A Course in PerspectiveA Course in Perspective


“No, Alex, I know your preferred drawing style is Manga, and I’ve got no problem with that! Sure, you can take characters from someone else for this assignment. But no drawing style can simply ignore foreshortening, the closer you come to the viewer, the larger objects become.”

“I know! I just can’t seem to get it right,” she looked positively uncomfortable as I came closer to inspect the scantily clothed characters. Something else was odd, too. Strangely, I couldn’t say what it was. However, the class was already done, my students were leaving.

“Since you have to turn it in next class, how about I tutor you today? Today is the only day I have a free afternoon,” I had to add a quick, “I won’t charge you extra. You do have potential, but foreshortening can’t be ignored, once you get this right, I’m pretty sure you can do whatever you want.”

Being so close in age to my students made it hard for me not to look at them like friends, more than simply students. Her face lit up.

That was how we were at her boyfriend’s apartment a couple of hours later, waiting for him to show up. I had noticed the draped couch on the drawing was the same as the one at the apartment. We had already placed a mirror in front of it so we could compare perspectives. Her cellphone buzzed.

“Oh. I’m sorry, I made you come all the way here for nothing! My boyfriend will have to cover for a coworker and he won’t make it here until it’s too late,” Alex looked utterly crestfallen.

“I could be the guy in the drawing,” I held my hands up, “I’ll be far more clothed, of course.”

She smiled nervously at that, “if you don’t mind?”

We got on the couch with the mirror almost touching our feet, I placed myself behind her and gently lifted her leg just like the drawing. Hearing a gasp, I decided to ignore that reaction, “now, see how my legs look larger just because I’m closer to the mirror? You don’t want them to have exactly the same width all along.The legs should become thicker as you get closer to the viewer.”

As Alex worked, I could see the improvement as she looked intently on our legs, but her breath was becoming more shallow. I was beginning to suspect something, but then I noticed something else.

“These were supposed to be nudes and I let you add some Michaelangelo-styled pieces of vaporous cloth, but the idea of practicing nude drawing is also about muscles and joints… look, right where my butt ends and the leg begins, there should be a little extra line and the shadow looks too much like the shadow of clothing… no, more rounded… no, here, what I mean… you know what? Let me show you.”

Without much consideration, I slipped out of my jeans and took my previous pose, she might have gasped, but then I pointed at the place where my butt began, “even with boxers it’s visible: this line here… and here, look at the shadow on the lower part of my leg. See the curve here?”

Alex nodded nervously but kept quiet.

“Oh, shit, sorry, does this make you uncomfortable?” I asked, but she shook her head, her cheeks flushed… I had to say something, “aw, come on! You have a boyfriend, you have surely seen more than this!”

Alex blushed harder and glued her eyes to her drawing.

“Very good!” I was so pleased with the evolution in her drawing that I was immune to isveçbahis the effects of a girl’s body against mine, “now do almost the same with your legs. Do remember how calves and thighs are different when it comes to men and women… no, not like that. Far more round than what you’re doing… nope, not that much.”

I took her jeans and pulled the cloth hard against her body so the silhouette could be seen better. She was still not getting it to look with the correct proportions.

“OK. Listen to me very carefully. Would you be too weirded out if you do the same? Take your jeans off, so you can compare. Before you say anything, Alex, I just want you to make sure you feel no pressure to do this now.”

“I…ah… no. It’s all right,” she stammered. Looking too self conscious, she peeled the garment off. Once again, her drawing improved immensely. I looked between the mirror and her drawing.

She was getting it just right. But Alex looked to be lost in thought. Seriously debating something.

“Is…is it OK if I change it to nude?”

“Totally! Just draw on top of the cloth, you hadn’t detailed it at all, anyway.”

She began with the arms and chest. The elbows were certainly off and it became obvious Alex definitely needed the references. I took my shirt off and resumed being in the same position. I could see that she was aroused now, and I wanted her to use it. Erotic at doesn’t work if you’re not feeling turned on. It just doesn’t have the same oomph. I was surprised when, without any comment of my own, she took her blouse off.

“The breasts look weird,” she offered. And she was right. However, the bra still modified the way gravity would’ve acted normally. Of course, I kept quiet about that detail. She kept on sketching and erased over and over again. She looked at me, then sighed. Slowly, she reached back and unsnapped her bra. Avoiding my eyes, she dropped it. With a trembling hand, she reached for her pencils and silently returned to work. I felt the tenting in my underwear and stared at the drawing, then at us. That’s when it hit me. Alex swore she had taken the characters out of RWBY, but looking at their faces, their hair, their body structure… She had been drawing me and her right from the beginning. For me, the sexual tension in the room skyrocketed with that realization.

I looked again at the drawing and the teacher in me resurfaced. She had begun to draw me nude and erect, almost penetrating her, but it was a mighty ugly dick right there. It sprouted too low, the balls were too awkward, the glans was just way off… Not to mention, too short compared to mine.

“Um, the underside of the penis has a road-like part, where the urethra goes along. And the glans usually has a ridge so it doesn’t look like a… strange tube,” I commented. She looked more flustered and I could smell her arousal. Feeling I was about to do something stupid, I said, “look, you can ask your boyfriend-“

“My boyfriend hates posing or me looking at him intently,” Alex immediately interrupted me, like a complaint she was used to issue, then, her voice lowered as her embarrassment grew, until she was almost whispering the next words, “and I won’t get it right if I can’t properly look at one… and… I guess… would you mind… I mean… can I see… yours?”

My heart began isveçbahis giriş beating faster. I tried to tell myself I was being a model for a drawing, but who was I kidding? I was horny like few times in my life. I tried to appear nonchalant as I lowered my underwear, and she held her breath as the trimmed hairs of my groin came to view, then exhaled throatily when she saw my erect cock bounce and point straight towards her pussy, actually making contact with the wet fabric of her panties. She squirmed.

“Oh. Wow. I mean,” she tried to regain her composure, “if it’s that long, I guess I’ve been drawing it wrong all along…”

She began to look at my dick and, while blushing, erased more and kept on correcting details. After a couple of eternal minutes, I looked back. My heart stopped when I saw the modifications she had made.

The female had now her mouth opened, moaning with passion. And I could see why she had changed that detail. On the male, the balls looked better positioned, but that meant she had had to move the penis further up, and instead of placing it on top of her slit, the drawing pictured him firmly lodged inside, an inch away from being balls deep in her. My throat went dry.

“This is… way better,” I croaked.

“Still, her lips look odd,” Alex looked at me for some kind of reaction, “give me a second…”

When she got rid of her last garment, I couldn’t help groaning when her bare pussy lips kissed the tip of my cock. She began to work on the female’s labia.

“Would his… thing look… different now that she’s inside of her?” Alex was on fire, drawing very well. I was almost out of my mind with lust. I could feel the tip of my dick getting wetter as it throbbed slightly against her.

“No. Not really, she,” I paused to gulp, “she’s the one accommodating him inside of her, she’s the one you’d need to modify.”

Forgetting about her boyfriend, about the risk of me losing my job, about condoms, I looked into her eyes. She looked back at me, not encouraging me, nor pushing me away, the air heavy with expectation.

“It should look more like… this,” I said and I pressed my hips forward. Alex mewled when the tip of my cock disappeared inside of her. It felt too fucking tight. Hot. Wet. I held back a moan as I made one last attempt at trying to look professional, “see?”

“Mmmh… yes,” she said, looking at us, dropping the pencil and the paper, “but that won’t work.”


“You see, I drew him almost all the way in… can you show me?”

“Very well. Look into the mirror,” I said and began to push inside of her. Inch by thick inch, I disappeared into her. Alex’s mouth began hang open with pleasure, then her eyes shot wide as I speared into what I assumed was previously uncharted territory. I made it tortuously slow. I slid in, taking almost a full minute to get to the point where my balls were snugly pressed against her.

“I think I… oh, shit, you’re so fucking tight,” I whispered. My words had an instantaneous effect. Her pussy walls contracted against me and I swore under my breath, “lemme pull out a little…”

I did, and I saw Alex staring at us in the mirror, “you… you pulled out too much. Push it back in. Oh… oh, yesss,”she hissed.

“Now, if he is thrusting -oh, fuck, Alex-,” I tried to explain, isveçbahis yeni giriş “look at your lips reacting to it… going… in…”

My sexy student moaned and nodded.

“Now, if I pull out,” and I did so slowly, “look at them… It depends if it’s going in like this… Or… out like this… See? In… Out…”

Alex placed a hand on her mouth and muffled a very loud moan, she kept on nodding. I kept on fucking her with a luxurious, steady, slow and firm pace, watching our bodies become one. I grabbed her breast from below, just like I had seen the male do in her drawing and she whimpered, I still took my time, pushing and pulling into Alex’s tight body slowly.

“Now, if you lift your ass a little, I can reach in deeper,” I said, dropping all pretense of using correct terms. She immediately obeyed. I reached further in and her mouth opened in shock. My hips moved forward and backward without changing the pace, savoring the process of extracting every single sensation out of each other, “and don’t you dare to stop watching.”

She had closed her eyes and then opened them again, staring at my reflection as my body claimed her entirely. My naked cock slid in and out with some effort, as she became tighter and tighter. Alex moaned uncontrollably.

“Are you going to cum for me? Fucking cum, Alex. Cum on my dick.”

My student gasped and, regardless of what she was thinking, her body obeyed my command immediately. She began shuddering, her pussy pulsated around my cock without any control, a yelp of pleasure escaped her lips. One of her hands grasped my ass and pressed me all the way inside of her. I stayed her, barely gyrating my hips, since she wouldn’t allow me to pull out.

Her orgasm went on and on, she kept on cumming fucking forever. The sensations began to overwhelm me and I felt my balls rising against her, my cock suddenly sending too many pleasure signals to every inch of my body, “wait, Alex! I’m about to…”

Alex nodded through her shut eyes and pressed me harder against her. A jet of boiling cum painted the inside of her pussy so hard, her eyes shot open and she looked at me with surprise and boundless lust. A second jet filled her and she arched her back more, trying to take me in further, attempting to catch every drop of semen I had to offer. A third one, followed by a few extra spurts. We slowly rode our orgasms as they faded away.

“Shit, Alex, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have released it inside, I don’t know if you’re on the pill and I’m… Are you all right?” I had to ask because she looked concerned, but not paying any attention to me.

“Oh… I stopped drawing… Her lips don’t look like she’s taking him in,” Alex made a fake pout, “do you think you can do it again?”

Fortunately, I had enough stamina to show her properly, as I filled her three more times that night. And I can say, without any fear of being impartial, that her drawing was the best one in class. Sure, she handed out for critique one with a piece of cloth covering the joined lovers, but she slipped the original sketch under that for me to keep.

Months later, she started to become a well-known artist who made a name for herself in erotic art, so successful, her boyfriend dropped everything to become her agent. Every now and then she still forgets how to draw a man and a woman in the throes of passion, even more so now that her pregnancy is starting to show (whenever I ask her about the father, she smiles enigmatically), but I won’t let her graduating from my class stop me from teaching her with all I’ve got.

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