My Drunken WifeMy Drunken Wife


My Drunken Wife

My wife and I liked to party. I’m not proud of it, but it’s just a fact. We drank often and smoked weed almost daily. Occasionally, we would also have cocaine-infused evenings that were a lot of fun. Rita and I had a highly active and fun sex life, too. We enjoyed each other’s bodies immensely and on nights when we would get fucked up, the sex could get a little wild with fantasy, role playing, etc. It got to where we would both start getting horny as we got loaded because of the anticipation of the sex to come. We were kind of conditioned that way.

But Rita had been changing lately. On several occasions when she got to a certain level of drunkenness, she would get, well…mean. You could see her face change and she would get a smart-ass look, almost a sneer. Shortly after, she would start a fight with me out of nowhere, say mean and hurtful things, then pass out cold. I quickly learned to recognize “the look” and usually had time to get her home before she created a scene. Other than those isolated occurrences, though, which didn’t even happen all that often, our lives were fun, so I overlooked it. Sometimes love makes you put up with some bullshit.

Let me describe Rita for you. She’s 5’6” tall and 125 pounds. As she would say, “I’m a perfect size 7 from head-to-toe.” Facially, she looked a lot like a young Kelly McGillis – think Top Gun era. She had a great ass and legs, and her tits were perfect, at least for me. She had a 36c rack, firm and full, with nice areolas and nipples. Definitely more than a handful and big enough for titty fucking. Basically, she had a body that was built for fucking. And I took full advantage!

New Year’s Eve came around and we were staying home, as we usually did on that night. We were living in the Los Angeles Çorum Escort area at the time, and my cousin and his wife were visiting from the Midwest so they could go to the Rose Bowl game the next day. My brother had driven up from Orange County to spend the night with us, too. We were drinking and having a good time, listening to music, and playing games. We rang in the New Year, and then, about 1:00 a.m., I saw “the look.” I wish I could describe it better, but it was the kind of look that a woman gives you when she thinks you are just a ridiculous piece of shit or something. Once I saw that, I knew that she was about to get belligerent. I was somehow able to get her to head down the hall to our bedroom. I helped get her undressed and into bed while she started to berate me a little. In no time at all, she passed out cold. I went back out to the living room, but the party was over at that point. My cousin and his wife headed to bed, my brother crashed out on the couch, and I went back to our now darkened bedroom.

I was pissed off about the way the evening ended, and I was horny as hell because I had been anticipating a night of drunken debauchery to celebrate the start of another year together. Instead, I got the pissed off she-devil who was now passed out. I got undressed (we always slept naked) and slid in behind Rita who was lying on her left side with her back to me. I decided to just forgive and forget (again) and go to sleep. I spooned Rita with my right arm over her unconscious body and my hand came to rest on her right tit. I am such a tit lover that just cupping her breast made my cock leap to attention, especially in the mood I was in already. I started squeezing it gently and when there was no response, I started to feel it more firmly. I reached farther Çorum Escort Bayan around her and started squeezing her other tit, then moved back and forth between them – squeezing and rubbing them. Damn, they felt so good that I couldn’t stop feeling her up. Rita’s body was limp, but my cock was raging.

I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go ahead and have my New Year’s fuck whether she knew it or not. I slid down a couple of inches, then took my engorged cock in my hand and started rubbing it against her pussy lips from behind. Even unconscious, her body was responding, and her pussy was already soaking wet. I slid my hard cock into her in one smooth stroke and started slowly fucking that delicious tight cunt. Fucking her while she was passed out, just using her body as a sex toy, flipped a switch in me and I was overcome with desire. I held her hips and kept fucking while my lust ran wild. The balance of the sensation of fucking her pussy while trying to stay calm so she didn’t wake up, was intoxicating.

After a few minutes of this, my fantasies took over. Now, Rita and I had experimented with butt play a little, especially when we were coked up, but hadn’t progressed to me actually fucking her sweet ass. “Fuck it,” I thought, “tonight’s the night.” I took my cock, already wet with her pussy juices, and added some of my saliva. With my hard cock in my hand, I started rubbing the head against that tight asshole. I slowly started to try and work the head in when she flinched. “Ow, ow, ow…” Just three quick little words in that soft, kind of underwater way that people use when they talk in their sleep. My heart almost stopped, and I froze…

I was so crazy with lust, though, that I couldn’t stop. When she didn’t move, I gently put my Escort Çorum cock back into her pussy and fucked her slowly for a couple of minutes. She was definitely still unconscious, and I was soon overcome with desire again. I tried once more to enter her tight little asshole, very slowly pressing the head of my cock against her and working it around gently. There was no response from her as the head finally slipped in. When she didn’t move, I very slowly started to work my cock in and out, going a little deeper each time until the entire thing was buried in her beautiful ass. She was still passed out and completely limp as I gently started to fuck her, moving in and out of that tight hole slowly and smoothly. The sensation of my cock going in and out of her ass, with my pelvis pushing up against those cheeks, was amazing. I was selfishly using her unconscious ass just to get off and I wanted it to last forever.

It didn’t take long, though, before I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life, shooting load after load into that tight hole. I grabbed her hips, pressing my groin hard against her ass cheeks and just held her there while I continued to shoot cum into her ass. After what seemed like ages, I finally finished cumming. I just lied there for few minutes, slowly going soft in her ass until my dick just slipped out. I crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom and cleaned up, then came back and fell asleep next to her. I knew I was going to have to have some kind of explanation in the morning.

When we woke up the next day, she never said a word. In fact, she apologized to me when she realized that she had done it again.

Sadly, Rita’s substance abuse issues got worse, and we ended up divorcing a little over a year after that night. I, on the other hand, got sober and moved on. I ended up marrying a wonderful woman and we are very happy. But I still occasionally think about that night, fucking Rita in the ass while she was passed out, and it never fails to get me hard.

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