Naughty Little Girl… Ch. 01Naughty Little Girl… Ch. 01


That bell, it’s very ring signaling the end of classes, but the beginning of another type of lesson.

He heard it, and the noise was not something you should hear in a school. As he tracked it back, to the girl’s locker room. He quickly found the girl, who he had heard. Her back arched in such a seductive way. She was blond, not very tall, just barely breaching the five foot mark. The clad mini skirt that was part of the school uniform, seemed to be shorter than the other girls. She skillfully shortened it herself, with a pair of scissors. Her top, she purposely told a size too small, to make it conform to her figure. So, with a large, unnatural pair of breasts, she was a head turner. Yes, at the age of 18 she got her chest done. But, not the way one would think. A hormone caused her breasts to make that liquid all babies loved.

Now, aside from that, her voice was rather heavenly all on its own. The way she moaned, even brought life to mersin escort his dormant cock. She was still a virgin, but liked to be fucked in another, more personal way. Her anus strained over the fellow students cock, and her body bounced atop of it, eagerly swallowing it into her depths.

“What….What is this?!”

Gabriel stammered. He was her science teacher. And wasn’t prepared for what he had seen.


Not even the tinkling of the bell around her neck could subdue Desire’s moans of ecstasy.

At the moment she was being fucked in her ass by one of the school’s football jocks. And she had to admit…when they were talking about ‘big sizes’ they weren’t kidding! Being a cheerleader…DID have its advantages. The thick member slid smoothly into her ass and her walls tightened as the senior went back in for another thrust, pulling back on her ears for more leverage, making her yowl in pain as she steadied herself with her breasts and hands getting squished on the lockers.

Best thing about getting fucked from behind, your ears and tail didn’t disappear, since technically…you didn’t lose your virginity. A good cover for posing as the ‘good girl’ of the school.

Her back arched in orgasm and as she came down from her sexual high, her ears and tail pricked in fright, hearing a voice. She turned with frightened eyes at seeing her science teacher watching her getting fucked.


Quickly, the senior slid out of her as with a sickening wet ‘squelch’ and hurriedly zipped up his pants as she tried to smooth out her skirt. Both looked guilty and she tried to regain her composure but she knew that she had been caught and now in trouble…


The silence was long, or it seemed to be such. He held his hands in front of him, hopefully hiding the bulge of his pants. He quickly asserted himself, taking a more commanding tone.

“Go to my class room, now miss.”

The brute simply was stupefied, not knowing whether he was in trouble, or getting out of it.

“I’ll deal with you tomorrow.”

He held a fake scowl on his face, before holding his hand outward, towards the door, allowing them to go first. Once the jock was gone, the teacher just shook his head, ashamed at this top notch student being such, a low down…whore.

“How could you….even if you did it, the school?”

He glanced down, since he had the fortune to walk behind her to his class. He could lavish her body, without any consequences. Her leg was still wet with her cum, and if he focused enough, he could see fresh cum rolling down the side. He did notice also, that her butt was pushed out, a nice, plump butt. That held no fat, but was firm and round.

Once they entered his classroom, he already knew his course of action. And he sat down in his chair, telling her to just stand before his desk.

“So, explain yourself…”

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