My Wife’s New RoleMy Wife’s New Role


I was forty when I got my first kidney stone. I heard a lot of stories about how painful it was to pee out the spiky grain of sand, but I never felt it pass. It did create a blockage for a while, and that really kind of hurt. Tests were inconclusive, and life went on. I was fifty when I had my second kidney stone. CAT scans showed that I only had the one, and it was smaller than a grain of rice. It created a blockage, and it refused to budge. The pain came and went, but I was mostly incapacitated for five full days with nearly unmanageable pain in my lower back. On the morning of the sixth day, I woke with no energy, and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. My wife had a big outing planned with her friends, and I convinced her that it was okay if she went. When she got home that evening and found me still in bed, she became very concerned. I agreed to let her take me to the Immediate Care Clinic. When a fifty year old man shows up at the ICC with no energy and shortness of breath, they assume he is having a heart attack. I was low on potassium and dehydrated, and they felt that confirmed their suspicions. They pumped IV fluids into me and stuck sticky pads into the hair on my chest to monitor my heart. An hour later, they were only just starting to believe that I hadn’t had cardiac problems. I had to pee badly, and I suggested that I should be given a strainer to catch the kidney stone. They told me to go without, because my heart was of more concern than the stone. I have no way to prove it, but I am pretty sure I passed the stone at that time. Shortly after that, the pain quickly faded from my lower back, and I started to feel better. The doctor came to discuss my options. She said it was my choice, but she strongly suggested that we stay on the heart attack protocol. She wanted me to stay while they waited for results on some blood tests. She suggested that they really should run an eight hour recording of my heart to be sure. I reluctantly agreed. Luckily, I was not on any food restrictions. My wife slipped out and brought back some take-out food. After we ate, we were both getting pretty tired, so we dimmed the lights. I tried to get comfortable in the hard hospital bed, in spite of the IV and electrodes stuck to me. My wife tried to get comfortable in a big chair. I don’t think either of us slept very well. Although I mostly woke up every time the nurse came in to check the IV or the heart monitor, I didn’t really notice her. Around midnight, I sort of remember being introduced to a new nurse at shift change. I barely noticed either of them. I was really tired, and it would have taken a lot to wake me up. Actually, all it took was the feeling of soft fingers slowly teasing through the hair on my chest. It startled the nurse when I drew in a quick breath and my eyes popped open. She froze with her fingers still on my chest. “One of the electrodes came off the pad,” Göztepe Escort she explained quietly with a smile. “And you need to make my heart race to test it?” I teased in a low voice. The naughty grin on her face was priceless. “It takes a lot to make me lose my self control,” she said. That didn’t seem to explain very much, so I said, “All I was doing was laying here.” She nicely blushed. “What would you say if I told you I have seen pictures of your chest before?” My wife and I have been swingers for more than ten years. We have profiles on a few different sites. There are several pictures that show me without a shirt, so it seems likely that someone might have seen them. It seemed unlikely that a good looking thirty-something year old woman would have noticed or remembered them. She was watching my eyes as I calculated an answer. “Your profile was Badmanners, but I think you changed it,” she said with a smile. “I’m surprised that you would remember or recognize me,” I stated. She smiled and flexed her fingers on my chest. Then she started teasing them through my chest hair again. “My ex brought up the idea of swinging,” she said. “Part of the reason he is my ex is because he started without me.” “His loss, I would think,” I offered. “Thanks,” she replied with a pleased smile. “We used to look at profiles and make up fantasies about the people in the pictures. Some of my fantasies I wouldn’t share with him, because he would use them to be mean to me.” “It sounds like you might be better off without him,” I said. She shrugged with a sad smile. “I guess I was mean to him, too,” she admitted. “He didn’t have a single hair on his chest, and I used to tease him about not being a real man because of it.” “That’s mean,” I accused her. “We can’t change what we have any more than you can change your breast size or nipple shape.” I couldn’t stop my eyes from dipping to her chest for a moment. Her eyes flared and she shrugged her shoulders forward. In a lower voice, she said, “You just made my nipples change shape!” Still speaking softly, she said, “He could never figure out why I would always stop on your profile when we talked about fantasies. He never knew how many times I would fantasize about you when I was alone. I always wanted to ride on top of you and rub my hands on your chest. Like I said, it takes a lot to make me lose my self control.” Suddenly, her cell phone buzzed, and whatever was happening between us evaporated. She smiled apologetically as she briskly rubbed my chest one last time. “I’m off to another room,” she said. “I better get myself under control, but thank you.” “Very much my pleasure,” I promised. She covered me back up and left. For several minutes after she left, I wondered if the heart monitor had betrayed how hard my heart seemed to be beating. I wondered what it would show if I did anything to relieve the aching Göztepe Escort Bayan hardness of my cock. I sadly tucked my new fantasy away, and allowed myself to drift back to sleep. It was still ridiculously early in the morning when a quiet voice called me by my name to wake me. Both the nurse and the doctor were there. The doctor explained that they were done monitoring me, and the tests all showed that I hadn’t had any sort of cardiac incident. She said I was free to leave whenever I wanted, with no restrictions, but she also thought we should wait until my wife woke up. The nurse was busy the whole time as the doctor and I talked. She removed my IV and disconnected the electrodes on my chest. I was about to help her in removing the sticky pads that were stuck in my chest hair, but she stopped me. “I have something that will help with that,” she offered. “Give me a few minutes and I will be back to take care of you.” I started to disagree, but she gave me a look. “Okay,” I said quietly. The doctor was too busy with paperwork to notice us. She had me sign the paperwork, and then she and the nurse left. In theory, I was free to wake up my wife and leave whenever I chose. I wasn’t going anywhere. About ten minutes later, the nurse quietly slipped into the room, closed the door, and just as quietly turned the lock. She had a very naughty smirk on her face as she slipped over and sat beside me on the bed. “Listen,” she said barely above a whisper. “You are no longer a patient here, and that gives us some freedom that we didn’t have before.” She snuck a look at my wife. “We’ll have to be quiet, but please let me have my fantasy?” Her hand slid down and rested on top of the blanket over my hardening cock. “I couldn’t help notice your cock changed shape about the same time my nipples did. Please?” There was almost no chance I was going to say no. I guess my only worry was which way my wife would respond if she woke up and caught us. There was a fifty-fifty chance that either she would be angry that I thought I could get away with something, or that she would quietly slip out of the room to let me have some fun. She was not into girl-on-girl fun at all, so she wasn’t going to join us. I barely nodded. She took a shuddering breath and her shoulders shrugged forward. I could see her nipples standing hard against the fabric of her top. She was very efficient as she pulled down the covers, opened my hospital gown, and removed my boxers. The gown opened in the front and had snaps over the shoulders. I was effectively naked as she turned back from putting my boxers with my clothes. She was fully dressed as she straddled me. “I knew you would have a nice cock,” she breathed into my ear as she reached between us and held it. “I wish I had time to taste it and tease it,” she teased, “but I want this more.” I don’t think her scrub pants were hospital Escort Göztepe issue. A single stitch held closed a gap at the crotch. She easily broke the thread. She wasn’t wearing any panties, which I discovered as she lifted the head of my cock into her warm, wet folds. She watched to see that I saw how hard she fought to keep from crying out as she engulfed my hardness. I saw her struggle, but it was just as hard for me to remain silent as I slid into her tightness. She immediately started rocking against me. She pressed one hand onto my chest where she ran her fingers through the hair. She used her other hand to pull my hand up under her shirt to her bare breast. Her large nipple was very erect. I caught it between my fingers and pinched it. She barely contained her squeal of pleasure. My wife stirred restlessly on the chair, and I knew we were busted. The nurse froze in place, but her insides continued to pulse against my shaft. We held still like that for as long as we could. My wife slowly returned to the steady breathing of sleep. We nearly laughed at each other as we realized that we had both been holding our breath. As we started breathing again, we started moving together again as quietly as we could. We smiled at each other’s pleasure as we quietly continued. The nurse’s attention slowly turned to my chest. She started working both sets of fingers through my chest hair. Then she pulled the front of her shirt up as she leaned forward to tease her nipples against me. I don’t know what made me do it. I was enthralled with the shape of her nipples, and the way they were scraping against my chest. I was listening to the nearly inaudible whimpers that she was making. I was loving the way her pussy was getting hotter and wetter and tighter with every thrust. Nothing should have distracted me from all of that pleasure. For no reason at all, my eyes were drawn to my wife. It took me far too long to realize what I was seeing over there. First, I saw that her eyes were barely open, and she was watching us. Second, I saw a rhythmic rise and fall of the blanket that covered her. I could not believe she was watching us and masturbating! And then something even more unbelievable happened. A smile lightly touched her lips as she realized that I had spotted her. She very quietly lifted a single finger to her lips to shush me from revealing her secret. I barely nodded back. A new-found freedom washed over me. I turned my attention back to the nurse. I slid my hands down to squeeze her ass as I started thrusting harder up into her. A short moan escaped her lips. She tried to stop me as she turned to see if my wife heard, but I kept going. I was sure that my wife would be still while the nurse was looking. The nurse had sat up a bit to turn, exposing her breasts to me. I quickly raked a hand up her body to lift her breast to my mouth. I caught her nipple with lips and teeth, and I sucked it in. A much louder hiss escaped her, and she frantically turned to make sure she hadn’t been heard. She arched her back to pull her nipple from my mouth. She was successful, but at the cost of pressing her clit down hard onto me. She fell forward onto me as she started to cum.

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