My Ex WifeMy Ex Wife


My first wife and I split after 10 years of marriage. For the majority of those years I was also fucking her mom. I have posted that story before and won’t rehash it. Just let me say that my MIL was a better sex partner than her daughter. Back then her daughter liked sex but was a little prissy. Her mom just loved to fuck period!

Anyway, the affair with her mom continued for 2-3 years after the divorce. It ended when the MIL died in her 70’s. Just to give you a feel for the sexual appetite of the MIL, we had an all day fuck session 2 weeks before her sudden death.

About a week after her death, the ex-wife called screaming at me through the phone. Unknown to anyone, including me, her mom kept a journal. In that journal she detailed her daily life. Each time we fucked there was an entry with graphic details; or so the ex-wife told me. I never saw the journal. But since we were divorced all she could do was verbally harass me. She called me a pervert who seduced her mom. Yeah right!! The old biddy virtually blackmailed me in those first sexual encounters.

But life moves on! I had no contact with the ex-wife for many years. I moved back to the west coast. I heard through mutual friends that she had remarried.

So I am back in the Midwest for a series of meetings. I was raised in this city so I was fairly familiar with it. One night I decide to forgo the after meeting dinner/drinking sessions. I head out into the neighborhoods for something different to eat.

The bartender knew me. I was a long distance regular. We were catching up on old times and people when my ex and her husband sashay into the bar. It turns out they live in the area and this is their favorite watering hole. The ex was very pleasant. There was no hint of the animosity that arose during the divorce. Nor was there any hint of the vitriol she spewed at me when she found her mom’s journal. She introduced me to her new husband. I declined an invitation to join them for a drink.

The ex was always a big girl. When we were married she was about 160 lbs., 5’5″ or so. When were married she was a 36C, more toward the B side. By the time we divorced she was maybe a 38C. In the years since our divorce she had put on maybe 30 pounds and gone to about a 40D. She was a big girl! But she carried it well. The black V neck sweater looked like it was painted on; as were skin tight jeans. The open toe sandals added to the overt sexuality she exuded.. Her cleavage jiggled lightly as she moved. The jeans strained to contain her large firm ass. Despite myself, I felt a stirring in my pants.

I finished my drink and headed back downtown.

A few nights later the meetings were over. I had an early morning flight home. I decided to head out to the watering hole for a few drinks. During my first drink, my bartender buddy told me my ex had been in and asked about me. I shrugged it off. As he is serving my second drink, in she walks. Alone! She greets me like a long lost brother. She plastered her body against me in a big bear hug. The aroma of perfume mixed with the gin I could smell on her breath. When we broke our hug, I noticed she was a little unsteady on her feet.

It was a hot muggy Midwestern night. The ex was wearing a linen skirt. It was about mid-thigh and a trifle tight for a woman her size. She was bare legged and wore some flip flops. Her pearlescent istanbul escort finger and toe polish matched the streaks in her blond hair. Her top matched the skirt. It was sleeveless and cut in a deep V. It buttoned up the front. The top button was undone. This allowed her massive chest to overflow out of her top. I could catch a hint of a cream colored bra as she moved.

She plopped down on the bar stool next to mine and ordered a martini. She was sitting to my right. When she sat, she crossed her right leg high over her left. Her ankle was resting on her knee. The skirt drew up to just below her crotch. We sat facing the bar with our heads turned toward each other.

The conversation started with some catching up on what we had been doing since our divorce. She had remarried 3 years after the divorce. She and her husband had been married about 10 years. They lived in the area and frequented this bar. As we talked she would turn her bar stool toward me. When she did I could look down and see almost to her panties. We were three drinks into our reminisces when our marriage came up.

Although I was still reasonably sober, the ex was obviously drunk. Her hand was on my thigh. She swung her stool around to face me. Her feet were on the bar stool footrest. Her legs were slightly spread. As she talked and moved, I caught glimpses of her panties. They matched the bra!

She admonished me for having the ongoing affair with her mom. She said she had read her mom’s journal cover to cover. She was stunned at the number of times we had sex while she was in the house. Rather than get pissed again, she drunkenly wagged her finger in my face and said I was very naughty boy.

I now had my hand on her bare thigh. I stroked her thigh slowly up and down. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the amused look on the bartender’s face. Her hand stroked my thigh just short of the head of my dick. My hand was just below her panties. With one finger I lightly stroked her panty line. She didn’t tell me to stop. She began going on about how good we were together. She forgave me for fucking her mom. She began to sniffle as she forgave me for ruining our marriage. By now my finger was lightly stroking her pussy through her panties. Aside from the fact her panties were moist; there was no reaction from her.

She announced that she had to pee. I had to help her as she got up from the barstool. The bartender and I watched she staggered to the ladies room. He took the opportunity to tell me that her husband worked evenings. Her usual routine was to hit some bars and stagger home. He and I were the only ones in the bar. As we continued talking, we realized that she was in the ladies quite a while. He walked back and found her passed out, sitting on the stool with her panties around her knees.

He came back and told me. He said the usual drill was to call her a cab for the short ride home. While we were talking she came out of the bathroom and staggered to me. She sat down, wide legged, grabbed her drink and took a sip. This time when I when I ran my hand under her skirt, there were no panties. She gave me a lop sided drunken grin.

I slipped my finger into her pussy. She had her hand resting on my thigh. We drank while I slowly finger fucked her. I used my thumb to rub her clit. A light sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead. istanbul escort bayan Her head went back. Her mouth was open, gasping. Her grip on my thigh tightened until it was painful. Then her head fell forward and she groaned loudly as her orgasm overtook her. The bartender pretended to ignore us.

It took her a few minutes to recover. She raised her head a tried to focus on me. The combination of the alcohol and her orgasm had her disoriented.

I offered to drop her off. It was late and I had a long drive back downtown. I paid and tipped the bartender. He winked at me.

I had to support her to get her to the car. As I helped her into the car, she grabbed my crotch. I looked around the parking lot. We were the only ones there.

I unzipped and my dick popped out, semi hard. Without a word she took me in her mouth. She was an even better cocksucker than I remembered. She had learned to deep throat. I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her throat. I felt it slide down her throat. This was the same trick her mom used to do. From somewhere inside me I wondered if she had learned it or was it genetic. I glanced over and saw the bartender sitting in a window booth watching us. He gave me the thumbs up sign.

Even with my whiskey dick, I felt myself getting close to cumming. I pulled out of her mouth. She gave out a disappointed groan. I motioned for her to turn over and lie down in the front seat of the car. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and lay down flat on her belly. She parted her legs and lifted her ass slightly. She looked back over her shouldered and smiled, inviting me in.

I braced myself against the dashboard and front seat. I entered her in one hard thrust. She gasped and thrust back against me. Like dogs in heat, we snarled and growled as we indulged ourselves in mindless sex.

I looked over and saw the bartender on his knees now watching us. His hands were out of sight under the window. It looked like he was masturbating as he watched us.

Her big ass kept thrusting back hard against me. I met her thrust with hard thrust down into her. The sound of slapping flesh, guttural groans and wet pussy filled the summer night. We were animals satisfying a need.

There was no thought of being on display for anyone who might walk by. I was a dog and she was my bitch. This sexual itch, this driving need, had to be satisfied. Propriety be damned!

I wanted to cum badly, But the combination of the alcohol and the risky fucking made my dick go soft and then hard. In my frustration I started pile drive fucking her. I heard and felt her cum several times as we fucked like dogs in heat in the bar parking lot.

Realizing that I was going to need a tighter fit to cum, I pulled out my semi hard dick. As I looked down I could see it was covered in the white cream of her pussy juices. Her ass and thighs were covered in that creamy sex juice. I grabbed the head and guided it in her ass. I heard her mumble something into the car seat. Her ass clenched, trying to prevent me from entering her. I took my hands off the dash and seat and balanced on her ass. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and forced my dick in.

She slid away. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me. I thought she was going to stop me from taking this delectable ass, But then she bucked back escort istanbul against me. I gripped her ass and stroked her into her rosebud.

She was grunting and hollering, bucking back against my dick. I felt that familiar tingle deep in my prostrate. I unloaded deep in her ass. I felt spurt after spurt of my seed filling her ass. I heard screaming. I realized it was me and her. The animal analogy was complete! Our howling told the world we had consummated the act.

I thrust hard several times as I came. I collapsed on top of her. We were both drenched in sweat. I could feel sweat running down my face, my neck, my arms. My shirt was plastered to me. The front of my pants was covered in our juices.

Her linen skirt was soaked in a mixture of sweat and cum. There was a rip in her linen top at the seams. It was plastered to her with sweat. We were both breathing like a laboring steam engine.

I heard a tap on a window. I struggled to get up, thinking we had been caught. As I stood, hurriedly trying to stuff my cum covered, dripping dick into my pants, I looked over at the bar window. The bartender raised his hands and applauded. He had a big grin on his face.

My ex-wife was semi-comatose now. The alcohol, the hard sex and the summer heat had taken their toll. She lay there with my cum leaking out of her ass. It ran down over the lips of her swollen pussy and leaked on the seat of the car.

I sat her up in the seat. Her head lolled back against the headrest. Her linen top was almost translucent with sweat. Her skirt was up around her waist. She sat wide legged in the seat. I could see her swollen pussy lips. Her clit was still engorged, peeking out from between her neatly trimmed pussy.

I closed the passenger side door. I walked around to the driver’s side. I got in and drove the several blocks to her house. The dashboard clock said it was past 10:30 p.m. She had told me her husband got off about 11.

I didn’t bother to pull her skirt down. I swung her legs out of the car and pulled her to her feet. There was a large cum stain on the seat. I duck walked her short distance from her driveway to her front door.

I dug her keys out of her purse. I opened her door and walked her the short distance from her front door to a satin sofa that fronted the door. I didn’t bother to straighten her clothes. As I lowered her to the sofa she tried to grab my crotch. I dropped her unceremoniously to the sofa.

Lying flat of her back, soaked in sweat and smelling of sex, she asked to suck my dick one more time. The liquor and the little head took over. I pulled my cum encrusted dick out of my pants. I noticed the remnants of anal sex on my cock. I was a mess! Getting back into the hotel without being seen was going to be a challenge.

She inhaled it. She sucked greedily for 2 or 3 minutes, licking hungrily up and down my shaft. I watched as her saliva replaced the encrusted sex juices. I surprised myself by cumming in her mouth. My cum was visible on the corners of her mouth. She smiled at me as her tongue licked around her lips.

I left hurriedly. As I pulled away from the curb I met a car coming down the street. In my rearview mirror, I saw it turn into her driveway. Somebody was going to have a lot of explaining to do. Or maybe this was their little game. Who knew; who cared.

The drive back downtown was slightly uncomfortable as the sweat and cum dried on my body and clothes. My cell phone rang. It was the ex-wife. I didn’t remember giving her the number. In a heavily slurred speech, she said how much she had enjoyed fucking me. She said to look her up next time I was in town.

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