My Hot Sister-In-Law, Leslie 1.0My Hot Sister-In-Law, Leslie 1.0


I have always had a thing for my sister-in-law, Leslie. She’s a few years my senior, 8 years. I’m now 41, and this happened a few years ago. She is a total fox. Smart, smart, smart, pretty and with a body to boot. She’s unlike her sis in that she’s dark whereas my wife, Rebacca is blond. Leslie’s breasts are likely a 34-C cup, maybe 120 lbs, and she’s always been healthy and it shows. Great skin, sunny outlook and while her hips are wider than my wife’s, she also a good 5 inches on my her, so that’s expected.

Laura is FINE. Athletic (a runnerand always keeping herself fit), with toned arms and a great ass. She’ll show up in her sweaty clothes after running to say “hi” (we live close) and I know exactly what she smells like, as I’ve smelled her panties fresh from the hamper and cum a few times from it.

She flirts with me and her husband Mark doesn’t mind. Mark’s also got a *little* thing with my wife (infatuation for the older boyfriend, whatever). He and I are bros and play basketball together, and he tells me that she won’t put out and she just doesn’t seem interested anymore (which drives him nuts).

Well, we had them to dinner just before Christmas in 2008 and we all drank up a storm. Now, I must preface this by saying that I’ve dreamed of bedding Leslie, finding a way to lay next to her and touch her. Little did I know, this night would might bear fruit.

At one point prepping dinner Leslie and I bumper into each other and hugged and she really did push her breasts and hips into me, which was awesome. My cock came to life, I was aroused and enjoyed the moment. What I really though was how do I gaziosmanpaşa escort get myself into those panties?

Leslie had spilled the beans to my wife — she thinks Mark’s had an affair. My wife commiserates with her and meanwhile the wine is flowing. It gets to the two of them, and when dessert is over, Mark is ready to go.

“Come on, Leslie. Time to go,” Mark says.

Leslie replies “I think I’ll stay here tonight.”

Mark is cool to her, but then it’s not unexpected. He says his goodbyes and leaves.

Meanwhile, sensing Leslie’s intent, I’ve already laid out the sofa bed.

Now, you must understand, I am a snorer and my wife often will kick me downstairs, either because of my snoring or one of our young kids seeking her attention late at night. I’m cool with it.

Rebecca and Leslie talk on the unfolded couch and then Reb says goodnight and departs for upstairs. Eventually I walk in and Leslie is lying on the couch, drifting. I ask her if she wants some water and she says “yes” dreamily.

I bring her back some water, shut off the lights as I see she is laying without sheets, fully- clothed, and passing out.

“Take off your pants,” I say, mischief in my mind.

“Okay,” she replies, as she unconsciously unbuttons her jeans. She slides them off and I brab the bottom of the legs, getting a perfect view of her panties.

She is old school, I know. No thong. Nylon panties with the bush to boot. I can see her mound is thick and black through her white cotton undies. She curls up after her pants are off and as I put the blanket over gölbaşı escort her I can see her black pubes jutting from each side of her panties.

I slowly lay the blanket over and, as she’s drifting off to Neverland I ask if I can share the bed. It’s too cold anywhere else. She says “sure” as she drifts off.

I realize it’s going to be a long night, figuring out how to touch that pussy without causing a ruckus. I realize my best play is just to lay next to her, wait until she’s out and do my exploration then.

So I crawl into bed next to her, careful to be back to back so as not to arouse any suspicion as to my future intentions. It’s not long before I hear her lightly snoring, curled up and her natural heat coming off the bed, that I turn and face her back.

It is beyond exciting that I *this close* to my Leslie, who’s wearing panties and curled up just inches from me. If I could just reach out and touch her.

I wait. And wait. And wait. Her breathing becomes more regular and I know she’s out cold. I reach my hand forward, slowly, achingly, reaching for her.

A little more.

A little more.

Then bingo! I touch not her pussy but her inner thigh. I decide to place my hand there as I do with my wife (hand between the legs, intimate but cuddling) and leave it there. She accepts my hand unwittingly, curls her thighs around it and suddenly and I now have my hand pressed between her thighs and right against her pussy.

I am in heaven.

My cock is starting to become a liability, as it is large and growing. I have to position myself so it doesn’t get keçiören escort lodged against her back or on her ass.

I know if I start fingering Leslie she’ll wake more and she’ll realize the situation. I still have plausible-deniability.

I wait. And wait. And wait.

An hour passes, maybe two. Leslie is out cold. And I am rock hard. I slowly move my hand into the innermost part of her crotch and slowly, gently, pull her panties aside. Her hairy pubes spring out against my hand and yet she doesn’t stir — her breathing remains perfectly rhythmic.

Her hot dark bush lies await. I know if I penetrate her she’ll wake up and I’ll have a shit-storm on my hands, so instead I gently release my stone-hard cock from my shorts and slowly start to stroke myself.

Unlike fake stories where the sister-in-law secretly wants you, this is reality. I am holding Leslie’s pussy in my hand and I am about to blow.

Her pussy is warm, not hot, and I decide to leave her a present. I stroke my rock hard cock a few times and blow probably a quarter cup of cum into my hand. I then take the cum, gently transfer it into my other hand, and slowly smear Leslie’s hairy cunt with it.

Nothing can be more exciting than knowing you’ve just placed cum into the ultimate forbidden place. I am hard thinking about it now. I eventually rolled over and wnet to sleep, knowing I felt up and came against my sister-in-law. Without her knowing.

Early the next morning, I felt her stir. I was reading the paper by then.

“Hey,” Lesie said, “you sleep okay?”

“Except for your snoring, yeah,” I replied, smirking.

She blushed and excused herself to take a shower. I’ve always wondered if she was somehow awake for my cum smear onto her cunt, or if she learned of it by taking off her cum-stained panties.

It’s been a few years since. I look forward to our next sleep-over.

Probably not.

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