My RoommateMy Roommate


It was late, almost midnight and I was cybering away with some guy who was telling me what he could [or would like to] do to me. It was almost working, I was wet as hell, fingering away but I just couldn’t get to the point that makes you gasp, your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head. There was a big wet stain on the towel I had spread over my chair and I was completely nude except for my famous long T-shirt which was pulled up around my middle. I heard a noise in the living room, told my online lover that I would be right back and went to see what was happening.

It was Lisa my roommate. She was obviously a little tipsy and had a tall handsome stranger in tow that was in worse condition. At 33 Lisa was 10 years my junior and in appearance quite a bit different. I was tall and slim with very light brown, almost blond hair and blue eyes while she was short, a little heavy with black hair and eyes. My 36c breasts couldn’t hold a candle to her 38dd’s. Even without her slight accent there was no mistaking her Cuban background. After introductions all around I found that the guys name was Ed. When I started back into the bedroom to resume my chat, Lisa told the to wait, that she had brought Ed home for “both of us to enjoy.” I told her I would be back Erenköy Escort in a moment after I signed off and shut down the computer. This process takes about three or four minutes and by the time I went back into the living room both Lisa and Ed were completely nude and dancing to some very slow country music coming from the CD player.

Ed had a magnificent body except for one thing — his cock was just hanging there, soft and limp as an empty balloon. As I watched, Lisa danced him towards the bedroom and I followed, turning on the lights as they collapsed on the bed. Like a hungry animal, Lisa attached his soft cock while I stood in the doorway. My right hand had already strayed down to my wet pussy while my left-hand was tweaking my nipples through my T-shirt. Ed was just lying there with his legs bent at the knees and the calves hanging off the bed. Lisa was crouched beside him working to make his cock useful. In my aroused state it was more than I could stand. I stripped off my T-shirt and joined her on Ed’s other side. Reluctantly, Lisa let me have a lick of his cock. Although I couldn’t taste any precut yet at it had begun to grow. Every time I plunged my mouth up-and-down it seemed to swell a bit more and soon It was long Escort Erenköy and hard and I was rewarded with the sweet taste of precut.

I was so intent on what I was doing that I didn’t notice that Lisa had gotten up and had taken a position behind me. When her tongue touched my wet pussy I almost jumped out of the bed. Cock is good but tongue is better. I immediately aborted my attempt to swallow Ed whole starting with his penis, rolled onto my back and spread my legs to give Lisa better access to my overly sensitive pussy. She was standing on the floor and leaning over the bed with her head buried deep into my crotch. The fingers of one hand were fondling my breasts while the other was stroking my anus. I heard her grunt, felt her tongue go even deeper into my pussy and looked up to see what had happened.

Ed had gotten out of the bed and had taken advantage of her bent over posture to ram his now rock hard cock into her from behind. Each of Ed’s strokes was transmitted to Lisa’s tongue and within seconds I could feel the familiar exotic wave of pleasure has a climax engulfed me. Lisa was doing everything she could to keep my juices from running out of me and being wasted. Soon though, she could no longer ignore what Ed was Erenköy Escort Bayan doing to her from behind. Supporting herself on her arms she raised her face from my wet pussy. I could see that her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back, savoring Ed’s dick sliding in and out of her pussy. By her moans I knew that she was very close to reaching her orgasm. When she came, she collapsed on the bed but Ed never missed a stroke. He continued to pump her harder and harder. He was holding onto her hips, his head was back, his eyes were closed and he was perspiring profusely. Faster and faster he plunged while Lisa’s moans increased in intensity and tempo. I could tell when he came because he stopped moving at all and was holding Lisa’s ass hard against his crotch. I could see the muscles in his face and neck tense as he pumped load after load of cum into her. With a sigh he pulled his cock, wet with his semen and Lisa’s cum, out of her and collapsed on the bed, face up on Lisa’s other side.

We had been laying like that for a few minutes when Lisa looked at me, gave a little “why not” shrug, and again attacked his limp penis. I soon joined her but despite our best efforts we could not get a “rise” out of him. When he began to snore we knew that it was a lost cause and adjourned to my bedroom where we enjoyed ourselves throughout the night.

The next morning Ed became a man again and “serviced” us both a few times before he staggered home early in the afternoon.

Lisa and Ed have another date next Saturday if he recovers in time.

Oh boy!

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