubic lips and slipping into her slick, hot cunt. She would reach her car across the parking lot after seeing him, and quickly climbing inside, Cindi would slip her hand into her jeans and beneath her panties and finger her perpetually sensitive clit.

“Fuck!” she thought. “I want him so much!”

Day after day, Cindi tried to attract Lawrence’s attention, and day after day her pussy would lubricate like mad in his presence in anticipation – awaiting the moment when the two of them would find someplace to fuck one another in complete lustful abandoned.

“I feel like such a slut,” Cindi thought. “But I like it. I want to be his slut.”

The offices were closed, the halls empty as Cindi made another trek to pick up a paper from Lawrence. As she reached to pick up the folder, her small, smooth pale hand touched Lawrence’s, slipping across his as he caught a glimpse of her pretty red-orange nail polish.

He touched her hand with his fingertips – then grasped her hand, sliding his palm up her forearm. Cindi gasped almost imperceptibly. Her breathing became rapid, her heart pounded. She nervously gripped the hem of his shirt and helped him pull it over his head. “God, he so ripped,” she thought, as she saw his hard abs, chest and arms for the first time – not bulked up, just hard and ripped as hell.

Lawrence kicked off his shoes and dropped his trousers to the floor. Cindi marveled at his rigid cock standing out from under his gray boxers. “Fuck, he must be nine inches,” she thought with a dizzying, uncontrollable appetite.

Cindi quickly pulled off her black tee-shirt, her tiny, beautiful breasts just barely giggled – “tiny, wonderfully suckable tits,” Lawrence thought. Cindi unbuttoned her stretch pants and slid them down her youthful, clean-smelling legs. She now wore only black cotton bikini panties and her glasses. Her glasses and her chaing and cross stayed on, but Lawrence, who was by now out of his boxers, slipped Cindi’s panties down to the floor, revealing her neatly trimmed pubic mound. As Lawrence stood, Cindi noticed her fantasy was correct. Lawrence was trimmed nearly hairless around his tight hard groin, his balls were bare, his cock hard, its head bulbous and luscious. He had a narrow, dark blue tattoo ringing his left bicep.

Lawrence took Cindi by her small waist, bent down slightly and sucked her hard, erotic, pink nipples. “You’re married, aren’t you,” she asked. “Separated,” Lawrence said as he reached down and momentarily touched her soaking pussy lips with his left hand. “You’re so beautiful,” Lawrence said, as their tongues met, his hand massaging her ass. “You’re so fucking hot!”

His nine-inch cock pressed against Cindi as her slender arms wrapped around Lawrence’s neck. “Fuck me,” she pleaded. “Please fuck me.”

Lawrence gripped her waist, and Cindi gasped again, realizing he was lifting her. As he raised her, Cindi wrapped her legs around Lawrence’s waist, his horny proud throbbing cock slipped into her willing pussy. “Oh, god, yeah,” Cindi yelped. “Fuck me, Lawrence,” she breathed. “Fuck me really fucking good!”

Cindi could feel Lawrence’s toned, hard body, his hard legs and arms, his beautifully stiff cock as he used his strength to hold her and to fuck her the way she deserved – the way she wanted to be fucked. “Ahh, yeah!” Cindi moaned. “Oh, fuck, yeah!”

Cindi helped Lawrence by using her young pale, smooth legs to work her self up and down on his glistening pole. “God, I love your cock,” she whispered. “Fuck me. Please don’t stop fucking me.”

Lawrence took a step and sat back on a leather sofa in his office. Without ever coming free from his cock, Cindi straddled him, screwing him as he held her ass and sucked her nipples. “You’ve got such a sweet, beautiful fucking body,” Lawrence said. “I could fuck you all night.”

“Then do it,” Cindi answered eagerly. “Fuck me all night. Fuck me good all night.”

Lawrence’s office was partly below grade, and they could see people walk by outside through the blinds, which were slightly open. Cindi smiled briefly, then threw her head back as she rode Lawrence’s cock with uninhibited, carnal joy. She had never loved fucking so much.

Suddenly Lawrence rolled Cindi onto her back on the sofa, braced himself with his arms and began pounding her wonderful little pussy, his shaft sliding in and out of her sweet slick tunnel, his balls slapping her ass with his butt-tightening thrusts.

“Fuck me, babe!,” Cindy called out. “Oh, god, yeah, oh, god, yeah, yeah!” Cindi threw her arms back over her head as Lawrence licked and sucked her nipples, screwing her, her clit rubbing the base of his shaft. Cindi’s little tits bounced slightly, her chain riding between her breasts. Lawrence could see his reflection in the lenses of her glasses. “You’ve got such a beautiful pussy,” he said. “I’ve never fucked such a beautiful pussy.”

Cindi’s ass and hips started to buck as she orgasmed, her legs clenching Lawrence’s. Lawrence’s balls became tight as his thrusts became harder and he shot load after load of steaming cum into Cindi’s eager, silky pussy. “Oh, god!” Cindi cried. “Yes! Fuck yeah!”

They quickly dressed and made their way to Lawrence’s house, where Cindi offered herself for more fucking and sucking than she ever imagined she was capable. Within seconds of racing to the bedroom, Cindi was on Lawrence’s bed on her hands and knees, Lawrence holding her magnificent ass, fucking her from behind.

There was no holding back.

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