Mrs. Matthew and Her BoysMrs. Matthew and Her Boys


It was a typical evening. I was in the tub bathing like I did every night right after dinner. While I was soaking, my fingers had begun wandering over my body and eventually settled around my rigid, little penis. When very suddenly, my landlady poked her head into the room. I quickly covered my small erection with both hands, even though I could have easily hidden it with one, and squealed, “Mrs. Matthew!”

She tsk-tsk’d me and then stepped fully into the bathroom. Being towed along beside her was the other young, timid boy, Cameron, who also lived with Mrs. Matthew and me. While my naked body squirmed beneath the crystal-clear water. Mrs. Matthew announced, “Sammy, I’ve made a decision. It’s a waste of water for you to take a bath in that huge tub each night, and then Cameron to fill the tub again each morning. From now on, I’ve decided you two will bath together each night.”

Biting my lip and remaining silent, having been raised by a mother who taught me to respect mature women. I shivered under the water while Mrs. Matthew began undressing Cameron who had been raised in a strict household like mine. He stood by passively and didn’t utter a complaint.

After removing his shirt and pants, Mrs. Matthew took hold of his underpants and began lowering his last article of clothing. When his skinny, pale jumped out, she giggled, “Oh my! You have a little erection, Cameron. Are you excited to bathe with Sammy?” Without waiting for an answer, she turned her attention to me while stepping toward the tub with a naked Sammy at her side. “Move your hands, Sammy, let me see if you’re just as excited to bathe with Cameron.”

Shivering and blushing, I slowly moved my hands away to reveal my equally small and stiff erection.

Mrs. Matthew beamed, “Oh yes, this was a good idea I had.” Helping Cameron step into the same bathwater I was soaking in, I couldn’t help but stare at him. We looked so much alike. We were both small, under 5’5. Neither of us topped the scale at 105 pounds. We both had large eyes, button noses, and full lips. Our penises were both very small and thin and nearly devoid of hair. Even our bottoms were similar in that they were more round than other boys. The only difference between us was that he was a redhead and I was a blonde.

Mrs. Matthew remained in the room to oversee our bath. She instructed us to wash our hair with the floral shampoo she always kept on the edge of the tub. Cameron and I filled our palms with the pink-tinted shampoo and we began scrubbing our hair. Mrs. Matthew gave us step-by-step instructions on how we should be washing our hair. After a very short time, she became frustrated and has me wash Cameron’s hair while he washed mine.

We had to scoot close to each other in that tub. It was uncomfortable at first, but Cameron and I were soon giggling and have a great time washing each other’s hair. Mrs. Matthew was very pleased and went on to have us wash each other’s bodies. After we’d washed each other’s arms, chests, and stomachs with the pink-hued, floral-scented body wash, she had us stand up and face each other. She instructed us to wash each other’s backs at the same time. To do this, we had to stand very, very close to each other. Our bodies were touching, our penises were rubbing against each other. Our hands eventually slid downward until we were washing each other’s bottom. Mrs. Matthew had us slip a finger up inside each other to be sure we were clean. Feeling his thin finger penetrate my wrinkled hole made me shiver and giggle. And the feeling of his tight little hole squeezing my finger made my penis throb and dance.

While still sitting nearby, she had us remain standing and instructed us to wash each other’s penis. Cameron and I were both very horny by that point. Mrs. Matthew knew it and after filling our palms with more body wash, she told us exactly how to wash.

She called out in a soft but firm voice, “Up. Down. Up. Down.” She called those words over and over. When she sensed us getting on the verge of squirting, she slowed our pace but never stopped us from washing. After she’d edged us both to several orgasms, she asked, “Cameron, would you like to kiss Sammy?”

He was looking me in the eye but looked at Mrs. Matthew when he answered, “Yes.”. Cameron then returned his gaze to meet my eyes.

Mrs. Matthew then asked, “Sammy, would you like to kiss Cameron?”

Tearing my eyes away from Cameron, I looked at Mrs. Matthew and chirped, “Yes.”

After I’d turned back to look at Cameron, Mrs. Matthew permitted us to kiss each other. We were standing in the bathtub, naked, wet, with soap suds dripping down our thin bodies. We both leaned forward and tilted our heads to opposite sides until our lips touched. His lips were so soft and smooth. Our tongues slipped from our mouths and danced together as if they were made to do so. Mrs. Matthew spoke in a soft voice and had us hug each other. We stood there embracing each other and kissing in a way only two very horny, gentle, slightly Konya Escort feminine, virginal boys can kiss.

Our bodies were slithering together and our stiff penises were rubbing beside one another. The longer we kissed, the louder it became. Wet-sucking sounds echoed around the bathroom. His hands slid up and down my back and bottom while mine did the same to him.

At the exact wrong moment, Mrs. Matthew told us to stop. We had been so close. Our penises had been sliding and slithering against each other and had gotten dangerously close to squirting. Cameron and I stood there catching our breath, standing just far enough apart that his nose or penis didn’t touch mine.

Mrs. Matthew had us rinse each other off with a large, plastic cup she kept on the side of the tub. She then had us climb out of the tub and watched as we dried each other off with the large, fluffy towels she kept the bathroom stocked with. After we’d hung up our towels, Mrs. Matthew stood and announced it was time for bed.

Cameron and I looked at each other and were confused. It was barely eight o’clock. But neither of us spoke up, we both knew better than to question her about something like that.

We all left the bathroom together. Cameron and I leading the way with Mrs. Matthew right behind us. While she was still fully dressed, Cameron and I were freshly bathed and utterly naked while we walked down the hall. During that short walk, all I could think about was touching myself as soon as I was alone. I couldn’t remember ever being so horny.

After I’d taken a step into my room, Cameron had continued down the hall toward his room. After he’d taken only a few steps, Mrs. Matthew called out to both of us, with a grin on her face, she said, “Boys, it is a waste of water and detergent for me to have to wash two sets of sheets and bedcoverings. From now on, you two will be sleeping together in Sammy’s full-sized bed.”

Cameron and I looked at each other nervously before he joined me in my room. He took very small steps to one side of the bed, while I did the same to the other side of the bed. As the two of us got settled, facing away from each other under the same sheet and blanket, Mrs. Matthew turned on a lamp that sat beside a chair I used while getting dressed. She then turned off the ceiling light, leaving the room in the dull glow of the lamp. She then returned to the chair and sat down.

My skinny, little penis was rigid and I know it was leaking. And I’d be surprised if Cameron wasn’t in the same situation as I was. After laying there in silence for a short time, Mrs. Matthew whispered from across the room, “Boys, scoot closer together.”

The bed shifted when I felt Cameron wiggle a little further away from his edge of the bed. I did as I’d been told too.

Her whisper returned, “A little closer.”

We both scooted just a little bit further from our edges of the bed. She kept prodding us to move until we found ourselves laying on our back with our arms touching beneath the covers. I didn’t dare look down, but I’m sure there were two little bumps where our penis’s were pressing up against the bedcoverings. I’m sure Cameron was just as nervous as I was. What had happened in the bathtub was different. We were laying naked in the same bed and we were both very, very horny.

While laying there side-by-side, our hands somehow became interlaced and we clung to each other for the strength neither of us had alone. His had was soft, callous-free, and sweaty, just like mine.

In the dim light of the room, I stared up at the ceiling while my stomach did somersaults. My little penis was throbbing and desperate for attention. The room was silent except for the sound of our breathing which was quite heavy.

That silence was broken when Mrs. Matthew began to speak in a soft, gentle tone, “Boys, I’m going to ask each of you a few questions and I want honest answers. Can you do that for me?”

Cameron and I both answered at the same time, “Yes.”

She asked, “Sammy when you were kissing Cameron in the bathtub, was that your first real kiss?”

Cameron squeezed my hand gently as I whispered, “Yes.”

She then directed the same question at Cameron. We squeezed each other’s hands when he also answered, “Yes.”

She paused while Cameron and I lay there comforting each other, holding hands. Her voice was soft and gentle when she spoke next, “Boys, you’re both 20 years old. Your birthdays both take place next month. Neither of you had ever been kissed before tonight. I have to assume you’re both virgins. Is that correct?”

We both whimpered while squeezing each other’s hands, “Yes, ma’am.”

She immediately asked from across the darkened room, “Cameron, how often do you masturbate?”

When he didn’t answer right away, I got worried for him. I knew I’d be asked the same question next. I squeezed his hand and rubbed my leg against his to let him know it was okay.

His voice cracked when he said, “Every Konya Escort Bayan day.”

She whispered, “How many times a day?”

His voice shot up to a high pitch when he squeaked, “Two? Three? Sometimes four or five times.”

He was squirming in shame beside me. I felt bad for him. I never admitted I masturbated before, but I did it just as often as he did. I wanted to find a way to make him feel better.

When Mrs. Matthew ask me the same question, “Sammy, how often do you masturbate?”

I quickly answered, “At least twice a day. A few times I did it five times.”

Her soft voice then asked, “Sammy, has anyone ever watched you play with your penis?”

Biting my lip while Cameron squeezed my hand, I whimpered, “No. But my mom did catch me touching myself once.”

She chuckled softly, “What did she do when she saw you doing that?”

My back arched and I squirmed in the bed beside Cameron when I shamefully explained, “She-she told me it was natural. She said everyone did it. She said I didn’t need to be embarrassed. Then she winked at me and left.”

Mrs. Matthew asked, “She didn’t stay and watch?”

I quickly squeaked, “No!”

Cameron and I were laying naked, on our backs, side-by-side in bed. We were squeezing each other’s hands and rubbing our thighs together in an attempt to comfort each other during the game Mrs. Matthew was playing with us.

She then asked, “Cameron, has anyone ever caught you or watched you play with your penis?”

His voice quivered when he answered, “No, Ma’am. Honest.”

She whispered, “I believe you, Sweetheart.” She paused before speaking next, “Orgasms are very special gifts. They should be shared with someone, not selfishly wasted when you’re all alone.” She paused again before asking, “Sammy, is your little penis stiff?”

My voice was high and squeaky when I said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She then asked, “Cameron, how about you? Is your little penis stiff too?”

He answered just as I had, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She had a lilt in her voice when she said, “I have two, horny, young boys with stiff little penises. I think you two should watch each other play with yourselves at the same time. What do you two think?”

Cameron moaned softly while I squirmed beside him. Neither of us answered her question.

Mrs. Matthew rose out of the chair she had been sitting in. She walked across the room to Cameron’s side of the bed. After pausing to look down at the two of us, she reached out and slowly pulled the blanket and sheet down to the very foot of the bed. Cameron and I were left completely exposed, laying on top of a fitted sheet, naked, side-by-side with very stiff little penises and we were still holding hands!

She turning on the bedside lamp which lit the room a little more, but it was far from being brightly lit. She had Cameron sit up, lean back on his hands, bend his knees, and spread them wide apart. She then had me face him, scoot in close and bend my legs over his. Mrs. Matthew then sat down on the edge of the bed. Cameron looked at me spread wide in front of him and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him either. Both of our penises were glistening in the light and we were both breathing heavily.

Mrs. Matthew gave us a few moments to look at each other before she next spoke, “Boys, I know this is difficult for you. So, on the count of three, I want you both to start playing with yourselves. Do you understand?”

Cameron and I looked into each other’s eyes while answering in unison, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She sat there watching as we both move our right hands close to our penises. She whispered, “One.”

Cameron’s eyes wandered up and down my body while mine wandered up and down his. We were both desperately horny and drawn to each other during this interrogation by our landlady.

She whispered, “Two.”

My hand slid very close to my penis. I almost took it in my hand, but I didn’t quite touch it. Cameron did the same thing and I couldn’t stop staring at his penis throbbing so close to his hand.

Mrs. Matthew voice got very deep when she uttered, “Three.”

My first finger looped around the underside of my penis while my thumb looped over from the top. I didn’t hesitate for a second and began gently stroking the sensitive neck of my penis, just under the squishy pink head. At that same moment, Cameron did the same thing. Using only his index finger and thumb, he isolated his rubbing to the cute little neck of his penis.

Leaning back on our left hands, masturbating with our right hands, Cameron and I were lost in that magical moment. His big, blue eyes wandered up and down my naked and aroused body while my big green eyes wandered over his. The wet sounds of our playing began almost immediately. He and I had been horny since we’d been made to bathe together. I’m sure he was just as close to squirting as I was.

But as I felt my orgasm building inside of me, Mrs. Matthew whispered, “Slow down boys, you don’t Escort Konya want to squirt so soon. Let’s make this last a little longer.” In an even softer tone, she began pacing our masturbation, “Up. Down. Up. Down.” She was reading our bodies perfectly. When we got too close to orgasm, she slowed our pace way down but never completely stopped. As the danger of squirting passed, she would slowly increase the rate until it happened again.

I’m not sure how long that went on or how many times I’d gotten close to squirting, but I wound up being covered in a thin layer of perspiration with my juices leaking over my finger and thumb while I continued to masturbate at the pace Mrs. Matthew set. Cameron was an equally horny mess. His thin, pale body glistened in the dim light and his finger and thumb were dripping with his excitement. We were both breathing heavily and our little pink nipples were as stiff as our penises. Somehow during that time, our hips had moved closer to each other. So close that our bottoms were touching and our soft pouches of pebbles were nestled together. With every stroke, our hands would bump against each other while we played.

Mrs. Matthew stopped chanting ‘up, down, up, down’ and whispered, “Cameron, doesn’t Sammy’s finger & thumb look slippery?”

He moaned, “Yes.”

She then asked me, “Sammy, don’t Cameron’s finger & thumb look slippery?”

I gasped, “Yes!”

She whispered, “It must be difficult to masturbate with such slippery fingers and thumbs.”

I was about to tell her it wasn’t when she spoke with a sterner tone in her voice, “I have an idea. Why don’t you lick each other’s hands clean?”

We both let go of our penises and looked at how messy our hands were with our juices. Our precum was covering our index fingers and thumbs in a thick layer of our gooey excitement. I looked away from my hand to Cameron’s equally messy hand and then up to his eyes. He was looking right back at me. Simultaneously, we both began to slowly raise our hands toward the other’s mouth.

With Mrs. Matthew sitting beside us, watching and orchestrating our actions, my gooey, index finger entered Cameron’s mouth and his messy index finger slipped past my lips. We sucked on each other’s fingers, tasting each other while our hips ground together.

Cameron and I were sliding our fingers and thumbs into each other’s mouths while squirming and grinding our hips together. We stared into each other’s eyes and only became hornier as our tastebuds tingled with the flavor of young love.

Mrs. Matthew whispered, “Do my sweet boys want to stop playing for the night and get some sleep?”

My fingers slipped from Cameron’s mouth and he moaned, “No, Ma’am.”

With his fingers still sliding across my tongue, I moaned, “No, Ma’am.”

She whispered, “Very well, we’re going to try something new. Sammy, I want you to play with Cameron’s penis. And Cameron, I want you to play with Sammy’s penis. On the count of…”

Neither of us waited for her countdown. We both reached down and took a gentle hold of the other’s little erection. Having someone else’s penis in my hand was a wonderful experience. Being about the same size, it was sort of like playing with myself, except I didn’t feel my hand. I could feel him throbbing under my touch. His penis was so soft and smooth. It took all of a split second to realize I enjoyed playing with his penis more than my own.

Mrs. Matthew carefully set our pace to keep us from squirting. We were both so wildly aroused, we had to remove our hands from each other quite often. Each time, she had us lick our juices from each other’s hands.

At one point that evening, she had Cameron play with my penis for a short time while I did not touch his. The expression on his face was odd, he looked like he was in pain. Mrs. Matthew soon had him stop and it became my turn. With my finger and thumb looped around the neck of his little penis, I began rubbing up and down. I immediately understood why Cameron looked so uncomfortable. With our bodies so close together, it almost seemed like I was rubbing myself. But I didn’t feel anything! It was the strangest thing. I squirmed my hips and still felt nothing. I was desperate for Mrs. Matthew to put an end to it.

She eventually allowed us to go back to playing with each other at the same time. After she’d let us both get dangerously close to squirting dozens of times and we’d licked each other’s hands clean each time, Cameron stared into my eyes and asked, “Mrs. Matthew, may I please kiss Sammy?”

She moaned, “Cameron, I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

Biting my lower lip, I slowly leaned forward while Cameron leaned toward me. Our bodies were touching while his legs were spread around me and my legs were spread around him. We were face-to-face and our little penis were resting beside each other. I wrapped my arms around him and he embraced me at the moment we’d tilted our heads to the opposite side and our lips met. The only kissing experience either of had occurred earlier that evening in the bathtub. But it didn’t matter. We were two gentle boys figuring it out as we went along. Our tongues slid in and out of each other’s mouths. Our lips smacked and the wet sounds of our kissing filled the room.

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