My Life, My love_(0)My Life, My love_(0)


It had been two years since I had man to man sex with another guy. My brother had gone in the Marines when he turned 18 and our encounters dropped to every couple of months before then.. Other than my weekly call to Phil I was getting very horny and I was tired of jacking off after our calls. My grades started to drop so my parents decided I needed a tutor. I didn?’t want him to come to the house so we arranged for him to meet me at the University library. My school was only two blocks away so I could walk to the University after school. We agreed to meet at the third floor study tables. Keith said it was quieter and would be less distractions there.

When I got there he was waiting for me at the help desk. He was about the same height and build as me with long blonde hair about to his shoulders and wavy. I guessed him to be about 20 (the same age as Phil) he explained that he was a freshman tutoring for extra credit and a bit of cash. He found a table in the back corner and sat across from me. I pulled out my books and started working the math problem. He reminded me that it was my English and literature classes I needed help with. I apologized and said that was having problems in that class with that one problem and was wanting to finish it before I lost my train of thought. He was very nice and said that was good thinking then told me I could do that while he went to the restroom. He walked around the corner, popping his head back around telling me it was rite behind where we were sitting.

When he came back I could see he had a slight bulge in his jeans and a wet spot on the tip of it. Of course my mind started to wonder. We discussed my lesson and what the writing assignment was about. He told me that he was only a fresman and thet he was only 18 (only 1 year older than me) but was extreamly good in his classes and that is why he was allowed to tutor. Before I knew it he had me writing the outline. Then he had me do a goal plan with him. Stuff like how often I wanted to meet and what I wanted to accomplish. While writing that down my pencil flipped under the table. When I reached under to pick it up I could see he was rubbing his dick, and it was a full hard on. When I got back up I excused my self and told him I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the sink and wet my face, adjusted my package to discover I had a hard on after seeing him rubbing his dick in the jeans. I wet to the urinal to try and relieve my stiffy. Keith walked in and stepped behind me. “I thought you fell in!” he said. Embarrassed I told him no, just having a hard time going. He leaned over my shoulder and looked down. “I can see why! I think I can cure that.” he said as he reached around me ant took my dick in his hand. I felt his meat press against my ass, so I leaned back into it. He smiled and his soft hand stroking my dick got me real hard and he started kissing my neck. Grinding into my but he told me not only did I have a nice cock but a cute ass. “Keith, I didn’t think you were this type of guy?” I said while turning to face him my dick raging to its full 9” length. I took my hand a cupped his shaft through his jeans. “Let me see yours.” I said as I started to undo his belt and sucking on his lower lip.

He helped by unzipping his jeans and undoing the button. I could see his blond pubs and realized he didn’?t have underwear on. I reached in and pulled out his hard cock it was a nice 8” not real thick and I took it in my hand and stroked it up and down. I stepped into him placing our hard cocks together and pulled him into me. One hand around his his butt and the other around his neck I kissed him. I could tell he was getting into me and forgot where we were, he was kissing back and unbuttoning my shirt. Keith then unbuttoned his shirt pressing our chests together. My hand went up his back as we kissed passionately and I pulled it off his shoulders. He let it fall to the floor and did the same with mine. He started to play with my nipples making them hard and tender. I asked him what if someone walked in on us; he just smiled and said they would be jealous then he leaned down and ran his tongue around my nipple. I shuddered with the pleasure and moaned and I grabbed his nipples and pinched on them. We kissed and toyed with each other for a good while, his body was just so beautiful.

Finally he broke from my nipples and ran his tongue down my chest until he was on his knees and his tongue was in my bellybutton. I gabbed his head and forced it into my belly harder he moaned and I felt the vibration there. I was so excited that I could feel my cock throbbing and twitching, occasionally hitting his chin. When I looked down I saw him playing with his dick, my left hand still on his head I took my dick in the other I forced his head down on my dick. He grabbed it and swallowed all the way down his throat, gagging a little. I started fucking his face with long slow movements. I could see his eyes looking up at me so I smiled and gently caressed his face so that I could feel my cock hit his mouth and cheek as it entered. He started pulling me into him faster and faster taking it down to my pubs each time. As he took me faster he started pumping his cock at the same pace.

I wanted to suck his cock but he wouldn’?t let off my cock. Keith was breathing harder, sucking harder milking it for all it is worth. He moaned really loud when I got deep in his throat and blew his load in by briefs, on my jeans and on the floor. I gave it up and lost my load in his mouth, shooting five times. Keith didn’t swallow, he stood, opened his mouth to show it to me. I pulled him tight into me and put my tongue in his mouth to share that load. We stood there for several minutes with our pants around our ankles and shirts off feeling of each other and kissing. Then we realized we had been in there for an hour-and-a-half, we quickly dressed and went back to the table where we arranged to meet there three days a week and on Saturdays. I went home with his wet cum in my briefs and slept with them at night.

My parents paid for six weeks of tutoring, my grades improved but we hardly ever talked about my English and Literature lessons. I couldn’t wait for my next session on Wednesday, I made sure I wore my tightest pair of jeans and t-shirt. I even got dad to buy me some new briefs which I made sure were a size to small. My package definitely looked more defined with the tighty whities on, even the girls as school were turning their heads to check me out. When I went to the bathroom even the guys asked me what was different about me, did I get some? You seem peppier than usual. One of the football jock even told me that my ass looked better than his girlfriends and that he would fuck it if I didn’t have that big thing hanging between my legs. I just smiled waiting for 3:30 to get here.

I was waiting for Keith rite at 3:30 but he was nowhere to be seen, I paced every isle but could not find him. I guess our last encounter was a one time deal, I sat down and decided to give him till 4:00. I was disappointed and depressed, closed my books and decided to rub my hard cock that was wanting more attention than what was available. About the time I was going to give up and go home I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Sorry I am late, my class ran over!” I turned around and it was Keith, his crotch rite in my face. I was so glad to see him I just leaned in and kissed his dick through his shorts. He pulled me up and gave me a deep passionate kiss and whispered that he missed me.

I told him that it was okay but not to be late again. As we kissed again I felt secure in his arms and we groped each other and our cocks came to attention. I sat back down and rubbed his hairy legs letting my hand flow up inside the leg of his shorts. As usual he had no underwear on, the tip of his dick was free so started playing with it and used my mouth to suck the shaft through his shorts. I did not care that we were out in the open, I knew the floor was empty of people so I unzipped his shorts pulled his cock out and downed it deep in my throat. He let out a big groan and rammed it deeper.

He kept pumping my face as I unbuttoned him and let his shorts fall off. I reached up his t-shirt and started pinching his nipples which I new would drive him wild. He pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it on top of my books. I knew then I was falling for him and that I would do anything to please him. He pulled me off him and we kissed some more, then he asked me to strip for him slowly. I took him for his word and pretended there was some racy music playing. I would lift my shirt then drop it back down. Turn around and rub my butt then lift it up my shirt again, this time I took it off, turned and threw it to him. He took it and sniffed it, then rubbed his cock with it like it was some kind of miracle lotion.

The site of him doing that made me harder than I remember ever being, my cock pressing tight in my jeans. I turned towards him rubbing my hard-on, undoing the top button then slowly unzipping the jeans. I spread the fly to let my package show. Then I slowly pushed my jeans down making sure my face touched his dick, as I stood back up I let my tongue touch his dick and it snapped at my face. With my jeans stuck around my ankles I gyrated and played with myself through the the briefs. His cock was twitching when the head of my dick pop out from the waistband. The tip of my finger wiped the pre-cum and I fed it to him like a Popsicle. Then I pushed my briefs down, kneeling down in front of him, leaned back and started jacking my cock.
He started to bend down to take it but I stopped him, using both hands I took his heavy balls gently rolling them around in them. I proceeded to suck each one in my mouth, back and forth, he tried to jack his cock but I would not let him. He laughed and said “You bastard, that is mean! Cruel! In-humane punishment!” I replied” I like the way your balls swell when I suck them and the way your dick twitches with out it being touched!” Pre-cum was leaking down his shaft and onto my nose, I inhaled the smell deeply. I was so turned on by his blonde pubs that I licked the pre-cum off his shaft, liked my lips then downed his cock to the base. I came off and started chewing his pubic hairs then his shaft, back to the pubs. He was moaning and telling me how good I was to him, I guess I did that for about 15 minutes.

I couldn’?t take it any longer, I swallowed his cock deep in my throat forcing him to lean back on the table. I worked him long and hard as I jacked on my own dick. It was getting wet with my own pre-cum, I could feel it throb as I stroked it. I was moaning from the pleasure he was giving my mouth and throat. His balls were getting hard and tight, so I pulled his shorts off his ankles and spread them between his legs. Keith was watching me intently as I worked his dick, his balls got really tight and swelled inward and I knew he was close as I got him deep in me, groaned, and started shaking my head trying to milk him dry.

Then I heard him yell “OHHH ! GODDD ! AHHH ! YESSS ! FUCKKK !” With each trust I could feel his juices flow down into my stomach. Also with each thrust I shot a load making sure it all landed on his shorts, I counted 10 shots and his shorts looked full of my white cream, my loads seem to be getting larger then I ever had before. I pulled off his cock totally satisfied and he was laid back on the table wore out and breathing heavy. I put his shorts back on him, pulled them up, zipped and buttoned them. Then because most of my mess was inside them I rubbed my wet cum into him. Still naked I kissed him deep making sure he was tasting the residual taste of himself left in my mouth.

When I finished with his mouth I dressed as slowly as I undressed for him leaving my briefs exposed until we were ready to leave. “That is what you get for being late!” and I smiled at him. We sat together and talked for what was left of our allotted time our hands never left each others legs. We talked about our life goals, where I wanted to go for college but he seemed sad when I said I wanted to go away for school. Keith wanted me to stay and go to school there because he had a job lined up when he graduated in few years. I knew Mahmutpaşa Escort he had fallen for me too but I was not ready for him to know that I felt the same. Our time was up and he walked me home pulled me off to the side behind a bush before we reached my house and kissed me and my knees weakened, “I’ll see you Friday, don’t be late!” I laughed and ran to the door.
When I got in I hollered “Hi Mom, Dad! I still have some homework to do! I had a soda and snack at the library so don?t hold dinner for me!” When I got to my room I locked the door and pulled my cum-stained underwear from under my mattress and sniffed them. They still smelled like Keith so I went to the window where I saw Kieth still out front pacing on the street, what the fuck was he still doing there! Then I saw him go into the house about two doors down across the street. So he still lived with his parents too and I never noticed him before? I sat down and wrote my paper on Romeo and Juliette from a first person perspective. (It got an A!) Thursday came and went, but I was still flying high.

Friday I carefully selected my outfit, it was casual day so I decided to wear a pair of last years shorts that rode up my ass, a baggy t-shirt and flip-flops. I got to the library early because I skipped last period. I told my parents that I was going out after my session and I would be home late. To my surprise Keith was early also he smiled at me with his beautiful blue eyes sparkling bright. I said “What’s up?” and he replied “Just you!” I laughed and said “not yet.” with a wink.
We kissed and I sat down I slid my paper across the table to him and he looked at it and screamed out “YEE HAW!” He was truly excited about my A and told me I deserved a special reward for that. I blushed and said it was nothing but you did inspire me to change my direction with it. Keith looked puzzled at that and I told him I would explain some day. He stood up and pulled me up to him and gave me big tight and long bear hug. As we hugged he whispered to me and told me he had something special for me today he took my hand and lead me to the stairwell up to the roof top.

Keith looked into my eyes and caressed my cheek then kissed it, he moved to my neck and gently kissed it. This was a tender side of him I never saw. I held him tight as he rested his head on my shoulder. He whispered to me “I want you in a way I have never wanted a man!” He didn’t call me a guy or a boy but a man! I squeezed him tight and my hand slid down his back to his butt then I kissed him. We kissed for a lifetime or at least it seamed that way, the passion that was there was unbelievable. I saw that he had a blanket laid out and asked what was up with that he said I told you that I want you, and I meant all of you. He led my by the hand to the blanket and took off all of his clothes and laid down on the blanket. Patting the blanket to invite me to join him. I stripped naked and laid down on him kissing his face his lips this time sucking on the bottom then the top, teasing him with my tongue. As I nibbled on his ear I whispered “I am yours” and he replied “I am your too lover!” Once again he caught me off guard and tears formed in my eyes so I wiped it away and kissed him.

We looked at each other and I pulled his arms over his head grinding into him I moved down and started sucking his arm pit. He pushed up into me giggling and trying to break free but I would not let him go. He wrapped his legs around me since I wouldn’t let him free to hold me. I slid down his legs now around my back I bit on his nipple then kissed it to make it feel better then I did the same to the other. I heard him whimper as I bit them but his legs pressed harder, I knew he liked it. Then I moved down to his belly my tongue tracing the way as his legs let lose and rested beside me. My tongue rimmed the edge of his button hole and plunged in as I worked it for several minutes. His hands were now free and he forced my head down as I worked it and his abs “fuck yeah!” he said.

I was hungry for his cock so I moved down and licked his shaft as he kept trying to put it in my mouth but I couldn’t take it, not until I got to his balls. He pulled his legs back to allow me better access to them is it took them one by one his hands were holding my head and and his moans were loud. As he was pushing my head my tongue sled across his tight hole and he let out a big howl and I knew he licked that so I concentrated more on that area. Nature took it’s coarse had I started tasting that sweet hole dipping in deeper each time I crossed it. He started pushing harder into my face and I spread his ass cheeks to get deeper when I did my finger touched his hole. “OHHH !.. UHHH!” I heard so my finger plunged it. His hole felt tight around my finger as it went in deeper he pushed harder. Another finger went in and I started rotating them is I felt his hot insides. With my fingers and tongue inside him is cock was dripping and mine throbbing. “OH YES! USE MY ASS”He demanded of me. I was enjoying this but I wanted his kisses so I slid up the take them. As we kissed I felt his hard dick on my abs as I continues to grind under his balls. We both were moaning and getting very sweaty, then I felt the tip of my cock touch his hole. He bucked up into me and the tip popped his hole a little I backed off and he pushed back at it when he did I pushed into him hard. God that felt good being up in him like that and his tongue shot deep into my mouth trying to swallow my tongue, I moved to his neck sucking it hard as he groaned and I heard him whimper “Fuck me harder! Give it to me!”

He was grinding into me hard and I was slamming back it felt so good that I was taking long thrusts pulling out and slamming back in. As I did he would encourage me by saying “Yeah ! fuck !ohhh ! ahhh ! Ooo!” pulling me in. I don’t know how long we kept this up but it was starting to get dark. My rhythm was getting faster and harder and I felt his balls get bigger then his balls tightened up and so did his ass I knew he was close. I gabbed him around the back and pulled him up for a kiss my mouth muffling his moans then I felt his hot cum flowing out onto us and my cream started to flow deep inside his hot ass. We collapsed there and laid for the longest but he would lot let me out of him even with it soft.

We finally broke lose and he said we better get me home it was later that usually. I told him that I already told my parents I was going out after our session. He asked me what I was planning to do and I told him I planned to leave that up to him. He smiled and told me that there was a party at the Student Union did I mind if he took me. We got dressed stopped by his locker and put my stuff in to it, then went to the party. As we met up with his friends while holing hands he introduced me as his new boyfriend. I didn’t know what to think about his openness but everybody seemed to accept me and him. At about 11:00 we walked home hand in hand when we got to the house I was expecting him to pull me into the bushes again but he walked me to the door and kissed me there. Timidly I responded and said my parents did not know and he said that’s okay, I saw the lights go off so they went to bed.” he smiled at me “well I got to go too. I’ve got a long walk ahead of me.” I slapped his ass and said “You have another punishment coming! you only live two doors down! I saw you the other night” He rubbed his ass and told me not to knock me out of him that he liked it up there and he would see me about 11:00 on the morning.
I went to my room took off my clothes and put on my smelly underwear and slept knowing part of Keith was with me. I did not want to say it but I was in love with him. Morning came and mom called me down to breakfast and asked me how my night was so I told her unbelievable. I told her that I got an A on my paper so Keith took me to the Student Union for a party to celebrate, she asked to see my paper. I realized that it was in his locker at the university, so I explained that Keith locked my books in his locker at school and we forgot to pick them up on the way home. The phone rang, mom said it was my tutor so I took the call. “Mom I will take it up in my room” I yelled as I ran up the stairs where I picked up the phone and heard the other end click off “Hey my man! What are you calling me so early for?” He told me that he just missed me and wanted to make sure he didn’t scare me away, then he asked me if it was okay to pick me up at the house. Nervously I agreed and hung up the phone.

I sat on my bed thinking about what I would wear and that I wanted to complete our relationship but could I take him like he took me. I knew by the kindness and tenderness that he showed me yesterday that it would be alright so my decision was made. Not thinking I put my shorts on over my shorts and found a clean and tight fitting t-shirt this time with ankle socks and sneakers. The doorbell rang so I ran down the stairs but mom beat me to the door and invited him in she started to call my name and saw me at the foot of the stairs. “Keith have a seat and tell me how the tutoring is going.” my mother said as I cringed and he sat down. “Well I don’t want to embarrass him, but he is a fine student and is not in as much trouble with his learning as you thought, he just needs a little more …. uh …. discipline and routine. His A on the literature paper shows that! I was proud of him for that and rewarded him for that. and he rewarded me as well! … uh … with his performance.”

I was quick to rescue him by saying we need to get to the campus to get my books and paper so that I could show it to my parents. He got up and we left for our Saturday ‘session’ he took my hand as we took our time walking there. We got to his locker and retrieved my stuff he said that his class was just down the hall did I want to study there instead of the library that nobody used it on the weekends. I agreed but when we got there it looked more like a movie theater with rows of chairs and tables going down to a stage he pointed to a desk next to the one in the center and said that was where he sat because he also ran the A.V.. He took a chair and set it next to his and told me to take his as I spread my books out he stood behind me and kissed my neck. We kissed for a minute or two (maybe three or four) his hand pinched my tits through the t-skirt.
I told him not to start that but he continued anyway “You owe me for yesterday!” he said. “What?!” I replied so he pulled the neck of his t-shirt over revealing a huge hickey on his neck and shoulder. I blushed and apologized to him, promised to make it up to him. I knew then this was the day to give my-self over to him so I stood and turned to him put my arms over his shoulders and kissed him. My hand playing with his soft blonde hair, making true love with him. The feel of his warm tongue in my mouth excited me as his hands explored my back and we pressed our bodies together trying to be a part of each other. I could feel him swell up which made me do the same and we ground our bodies together. “Are you always this horny?” I asked.
He smiled at me looking in my eyes he replied “Only every time I see you! I love your body, you’re my sexy man!” There was that word again “man” my hand moved off his shoulders and down to his chest and I grabbed both nipples and put my mouth against his ear whispered “no!you are the man!” I bit his earlobe then started pulling his shirt off. We stood there slowly undressing each other until we were both in our underwear when he noticed that they were stained from his cum he asked if it was his as I pulled them off he kissed them and said “Offered with love!” he got naked as I moved slowly backward to his desk. Him pressing against my body made me weak so I sat on top of it wrapping my arms and legs around him. We kissed and toyed with each others bodies, caressing and pinching and just simply lusting over each other.

After about 20 minutes of this I stretched back on the desk, legs still around him, I said “I wish this would never end!” he replied “It doesn’?t have to. We are neighbors and friends now, I can find other reasons to see you.!” he smiled leaned down pressing his weight Escort Mahmutpaşa on top of me and started kissing me again. I directed him to my ear, then my neck letting him know that he could mark me as I had done him (as payback of course) when he took me up on the offer his sucking drove me wild and felt so good that I forced his head down hard and shouted at the top of my lungs “HELL YEAH! Brand me yours!”. I could tell that it excited him and scared him at the same time because he put his hand over my mouth. “Hush .. someone might hear you!” at that point I relaxed my legs letting them dangle off the desk and pouted.

He said he was sorry but he knew the building wasn’t completely empty and did not want us to get thrown out. “but I will make it up to you.!” he ran his tongue down to my arm pit where he started sucking on it and nibbling the hairs. I started moaning and squirming from the tickle then he moved to my nipples, but he did not bite them hard like last night. Then he moved to the center giving gentle kisses all the way down to my treasure trail, as he called it, where he did the same to my pubs. He then engulfed my dick a few times before I pushed him to my balls. He made love to them with his tongue and mouth, swallowing then gently lapping with his tongue again and again on each one.

When I thought I couldn?’t take any more I pulled my feet up and exposed my ass to him using my hand to push his head down that way. I moaned softly as his tongue barely touched the tight hole and I arched up to let him know it was alright. As he lavished my ass with kisses and a probe every once in a while I could hear him moan. I spread my cheeks wider and pulled his head into me begging for him to do it harder and deeper; I thought I was going to pull his hair out I wanted it so bad. Between the gasps for breath and the moans I managed to get the words out for him to finger me. He did as I asked and slowly put the tip of one finger barely in but out of desperation I pushed it all the way in. Keith seemed shocked that I liked it that much.

He continued on until he had three fingers inside me and my dick was twitching uncontrollably I thought I was going to blow my load then. But Keith saw that and stopped, climbed on the desk beside me and asked if I would suck him then without an answer he shoved it down my throat. When he pulled out he laid on top of me dick to dick then positioned himself with my dick placed to penetrate him like the night before but I would not take his ass instead I held him tight and said “Today I am yours, I want you inside me!”. We kissed a little while longer and he put me on my hands and knees and ate my ass some more.

With my cock bobbing up and down he grabbed it and started pumping it to match the thrusts he was making with his tongue. “Yes baby make love to me! Give me your big dick! I am ready to be all yours!” I cried between moans of pleasure. He took my hips and positioned himself behind me then pressed his dick up and down my ass and then the crack with his shaft teasing my hole. Then he let the head rest rite at the door, spit and spread my cheeks apart then went in about an inch. He did that a couple of time then went about three inches, then four, then five then six, then seven. Finally he had all eight inches in me and rested there. Bending forward he kissed my neck then turned my head so that we could kiss while he place his hands on mine. I rode back on him like a dog in heat, I Loved the way he felt up in there begging him to fuck me harder and faster.
I did not want him to stop but my knees and arms were starting to hurt and I dropped to my elbows, I didn?’t realize it gave him better access and me more pleasure, I wanted him even more when he took my dick and started to jack it. I was so weak that my arms slid forward to the point my head was on the desk top so he gently rolled me over onto my back. He held me under the shoulders keeping his fuck pace strong and hard long hard strokes in and slow all the way out, slamming in hard each time. “Fill me with your love Keith Robert Penner” I commanded, no demanded, and yes I used his full name! No, not yet I kept saying to myself as he pounded hard and stopped pulling out. His pace got faster and my balls swelled up, the feel of his pubes on my balls took me over the top.

I pushed his shoulders back, “I want to see your face when you cum in me!” his smile changed to a gritting of teeth and pouring sweat. “Ohhh: NOOO!” he screamed as he took 4 hard thrusts into me pulling out he shot his last two shots over my balls and dick. “YESSSSSSS!” I screamed back as I lost my loads without even being touched and he pressed back into my ass then collapsed on top of me. My cum stuck us together like glue and we kissed and caressed each other. A few minutes later we heard a voice from the door say “Bravo! BRAVO! Lover boys! …….. Keith I thought I might find you here.” it was his friend Devon that I met the night before, we were beat red with no way of covering ourselves. “Man what are you doing here and how long have you been there?” Keith asked. The reply was “Long enough to get a woody and be jealous of the both of you! …. Oh! And to let you know that we have been invited to the Delta Chi Omega keger tonight … be there by 8 or you?’re late!”

It was 1:30 we missed lunch but the snack bar was still open and we could get drinks, nachos and a hot dog there. We gathered my books, put them in my back then got dressed but I noticed he had my briefs on. “And what am I supposed to wear?” I asked. He replied with a smile “You can do like me and hang free, I will give them back later!”. We finished dressing and went to the snack bar both; of us ordered a nacho with extra cheese and a large root-beer and sat at the table next to each other. He would feed me a chip and then dip his finger in the cheese sauce and feed it to me, then I would do the same for him, we thought it was cute and sweet. Devon walked up to the table and sat across from us “Mind if I join the cute couple? … but I am not going to feed you!”. Devon talked with us for a while telling he thought it was great that we found each other and that he liked seeing his friend so happy, he also warned me that if I hurt him he would hurt me back! He then explained that he lived at the Delta house and that if we got drunk we could stay in his room.

When we got up to leave I noticed cheese sauce on Keith’s shirt and shorts and leg so I asked him if he was saving it for later. He looked down when I pointed to the spot on his shorts the gave my a quick glance up and down and commented that I was too. We went to the men’s? room to clean up and had a quick B.J. session while wiping the cheese off our clothes. When we came out we saw Devon outside standing out the door he said “I thought you might have needed some privacy, I know I would have so I stood guard! See you guys at 8, you are bringing Trey aren’t you?”. As we walked home he told me that I had to dress like I was a college student and to make sure it was okay with my parents.

I walked (actually skipped) into the house and hollered out “Mom! Dad! Where are you?” when I got to the den I saw that they were out by the pool so I went out to them and placed my paper on the table between their lounge chairs. Dad looked at it then handed it to Mom and congratulated me then said he didn?’t think I needed a tutor any longer but Mom quickly put that to rest by explaining what Keith had told her this morning. “Speaking of Keith, he has been invited the Delta Chi Omega keg party that they were recruiting him to be a brother and he wanted me to go there and see if they might want to recruit me when I go to college.” They only recruit those who have high G.P.A.’s and solid education and goals and that Keith thought I would be there by the time I graduated I explained to my parents and asked if I could go with him. Mom said yes so my dad reluctantly agreed even though I was not of legal age to drink he trusted me because I was raised with wine at dinner and he would allow me a beer or two on occasion.

Mom fixed an early dinner and we ate steaks, baked potatoes with pees (yuk I hate pees) but I ate anyway, took a shower and got dressed. My Kackie pants and buttoned down shirt fit a little tight but in a nice way they showed my but and chest very well I thought to myself. I found my dockers but decided to be like the guys on campus and not wear socks when I heard the door bell ring. My dad answered the door, invited Keith in and asked him to explain the party to him and when he planned to get me home. Keith said it would be late unless we got too drunk to make it home and that his friend said we could crash at the house if we needed to. My dad agreed that would be okay but that one of us had to call them and let them know no matter how late it was. We both agreed and headed out the door and my dad told us to be careful and I replied “I know ? two beer limit” (I then whispered under my breath) maybe three or four; when we got to the tree line we held hands and walked to the frat house.

Devon greeted us at the door and gave us a tour of the house stopping to get us all a beer then he showed us his room. He had a double bed in there and a recliner, his desk and a dresser with a TV and VCR on it “If you guys stay here you can have my bed, but no hanky panky!” he smiled with a wink. We went back to the party and had nice time and Keith either had my hand or an arm around me, not hiding our relationship, several guys thought it was great that we were not ashamed to show our relationship openly. Before we knew it, it was 3:30 in the morning and I said we had to call our parents, Keith offered to do it so he called my dad and said I had fallen asleep and that we were going to stay at the house then he laughed and kissed me. Devon said “Get a room! … oh! I offered you mine. It’s time to go to bed anyway, the party is dead anyway.”

When we got to his room Keith and I flopped on the bed, Devon locked the door and got a blanket out of his closet and threw it on the recliner. Then he turned to us and said he was going to go to sleep but that he sleeps in the buff, stripped naked and got in the chair. We couldn’t help but notice he was hung like a horse, at least twelve inches, bright red pubes to go along with his hair but his body was smooth. We both looked at each other and decided to strip down as well, nobody thought about turning the lite off as we snuggled on the bed together me laying in Keith’s arms and kissing him. “I like the thought of sleeping and waking up with you.” I whispered in his ear as I pressed my body into his.

Keith looked down at the end of the room where the recliner was then looked at me he said “I wonder how big he is hard? I’ve never seen his dick before now.” Devon heard us and said “no bigger but much thicker!” and laughed “You know I was kidding when I said no hanky panky … you just have to let me jack off while I watch you guys. I have always been curious to what two guys do in real life.” That turned both of us on and I reached down and started playing with Keith’s dick making him hard so I moved down and started sucking his eight inches. Keith moved me so that he could suck me too, Devon put the chair back into the upright position and postioned himself on the edge slowly stroking his meat.

“That is hot guys!” he said as his dick got thicker and stiffer “I wish I had a boyfriend too, but the few guys I have tried to be with shied away!” We all laughed and I said one day he would find the rite man too. Him watching us really made us hot and in no time we both were ready to cum and our moans got louder that thrusts even faster. We could hear Devon’s slaps getting faster as he stood stretching his cock outward jacking that massive rod. Keith and I pulled off of each other at the same time and said “I?m going to cum!” both of us shot our loads all over each other we smiled at each other as if to know what the other was thinking and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Come on Devon, let it go!” Keith said and I said “Show us your cum!” Devon was stroking hard it took both hands to wrap around the three inch round bat he was holding Mahmutpaşa Escort Bayan an sweat running down his dark body glistening in the light. He was thrusting forward and arched back, load after massive load kept gushing out so far that it was hitting us. “OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” he screamed as he unloaded about ten thick and heavy shots of his juices. There was a pounding on the wall “Keep it down in there! There are people trying to sleep!” a slurry voice said and we just laughed. Devon turned the light off as we snuggled back on the bed this time Keith was in my arms and Devon started to get back into the recliner when Keith piped up and said that this was his bed and that we would only take up half. Devon laid down on the other half as we drifted off to sleep,we shifted to our side. Keith was in front of me with my arm over him and we were almost asleep when we felt Devon rolled onto his side and put his arm over us.
We woke up at about 11;30 that morning, of coarse we all had raging hard-ons so we laid there and jacked off together. Devon asked us how may time we got off together the day before so we counted and said four times an he said that last night and this morning was the first time in four months for him. That explained the load he shot off last night and this morning. Keith gave him a kiss on the cheek and said “Keep practicing so that you are ready for when you do find the ONE that is for you!” We redressed and went downstairs to get some coffee before we headed home while Devon went to a frat house meeting. He came back with two other frat brothers and called Keith off to the side, he came back and said we need to talk to you and took me back up to Devon?s room. “Look they asked me to pledge even though the year was almost over, he would still have to go through the fall initiation. But they also asked if you would like to pledge on certain conditions.”

He then told me that I would have to take two summer classes and night school during my senior year in high school. He said the brothers would help me and so would he and that during my senior year I would be an honorary brother and then a real brother once I graduated. Without hesitation I agreed but that I had to ask my parents before I could commit. Kieth pounded on the wall and Devon and all the frat brothers rushed in yelling “Early Rush!!!! … Welcome brother Trey!, … brother Keith!!” Kieth and I headed home (literally ran!) after the excitement subsided. We ran into the house with me leading the way, not thinking still holding hands I yelled for mom and dad to come here to the living room. Kieth took the lead and told them the news about him and then the offer they made me, realizing that we were still holding hands he broke free of my grip. “I’m sorry we were just so excited!” as he blushed and sat down. Dad said they already knew because one of the frat brothers had already called to ask if it would be okay with him and mom before they made the offer. “You guys better go tell your parents too Keith.” Mom said as she stood and gave us both a kiss on the cheek “Congratulations, I’m proud of you Trey!”

The next few weeks were business as usual except that our lessons were held at the frat house in Devon”s room. Mondays he would blow me, Wednesdays I would blow him, Fridays I usually fucked him, and on Saturdays he would fuck me. A couple of times we got caught in action by the brothers, one or two of them tried to join in but we would push them away claiming that we belonged to each other only. One Saturday Devon came in with shopping bag and said “Guys I have to show you these!” He had three chrome and three leather cock rings and a VCR tape “We have to try these! And have a little jack party of our own.” he smiled a sly smile and put the tape in the machine. It was a gay porno flick, he said when he saw it the thought of us and since we have shared our secrets he did not think we would mind. I got up and locked the door and said it was okay by me since we were using his room and Keith nodded in agreement.
We were already naked so we sat on the bed and watched Devon strip down, he held out the rings for us to pick out one and both of us chose the chrome. We held the rings and laughed as Devon said he would take the leather since he was the third wheel at he party. He snapped it on around his balls and dick, it looked stunningly hot against his carrot red pubs and massive balls and cock. Both of us gasped as we looked at him, then smiled at each other and realized the ones we picked out didn’t snap on. Keith had a devilish look in his eyes and said he would help me and we kissed,
I offered to put his on him and kissed him again, got on my knees. For some reason while I was down there and gazed up into his eyes and said “I love you!” (paused a few moments and smiled up at him). “With this ring I thee wed, giving you my all.” I slid one ball in, then the other and then forced the head into the ring and pulled it through kissing the tip. With a tear in his eye he pulled me up and knelt down, smiled up to me, repeated the same thing to me and stood and we kissed a long passionate kiss. I was shocked that I told him I loved him, but even more that he said he loved me too! We started crying from joy and realized we just made a commitment to each other. We looked over at Devon and saw tears rolling down his face and sniffing, Keith said “I guess that make you the best man!” and we laughed and he replied “Who was the bride?” I snickered back and said we both are grooms.

We kicked back on the bed putting Devon between us as he clicked the play button and we started watching the movie. Devon started swelling as we watched the guys sucking each other and both of us at the same time asked if he had ever sucked or been sucked by another guy and he shook his head no. Keith looked at me and said “Do you think we should tease him about that?” I smiled and said “Let’s let him have a close up!” Keith leaned across him and started sucking me until I got a full erection and Devon got really stiff. I asked him if he minded if I felt his dick and he said “Come on guys don’t play me like this!” Keith looked up at the both of us and winked. We both took a free hand and grabbed his dick “Awe Fuck!” he said. This time I switched with Keith and started sucking him but making sure I laid on top of his hard cock. So that he could grind I into my chest.

“Oh fuck this is hotter than this video! I wish I had a mouth on my cock like that!” then he pointed to the TV and said “I saw you guys doing that.” He laughed and said that he saw a lot more than he had admitted to and that it made him curious as to what he was missing out on. Then he said he saw us at the library too, and that was when he made it a point to hang close to us. We both leaned up and kissed his cheeks and thanked him for being our friend and guardian then kissed down his chest and we both played with his nipple and sucked on them. We glanced down at Devon’s crotch my hand around the base and Keith’s above mine and there was still two inches showing we slowly moved down and started chewing his pubs. “Oh SHIT! … that feels good!” he told us as he bucked upward in our hands.

I started licking on his ball that was closest to me and Keith did the same when we let go of his cock we heard it slap hard against his abs and he flinched. We used our tongues and slid up the shaft reaching the head we took turns licking it and the piss hole his hands moved to our heads and fingers ran through our hair. “MMMMM … OOOOO … UHHHH” he moaned as we traded taking about three inches of his cock in our mouths. We tried to take more but his thickness kept gagging us but we worked harder to make him release his load “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” he shouted “OHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKK! (A little on the weak side) I’m Cuuummming!” which made both of us lose our loads too.

His juices soaked our faces (we counted 12 heavy loads of his cream!) as we wiped our face and fed some to him with our fingers and liked it off each others face. The flavor was more on the salty side, but good!, we slid back up on each side of him and kissed him allowing him to lick what was left of his cum off of our faces. “Oh what the hell he is our best friend and our groomsman!” Keith said as he leaned in and gave Devon a deep tongue kiss and pushed his face to mine and I did the same. “After all you are part of our family now! Not only a frat bother but a love brother!” I said with a smile “Do you think you can go another round or two?”

We watched the movie for a little while and Keith reminded me what day it was an I moved between him and Devon. “This is the part that you cannot partake in! Besides I would not want to be damaged goods!” and kissed Devon. Keith replied I do not think either of us could take that big cock of yours!”we all laughed. I rolled onto my side and let Kieth push into me moaning as he reached his base and gently pumped my ass. Before I knew it Devon was swallowing my cock like it was second nature and I was pumping is as Keith was pulling out. I was whining “Fuck me! Suck me!” as the pace was getting faster and we got closer to unloading again. I don’t remember watching the whole movie but our four episodes was better!

The following week was prom and I arranged a date with one of the girls Keith and I were friends with and she agreed we would make a short visit an then I could meet Keith at the hotel. That was the first night Keith and I were going to be able to sleep together alone. That night we did everything including fucking each other,we made love about six or seven times. Keith told me that his parents and sister was going to be out of town all the next week and because I had finals that that I should stay with him for a cram course. He told me that he was a good cook and that he would take care of me. So the next day I made him come over and talk to my parents and bring a note from his saying that it was okay with them which he willingly did.

I finished packing my bag for the week making sure I packed the leather cock ring in a safe place my books on the bottom and clothes on top. I carried the bag downstairs and mom stopped me and gave me $100.00 and told me to get some casual clothes that fit me better, they knew Keith’s parents left him a car to use this week. I said okay and walked up the road to Keith’s house when I walked in I was greeted with a big bear hug and kiss “Welcome home lover!” he said. If only that was true I thought to myself as we moved to his room. He handed me the underwear he had kept five weeks ago “I added a couple more stains to them on the nights I was not with you!” so I smelled them and said ”Whew! Ripe!” I smiled and finished with “But I wont need them this week I’ll have you now!” Whenever we were home we were naked and making love, but I aced every test!

That was the best summer, as a mater of fact, the best time of my LIFE! I just knew that we would be together forever. I just did not know how short forever was. The week before we started back to school Kevin’s mother came over to the house crying and Mom called me down to the living room crying as well. They both told me that Kevin was killed in a car crash coming home from his grandmother’s. I was devastated and did not believe it. I dropped to the floor and passed out and woke up in my bed with both Mom’s holding me. They esplianed that they understood how close Keith an I had become and cried with me some more. But niether of them knew whar he realy was to me.

Because Devon and I were his best friends we were asked to sit with the family at hios funeral. But they did not know I was their son-in-law and Devon held me tight the whole time. When it was time to leave Devon had his arm over my shoulder and said “I guess it is up to me to take care of you now lil bro!” I hugged him and we cried some more. Devon lived up to his promice, which he still does well.

By the way I have his ring on, I threw the other one out after I was told of his death. I figured I would keep a part of him with me but it is a tight fit!. We have shared a lot of trials and tribulations together as well as a lot more of good times. Devon finally found a lover of twenty years now and I found one for 15 years, but alas I lost him too and I still wear my wedding ring from Keith! and my wedding band from Jay. But I progressed too far! For the next few years I became a wild man and had many adventures including quite a few with Devon.


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