Muddy English Delights Ch. 02Muddy English Delights Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Mucking In

Kathy’s voice was husky and strained, and not because of the running. Her eyes pierced at my soul and had that look of urgency. We hadn’t spoken since we ran into the field. It was all moaning and screaming mixed with muddy pleasures and endless orgasms. Kathy begged me to help her fulfill her fantasy.

We were still locked together, naked, in the muddy field under the downpour. She whispered into my ear what I must do. My cock stiffened inside her and started twitching at the thought that there was to be more of the insane animal mindlessness.

The moon was higher and the shadows that had obscured the ground were largely gone. The lights of the houses in the distant village were barely visible through the downpour. Kathy explained how she had engineered the pit of pleasure in the muddy field. She had spent days digging out a hole in the hard earth. She hid her spade and work boots next to the rope in the hedges bordering the running path after every night’s work. The hole had kept refilling with mud overnight, Kathy explained.

One day she emptied it for the last time. It was deep enough. She stripped herself bare. She frantically scraped out a channel with her spade from the hole to the flooded part of the field and ran back to the hole. Gasping for breath Kathy lay at the bottom under the spout she had carved and let the lucky, mucky mess fall in dollops over her trembling body. Her hands were desperate. She fingered herself madly in and out. The brown cum splattered onto her pussy, then rose to slowly and deliciously cover her.

As the mud rose Kathy whispered to me that it was indescribable. She bucked and thrashed herself into a frenzy that only a cock could quench. But none was available. Frustration set in. After what seemed like hours she felt herself reach the edge of reason and let go with a violent rush from every orifice. There was no sense in the jetting of piss and shit mixing with her cum. The heat of the mess inflamed her even more and she came again and again, rubbing against the pliant mess she had created.

Now it was my turn to help Kathy have her fond desire made real. Reluctantly I pulled my cock out of her grasping cunt. Despite the blinding downpour I found the rope just where Kathy said she hid it. My mind glazed over. The rope was soaked with water. I dragged it into the muddy hole with me. The mud slid all over my legs and balls. My cock rose.

Now, the rope is not that thick but is rough and absorbent. It was quite bendy. Kathy’s eyes were pleading with me to hurry. Her urgency fueled my desire even more. My legs were trembling with anticipation. I dragged her by her ankles into the mud until it formed a crested wave between her legs. She was perched just at the edge of the mud pit. Kathy’s eyes rolled crazily as her breath came in rasps of anticipation. I put the end of the rope in her hands. Kathy grasped it greedily, as if it were a hairy cock.

I found our t-shirts and socks in the grass and several long hard pieces of branch and ran back to Kathy. I drove the branches into the muddy ground at Kathy’s head and tied her arms together with a pair of socks and then to the stake. She was still grabbing the rope. I pulled her legs apart. I pushed a stake into the mud at each foot and, with a t-shirt, tied each foot to a stake. Her delicious cunt was indecently exposed and inviting. With my shaking hands I pulled my shorts over Kathy’s head covering her eyes.

It was not the cold that made me quiver but the sight of a drenched woman smeared with mud and helpless to resist my urgent attentions. My breath came in gasps and billows of steam came out of my mouth at each breath. My mind could not think logically and my body was captured by the muddy angel tied up in front of me, open and eager to experience the torment of eroticism.

The sight of Kathy’s tits covered in gushing rain and the thought of her cunt buried under layers of the mess made my mind blank right out. My body forced me to come to her. My body lay on her forcing my prick deep into her as the arms grabbed her back. Kathy moaned and thrashed under my body. But then my mind snapped back and I remembered my promise. Kathy whimpered and a huge gasp escaped ulus escort her lips as I pulled him out of her.

I slipped into the hole feeling for the rope in the dark mud, blinded by the pounding rain. It was saturated with mud. My head faced her feet. I straddled her breasts so that my cock would slide between them while my thighs pressed them together. I fingered her cunt lips, slipping my muddy hand inside. Kathy’s hole clamped on my hand. Kathy was as ready and as open as she could ever be.

I stuffed the end of the saturated muddy rope into her, twirling it around to rub against her walls. Kathy bucked. I shoved more inside, all the while rubbing her lips and sliding myself against her breasts. Occasionally I let Kathy feel my balls on her chin and mouth, to remind her body of her tormentor. The rain poured down my back and down my balls, into her mouth.

Groans escaped from Kathy’s hoarse throat. She convulsed her hips upward making smacking noises against the rain soaked mud under her magnificent ass. Her pussy sucked on the rope like a thing possessed. I rubbed her lips and stroked her clit with cold mud. Between each stroke of the rope she let out a lingering sound much like a sudden intake of air and a sound like farts coming from the clenching of her cunt as the mud trickled down between her legs.

My cock was getting a muddy bath of his own between her breasts and her mouth. Kathy started licking my rain soaked balls. The pleasurable tingling started and I almost came. Mud started oozing out of her hole as more and more rope filled her twitching cunt. The cold wetness filled Kathy and possessed her. She could think no thought, could mouth no words. A primal gasping escaped her. A husky moaning racked her lungs as she strained against the bonds of her pleasure. I could only imagine the unbearable delight she must be feeling with all that mud and rope stretching open her ferocious tunnel.

We were starting to sink lower and lower in the mud because of Kathy’s ecstatic gyrations. She was practically comatose with desire. Her body wanted nothing but what her tormentor could offer her. It twitched and bucked like an animal possessed. Like a thing that was out of control it offered no mind, no reason for the display that drove my mind numb with lust and my cock eager to seek her mouth. But I had to obey Kathy’s demands.

I grabbed her cunt with both hands full of cold mud, rubbing and sliding over her heaving flesh. The motions caused only an insane murmur from Kathy’s distended mouth. Her tongue lolled out in the rain and once in a while lashed itself around my cock when it pleased me to place it in her reach. I allowed her to fasten her lips over my monster and lick him clean, then reluctantly pulled him out of her. Her body knew that the cock was there and available and that made it all the more frustrating for her, and harder for me.

I rubbed my hands slowly over her rapturous flesh and lingered over where I imagined her clit must be, deep under the mud. Now we were as low in the muddy brown cum as we could get. The cold mud squirted through my fingers as I steadied myself over Kathy’s heaving body. The mud slipped through my toes and over my legs. Kathy’s heaving in the mire had settled me into a rut of pleasure, what with my cock sliding through her soaked breasts. Rain kept coursing through my hair until I could hardly see.

Kathy’s eyes were covered with my wet shorts. Her mouth was gaping in an orgasmic rictus like a cunt in heat, emitting gasps at each turn of the muddy rope in her stuffed pussy. I shifted so that my cock pointed into her mouth. Kathy greedily licked at it as it jerked in spasms of delight across her eager lips. She caught it and sucked it into her velvet tunnel of pulsing muscle, whole and entire. I lay forward on my elbows and enjoyed the sensation of Kathy’s body pulling and slurping on my hardened rod, while her pussy was ravished by the muddy rope. Kathy’s frustration was made all the more unbearable by the motion of the rope lashing around in the mucky field attached to her desperate cunt, and grasped by her pleading hands.

I kept swirling cold mud over Kathy’s hot cunt lips and slowly yenimahalle escort up and down the side of her clit. Kathy’s heat warmed my cold hands, and the mud, and my monster in her mouth. I scooped more and more cold mud between her legs. Strangled moans rose into the night from her stuffed mouth as a series of orgasms ripped through her. Keeping my fingers busy on her clit and cunt lips I tentatively tugged slightly on the muddy rope crammed inside her mucky cave. The action drove screams of pleasure and demands for my cock. Yes, Kathy was ready.

I regretfully pulled my cock from her sucking mouth. Any longer and I would’ve filled her with jets of cum. As it was a few dribbles fell from my cock and I held it near her so that she could lick him clean. I flipped over sideways and my lower half vanished under the delicious soaking wet mud. It still had a solid consistency, but now was more like chocolate icing. I enjoyed the sensation of my cock sliding through the sucking, gripping fluid. It worked its way around my hips and up over my chest.

As suddenly as it started, the torrents of rain almost stopped completely. It slowed to a drizzle. This was more like typical English rain. The mud slurped deliciously over my cock as I moved over to Kathy’s feet. Her hips were almost buried in the mud; her legs were smeared with it; her breasts were virginally clean and wet with rain. Her feet were straining to break the shackles of her tormentor as he twisted and turned in her cunt. But she could find no release.

I leaned over and cupped mounds of mud over her tits, rubbing slowly and evenly, leaning on my elbows as I slide forward inching my bursting member closer to her hot, eager hole. The rope could not stop him. The dirty monster had found his prey and latched into her. Kathy leapt up, arching her back, cumming hard, as the sensation of stretching and stuffing pulsed over her belly. I pulled my shorts off her head but it did her no good for she just stared transfixed as if in a mystic trance. She saw nothing but her incurable lust.

My cock met resistance at last as I hit the mass of muddy rope filling her. I stroked out a bit and then in with my engorged cock, finding room for him to move into position to push the rope deeper into the muddy hole of her craven desire. I continued to slide my hands over her nipples, taking playful bites. She was oblivious to me. She was in a dream world of animal magic. I was slowly succumbing to the potion also as my monster pushed and pulled on her muddy, slippery tunnel. Each stroke felt like it would be my last and that I would cum forever, filling her, with her cunt gushing out our mingled cum, filling the field with a sticky lake of white ropey foam.

I stopped. I didn’t want to, and almost couldn’t. Kathy had told me what to do, and, if I wanted her undying submissive attentions forever, I had to obey. Moving down her shaking hips, bouncing and splattering mud into the air, I pulled out just in time as her body came again and again in hoarse rasps of rapture that only became more intense as I tugged slowly with one hand on the sensual rope while my other hand kept up the sliding over her muddy clit.

I pulled on the rope, lifting it up and toward her head, moving my other hand out of the way. The friction against her clit must have been glorious – my cock strained at the thought of her torment. Kathy’s body lifted almost out of the pool of mud and became as stiff as my cock. Sounds not made by human or animal rent the air as the muddy rope slid seductively over her clit like some primeval snake. My eyes were right next to the spectacle. Mud splattered onto my face. Heat poured from the rope. Clouds of cum flavored steam drifted around my head. The aroma was intoxicating.

My body kept my fingers busy servicing Kathy’s cunt lips and smearing her clit with cold mud. Kathy kept bucking trying to force herself onto the instruments of her torment. Still I kept pulling the rope over her slit, now extending from her muddy hole over her breasts and across her face. The free end was still clasped in her shackled hands. She knew what was tormenting her pussy.

The shaking of Kathy’s hips became tunalı escort more and more erratic and the sounds unearthly in the midst of the slurping noises of the mud. It was all I could do to stop my body from fucking her then and there. My cock was bursting its skin and dribbles were mixing with the mud as I spasmodically ploughed the muddy field with my tool. The mud gripped him mercilessly threatening to suck my cum from him. But no. Kathy wanted him more than her own life. I knew that, Kathy knew that, and the next village probably did too by now.

The raging river added its own chorus as the birds kept rustling and fluttering in symphony, in frustration no doubt, at not getting any of the action that we had. The lucky rope had all the pleasure, as did Kathy, though she could not understand what the slick snake was doing to her body for her mind was long gone. All that lay there was a mad body of pleasure, wracked in orgasms. My right hand was kept busy, massaging her lips and once in a while servicing her clit as my left hand slowly and terribly slid the rope over her wanton body. Nothing could have stopped our bodies from pursuing this lust. Our minds were lost. Our bodies were in control. It was lust beyond reason.

At last with one final twist the rope was free of its delectable prison. I let it dangle over her clit twisting it and curling it with both hands to sweep her body beyond insanity. Kathy had been cumming for what seemed like ages. Now, it was my turn. My hands were not my own as they grabbed Kathy’s hips. My arms pulled my willing body over her throbbing body, staked out for our lust. My body found the cunt hole by the heat it was issuing. The cock crammed himself into it and was sucked into a muddy, churning machine.

I was not in my own body. This body was under the control of a cosmic force. There was no will left, just insane desire for her pulsing, gripping pussy. Cold wet mud slid over and under my cock and balls as they ploughed the field and rammed into her. The sensation seized my body and it uncontrollably bucked my monster in and out at a raging rhythm that filled the air with splatters of mud and rasping, desperate gasps.

The violence of the thrusting dislodged the stakes holding her body’s wrists. The arms, still tied together, grabbed and locked our bodies into one mass of mud and flesh. Both bodies, now one, slowly slipped into the engineered mud hole of pleasure as I felt the cock and balls stuffing the cunt with mud. Kathy’s knees slowly went up as the feet were still staked into the earth. My hot breath steamed and in the dim half-light I saw her face at last and it was transfixed in the raptures of the blessed.

I was quickly losing awareness of anything except the unbelievable sense of stimulation along my cock from the maniac bucking of Kathy’s hips that forced my cock along every side of her sucking tight cavern of lust. The feel of the mud squirting between us and across my balls heightened the sensations with each stroke. Holding on for dear life we were a new kind of animal in a field of dreams. We were lost in lust.

With a terrible arching spasm cum began spurting from the monster deep into Kathy’s cunt. The monster wouldn’t die. The mud wouldn’t let it; Kathy’s cunt couldn’t let it rest. Kathy’s own problem made mine worse as her raging action massaged my member keeping him alive like a life force outside of my own. Kathy must be filled with our cum and stuffed with mud. She couldn’t stop as long as the monster was hard and the mud and her bucking and the moaning kept him stiff. We were doomed to range forever in the mud wasting away day by day as the days turned to summer. Someone would find us some day under the mud tied together and our bodies, with no living mind, continuing to hump uncontrollably. They would say we died of malnutrition but with an enigmatic smile of extreme satisfaction.

It was then that I came to. My throbbing member was raging with a hard on. Kathy had passed out. Her mouth hung open and her breath came in convulsive groans. What are you dreaming of, eh Kathy? I lay over her keeping her warm with my body. I carefully tried to slip my cock from her thirsty organ, but the effort was too much for him and he spurted all over her belly. We lay there in the mud hole of pleasure in the field of dreams as Orion started to set. The drizzle slowly licked at the mud and the cum covering our bodies. It would be dawn soon.

Would we make it out of our field of dreams before daylight? Would we be found out? More from the muddy English fields later.

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