My Life As A Wittol, Chapter TwoMy Life As A Wittol, Chapter Two

Anal Dildo

CJ first came to Arizona when she was twenty, and for a short time she lived with an elderly widowed aunt. Her elderly aunt tried to impose restrictions on her as she had on her older, unmarried daughter. CJ eventually made friends with a young couple around her age named Rick and Stephanie, and shortly thereafter she moved in with them. Rick and Stephanie started to take her to a club called Snoop’s where she met Roger, the front door bouncer. Roger was not an overly large guy, but was known for his aggressive nature in resolving conflicts in the bar. He was also known for his after-hours parties at his home, and highly praised by the numerous women that eventually ended up in his bed. Roger would only invite a select group to his parties, a group which usually included a girl he wanted to fuck that night – nor was he ever far from his notorious briefcase, in which he carried several pipes and a nice selection of pot. I was not invited to many of his parties until I started to date CJ. Shortly after she started going to Snoop’s and got friendly with Roger, he would admit her free, and she spent considerable time talking to Roger as he sat on his stool at the front door, as did many of the girls at the club. CJ knew about his well-known after-hours parties, and had heard the talk about his reputation in the bedroom, and so was thrilled when Roger finally invited her one night. She didn’t have a ride, but Roger offered to let her ride with him and promised to give her a ride home if she felt uncomfortable, or when she was ready to leave. CJ waited around with Roger after the club closed until all of his close up duties were completed and only the two of them remained in the club. CJ was dressed in a short top that exposed her tight waist and she’d worn a pair of small, tight cutoff jean shorts that looked like they had been washed too many times. She wore her long blonde hair in a long braid that trailed down her back. Finally, only the two of them remained in the club and they stopped in the office to pick up Roger’s briefcase holding his pot and pipes. Roger loaded a few bowls to smoke before leaving as they sat and talked. Roger leaned over, putting his arm around her, and took the back of her neck in his large hand, and as he pulled her head towards him as he leaned in and kissed her. She Escort izmir had been hoping he would and she put her arm around his neck and returned his kiss. She felt his hand on her bare waist as he slid it up under her short top and cupped her bra-covered petite breast. When CJ didn’t resist he slid his hand up under her bra, pushing it up over her small breast, and he caressed her bare breast. He gently rubbed his thumb over her stiff nipple and she moaned softly as it became sensitive and stiffened under his touch. CJ slid her hand down between his open legs and start to rub his growing cock. CJ had heard the other girls in the club talk about Roger’s large cock, and as their kiss continued she softly moaned as she felt it swelling as her hand brushed over his growing erection, gently caressing it as it grew larger in his pants. Roger leaned back into the sofa as he unfastened his pants, and he lifted his body as he slid his pants and boxers down past his knees. CJ took his cock in her hand and slowly stoked it up and down. She gasped, “Oh my god…” Roger kind of chuckled as he said to her, “I guess you like what you see?” CJ just moaned as she stared at his cock. It continued to grow as her hand slid slowly up and down his shaft, “I love it, but it scares me a bit.” Roger put his hand on the back of her head and started to guide it towards his hard cock. Her lips slid down over the head of his cock as she held the base of it in her hand, and slowly her lips began to slide down the hard shaft as she took more of his cock into her mouth. She was able to take a few more inches in her mouth as her hand moved leisurely up and down, slowly stroking his cock. Her tongue swirled around the head then she let it slip from her mouth and kissed up and down the length, pausing as she licked the underside just below the head. She took his cock back in her mouth and started to move her head up and down, her soft lips sliding along the hard shaft. Roger just leaned back in the sofa and moaned, “Damn that feels good. I knew you would be a good cock sucker, but not this good. I think you have sucked a few cocks before”. She moaned as she nodded, never letting his cock slip from her mouth. It excited her even more as he talked nasty to her, her head moving faster as he called izmir escort bayan her a cocksucker. She liked to be called a cocksucker, especially a good cocksucker. As her tempo picked up she felt his cock grow harder and the head swelled even bigger, and she smiled proudly to herself knowing he would not last much longer. CJ let his cock slip from her mouth, but never let go of it as she slid onto the floor between his legs. She never took her eyes off it as she told him, “Damn… this is a gorgeous cock.” She eagerly took the head back in her mouth as Roger took her head in both hands. He held her head and guided it up and down as he started to thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. She gagged a few times as he forced her head down, so she wrapped both her hands around the base to keep him from pushing his fat cock too deep. Roger pushed her head down as he thrust his hips up, forcing more of his big cock into her mouth. She felt his body tense, then he stiffened and groaned loudly as his cock erupted and started to fill her mouth with his warm cum. He cried out, “Ohhh, fuck! Don’t stop.” Roger held her head down, and CJ had no choice other than to swallow his thick cum as his cock spewed his thick warm cum into her mouth. CJ moaned, proud that she had been able to make him cum with her mouth. She hadn’t had enough time to swallow all of his cum before he groaned loud again and more warm cum shot into her mouth filling it once again. After his second huge load of cum his body remained tense as CJ’s lips moved slowly up and down his cock as she stroked the base in her hand as she squeezed and sucked more cum from his cock. His body shook as more cum oozed out into her mouth. She then used her tongue to slide the slick cum around his cock, teasing the head. She looked up at him and smiled as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, showing him the cum, then she ran her tongue around her lips to make sure she had it all and made a show of looking him in the eyes as she swallowed his cum. Finally his cock started to soften and she let it slip from her mouth. She held his cock as she gently licked any of the remaining thick, white cum from his cock. As she licked the soft head she looked up at him and smiled as she asked, “How was that?” Their eyes izmir escort were locked as they smiled at each other. “That was nice, but a good cocksucker always kisses the tip when they are finished.” She smiled and looked into his eyes as she pulled his softening cock to her lips, their eyes never left the others, and she gently ran her tongue around the end of his cock and then slowly sucked the head back into her mouth as her tongue, still slick with his cum, moved slowly around the head gently caressing. He moaned as her soft lips slowly slid back up over the now sensitive head. She felt him quiver as she lovingly kissed the tip of his cock as it slipped from her lips. The after-hours party was well under way when CJ and Roger walked in late. Roger grabbed two beers out of the fridge and opened them, and handed one to CJ. Roger mingled with the partiers for a bit. CJ saw Roger in the kitchen with a group of his friends and she suspected he was telling them about the blowjob he got in the club office. Roger eventually made his way back to her, walking up behind her and putting his arms around her waist as he whispered into her ear, “Let’s go to my room, I want you to try some of my select pot. I keep it in there for my special friends.” There was about a half dozen in his room smoking his choice stuff when they walked in and Roger picked up a pipe and loaded it and gave it to CJ. He clicked his lighter and lit the pipe as she inhaled the fragrant smoke. After a few minutes the others left the room leaving Roger and CJ alone. He reached back and closed the door; she noticed he didn’t bother to lock it and wondered why. Roger walked up behind CJ and slid his hands around her and cupped her small breasts. He started to caress them as CJ leaned her head back against him and softly moaned as she pressed her ass back into him. He whispered in her ear, “I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.” He pulled her top up over her head and tossed it on the dresser, then he unsnapped her bra and slowly pulled it down to expose her small but firm breasts. As he cupped her petite breasts he told her how much he loved small breasts. CJ recalled in her mind how the girls he dated all had smaller breasts. He took her nipples between his thumbs and fingers and gently pulled and twisted them. CJ squealed and squirmed out of his grasp and backed towards the bed, smiling as she stepped out of her sandals, She laughed as she asked him, “How do you know how I have been fucked before?” She crawled up on the bed and lay back on her side, leaning on her elbow and smiling sexily.

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