My Ex Monica Got Wild Pt. 03My Ex Monica Got Wild Pt. 03


A few days pass… Work and home, the usual routine. In the evening I sit down, get bored, go to a porn site, put my dick in my hand and have a standard game… Suddenly, I had a thought: if she just sends me a question about fucking and treats me like a whore on the phone, I am going to use it a bit and it is probably time to fuck her, too.” I took the phone, take a picture of my dick sticking out and sent it to my ex with a message:

“This cock needs a pussy he can fuck”.

After a while I get a reply:

“The pussy is periodically out of order”.

I replied:

“So plug your cunt, lubricate your ass and upturn the ass. I’ll come right over and fuck your hole”.

Reply after a while

“In 15 minutes you can start fucking”.

I put my trousers on, shoes and t shirt. I leave and go to her flat. Almost 15 minutes in total.

I enter the flat, close the door behind me, and see Monika on the floor on all fours. Her naked asshole stretched out towards Sincan Escort me, a black rectangle covering the hole, so she put an anal plug in. There is a string hanging from her pussy, which means a tampon is inserted, standard pussy and ass shaved smooth.

I approach her from the front, she sticks her head up, so she already knows she is going to have a cock in her mouth. I take off my shoes, pull down my trousers, my cock is already semi-hard. I kneel down in front of her, put the head of my cock in her mouth and start to push it slowly in deeper, and after a while take it out.

At the same time I reach my hand into her asshole and remove the butt plug from her asshole. It pops out with resistance, so I push it in and out a few times, and when her sphincter is already relaxed, I’m also ready, so I stand up, my slimy cock slides out of her mouth.

I walked up to her upturned asshole, rest both hands on her buttocks, spread them apart and Ankara Olgun Escort insert my cock in one decisive movement to the very end, and from the front comes a quiet moan mixed with a stifled scream. I don’t think she was expecting to have a full frontal ass entrance right away. Wasting no time I immediately start going full, long and deep dunks at almost full speed.

I can hear my ex moaning more and more and I get the impression that she is about to come, although anal orgasms for her were actually rare. When I’m very close I start ramming deeper and deeper, harder and harder, until my balls hit her tampon-clogged cunt.

At the last seconds before I ejaculate I take my cock out of her gaping and badly reddened asshole and finish it off by hand. With perverse pleasure I watch as a thick load of cum pours into her gaping, open asshole. The first two shots I try to get perfectly inside her, and the rest I Ankara Ucuz Escort whip out however I can, making successive smaller and smaller jets of cum dribble down onto her buttocks and slightly swollen cunt from the excitement.

I approach her from the front and the rest of the cum, which as usual is still in my cock, I try to press on the cheeks of my former girlfriend, who is still standing on all fours. I grab her head by the hair with my left hand and lift it up a little, while with my right hand, all the while rubbing my cock, I spread the rest of the cum over her face. When there is no more to spread and my cock becomes soft, I go to the place in the room where I left my clothes. Putting on my trousers I look at the still erect but already slightly less rippled ass:

“Just like a real whore, fucked and drenched, I like this kind of action more and more.”

“Don’t be too happy, because I will soon fuck you too, and I will do it in such a way that you will be afraid to look me in the eye” answered my ex looking at me from over her shoulder, still standing on all fours “If you at least cleaned the cum after yourself, that would be good”

I turned to her when I was at the door:

“Next time I’ll load you all up inside, it’ll be clean.”

“It has to come out anyway…”

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