The need rose up dark within her, like a living thing, trying to break free. It was all she could think of, consuming her until she thought she’d explode with the wanting of it.

The room was dark, lit only by the full moon that was visible through the window, its silvery light glimmering through the gossamer fabric that hung over the windows. She waited, her body seeming to hum with anticipation, waited in the shadows, close to the door, knowing that soon it would grant entry to the one who was at the center of her desire.

It wasn’t long before the door slid soundlessly open, a shadowed figure striding into the room. No hesitation, someone who knew his place in the world and wasn’t afraid of it, as he stepped into the darkness closing the door behind him. But as he turned, his sure step was interrupted and he fell to the floor, surprised.

She was on him in an instant, taking advantage of his shock. She had known it was the only way, to catch him off guard with an ambush. Rolling him over, she attacked the soft fabric of his slacks, ripping them open, only to reach inside and curl her fingers around hot, hard flesh. A hiss of breath was the only comment she heard.

Drawing him out, his cock in her hand, maltepe escort her head dipped as she sucked him completely down, taking his length into her mouth, the tip of his cock slipping into her throat, milking him to a hardness she hadn’t known before. She wasted no more time and lifted her skirt, pausing briefly before lowering herself down, taking in every glorious inch of him into her soaked sex. She gasped aloud at the sensation of being filled, stretched beyond comprehension, but savoring it was not for tonight, not for now.

She began to move, sliding up and down the shaft, up so far that the tip barely rested inside, then plunging back down, seating him fully inside her pussy, holding on to him with her flesh. Speaking not a word, she balanced herself, hands on his chest as she rode him, a wild thing bent on fulfillment. Her body arched as she fucked him, tense with the electricity that poured through her as reached blindly for what she knew was there.

Again and again, she thrust herself upon him, taking his cock with a ferocity that surprised even her, pounding her body down onto his, caring little what he felt as she tugged her dress over her head, then batted his pendik escort reaching hands away from her body, finally pinning them down, holding them against the floor next to his head, as she worked her pussy back and forth, up and down.

But even as she held him, he wasn’t still. Yes, he’d been caught unaware but as soon as he felt the wet, tight flesh surround him, he was a willing partner. His hips answered ever thrust of hers, matching her ever increasing rhythm. He’d tried to fill his hands with her but she hadn’t allowed it. She’d taken control and he wasn’t about to complain. He lifted his head, straining against her hold, his lips finding an exquisitely pebbled nipple and latching onto it, sucking it as hard as she was fucking him. Her cry of pleasure was his reward as they moved together.

It was almost within her reach, that beautiful release, as he pumped in and out of her, jack hammering upwards as she drove down onto him. The only sounds were their harsh breathing, some soft moans and the slap of wet skin. She knew he was close, she could feel it in every touch. Rising above him, she cupped her breasts in her hands, raking her crimson nails over the hardened nipples as her kaynarca escort pussy tightened around him like a silken glove. She gripped him hard as she rode, watching his face in the shadows, his eyes half closed, his lips parted, panting hard.

And suddenly it was on her, that tingling that shiver that leads to heat. She trembled above him and he watched, knowing she was going to cum. A hard thrust up into her and he moaned, feeling his own body tighten.

She plunged down onto his cock and her body arched into his hands as she screamed. He pulled her down harder as he arched too, deeper inside her than he’d ever been and felt the rush of his juice as it escaped him, shooting into her.

She felt each hot jet as it sprayed her pussy walls, tightening on each one, throbbing around him as white heat exploded behind her eyes, washing through her body, shuddering as she collapsed against him.

He stayed within her, feeling her pulse around him. His hands caressed her sweat-dampened skin as he held her close, brushing hair off her forehead and kissing her softly. She started to whisper but he laid a finger on her lips, which she lapped at. His smile was as gentle as their joining had been wild. Without a word, he picked her up, cradling her against him, the fabric of his shirt rasping against her skin, and carried her to the bedroom. He stripped after depositing her safely under the covers, then crawled in beside her, only for both of them to fall into a restful sleep in each other’s arms.

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