Mother’s Little HeroMother’s Little Hero



[A mother has to entertain gentleman patrons to get by; one turns out to be a real problem. Can her son save the day and restore her faith in mankind…?]

FAIR WARNING: There is one fight scene which is integral to the plot. Also, there is another scene where the mom gets ‘friendly’ with one of her female co-workers. Some may find it disturbing. Well, anyway…for the rest of us…fasten seatbelts, let’s have a go at it…

Let me get you up to speed. Soon after my mom found out she was pregnant with me, her male friend suddenly remembered that he was married but forgot all the promises he had made to her. She was on her own.

She had been raised by strict parents who spurned her for having that relationship let alone the pregnancy. Suffice it to say that they didn’t condone abortion, which was the one belief that my mom retained. I guess I should be happy about that, since I’m here to write about it.

As my mom’s parents had believed that women should hold marriage and child- rearing as the primary, and sole, purpose of being, she never went to college or trained for a vocation. As a result, she had to use what ‘assets’ she had to get by.

Given her resume (no college or job experience) and her physical assets (beautiful face, spectacular figure), she ended up working at a club for ‘gentlemen’. She would come home at 2:30am normally, which made it hard for her to be much of a mother. I didn’t know what she did or where she worked and was told not to ask.

Perhaps I should describe mom at this point. My mother, Sue, was a petite MILF (as some guys might say), about five foot two, eyes of blue, blonde hair and a button of a nose. She was pretty enough to not need anything else; it was just a bonus that she had a fantastic figure, with bra busting ‘jugs’, a slim waist, and a cute little bottom.

She was the only woman in the world that was ‘stacked’ up top but still had those cute dimples above her pert bum. When she wasn’t going to the club, she would wear a short skirt, flashing her shapely legs and gorgeous smooth feet in some strappy sandals.

Somewhere along the way she had gotten a tattoo of blue flowers on her right slender ankle, an eagle’s wingspread right above her perfect behind, and a bleeding heart with arrow pointing to the entrance of her dark, warm, welcoming path to heaven.

Well, it was black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) one year and mom was working late at the club. Just for the record, it also was my 18th birthday. Once again, mom’s job was robbing her of any ‘quality time’ with me.

I went into her bedroom, not knowing why I was drawn there. I saw her dresser and gently opened the top drawer. It had a sewing kit, a calendar and her checkbook. Okay, next drawer…

Bingo! I found her lingerie drawer. Picking up her bra, I was amazed at the size of the cups. The faded label said ’36D-special order, petite bottom, extra-large top’.

I noticed that the elastic was frayed as if it had been stretched to the max. There also were two big bumps at the front of that bra (in fact, all of them) where her oversized nipples pushed out. Mom’s nipples were very sensitive, so the rough bra material kept them constantly erect.

In that same drawer was a hidden cache of DVD’s. I had to wonder what they were, being so deliberately hidden. Popping one into the DVD player, I got the shock of my young life.

There, clear as day, was my own supersexy mother, prancing on stage in the altogether. I’m talking nude, man, NUDE. Those jugs that barely fit into her bras were there, unsupported, but upright and perfect. It was like seeing a Victoria’s Secret babe on stage, except it was my own mom!

That was the first time I ever thought of my mother as a sex object, one of unobtainable beauty that I could only dream about. Unknown to me, from that moment on, I had an unconscious desire to have her, hold her, make love to her…and get her pregnant.

Mom never ‘brought her work home’, thank God. That is, she did only once. It was Christmas Eve. The club was going to be closed Christmas, and a dancer new to town needed somewhere to ‘crash’ until her new apartment was vacated and ready on January 2nd. Well, my mother generously offered our modest digs to Melanie, who took her up on it.

Whereas my mom was a buxom, petite blonde, Melanie was a fiery redhead. When we met, we shook hands stiffly. She acted as if I had the plague. Later, I saw Melanie and my mother whispering together, laughing all the while. Were they in collusion? My answer would be coming shortly.

That night, Christmas Eve, we all split up about midnight after we’d exchanged some presents. I retired to my room to open the gift-wrapped treasures. About twenty minutes later, thru the A/C ducts I could hear odd sounds from my mother’s room. I have to admit that I was drawn Kuzgun Escort into taking a peek.

The bedroom doors were cut short so that they could close over thick pile shag. As a result, anyone with a mirror could look into a room and easily see everything. It would’ve been rude of me to peep, so of course I did.

Well, let me tell you. Both my mom and Melanie worked in that gentleman’s club, so they were hot hot hot. Now they were all over each other. Melanie was feeling mom’s perfect breasts, her nipples throbbing. I thought those nips were going to come off as Melanie bathed them with her hungry mouth and pawed with grasping hands.

After that sexy scene, they kissed. I don’t mean they kissed like my mom kissed me goodnight. No, their kiss lingered for minutes; you could see serious tongue action as they Frenched hotly. Then I saw my mom put hands upon Melanie’s henna colored bangs, drawing her ‘down there’.

Sure enough, our house guest kissed my mom, then dragged her ruby colored lips down mom’s chin to that deep valley between her incredible boobs. Melanie continued down, leaving a bit of lipstick as she descended.

Down mom’s taut belly she went, arriving finally at that place ‘down there’. Unlike most of the younger women working at the club, mom hadn’t ‘clearcut her forest’. She still had a welcoming muff surrounding her inviting cave opening. That muff was blonde (real blonde!), what some guys called ‘beaver fluff’.

Melanie’s head started moving slowly at first, then faster and faster. As she did so, my mom started moaning in a way that I had never heard before. Finally, that henna haired hussy’s head was frozen in place, deeply ensconced in my mom’s private place.

My gorgeous mother’s incredible body shook in passion. With a shudder so powerful that poor Melanie was thrown halfway across the room, mom had a final twitch signaling a tidal wave-sized orgasm. She shouted at the top of her lungs. I was thunderstruck.

What was unexpected was what happened next. As mom panted to recover from the wave of pleasure that just swept over her, our house guest jumped off the bed and zoomed to the door. She threw it open, revealing the peeping tom: me! I was hyper-embarrassed.

As mom glared at me, pretending to be horrified at my rude behavior, I was speechless. Meekly, I slinked away. Mom’s door slammed shut. Then those two magpies laughed their heads off, high-fiving each other. Well, they had not only gotten off but had let me act the perfect fool.

Really deflated, I just ‘hit the hay’, feeling humiliated. Well, about ninety minutes later, I heard mom tap at my door. I told her to come in. To my surprise, it wasn’t mom—it was Melanie, our house guest. She didn’t waste time on discussion.

I would never forget it. That house guest came up to my bed and then pointed to the floor. I looked down, seeing her lovely bare feet; then, I saw a shimmer of silk as her robe fell around her ankles. I looked up, stunned to see that babe, naked as the day she was born. Still not talking, she climbed into bed with me.

I’m sure that you have lain in bed at night, just wishing that some heavenly starlet would magically appear in your sheets. Well, that is what happened that night. For the 1st time, a woman was going ‘down on me’. Once she had my cock hard as a rock, she moved herself on top of it. Using her hand to center it, she fell with her full weight on me.

This was my first time and I loved it. I had never felt such delicious warmth, tightness, and sheer joy as her talented and powerful pussy was alternately squeezing and releasing my innocent cock. I waited as long as I could, but at a certain point, I just grabbed her pert bum and pushed her down upon me.

Rising up off the bed, I extended myself as deeply as I could before releasing my first orgasm ever. Melanie actually winced as my heavy spend did not drip out but exploded in one powerful bolt of lightning.

Within seconds, her unprotected womb was dripping with my little genetic tadpoles. Totally exhausted, she fell on top of me, locking her lips in a passionate kiss. Oddly enough, I was no longer mad at her.

She slowly got to her feet, only to be taken by the wrist by yours truly and returned to the bed. No longer a virginal ‘babe in the woods’, I now put that ‘housed guest’ flat on her back so I could have my way with her. Surprising even myself, I was up again.

Melanie for her part reached around, wondering if I was fully restored. Her tiny, delicate hand cupped my bull-sized sack. She was stunned that I had re-filled those oversized globes. She released them, letting them sway manfully as I proceeded to drive into her with a precision that belied my total inexperience.

As my oversized cockhead tapped against the cervix, the little slit at its center ballooned to the size of a quarter. It once again sent a packet of genetic material into her receptive womb with terrific force.

As that dear woman staggered to her feet, a Kuzgun Escort Bayan noticeable ‘creampie’ drooled out of her well-fucked cunt. She bent down and kissed me tenderly. I thanked her. As she turned to leave, I felt a surge of pride as both her creamy thighs had wide rivers of fluids oozing down her leg from that wondrous snatch. Then, for a brief moment I saw someone at the doorway. My God, my mom had watched the whole drama!

She literally had to help Melanie get back to her room. As that henna-headed beauty laid on the sleeper/couch, totally played out, she had no idea: of the millions propelled so deeply inside of her three of my ‘guys’ alighted on her ovum.

She was fast asleep by the time it affixed itself to her inner walls, resulting in conception… [One month later, she was gone. One day she just didn’t show up for work, which was not an unusual occurrence at that club.]

Two months after that black Friday, my mom came home at mid-day, sobbing. She had felt ill and had gone to the doctor. Her office didn’t know that mom’s work address wasn’t her home address, so they sent the test results to the employer by mistake. The receptionist there opened it, not thinking it was addressed to my mother.

Talk about a double blow: mom had to find out she was pregnant AND then get fired for that very reason by her employer. That was the ultimate.

Mom was tearful but soothed by her loyal and loving son. Just by my getting her something to drink, her robe, or drawing a warm bath, I worked wonders on her. She told me I was a ‘life saver’ and she meant it. It was at this time that mom opened up about her job (I didn’t let on that I already knew), and that fateful night.

It turns out that there was an ‘urban cowboy’ type at the club who had hit it big with oil on his land. He wanted to go to the back room, and then to the ‘back of the back room’.

Beyond lap dancing, this guy wanted to go ‘around the world’ and was willing to pay up. Unfortunately, mom was not on the pill but instead used a diaphragm.

That guy was not only rich but eccentric and insisted that mom remove it. She said no; her club manager supported her until the rube upped the ante. When it reached four figures, mom had to decide whether to keep the job or her pride. Thinking of financial support of me, she went ahead, hoping that she might escape any complications.

Well, it turns out that my mom was at her cycle peak and incredibly fertile. Her womb could find even a few lonely sperm and direct them right to her receptive ovum. Unfortunately, that applied to this strictly love-for-hire situation too.

My mother found out she was knocked up. The ‘urban cowboy’ said he didn’t give a sh-t about her problem and hung up on her. Adding insult to injury, her employer didn’t want a pregnant woman as a performer, so he abandoned her too.

That night was my mom’s 37th birthday. We had planned a party. Instead, with my mom feeling down, I lay with her in her bed for the first time. It was wholly innocent; I just gave her the comfort she needed on a day like that. The next day, mom would have to try and get a real job, weak resume or not.

I was attending a free community college nearby; I offered to quit but mom would have none of that. She had experienced what a poor education could do to someone’s career.

My mother got a string of jobs, but they always—always—culminated in the same thing. She would be hired on her looks, whereupon the boss would start ratcheting up the liberties he would take.

When it became intolerable, she’d have to move on down the road. Thank heavens she remembered the old ZZ Top song: “She’s got legs…and she knows how to use them…”

For anyone old enough to remember the book, or the movie, ‘Candy’, this was my mom’s life too. ‘Candy’ was about a blonde young woman of incredible beauty who was assaulted everywhere she turned because of her allure. My mom kept getting jobs from men overwhelmed by her sex appeal who eventually lost all self-control around her.

Still smarting from the harassment from the prior jobs, she applied for a job at another company. Mom had not researched this company or she might not have worn her traditional vanishing skirt and peek-a-boo pumps (clear plastic top and see-thru soles.)

Well, there she was, applying for yet another job when the president of the company chose to interview her. To her shock, it was an older woman, say sixty-two. When asked why she had quit at her last job, mom explained about the rude boss’ unwelcome advances.

To my mother’s astonishment, the older women bent her office chair forward, put a hand on mom’s velvet-smooth thigh, stroked it to the knee and then up to her panties, and told her that no man in her company would ever force himself upon her.

The older woman then tapped, tapped, tapped at mom’s puss thru the tissue thin material. In spite of herself, my mother’s eyes closed and she let out a sigh of shock and pleasure. Soon one, Escort Kuzgun then two fingers entered her. My mom’s eyes were now closed tightly.

She didn’t watch, then, as the fingers were replaced by that company president getting on her knees and paying homage to mom at her private ‘area’.

With two hands around my mom’s firm but soft, slightly damp behind, that woman was ‘going to town’ on my gorgeous mother. Fortunately, she had forgotten about a staff meeting. As the double doors to her giant office swung wide, fully six staffers saw the sexy tableau.

The best thing that could have happened did happen. Mom did NOT get the job. When she told me this, I jumped for joy. I explained that that could be one heck of a lawsuit. Given the huge backlog of civil court cases, I just hoped that we could get something done within my lifetime.

At my prodding, mom got a female attorney from a major local law firm. When they were told of her treatment by the former employers (male and female, the strip club, the oil-rich playboy, etc.), the firm’s interest in us skyrocketed.

We told our initial story to a secretary/screener. By the end of mom’s tale of woes, there were two staffers and two full partners listening. They sent out notices the next day to ensure the statutes of limitation were observed. They were so confident of a good outcome that they would pay for our normal living expenses for the next year.

As I said before, my mom did not believe in abortion. Well, if it saved me (it did) that same policy would save this baby too. I had graduated high school and had plenty of time between the sixteen hours of classes I was carrying at the community college. I ended up being mom’s nurse in waiting, butler, and caring husband.

As her pregnancy proceeded, my mother’s belly grew. While some short-sighted guys would call her ‘getting fat’, I saw how beautiful she was getting with that life growing inside of her. Welcome or not, the baby inside had no control over its creation.

While all of this was going on, a bond above the normal mother/son kind had developed between me and mom. Remember that she had found no one worthy of trust in the outside world. On the other hand, I waited upon her like a loyal servant, fetching drink, preparing meals, and doing chores.

We now slept together. Lying face-to-face, mom would barrage me with expressions of gratitude over my kindness, and gentleness. We would normally kiss good night before cuddling and nodding off.

At first it was totally ‘harmless’, even if I kept up my habit of sleeping with nothing on. Mom objected a little, but conceded I was 18, after all, so ‘birthday suit’ it was.

A lot of things happened at the eighth month of her pregnancy. She asked me to get a special bra that she needed. I went to the department store and the clerk showed me the item to make sure it was what we ordered. It sure looked weird, with flaps and buttons all over, unlike the simple bra I’d seen months before.

The clerk laughed, saying it was a ‘nursing bra’. When I still looked quizzical, she explained that that was for a mother nursing…breastfeeding…her baby. OH! I grabbed the package and turned quickly, concealing my roaring hard-on. The idea of my gorgeous mother and those incredible boobs feeding a baby was too much for me to take.

It was during that eighth month that the ‘urban cowboy’ that had gotten mom pregnant but ‘didn’t give a sh-t about it’ starting calling us. It seems he didn’t ‘cotton’ to that lawsuit she had filed.

He implied that she had better withdraw it or he and some of his friends might pay her a visit. We were lucky that the law firm had asked mom to get a digital phone recorder; we got that conversation down on tape. It would help the suit, but couldn’t save us from what happened next.

The Friday of the next week after he had threatened mom, that ‘urban cowboy’ drove his crew-cab Silverado pick-up onto our lawn at 3am. A little ‘tipsy’ (i.e. drunk as a skunk), he staggered to our front door and did the old credit card entry trick.

We had been fast asleep, arm in arm, in her room. As we just started to awaken from the noise, he had burst into our room and grabbed mom.

He hadn’t noticed me, not that it would’ve mattered in his drunken state. Coming to her rescue, I broke his stranglehold on her, throwing his jackknife away, under the dresser.

He was much bigger than me, but he was also tanked up. Add to that the fact that I was in fantastic shape made us almost evenly matched. Mom watched in rapt attention and horror as a titanic struggle ensued.

The fact that he was fully dressed and I was naked put an odd slant to it. She later told me that my cock was doing something odd: as I summoned my strength and reared back to hit him, my manly pole would spring to rigid hardness and spurt a generous dollop of pre-cum as my powerful blows rained down upon him.

Mom said it was the sexiest thing she ever saw–that she almost had an orgasm with every blow.

At the end, she was cheering me on. He was already bloody and beaten but mom wanted vengeance on him, and all the exploitive people out there like him. As I rained colossal blows upon him, with my ‘rude’ manhood rising to ten inches then receding to five afterward, I told mom that that was enough.

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