Mutual Service Ch. 02Mutual Service Ch. 02


Mom and Dad came late last night as well, and I had probably gone to sleep before they showed up. They were out partying with their friends, as they do every Saturday and Sunday night. It had become a family custom, really!

So anyways, let me come back to the events of the Monday morning after! I woke up at 9:10 today, pretty early by summer vacation standards. Apparently, Mom and Dad had to leave for office really early even after that late last call. My sister was still sound asleep when I woke up. I smiled inwardly remembering the simulated sex of last night. Anita was looking pretty as an angel in the late morning light. But a sleepy angel she was and wouldn’t wake up before nightfall if I didn’t prod her for that customary five minutes! But I was rather tired for all that pushing and prodding and decided to wake her up later.

I went to the toilet, brushed my teeth and then proceeded towards the kitchen where Mom had probably kept my breakfast ready! Indeed, the cheese sandwiches were there alright, along with a glass of milk! My friend Jay told me that milk helps create more sperm in a human body, so I drank the glass of milk till the last drop!

The only other person in the kitchen apart from me was our maid, Nikita. She was younger than my mom, had to be around thirty, and worked in our household all morning and even came for an hour in the afternoon. She was a typical Indian maid with a dark complexion, unremarkable facial features… but what features were indeed remarkable were her physical ones. Apparently, she had been married off as soon as she turned 18, but her husband, who was a monster by all the rumors I have heard about him, had left her a year hence since she had failed to gift him a child. The man had married again, but Nikita had not remarried and earned her living doing the homely chores in various households.

Now, truthfully speaking, Nikita was smokin’! Okay, so her face wasn’t all that great, but she had pouty lips, which I can only assume would be very tasteful. She had a huge, and by huge, I mean monstrous, ass! It was way bigger than my sister’s. The only thing that could be compared to her ass was her boobs, which were two mounds of chocolate pie, with the cherries on top (Of course, I assumed the flavor of the pie and the cherries!). And to her credit, Nikita had a seductively formal way of dressing as well. She wore a sari and a blouse like all most Indian alright, but there was a slight difference to what she did with what she wore!

She would wear her sari dangerously low, several inches below her navel, and that only meant a hint of the crack of her ass was clearly visible as she turned isveçbahis or bent down to do something. Her blouse, though containing her enormous breasts, would be so loose that those things would jiggle involuntarily as if they were made of jello! I can only assume how many lascivious glances she got on the streets everyday! I have even caught my father staring at her appreciatively as she entered the apartment, no doubt savoring the sight!

Nikita went a step further before she actually started her chores. She would lift her sari upto her knees and turn it into a skirt of sorts before she got down to dust the floor and the likes. The anchal, or the piece of cloth used to cover the blouse, would come down to form a part of her skirt, thereby giving her breasts yet more freedom! Be it my dad or me, we used to enjoy every moment of this sight whenever possible. I have even spotted my Mom and Anita staring at her breasts or ass at times. I guess the experts don’t exaggerate when they say that every woman has secret cravings for other women!

So anyways, on this particular Monday morning, I could see Nikita washing the dishes at the basin, her sari-cum-mini-skirt fully exposing her voluminous dark thighs and lower back, right down to the point where the crack of her ass was two inches in length. As I drank the milk taking in the sight of her ass and wondering how it would be like to feel those cheeks, I slowly got a hard-on, and gradually tore my eyes away from the million-dollar sight and made my way towards the common toilet adjacent to the kitchen. I had to take a dump, and jerk off, obviously!

I didn’t bother to lock the door of the toilet and simply closed it. I was already massaging my dick as I slowly went to the commode and sat down in a perfectly majestic manner, like a king assuming his throne! I had my eyes closed as I masturbated, as I slowly fantasized about spanking those asses and fucking Anita’s pussy, and needless to say, I was having a great time until I heard a creaking sound which could only mean one thing- Someone was opening the toilet door. I opened my eyes and there she was- her caged boobs staring at me like two inviting juicy fruits.

But ya, I sure was embarrassed at being caught while masturbating. In fact, as I learned afterwards, she had come into the toilet to take a lump of clothes she had kept there for washing later… and she couldn’t have come at a more awkward, or appropriate, time!

As I looked into her face, I saw that she was not staring at me, but was staring at my penis, which had attained its maximum length by now. She was not looking at it with disgust, or revulsion, but with a strange expression isveçbahis giriş of longing that I had never seen on a woman’s face before (except for porn movies). Almost involuntarily, her hand which was resting on the door handle, came down to her sari and she lightly scratched the area around her groin.

She didn’t move, or look away, but kept staring at my penis, which needed no massaging anymore since it was getting a good piece of live flesh at its disposal. Slowly, she entered the toilet and closed the door behind her. She went to the lump of unwashed clothes a foot away from the commode and squatted down. Momentarily, she started washing the clothes and said, “Don’t mind me, you can carry on if you like. I don’t mind.”

Supremely horny, I started rubbing my dick slowly again! I could see her casting glances at my action once in a while, while I, from the elevation of the commode, was getting a clear view of her cleavage that lay before me! Boy I was about to cum!

Slowly, Nikita started untying the sari wrapped around her like a skirt and put the sari in her heap of washing clothes as well. She was wearing a skirt sort of thing under the sari which was white in color, and to my astonishment, she swiftly stood up, facing me, and opened that piece of garment as well, to reveal, to their full glory, her beautiful black thighs and black underwear. I was so astonished, I even forgot to jerk my penis, not that it needed any more encouragement!

I could feel the wetness of pre-cum on my fingers and reckoned I must be close. But at the same time, a worry crept over me! I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sight so much if I jerked off so easily…

Perhaps Nikita guessed this as well, as she squatted down and almost immediately started opening her blouse. In an instant, her monstrous boobs, encased in a white bra, were dancing in front of my eyes, almost hypnotizing me, while she added her blouse to the washables as well!

Her hair was laid down, and now, she slowly lifted her arms and tied her hair in a bun! This small gesture not only left her breasts jiggling for several seconds, I could also see that she had not a single hair in her armpits. Quite suddenly, a mad urge to lick those armpits came over me.

Now I was finding it really hard to stop myself from cumming! Nikita slowly looked at me and said, “You know, jerking off with your hands can make you less virile. Why don’t you find a girl who’ll take it in her mouth?”

At this point, my heart was thumping very loudly indeed. I gulped and said, burning with hope and trepidation, “Will you do it?”

Nikita smiled, and seemed to consider for a moment, then said, isveçbahis yeni giriş “Okay! But what are you going to give me in exchange?”

I pondered for just over a second before answering, my gaze fixed at her lips, as I imagined them kissing the head of my dick.

“I can give you 400 bucks, no… 500! Will you do it?” I asked, hoping against hope!

Nikita laughed! A somewhat harsh laughter that conveyed, ‘Oh you’re STILL such a child!’, and then she said, “I’m not a whore who will suck your dick for money! If you want me to suck your dick, you have to give me something in exchange! A service! Can you agree to that condition?”

If she had asked me to work for her for ten years for this one-time service, I would probably have agreed without a second thought at that time! So it didn’t even take a moment for me to decide, “Of course… anything!”

The maid gave me a wicked smile and said, “It’s a deal!”

With her bra and panties intact, she sat down comfortably on the wet bathroom floor and came near my legs. She carefully positioned her chin on the edge of the toilet seat and held my throbbing machine in her hands. I could almost feel the wad of load bursting to come out. I held on to the little sperms dearly, “Just another minute, folks! Let Daddy have a slice of heaven first!”

In a swift voluntary motion, Nikita whipped out her tongue and licked the tip of my penis like a snake biting its foe! The pain and pleasure in ‘little me’ was way more than can ever be caused by a snake bite!

“Ahhh…” I moaned, “Take it inside, please… I beg of you!”

She probably saw that I would be coming in seconds as well, and, showing a rare gesture of mercy, she put my whole dick inside her mouth! She had a big mouth, and my penis and balls disappeared in her mouth completely. All the while, she kept rubbing the underside of my dick vociferously with her serpentine tongue.

The ecstasy… as long as it lasted, and it wasn’t very long, were moments to savor indeed.

In about fifteen seconds, I cummed in her mouth. I was expecting her to remove my penis from her mouth as I started cumming, but she not only took all the cum in, but also worked my shaft and milked me dry completely before letting me go! I was sure I had cummed a lot, but still it seemed she was hungry for more, the way she searched every nook and corner of my shaft for another stray droplet! As she let go of my penis, she took a deep breath and swallowed all my cum, catching me completely off guard! I hadn’t seen anyone, not even in those porn movies, swallowing cum for real! But Nikita had done it!

I was still looking at her with a stunned expression on my face! I just couldn’t believe what she just did! She smacked her lips ravishingly and said, “Now go to the drawing room and sit there. I’ll come in half an hour. And DON’T you dare wake up your sister.”

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