New Discoveries Pt 3New Discoveries Pt 3


New Discoveries Pt 3I finished the laundry and folded the clothes. I made sure to fold my mom’s thongs and other clothes just the way she had them and placed them back where I had found them. My face still felt the pressure from the cocks I had that day. 4 in one day! I couldn’t believe it myself. How had I gone from John in his truck one day to eventually sucking three more dicks in such a short period?My ass was still in a great deal of pain from John. I felt like something was stuck up inside me but I also felt like I was missing something. I got dressed in my girl clothes and wandered around the apartment. I had sucked two guys off in a little under an hour. One poured his load into my ass and the other I took right down my throat. I was a sissy slut and I couldn’t stop myself from wanting more.There was still a lot of time left before my mom would come back from work and I decided to go to the mall just down the road and pick up some new clothes with the money John had left me. He said he wanted me to pick up a pink and black thong. I knew I shouldn’t disappoint him but since I had never really shopped for woman’s clothes I had no idea how much 200 bucks would get me.Before I left, I thought to apply some extra makeup. I put on some foundation, eyeliner, mascara and even did a little bit of contouring. As I was putting up the makeup I noticed a tube of red lipstick my mom left in the drawer. I had never used lipstick before but I really thought it would make everything else I had done pop so I applied it to the best of my ability. I nailed it and I think I really looked like a sexy girl.I left the complex in a thong, my tight jeans, a blue bra and a white tank top. I was sure to use strictly my clothes just in case my mom came back before me. I walked out to the sidewalk and began my journey to the mall. It was a slightly windy day so I had a nice breeze to keep me company.It took about half an hour, a little longer than it usually takes me because of the 3-inch heels, but I finally made it. I started to walk for the stores I usually visit but then I remembered what I was there for. So i went up the escalator to the next floor up. About halfway up I realized that if I had worn my skirt that someone could possibly have seen up it and it turned me on. I wish I had thought of that before.I rounded the corner and saw a woman’s dress store (you know the one with all the lingerie and the fragrances.) As soon as I stepped foot in the shop I could smell the intoxicating aroma of a woman. I thought about getting a fragrance just for me but when I looked at the price of the one I thought suited me best I noticed that it would be about half the money I get to spend. Forget it for now, I thought, and let’s focus on the clothes. I still sprayed myself with a sample to get myself in the right mind space.In the center of one of the rooms was an entire island of panties! I was so excited. There were so many varieties: thongs, g-strings, panties, boy shorts and all decorated with different designs and laces. I didn’t know where to start. A woman approached me and she couldn’t have been much older than me.”Do you need help finding anything?” she asked.”Yeah,” I said, “I wanted to get some panties but I don’t really know what I’m looking for.””Do you want to look at these boy shorts or are you thinking of going with something with a little less material?” she acknowledged the island.”I was thinking the less material the better. I’m trying to surprise my boyfriend with something a little special.””There are more cute underwear over here but if you really want to knock his socks off we can look in the back at some lacy thongs,” she said and smiled.”Can we look at those first?” I asked.We made our way back to the back of the store where the lights were dimmer and the clothes were practically transparent, if there was anything to them at all. She showed me a wall of drawers that had lacy thongs in brave colors. I was amazed at the selection.”Can I pick some out any try them on?” I asked.”Of course! Our dressing rooms are just to your right. Do you need help picking some out?””No, I’ll just look for what I need but if I have any questions I’ll find you.””Have fun,” she said and started to walk away.I noticed how nice her ass looked in the tight black dress she wore. I was so jealous of her tits too. She looked like she was about to burst out of her clothes. I wanted to get something that tight. So I looked through the drawers and found a plethora of lacy thongs, g-strings and even some mesh crotch panties. I was in heaven. The prices were all marked for individual panties but I saw that if I got a lot that I could get a better deal.I grabbed about fifteen different pairs of underwear and went to the dressing room. I pulled off my jeans and then my own panties. My dick was a little hard but I had no problem fitting it into all the pairs of panties I tried on. Some grabbed me more than others but I found that the g-strings held me better because I could pull it deep into my ass and have some material left over for myself. I ended up grabbing 8 pair of underwear: a navy blue lacy thong, a deep red pair of the same style, a pink g-string that I barely got myself into, a black g-string that had a slightly see through front, a royal purple g-string, a forest green g-string, another pink thong and a black g-string that held me so tight I felt like my dick would go back up inside me. I left the rest on the seat in the dressing room.I got back out and the lady who helped me before stood outside the door.”Did you find what you were looking for?” she asked.”Yes! You were a big help. Could you help me find a skirt and maybe some thigh high socks?””I’d be happy to.”We walked to another section of the store that had mannequin legs in stockings and fishnet pantyhose. She stopped me there and I got to admire these powerful clothes. I looked at the fishnets and I knew I needed them. I looked through the arrangement and found a few pair, all colors that matched the underwear I had bought. When I looked at the prices I knew I could probably only get one or two pairs but I couldn’t resist getting as many as I could find.Next, we went to the shorts and skirts section. I saw a lot of branded yoga shorts and a few cute skirts that I wanted to get my hands on. I grabbed some neon colored yoga shorts and a few skirts that ranged from denim, polyester to even a leather one.The lady was so nice and took me back to the dressing rooms. I tried on some of the pantyhose and realized that some I had picked out were actually stockings with clips to grab onto my underwear. After I undressed and put the stockings on I really wanted a man to come through the door and tell me how good he thought I looked. I tried on the stockings with the skirts and the yoga shorts but the yoga shorts didn’t match the look I was going for.The best looking combination I came out with was black fishnet stockings, with the black g-string that had a mesh front and the black leather skirt. I looked so fucking hot in that outfit but of course, it was the most expensive. I decided to get the leather skirt, the black stockings, a pair of thigh high pink socks and a bright blue pair of yoga shorts. I was so excited! Hopefully John will like what I picked out.I thought the pink socks and the leather skirt were cute enough to keep on so I asked if I could wear them out of the store and the lady helping me agreed with my assessment and took me to the register to pay. After it was all totaled, the price came out to be just under $170. I was wiped out but I was happy with my choices. I paid and left with my jeans in the pink bag she gave me at checkout.I decided to walk around the mall and check out the ‘specialty gift’ store I loved to visit. I felt eyes on me the entire time I walked to the store. I made sure to take the escalator again and this time make sure that my panties could be seen by any eyes that really wanted to see it.As I made my way in the shop I noticed one of the geeky guy was working behind the counter. I smiled at him but he just bowed his head. I started looking around but I found myself in the guys’ section. I continued to look for a little bit then turned to the girl section. I had never noticed all the cute shirts in here and I wished I had a little money left over for something. I found an anime shirt with the anime girls dressed really skimpy in some goth clothes. It was never my style but I really think it would have looked cute on me.The next thing I know, some jocks from my school stroll through. I froze. If they recognized me I would be fucked. I pretended to be very interested in a shirt I was looking at while they passed me. One of them even brushed up against my ass in the small aisle. They made their way back to the gag gift section and started to make some dirty jokes about some of the gifts and who they would be best for in their group of friends. They pretended a lava lamp was one of their dicks and laughed like a bunch of clowns.I was just about to make a break for the door when I heard them start making fun of the guy working behind the counter. I stopped and turned around to see them poking fun at him.”HEY!” I said before I could even process what I thought I should say.”Yeah,” one of them said as they all turned to look at me.”Leave him alone!””You don’t know this twerp like us. He’s a freak!” another one said.”He’s working. Just let him do his job in peace.””And if we don’t?..” The first one asked and started to walk bahis şirketleri up to me.”Then I’ll tell the cops you’re harassing him,” I said with no clue if it would work.”Go ahead. I’m sure they would love to come down here because we were picking on a twerp,” one of them said and flicked him on the shoulder.”Just leave. You guys are being asses,” I said.”It’s no problem,” the clerk said.”Yeah,” a jock continued, “we’re just having fun.””He isn’t. Why don’t you guys just fuck off and blow each other already?” I said.”You have quite a mouth on you,” one of the jocks pointed out and they all started to walk my way. “Can you do anything else with that?”I stood my ground but I was scared out of my mind. “Oh, you think you’re so tough threatening a girl now? I bet you have balls the size of a tic-tac.””Want to find out?” he asked me.”I’m not interested. I’m more into him,” I said and pointed at the clerk, “than any of you jerks.””This dweeb?””Yeah, he’s more of a man than all of you put together,” I said.”Let’s get out of here,” one in the back said.”Yeah, this bitch is crazy and stupid if she thinks this punk has anything on us.”I stood there in silence as they passed by me and gave me glares. I maintained eye contact with the first one till he passed me then I looked at the clerk. “You okay?” I asked him.”Yeah, I’m fine. I go to school with those assholes,” he said.”They’re real jerks. You should stand up for yourself more,” I responded.”It’s fine. They’re rich k**s so nothing bad is ever gonna happen to ’em anyway.”I stood there for a beat and tried to think of what to say. I glanced back at the shirt and then back at him.”Tell you what, if you want that shirt, it’s yours. Just a thanks for what you did,” he offered.”I couldn’t steal it but thank you.””It’s not stealing. I’ll pay for it.””Are you sure?” I asked. “I don’t want you to get in any trouble.””I’m basically the manager. I can say it was just stolen or something. It happens,” he said and dropped his head.”I would feel too guilty to wear it if I didn’t pay for it,” I said and walked back up to it and grabbed the display by the hem.”It’s fine. I would like to do something nice for you after what you did.”I grabbed one of the shirts in my size and walked it over to him at the counter.”I have a deal for you,” I said as I leaned over the counter.”What’s that?” he asked and for the first time looked up at me.”How about I pay you in some way so that we can both walk away from this happy and I don’t feel super guilty for just taking it from you?””I can mark the price down. How about $10?” he asked.”That’s still a little too expensive for me. How about we go back to your office and discuss the price?” I asked. I was surprised at how bold I was but I honestly felt so confident dressed in these clothes that it came out without a second thought.”I don’t have anyone to cover the register. It’s just me today,” he said.”You have to step away to go to the bathroom, right? Just consider it a quick break.””I guess we haven’t been too busy. I guess that’s fine,” he agreed.He turned and I followed him to the back of the store and I found a black door that was almost impossible to see unless you were looking for it. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. We stepped into a cramped office that barely had the room for the both of us.”Seriously, it’s no big deal. You can just take it,” he said as he turned around.”I’m not going to take it unless I give you something.””What are you thinking then?” he asked.”You don’t have a girlfriend do you?” I asked.”No, but what does that have to do with it?””Do you find me attractive?” I asked and stepped closer to him. I was close enough to feel his breath on me.”I mean yeah. You’re way out of my league but I…” he trailed off and let his gaze drift to the floor.I looked up into his eyes and placed my arms around his neck. He looked at me and he blushed.”Right now, I’m all yours,” I said and planted a kiss right on him. He wasn’t the best kisser but it would do. I felt great giving him some action he had probably never received in his life. His hands came up to my waist and grabbed hold. I pressed myself into him and kissed him deeper. I slowly pushed my tongue into his mouth and swirled it around and wrestled with his till we finally found a rhythm.I was so turned on and I wanted more. But he seemed to be the timid type. I grabbed his hands that were on my waist and pulled them over and under my skirt so that he was holding onto my bare ass. He moaned in excitement.”Do you like that?” I asked.”I’ve never done this before. You’re ass feels incredible!””Spank me then!” I said with a wink and popped my ass out to the side.”Are you sure?” he asked.”Just do it. You’ll like it, I promise.”He pulled his hand back and gave me a soft tap on the ass.I rolled my eyes and said, “Try again, but this time do it like you mean it.”He pulled back and slapped me just a tad harder. We looked at each other and I tried to express that he could do much more damage if he wanted to. He realized I wanted more.”I’m sorry. I just don’t have any experience,” he stammered.”How about this then,” I said and turned around to face the door. I hiked up my skirt so all he saw was my ass and the tight panties I had on and said, “Smack my ass as hard as you can. This is your last chance so make it count.”I stared back at him. He gazed at my ass for a moment then glanced up at me.”I’ve had a cock up there before so it’s not like a spanking is going to kill me,” I encouraged him.His eyes widened then he reached back as far as he could in the office, and locked his focus on my tight round ass. Then as quick as lightning, his hand came forward and seared the flesh on my ass. It was amazing how hard he hit me. I felt my ass quake and my cheeks recoiled from the shock.”OOoohhhh, yeeaahhh,” I grumbled into the door. “That’s fucking right.”I turned back around to him and pulled him by his shirt. I forced his kiss on me. He struck his tongue down deep into my mouth. Still not perfect but he just lacked experience. And I was about to give him plenty of that. I pulled him against me and I could feel his cock press up against my stomach. I wanted it bad. My asshole begged me to have him fill me up. I pushed him back onto the chair and he fell with a thud.”Let me see it,” I said.He stammered with hesitation. I wanted him to be a little more assertive. I decided if I took my shirt off maybe he would show a little more initiative. I backed away from him and grabbed my shirt by the hem along the bottom. I pulled it up and over my head so I stood before him in only a small bra and my skirt. His eyes looked like they would pop as he ran them over my slender body.”My God,” he said, “Can I see your tits?””After you drop your pants for me.”He quickly unzipped his tight black jeans and shoved them to the floor. I smiled at how ready he was for me. I looked at him as he stared at my bra begging for it to come off. I bent over in front of him and unsnapped the front latch for him. I held the bra to my chest to tease him slightly. As I dropped it behind me his eyes danced over my small chest. He tried to grab for me but I dropped to my knees before he had the chance.”Have you ever had your dick sucked before?” I asked him as I grabbed onto the hilt of it and held it at full attention.”Never!” he yelled.”Aren’t I lucky?” I said and kissed the skin just inside his leg. I worked my way lower and fondled his balls with my tongue. I made them dance over my mouth before I sucked them in. I made his balls slick with spit and made sure to give special attention to each one. His nutsack was unshaven and quite hairy. It appeared he never expected to get this kind of treatment. I rolled his testicles over my bottom lip and sucked on the skin with my upper teeth and felt the hair roll through the tight gaps. I was on cloud nine!He moaned and stared down at me like I was some kind of goddess. I licked the underside of his nuts and played with them till I was content. He wasn’t going anywhere and work was the last thing on his mind.”You ready?” I asked.He nodded furiously.My tongue glided up his ballsack till it reached his dick. I made my tongue as flat as possible and curled it around the tasty skin of his cock. I pulled his dick toward my face the higher up I got. Suddenly, I was at his cock head so I thought of what I would enjoy, and decided to run my tongue back and forth under the tip of his head. He groaned with pleasure. I stared down at this one-eyed monster and kissed it. He moved my hair out of the way so I smiled up at him. I placed my tongue down into the hole of his cock and gently licked up against the tough spot at the top of his hole. His eyes rolled back in his head.I lowered myself closer to it and let the tip fall into my mouth. I sucked on his tip and worked his dick in a twisting motion with my hand. My mouth started to do the same. I felt like a natural. A slut born to do this type of work. His hand grazed my hair and fell back to the arm rest. I grabbed his wrist and put his hand on top of my scalp.He pressed softly against it and I opened my mouth just a little wider to accept more of his throbbing cock. I could feel it squish against the sides of my lips and pull my wanting mouth wider. I made sure to slowly work more and more of it into my mouth. I didn’t want to rush it on his first time (although I enjoyed the ambush I got my first time.)I had made it about halfway down his cock when I decided to try and take the whole thing. I bahis firmalar knew that would blow his mind. Once I pulled back and felt his cock head against my lips I gradually dropped my mouth down and over his cock all the way to the base. I felt his dry skin turn wet against my tongue and his cock turn hard and involuntarily jerk against my throat. I gagged on it and felt my back arch in my lungs hope for air. His hand dropped from my head. I focused my effort to push my tongue out and dance it along the underside of his dick. He moaned and gyrated in his seat.I pulled him back out and let the spit dangle from his cock to my mouth. He stared at me in disbelief. I puckered my lips in a kiss and smacked his rigid cock against them. It bounced off like rubber and I remember thinking how much better this was than practicing with a dildo and how you couldn’t do things like that.I rubbed it back and forth over my cheeks. I was such a cock hungry guy! How could I have ignored this for so long? It felt almost instinctual to have dick in my mouth. Since the first time I had cum in my mouth I had craved more and more. I was insatiable by this point. I was now at the point that I had sucked on one of my classmate’s cocks and he had no idea who I was!I thought of the jocks being dicks to him and how I wished they had taken me to this room instead. How I wanted them to all have their way with me; one at a time or all at once. Maybe I could go to school and they would take turns with me.My thought returned to the cock at hand. I followed the slobber down to his hairy sack and kissed it passionately. I rubbed my face in it and felt the spit soaked hairs glide over my nose and against my cheeks. I jerked him till I was ready for more. My mouth rose once more to his cock. I placed my hand on one side and ran my lips across the other. His skin felt so good and his veins tickled my tender kiss. I guided his cock into my mouth, placed my hands on top of his thighs and opened as wide as I could. I started to deep throat him with all I could muster. My eyes began to water. His cock punched the back of my throat. His hands grabbed my hair and pulled it into a pony tail. Soon he pushed me hard against his thick cock. I gagged but I couldn’t get enough.He bucked against me. His cock dug deeper into my throat. His hairy nuts graced my chin and encouraged me on to take as much as he would give me. I could barely breathe. He moaned loudly and grunted. My whole body was on fire. I felt amazing but I was getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen. “Oh fuck! oh fuck oh fuck!” he stared to gasp.I tried to look up at him but all I could see was his graphic tee bouncing up and down. I stared down at his bush and made sure my mouth was his to do with what he wanted.He wanted to cum straight down my throat so I let him. I felt his sweet tangy sperm shoot right down into my throat. It felt so warm and held against the back of my throat and slid down. I pulled his cock into my mouth and he blasted off a few more spurts of cum. I tried to catch a breath but every chance I got was quickly followed by another mouthful of spunky jizz.I showed him the last mouthful I received while I grabbed his dick. I wasn’t quite done with it. I swallowed hard. It tasted delicious. There was still some remaining cum in his cock hole and I quickly sucked it out. I wanted it all. I wanted it deep inside me. He quivered when I slurped from his softening meat.”Was that good for you?” I asked.”Holy… fuck. What? I’m sorry.”I giggled and asked again. “Did you like it?””That… was… awesome…” he said through heavy breaths.”Are we even on the shirt?””What?” he seemed confused.”Can I have the shirt?” I asked. “The shirt I blew you for?””Oh.. yeah! You can have whatever you want,” he said seemingly still trying to regain consciousness.”Thanks,” I said and quickly got up and put my bra back on. I looked around for the tank top I wore into the store and put it on. I grabbed the t-shirt I earned and used a pair of scissors to cut the tag off. I put it on over my tank top.He still sat there with his pants off and his cock getting ever softer.”You might want to get back out there,” I said. “And you too,” I said as I lowered my head back to his lap and gave his penis a soft kiss right on the tip. His body shook. He zipped up his pants in a haze and got himself pulled back together. He opened the door for me and I winked at him as I walked out the door. He gave my ass a solid spank when I walked through the doorway. God, I felt amazing!I strolled out of the mall feeling like a goddess. I was wearing this slutty little outfit and all these guys were checking me out. I had never gotten this kind of attention before. I kept walking out of the parking lot and crossed the road. The bags started to feel heavy after so long. I turned the corner and started down a side street toward my apartment. I didn’t get too far till I could feel someone watching me. I looked around but I saw no one. I continued to walk but I couldn’t shake the feeling. I crossed into a more residential area and found that feeling still wouldn’t leave me. So I stopped and looked around again. This time I saw an SUV slowly driving down the road toward me. I crossed the road so that I was now on his side of the street as he pulled up.The driver waved at me and I waved back. I stopped when I got to the sidewalk and looked over my shoulder at him. He came to a stop at the stop sign and stared at me. I said, “Hi,” but his windows were rolled up and he couldn’t hear me. Then he rolled down his window.”Huh?” he asked.I stepped off the curb and into the street and said, “I said ‘Hi.’ Where you following me?””Just for a little bit. I thought I knew who you were someone else.””I am,” I said and he laughed.”Sorry about that. I hope I didn’t creep you out,” he said.”No, I could just feel someone staring at me. Oh, I’m Ryan by the way,” I said and stuck my hand through the window.He grabbed it in his big strong hand and said, “I’m Christian.”I saw an infant in the car seat behind him and he caught my stare.”And that’s Bruce,” he said, “Just out for a drive to calm him down.””He’s cute,” I said, “How old is he?””Three months.””Well, congratulations daddy,” I said trying to flirt a little bit.”Thanks! Where are you off to?” he asked.”I’m heading home. Just got done shopping.””I see that. If you live nearby I’d be happy to give you a ride. I’m just burning gas out here.””Yeah, that would be awesome! I don’t live too far from here.””Hop in!” he said.I opened the door and climbed into the seat. I put my bags on the floor in front of me.”What did you get if you don’t mind my asking?” he asked and put the car in drive.”Just some girly things, ya know. Panties and stockings mostly,” I said.”Oh… that’s fun. Did you get any good deals?” he asked me.”Nothing was really on sale but I like what I got. Do you wanna see some?””Sure. Why not?”I reached into my bags and pulled out my thongs. I held them up in the air then placed them over my lap like I was wearing them.”What do you think?” I asked.”Very cute. Your boyfriend will love those!” he exclaimed as he reached down and touched the elastic waistband.”No boyfriend. Just wanted to spoil myself,” I giggled.”Really now? I would think that you would have boys beating down your door.””I mean I’m seeing a few guys right now but it’s no strings attached type deal,” I said.”If it was me I’d be trying to tie you down,” he said.”But you’re married,” I responded, “with a k** too.””Just because I have a wife and a k** doesn’t mean I don’t want something on the side,” he said and stared at me.”You know you’re the second guy with a wife to hit on me today,” I said and dropped my hand next to his.”Did he strike out too?” Christian asked.I looked directly in his eyes and turned my body towards him so his hand fell from my lap and dangled over the console. “No,” I said directly, “and you didn’t strike out.” I kneeled on the seat and leaned over to him and kissed his cheek. His 5 o’clock shadow felt rough against my lips. I made my way to his ear and pulled it into my mouth and sucked on it. He moaned and rolled his head around unable to contain his excitement.His hand grabbed the outside of my leg when I kneeled on the seat. He came to a stop and put his arms around me. He pulled me in tight and kissed me expertly. He grabbed my hair and neck and held my face to his as the kiss grew more and more erotic. Our tongues danced and fought for control in my mouth. He was winning.I dropped my right hand into his lap and felt his cock was already stiff. I traced it over his pants and worked it in my hand. Christian put the car in park and unbuckled his seat belt. Bruce started to fuss a little bit in the back seat but that had little effect on what was happening in the front.I broke the kiss and asked, “Do you wanna fuck me?””You know I do,” he said and pulled me back in. We kissed for a few more moments and he asked, “Can we go back to your place?”I nodded inches from his face and kissed him again. He broke our kiss once more and told me to give him directions to my house. I gave him directions turn by turn while I played with his cock. He pulled into my driveway and told me to go unlock the door while he got the carseat out of the car.I rushed out of the car and up to the door. I unlocked it and busted through. I took off my silly graphic tee and waited in my living room for him. He rushed through the open door and set Bruce, who was still fussing, on the floor and closed kaçak bahis siteleri the door. Christian bounded up to me and laid his tongue back down my throat. He grabbed my back and pulled me to him. I felt his erection stab me in the stomach. I wanted it so bad I could almost taste it.Christian slid his hands down my back and lifted my skirt. His hands dug into my ass and held me tight. I ran my hands down the front of his pants and felt his soft pubes on the back of my hand while I long stroked his cock. He gave me a quick, yet firm, smack on the ass then brought his hands to his pants and pulled them off.”Suck it first, I want to see you on the floor,” he said.I assumed the position and got to my knees. I held his pants to the floor while he stepped out of them. His cock hung in front of my face. I stared at it and made myself ready. I licked my lips and kissed the underside of his cock. His dick had so much girth but it wasn’t quite as long as some of the cocks I had that day. I wasn’t about to complain.I pulled his tip into my mouth and sucked on it. My tongue danced without my control and moistened his tip. He held me on either side of my head and forced me deeper onto his throbbing cock. I throated him in an instant. His balls sat on my chin as I ran out of breath. He let me come up for air. I was about to get back to work when he stopped me. “I want to fuck you. I don’t want your mouth baby. I want to feel that pussy all over me.””I’m saving it for-” I began.”C’mon,” he yelled and shoved me back on the floor. I fell so fast that my skirt turned inside out and laid on my stomach. When I opened my eyes I looked up to see him staring at my little dick I hid in my panties. He was shocked. He just stared at it for a long time and I froze; too scared to say anything, to move or even cover myself up.Then he looked me in the eye. “Are-are you a guy?” he asked.”I am but I-” I started but couldn’t finish. “What the hell are you doing looking like this?” “I don’t know! I think I’m a sissy,” I said.”What’s a sissy?””I like to dress up like a girl and have strong men dominate me.””So you’re gay,” he offered.”No, I’m straight but every now and then I get a craving for a man’s cock.””That is what gay means if you’re a guy.””I just have a girl persona inside me. ‘Guy Ryan’ would never let this happen,” I said.”But ‘Sissy Ryan’ would?” he asked and positioned himself above me.”‘Sissy Ryan’ would let you do whatever you wanted…” I said with a raised eyebrow.Christian stepped closer to me. He skulked toward me till he stood between my parted legs. He leaned over me and placed one hand under my arm and the other over my opposite shoulder. Christian laid on top of me and started to kiss my neck.”I don’t care what you are,” he said as he kissed me. “I fucking want you.”I wrapped my arms around his back and curled my legs behind his knees. He dropped his pelvis onto mine and his large cock, still wet with my spit, pressed against my penis and up my stomach. We started to make out on the floor and he humped against me eventually making his rigid dick slip up and under my skirt.My cock was semi-hard and pressed against the fabric of my lacy panties. His cock ran back and forth over mine. I needed him inside me. I reached down for his dick and grabbed it in my hand. I pulled on the skin of it and felt his balls roll over my bare stomach.Christian reached down to my knees and pulled them up. He pressed them up over my chest so my ass was in the air. He gently grabbed my panties and pulled them up and over my legs. I held my ass in the air for him. He dropped his face to my ass and kissed my puckered hole. I moaned in delight. He kissed and prodded my ass with his tongue. His tongue finally poked through and I let out a high-pitched squeal. He held onto my legs to keep me in position while he pleasured my asshole. I squirmed and fidgeted in delight. He was a gentleman to my ass. I was used to being dominated but this was nice.”You like that baby? You like your little asshole being eaten out by a real man?” he asked me.”Yes, daddy. Your tongue is wonderful!” I exclaimed.”Let’s see how you like my dick in you.”Christian lowered my legs slightly and started to apply some spit from his mouth on the tip of his cock.”Let me do it,” I begged him.Christian smiled and stood up. He walked over me and squatted down to my face. He grabbed the top of my head and pulled it to his cock. I tasted his spit on his lovely dick and pulled it down into my mouth. His balls rested on my chin. He forced himself deep into my face till he was coated with a decent amount of spit.”That’s enough for now,” he said and pulled his cock out of my hungry hole. “Now turn over.”I rolled onto my hands and knees for him. He pulled my ass into the air and gave me a firm smack on the ass. That got me so hot. Then he lowered his dick against my ass and I felt the entire length of it in the crack of my ass. He rolled it back in forth so the entire length ground my ass. I winked my little hole against it and wanted to pull it in as much as anything. His nutsack rested against the bottom of my ass. I was as ready for him as I would ever be.He pointed his cockhead down against my waiting asshole. He struggled to work it into me but with some effort he broke though. It was a sharp pain but I enjoyed it. He groaned an ‘oh yeah’ once he was inside me. I pulled my head back in delight. He quickly grabbed a handful of hair and yanked it towards him. My hair and asshole screamed in red hot agony as he pressed his firm cock further into my body. I felt him fill me up and I felt right giving my ass to him. He was sweet yet aggressive.The sensation was almost too much when I asked, “How much have you put in me?””We’re at halfway sweetheart. Is it too much for you?” he asked.”Not yet, just go slow. I haven’t done this much before.”Slowly, Christian pumped my ass. I felt his cock cave in my asshole and pull against my insides. I tried to pull my knees to my chest and make the hole easier for him to enter. The tip of his cock almost exited my asshole but he expertly maneuvered it so that I was never empty. He entered more and more inside me till I felt him reach a point when I could no longer manage it. I screamed in agony.”Ahh yeah! You like that sissy?!” he yelled and pulled my hair.”YES DADDY!! I love your cock in me!” I screamed back at him. “Pull my fucking hair!”He yanked harder still and I felt like his cock was the only thing to keep me from folding in half. He rode me harder. I felt his cock widen my hole. I felt electrified. My little dick flopped around uselessly while his nuts smacked against mine. His manly fruit made me feel like a perfect sissy.”I’m gonna cum,” he said, “I’m gonna cum.””Fucking cum!” I begged him. “Please cum in me!”He let go of my hair and made shorter strokes in my ass. I fell to my face and gripped the carpet like I was holding on for dear life. His hands found my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. I felt like he could pull me in half if he just tried a little harder. I could feel an intense wave wash over me the likes of which I don’t think I had experienced before.”Ahh! I’m cumming baby!” he screamed.”Cum in your sissy slut! Give me that hot load,” I said.He screamed and grunted. He pulled me against his body and I felt his cum coat the insides of my ass. It bobbed and squirmed inside me as more spilled out of him and down deep into my ass. I had an orgasmic reaction. My whole body shook uncontrollably and added to the sensation of his dick inside me. I gasped for air and so did he. I could feel his sperm collect inside my ass as it tried to accommodate the new spunk and his massive member.Christian’s dick slowly got less hard. I looked back at him and he pulled me in for another kiss. He kissed me while he removed his dick. I had to break the kiss when his cock left my ass. I felt suddenly empty and crashed back against the carpet. I looked back between my legs to see my dick hang down and his sway behind me. Cum began to drool from my asshole and run down my ball sack.I looked down at the carpet and saw there was cum already there. I wondered how it got there so fast while I tried to catch my breath. His cum now wrapped around the underside of my cock and rolled up to the head of my dick. I rolled over and looked up at him.He chuckled and pointed at the cum on the carpet, “Did you cum too?””Fuck. I guess I did,” I laughed, “Not as much as you though.””Nope. That was probably the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had,” he said.”Definitely for me too,” I said and nodded.”Do you wanna lick me clean?” he asked.”Only if you really want me to,” I said in a tone that meant I obviously wanted it.He stepped toward me and lifted me by the back of the neck. I put his semi-hard cock in my mouth and tasted his sweet spunk cum-soaked flesh. I bobbed my head back and forth while I sucked him dry. He threw his head back and moaned to himself.”Did you like that daddy?” I asked.”What? Being with a sissy? It was amazing! I would do it again for sure.””Maybe don’t bring the baby next time,” I suggested.”If there’s a next time. I’m not usually driving around trying to pick up sissies,” he laughed.”I don’t usually do this for free,” I said.He stopped laughing. “Oh, I didn’t know I was supposed to pay you. You never said-“”You don’t have to. I mean it was incredible but I don’t have much money. Anything I get goes to rent or bills.”He looked around the room.”I mean we are just kinda poor,” I said.”Tell you what,” he said, “I’ll give you $50. It’s the least I could do for you. And if you keep you’re mouth shut I’d appreciate it.””You know the only thing I open this mouth for,” I said with a wink.”You bet your sore ass I do!” he said while he pulled out the money.

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