My sexy lover Angie part twoMy sexy lover Angie part two


Chapter five (Angie’s point of view)
I woke early the following morning and soon realised I was in bed alone I knew last night wasn’t a dream because my pussy and ass still throbbed from the fucking they received last night and my body still tingled from the three explosive orgasms I had at the hands of my son in-law now lover Jay. Part of me still expected to feel guilt but there was none, all I felt was overwhelming love for him and the need to have him all to myself. 
I removed my stockings that I still wore from last night and put on my sexiest nightie and made my way downstairs, I heard the music coming from the kitchen before I even entered, has I walked in I was greeted by the welcomed sight of my lover just dressed in jeans with no top cooking me breakfast, I walked over to him and rubbed my hand down his naked back “good morning my darling lover” I said to him planting a kiss on his neck has I did so, he turned around to face me and replied “good morning gorgeous, I hope you slept well” and then pressed his lips against mine kissing me deeply, all I could think about was ripping his jeans off and fucking him right there and then in the kitchen, But Jay had already thought of this himself and he began to touch me everywhere his hands sliding my nightie up and over my head exposing my naked body to him, he kissed my breasts allowing my erect nipples into his mouth making me shiver with pleasure, he quickly undid his jeans and allowed them to fall to the floor, then scooping me up in his strong arms he sat me on the table positioning his hard cock at the entrance to my aching pussy he plunged forward sending his big cock into me all nine inches sinking into my inner depths sending me into a frenzy of lust. 
He started to thrust in and out of me harder and harder the table banging and creaking with each one of his powerful thrusts, my hands and legs encouraging his efforts wanting and needing more and more of him, my lips searched and found his our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, I felt my orgasm quickly approaching and dug my finger nails into the flesh of his back causing him to wince with pain but also making him slam his cock into me wildly, my head was thrashing around has my orgasm exploded from me with a thunderous rage that left me gasping for air, Jay too had peaked and just has my pussy flooded over him he shot all his hot sticky cum deep inside of me. 
Both me and Jay talked after we had 
eaten breakfast and I was overcome with emotion when Jay said “can I stay with you until Sam gets back please” well I didn’t even have to think of my answer ” yes baby I was hoping that you would want to, I want you to live here with me every time Sam goes away”, my excitement grew has we now planned to live together whenever Sam was away with work which meant Jay would be with me more than with my daughter. 
The next six days flew past and before I knew it I was waking up next to Jay for the last time before my daughter came home and took my lover away from me, I started to feel really sad and started to cry not wanting to let Jay go but also I knew I had too and it would only be for a few days and then Sam would be jetting off again with work but still the thought of my daughter fucking Jay when she got home made me so jealous. We made love one last time before Jay had to go and collect Samantha from the airport, he took his time making sure that I was completely satisfied before he left, he  spent the best part of thirty minutes licking and sucking my clit and pussy making me cum several times, he also licked and fingered my ass which again drove me wild with lust for my lover, and then I got to suck his long hard cock making him cum but I didn’t let him cum in my mouth like I had done previously no this time I wanked him off till he shot his hot jets of cum all over my breasts then I made him lick it off them so I could then take it off his tongue, I was desperate now to feel his hard cock thrusting in to my pussy my whole body tingled at the prospect and when he did push it in to my hidden depths, my head spun with the excitement of Jay’s expert cock sliding in and out my horny pussy when all of a sudden he pulled out of me well I was just about to protest my disappointment when I felt him pressing the tip of his cock into my ass, he kept pushing against my tight hole till it opened up for him, that’s when he pushed forward his entire cock filling my bowels making me scream in both pain and ecstasy has my ass got stretched from his hard cock, only once his balls touched my ass did he pull out slightly only to drive it up my ass once more he started to fuck me fast and hard my ass now completely open for him to abuse my orgasm close, Jay was grunting and groaning with pleasure has he fucked my ass hard he knew we were both close when all of a sudden my orgasm ripped through me squirting Emek Escort cum out of my pussy and on to my lovers stomach and Jay too was cumming the muscles in my ass clamping down on his cock and milked him as he fucked me, I wanted to feel him cum deep inside of my bowels which once I felt his cock starting to twitch I knew he was going to fill me up with his cum and I wasn’t disappointed as four hot spurts flooded into my ass, we collapsed together afterwards and just held each other tight but then it was time. 
We both dressed and made our way downstairs Jay picking up the keys to his car on the way to the garage, 
He hugged me and kissed me before getting into his car and driving off to the airport, now I knew I would be seeing him again in about two hours because the first thing my daughter does when she gets home is get Jay to bring her to my house. 
I sat and watched television for a while waiting for Jay and Sam to arrive which they did shortly after four, now I was excited to see my daughter after all I still loved her despite the fact that I was having an affair with her husband, ” Hi mom” Sam shouted has she entered the front door ” Samantha baby how are you” I replied she rushed into the living room and gave me a hug and kiss, followed by Jay who flashed me his sexiest smile, I wanted him so bad but we both managed to act normally around Sam. I went into the kitchen to make us all a coffee I had only been in there about a minute when Jay walked in and took me in his arms and kissed me, my tongue instinctively meeting his our hands wandered over each others bodies ” where’s Sam gone” I whispered ” she’s gone to the bathroom baby” Jay replied before we kissed again, we parted and Jay went to get me the milk just in time because we heard  Sam’s footsteps coming down the stairs, she came to the kitchen and sat down at the table and began to tell us both about her trip ” when is it you fly out again baby?” I asked her  ” I go again in three days mom” Sam answered my question which I had to admit made me feel warm and happy inside knowing that Jay would once again just be mine. They left to go home after a couple of hours me and Jay managing to kiss only once more before they left and then for the first time in a week I was faced with the prospect of going to bed alone. 
I was woke up around half eight the next morning by the telephone it was Sam ” hi mom sorry if I’ve woke you but I was just wondering if Jay was ok while I’ve been away? It’s just that I went to make love to him last night and he told me that he wasn’t feeling to good” she said “he mentioned he felt sick towards the end of the week baby” I lied, I was so happy my lover had not fucked his wife my daughter which showed me the he would of sooner been with me in my bed. When we had finished on the phone I got out of bed just in time to hear the knock on the front door, I wondered who it could be at this time of day and when I answered the door I got the surprise of my life, Jay was stood there his sexy smile beaming at me my heart beating furiously has he stepped inside and before the door was even closed we were kissing passionately, he made love to me right there in the hall way sending his cum deep into my pussy, once we had finished i said to him “take it your afeeling better then?” I laughed and then told him about Sam’s phone call 
” I couldn’t do it Angie, it would be like I’m cheating on you, all I could think about was being with you like we was last week” he said “I know baby I thought about it too and I was really jealous that Sam was in bed with you, but has much as this pains me to say your going to have to fuck her at some point or she will start to suspect something” I replied, and it really did hurt me to say that because the only women I wanted him fucking was me, ” how have you managed to come over here this morning?” I asked him ” I told her last night I’d be playing golf this morning” he said ” is that what I am now, a game of golf” I laughed, we sat on the sofa and cuddled like we was man and wife and we made love once more before he had to go home only this time it was my horny ass that milked his balls and swallowed up all of his hot cum. That was the last time I made love to him till my daughter went back to work but I did however get the chance to suck on his huge cock the very next day, Jay is a very successful personnel trainer and my daughter has always told me to have him put me through my paces which I decided to do, we arranged for eleven o’clock the following morning “I will put you through your paces and give you a damn good working out” he said with a mischievous smile on his face, I could not wait till tomorrow the thought of Jay making love to me everyday that Sam was home made my body tingle with excitement. 
I dressed in very tight leggings with no panties so Eryaman Escort Jay would be able to see the outline of my pussy and a bra top that really showed off my large 36DD breasts, I could just picture my young lovers face has he saw me I giggled to myself, 11 o’clock came and I heard Jay’s car pull onto the drive my pussy already tingling and then my heart sunk has Sam got out the passenger side, they approached the door and entered “hi mom, I hope you don’t mind but I thought with it being a hot day I would hang by the pool while you and Jay do your work out” she said, what a bitch I don’t want a work out I want your husband fucking me I thought to myself.
“that’s fine sweetie you know where everything is” I said trying not to show my disappointment. Sam quickly went out back and left me and Jay alone to get started, “I’m really sorry Angie, you look fucking amazing” he said leaning in and kissing my lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him tight responding to his kiss with a hunger of sexual appetite, we separated and Jay led me into my back room which over looked the pool we could see Sam swimming in the pool her towel already draped over the sun lounger, Jay began my warm up ” did you fuck her last night Jay” I asked the jealousy detectable in my tone of voice ” yes Angie I did but only because you told me to” he replied, my heart sank has I thought of her sucking and fucking my lovers cock, oh my good I’d already in my mind called my only daughter a bitch for being here today stopping me and Jay from being together and now I’m feeling anger towards her for fucking him. 
I finished my warm up and quickly moved on to the next thing he wanted me to do, he positioned me on my knees in front of him but instead of showing me what to do He got his hard cock out and pushed it towards my open mouth “what about Sam” I said  “don’t worry I can see her through the window so I can see if she comes towards the house” he replied, well I didn’t need asking twice has I took his cock into my hungry mouth, I licked the end with my tongue and squeezed his balls has I began to suck on his large cock, Jay began to moan his pleasure still managing to keep an eye out just in case Sam came in, I started to deep throat him making myself gag Jay grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth I knew his orgasm was coming and that soon I would be swallowing his delicious cum, I had one hand massaging his balls the other massaging my pussy and clit I just wish I could have my young lovers cock buried deep inside of me but at the same time enjoying him fucking my mouth, I felt his balls stiffen and heard him grunt moments before his hot tasty cum began to erupt out of his cock sending spurt after spurt down my throat, “mmmmm you taste so fucking good baby I just wish I could of fucked you today” I said “I want you so bad sexy” he replied with a shortness of breath “I know baby but we can be together tomorrow when Sam goes back to work” I explained ” I know but all I can think about is you Angie I love you more than I love Sam and I want to be with you” he said shocking me “I love you too baby” is all I could manage in response with that said we kissed. 
The rest of the day was spent sunbathing or in the pool every now and then Jay disappeared inside leaving me and Sam and on a couple of occasions I went inside too to sneak a kiss with my young lover, the day ended and both Jay and Sam left to go home and I was left alone knowing that Jay would be with me again tomorrow night. 
The next morning I was woken by my message tone on my phone it was from Jay and it read ” hi sexy, just letting you know I’m dropping Sam off at the airport at four o’clock this afternoon so I should be with you at around half five, oh have something hot on because I’m taking you out, I can’t wait to be with you my darling, love you with all my heart xxx” well to say that his text message put me in a good mood would of been somewhat of an understatement I was absolutely buzzing with excitement, Jay was taking me out, for the first time since our affair started we were going out in public and not has in-laws but has a couple in a loving relationship, well the day couldn’t go by fast enough and I longed to be in his arms, I got in the bath about four o’clock having already sorted the clothes out I was wearing putting them on the bed ready, I washed and then relaxed daydreaming about my sexy lover and before I knew it my hands had made there way down my naked soapy body to my pussy, I quickly pushed two fingers inside then a third and I began to slowly finger fuck myself increasing speed gradually causing me to thrash around in the bath the water spilling out all over the floor, I worked myself up to a frenzy images of Jay fucking me hard implanted firmly in my mind, I started to scream his name has my self Esat Escort induced orgasm flooded through my body. I finished my bath and got out the floor was wet through from my self abuse, I did my hair and make-up then went into my bedroom and started to get dressed, I slid my black lacy topped hold up stockings up my legs the silk of the stockings feeling incredible on my soft smooth skin, the I slipped into my tight blue dress not bothering with panties or bra the dress pushing my breasts together increasing my sizeable cleavage, Jay will go wild when he sees me I thought to myself. 
I heard his car pull onto the drive around six o’clock and I rushed to my bedroom window just in time to see him getting out his car “wow” I said out loud he was dressed in a black tux and he looked fucking gorgeous, I wasn’t sure if we would make it out because I wanted to just pounce on him and fuck his brains out there and then, I heard him enter through the front door ” Angie darling I’m here” he shouted ” I will be down in a minute darling I’m just finishing off” I shouted my reply, I quickly finished what I was doing and made my way downstairs longing to be in his arms, I entered the living room and immediately got the response from him that I wanted no craved for was more like it “oh my god you look fucking amazing” he said open mouthed has his eyes scanned every part of me, he swept me up into his arms and kissed me, passion running through my body my pussy pulsates has I felt his hard cock press against me, I broke the kiss and said “where are you taking me tonight then my darling” to which he replied ” it’s a surprise babe”. 
We left the house and drove the thirty minutes or so to the city our hands joined the whole time, we arrived at a Chinese restaurant that I had always wanted to try but never got round to, I thought it was really sweet of Jay to have remembered this and that he booked a table but the biggest surprise came inside. We approached the front desk and Jay said to my surprise said “good evening I’ve got a table for two booked a mr and mrs Connelly” wow I thought we are here has man and wife, my face lit up and I gave him a huge hug and kissed him hard on the lips “thank you sweetheart” I said “what for darling” he replied ” just for being you baby” I responded, I then gave Jay a little surprise of my own “I’m not wearing any panties” I whispered in his ear well his face was a picture of lust. 
We got to our table and ordered food and drinks, we talked while we waited for our meal to arrive and both of us admitted to each other that we wanted to be together and live together has a couple not just when my daughter worked away. 
Our food came and we got tucked in, the meal was really nice and I was enjoying myself and the best thing was everyone here thought I was Jay’s wife, I was in the middle of my little daydream when Jay dropped a something on the floor and went under the table to retrieve it, I didn’t think anything of it till I felt his hands under my dress and then his fingers probing my pussy, I had to stop myself from screaming with pleasure has he pushed a finger inside me and began finger fucking me, I bit down on my lip stifling another scream has Jay continued to pump his finger into my hot wet cunt, he wasn’t under there for long but it was long enough to bring me off, he reappeared with a big mischievous grin on his face.          ” your a naughty boy, and you are so going to get it later” I whispered with a wicked smile spreading across my face, we finished our meals and walked hand in hand to the car. 
On the drive home I decided to get my revenge, I reached over and started to massage Jay’s cock through the fabric of his pants and it didn’t take him long before he was fully erect, I slipped my free hand under my dress and started toying with my clit “mmmmm baby this feels so good” I said really rubbing is cock hard now and rubbing my wet pussy, I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out and started sliding my hand up and down, talk about doing two things at once, I was wanking Jay off and myself at the same time. 
I got my fingers nice and sticky in my pussy before I pulled them out and put them to Jay’s mouth and watched has he licked and then sucked them clean “how do I taste baby” I said “fucking amazing” he replied, I then did something I’d never done before I put my fingers back inside my cunt and then I tasted my own juices, Jay kept sneaking a look his cock twitching furiously in my hand “mmmmm I do taste nice” I teased. I undid my seat belt and bent over towards his cock and started to lick it all over before taking him in my mouth fitting has much of him in has possible, Jay was doing a good job driving whilst getting a blow job, my head now moving faster up and down his cock wanting to taste his hot sticky cum hitting the back of my throat, his grunts of pleasure told me he was cumming just before I felt his cock twitch violently in my mouth and then loving the taste of his spunk has he erupted into my willing mouth making sure I greedily swallowed his entire load. 

Part three to follow. Thanks for taking the time to read. 

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