Mom to SubMom to Sub


It had been tough after Tim left me and looking back I can see that I had turned into a real Nazi Mom. My girls were having a hard time coping with their Dad suddenly out of their lives and I was on their case over every little thing- some bigger things too but this is my guilt trip so I’ll focus on those. So what I’m saying is that things were tense in our household; I grounded Sian for something, breathing I guess and my younger daughter Allison was in a snit with me because I wouldn’t let her have a sleep over at her friend’s house. Why wouldn’t I? Because I had turned into the ultimate control freak probably.

It was a Friday evening and I was making a tuna and pasta casserole for dinner because it was cheap and, in spite of me knowing both the girls hated Tuna, I dished it up, put their plates on the table and sat down as the misunderstood martyr to eat mine. I have to admit it wasn’t all that nice, in fact it was pretty awful but it was cheap and beggars can’t be choosers as my mother used to say.

Eventually they did come out and ate some but spent most of their time pushing the food round the plate.

I watched them with growing annoyance and finally I snapped slamming my palm hard on the table and shouting at them to stop being so immature and eat the food in front of them. Their response was odd. They said nothing but both got up from the table, ignoring my demands that they sit and eat their dinner, and came round to stand on either side of me.

Without warning they hooked an arm around mine and held my wrists with their other hands, Sian on my left and Allison on my right, then pulled me back so my chair fell over dragging me backwards to the lounge area. I was screaming at them to stop, to show me some respect and so on but they were ignoring me. Allison had me in an arm bar which she tightened if I tried to move so I had to lie where I was. Sian let go her side then sat on my chest her panties touching my chin. I have to say it was a very embarrassing position to be in, so near to my own daughter’s, well, to her private area. She took over the arm bar from Allison who went to the kitchen drawer and got our roll of duct tape. I had given up and let them secure my wrists with my arms pointed straight back past my head.

“Leave them there,” Sian ordered.

I opened my mouth to protest but one look at her expression convinced me not to so I shut it again and nodded. I felt Allison’s fingers at my jeans and gasped in horror as she succeeded in unbuckling my belt, undoing my button and unzipping me. She pulled them down at the front and a look from Sian convinced me to lift my butt so they could slide down. Just as I was thinking they can’t possibly do any more to me Allison’s fingers were at the waist band of my panties and I knew without looking that I had better raise my butt for them too.

They were pulled off me and I felt humiliated. Lying on the floor ,pinned by my older daughter and not daring to struggle for fear she would do something to me and I knew she had me in strength anyway while my younger daughter was down there having a good old stare at my privates. They had me like that for over a minute and I was beginning to relax. I mean once they had seen me -Sian had twisted round for a good old look- they had seen me and with the cold air on my pussy and butt and so on it was becoming quite erotic and I went limp under Sian.

But they weren’t finished. Sian leaned back to hook her arms under my calves and dragged them up as she leaned forward. Well that changed the view for Allison and I know its going to sound perverted but I actually wanted to know what she thought. I could feel my asshole stretching so I knew I was completely on show- I also knew I was dripping wet and gaping. Allison had come round to the top end and was pulling on my ankles as my bottom came over more until my legs were touching my arms and with Sian holding my legs down- not that she needed to- Allison duct taped my legs to my arms.

Completely helpless I lay there as Sian got off me and stood up.

‘You are such an annoying little bitch Christine,” she said contemptuously, “when we have finished you will know your place. Now open.”

Nervously I opened my mouth and watched in horror as I heard her work up some spit and leaned over me so her mouth was directly over mine.

‘Keep it open Christine,” Allison told me giving me an eyeballing. I kept my mouth open as a long string of spit descended from Sian’s lips then the end broke and it fell into my mouth. I felt it land on my tongue and it really wasn’t anything just the whole humiliation thing I guess, it tasted a bit different to mine but was quite pleasant really.

“Keep your mouth open and don’t you dare swallow ,” Allison ordered so I lay there with Sian’s spit on my tongue. Allison now took her sister’s place and a much bigger spit ball dropped onto my tongue. I had spit pooled over my tongue and I was in a state of complete submissiveness, my body limp even with my legs pulled Resim Yükle over as they were.

They were both looking down on me and, as they were both in minis, I had a view up their skirts and appreciated what great legs they had. They saw me looking and Allison reached under her skirt to pull her panties to the side showing me her shaved pussy. She shaved? My little Allison- well not so little now obviously- shaved!

“Like the view Christine?” she asked talking down to me- literally I suppose.

I gave her a nervous little smile and nodded- I loved it. My own pussy was in my face too, being pulled right over as it was. I could smell it and see how wet I had become. As I thought the first spank hit me, it was Sian, she had stood beside me facing my bottom and was now spanking me with her bare hand doing alternate spanks on each cheek. I could feel my butt cheeks getting hot and I saw from the top part they were going red as well.

Truth was I used to love being spanked so this was a real turn on for me and I lay relishing the pain longing for more. I got more and they really hurt. She spanked quite hard at first and they hurt then she spanked harder and finally took her belt off, doubled it over and gave me a final few with that. It really hurt. She stopped and I was so grateful I opened my eyes and mouthed “thank you” at her.

They hadn’t finished; I wore a tee shirt and bra- these they cut off with scissors and pulled them away leaving me, their mother, helpless and naked on the floor. I saw Sian look over at Allison and Allison nodding back. It was about me, I could guess that and it probably wasn’t good, I could well and truly guess that but I accepted it. I didn’t agonize or try to control it, whatever it was I was going to accept it. So I relaxed and, limp, felt myself being picked up and carried by the two of them to the back door. Allison held her side up with one hand while she turned the knob and opened the door then they carried me down the back steps and onto the lawn.

I imagined they might play the hose on me and prepared to get cold but they didn’t- not at first. Instead they stripped off, very matter of fact and folded their clothes carefully before Allison carried both bundles back inside then came out to rejoin Sian.

She moved over to stand directly over my face then squatted.

‘Oh fuck not that,” I thought as I watched her cunt lowered slowly till it was just a few inches from my mouth.

‘Are you completely stupid Christine? Open your mouth,” Sian demanded the exasperation clear.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could staring straight up into Allison’s pussy which had opened right up and her pee hole was opening then the stream hit my face, it went in my eyes and she wet my hair and over my cheeks then settled into peeing straight into my mouth.

“Don’t you dare spit Christine or I will thrash you,” Sian commanded and I let Allison pee into my open mouth. She stopped and Sian snapped,”swallow!” at me.

I already had the taste, slightly salty, in my mouth and I swallowed it all down then opened my mouth for more. Sian nodded approvingly as Allison resumed her peeing. I was into it now and swallowed as she peed keeping my mouth open, a bit, while I swallowed so she could carry on peeing into me. She stood up and next I knew Sian was slicing my duct tape bounds off .

‘Lie there like a good little slut Christine,” she ordered. I lay obediently, my legs back down now but apart and my arms still stretched past my head. She stood to the side and peed over my entire body, my legs, feet, tummy, tits, face, hair, the lot. Finally she peed in my mouth and I took all she had then sat up with my mouth open to show and swallowed, opening my mouth again to show it was gone.

“Stay there,” Sian ordered as she and Allison went back inside.

It must have been half an hour at least but I didn’t dare move, nor did I want to. I was under their control and despite hurting and smelling of and tasting piss I was loving it. When they came out both were dressed and they looked intently at me before Allison got the hose and washed me off. The water was freezing but I lay still as ordered turning over at their command too.

Finally Allison went and turned the hose off and Sian put her hand out for mine to help me up. I got up and stood with head bowed expecting more punishment. She put her fingers under my chin and tilted my face up.

“I am in control now Christine. Allison helps me and you do as you are told. Kneel.”

I knelt and felt her patting my head. It must sound pathetic but I loved it and leaned in against her thigh wanting more. She pushed down between my shoulder blades and obediently I lowered my head .Next she put her hand under my tummy and pulled up. I went onto all fours , well knees and hands, my head still at her side. She stroked my face then gave me the command “walk.”

She walked on two legs, I was on fours so I walked like a four legged animal. The concrete hurt my knees but I carried on following her inside.

“Good girl. Now you are a disgusting smelly slut Christine so we had better clean you.”

She made me stand then took me into the bathroom. The bath was quite full and had lots of bubbles.

‘Get in,” she ordered. I got in and sat down thinking that was what they wanted .

“On your side,” she ordered.

I rolled on my side then felt myself pushed under the water. They only held me there thirty seconds or so then pulled my head up. I lay passively waiting for what they had next in store for me. I was made to stand for Allison to scrub me from top to bottom then had to go submerged again.

This time was much longer and I was starting to black out when Sian lifted me up by my neck. I coughed and spluttered as I was helped out of the bath and stood with arms up for them to dry me. I stood there as Allison plaited my hair then Sian put one of Allison’s old nighties on me, like from when she was eleven or twelve- it fitted.

‘Right you, table,” Sian ordered. I walked demurely to the table and sat down. There was only one place set and one of them had done macaroni, along side it was a glass of milk. Milk? But I ate my dinner all up and drank my milk like a good girl then took my plate and glass to the bench. I got a pat on the head and was told to sit down. Presently Allison came over with a bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was yummy and I ate that all up too.

‘Come in here Christine,” Sian ordered and I went into the lounge where they sat on the sofa with all my papers and bank statements in a pile. Sian had a pad and was obviously sorting everything out.

“Sit,” she ordered and I sat cross legged in front of them.

‘There is a new order in this house Christine; I am in charge, when I am not here Allison is. It is now nine o’clock and that is your bed time. Now come and give me a kiss and Allison will tuck you in-been toilet?”

I nodded.

“Brushed your teeth?”

I looked down and shook my head.

“OK Chrissy brush your teeth and I’ll be waiting for you in your bedroom,” Allison said getting up.

I got up and kissed Sian on the cheek said good night to her and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I had finished I went to my room but the girls’ stuff was in there- they were going to sleep together? I carried on past Sian’s old room to Allison’s where I found her, well now my, single bed folded back and, more importantly, Allison, who was sitting on the bed. She got up and held the covers up for me to hop into bed then pulled them up and tucked the sheet in. As I lay there feeling really snug she sat back down then leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

“Good night precious. We do love you Chrissy but you just need to do what you’re told from here on. Stay in bed, you can go toilet when you need to, but stay in bed till we’re ready for you in the morning. Understood?”

“Yes thank you Allison, good night.”

“Good night, sleep tight.”

And with that she gave me another kiss and a pat on the shoulder then she went over to the door turned off the light and pulled the door so it was slightly ajar. I should have thrown the covers back, stormed out there and demanded that they stop this silly nonsense and taken over the reins again but I knew I wouldn’t; I was so grateful for what they had done to me. They had to overwhelm me and take away any lingering notions I might have had that I could take control back. Sian was so dominant and Allison wasn’t far behind so I couldn’t tell them to stop and everything would go back to the way it was-besides I loved my life now.

I went to sleep, which I had struggled to do for months, so quickly and slept soundly until after nine- twelve hours sleep and I used to get about four hours before. I did go toilet then washed my hands and went back to bed. Wide awake I looked at my new room. They had put my picture of the clowns on the wall and some of my favorite things so I was comfortable in it. Shortly after I had been toilet Sian came in and sat on the bed. She asked me how I slept and told me breakfast was ready.

She took me out to breakfast. I had a big bowl of porridge and dried fruit with a two egg omlette to follow, and a glass of milk. I cleared my plates and took my dishes to the bench.

Allison got up from what she was doing with Sian and took me to the bathroom. I went properly and she checked after I had wiped my bottom then I was allowed to flush and got in the bath for a quick shower- the shower was over the bath- again she washed me, dried me and did my hair. There were no clothes to get changed so I followed her naked out to the lounge again where I was instructed to sit cross legged on the carpet. I sat waiting while Sian finished doing something.

“Chrissy, you may think after sleeping in Allison’s old nightie that we are going to treat you like a little girl. Well we’re not, we will treat you as what you are- a submissive, an adult submissive. You are naked and so you will remain unless we tell you otherwise. Right now we are busy so you can lie on the floor there and bring your legs over so we have your butt to look at.”

With that she went back to looking at her work. I lay on my back and rolled my legs over so my pussy and asshole were on display for them. Using my arms I was able to trap my legs under so that once I was fully relaxed it felt comfortable and I lay there getting wetter and wetter.

Sometimes I had my eyes closed, imagining, while other times I had them open and caught them looking down there quite casually. After an hour I was so turned on I thought I would burst. I so longed to have one of them touch me. Touch me, lick me, put something in me, tell me I could cum, anything.

At last it appeared they had finished with Sian putting the stack of papers in a folder and carrying it down to their bedroom. Allison was still seated and she spoke to me,

‘You’re looking all hot and bothered there Chrissy. You want to get off, don’t you?”

“Oh yes please Allison.,” I answered trying, unsuccessfully, to hide the strain. She smiled down at me and shuffling forward on her seat reached out with her foot. Her foot just reached my ass hole and she pushed her big toe at it. The angle was wrong and I rolled down a little so it was squarer for her. This time she pushed and I felt it slip in.

She came right to the edge of her seat and put the big toe of her other foot on my slit then pushed it in. It slid up over my pee hole and clit, pushing the hood up and stroking the clit as it went, then she brought it back down and felt for my vaginal opening. Finding it she pushed forward and her toe went straight in. I craved more opening my legs till I was almost doing a splits.

She smiled at me and pushed her toe in and out.. Oh God it felt amazing, with one toe in my asshole and the other in my pussy I came. After I just lay limp, my body covered in sweat and a weary contented expression on my face.

As I lay there Sian came back in the room. She had showered and was very nicely dressed looking more like a young executive than a teenager- I felt very proud. Sounds odd doesn’t it, here’s me, naked having just spent over an hour in a humiliating display position then having been got off by my other daughter’s toes-her toes!- saying how proud I was of my daughter who organized this humiliating treatment for me in the first place. Well I was, I loved what they had done to me, for me and I loved seeing them stand up and take on my responsibilities.

“Got her off I see,” she observed in a pleased tone to Allison as she surveyed my limp sweaty body and contented face.

‘Sweetheart,” she continued talking to Allison,” I’ve been on the phone to Jessie,” She and Maxine are organizing a lunch there will be us, Monique and Lisa and Daphne and Rochelle- and they’ll be bringing their Moms too so there will be other subs for Chrissy to be with.”

I tried to remain impassive as I heard this but my face must have betrayed me because I heard Sian laugh.

“Chrissy! Did you think last night just happened? My God we had been planning that for weeks. You are the fourth Mom to have been deposed and we did it after we saw how happy the first three are. Now, Allison would you shower Chrissy- I’ve put her outfit on her bed so once you’re both ready we can go. I’ll tidy up out here.”

Allison led me away to the bathroom. She stripped off herself and stood in the bath with me once the shower was at the right temperature, washed me and once I was done swapped places to be under the spray and washed herself. She finished then dried me, dried herself and led me, both of us naked, to my room. There she let me dress myself and once I had finished she put my hair up then squatted in front of me as I sat on the bed to put my make up on me.

Her legs were wide open with her shaved pussy on display and she smiled as she saw me looking at it.

It was so nice and I was dying to lick it but I knew my place so I settled for being able to see it- the lips were parted and a little bit moist. She used a wipe to clean herself off then took me to my old room where she got dressed. Well I loved what they had for me to wear, my red knee length sleeveless had had about six inches taken off the hem and was now mid thigh on me- when I bent over part of my ass went on show. My underwear was just my skimpiest thong- I went braless. The dress was quite tight across the bust and now my nipples showed through.

I was barelegged but with white legs I thought maybe tights might be a better look, however not my call so I just kept quiet.

‘Hmm. no,” were Sian’s first thoughts on seeing me.

“Its not quite, not quite there, is it?”

Allison was looking too,

“No, the legs are too pale, aren’t they? Do we have any fishnets?”

As it happened they did and so I had to take my dress off while they put a garter belt on me, then the fishnet stockings and finally I was allowed to put my dress back on. Now I looked sensational with the tops of the stockings just hidden under my dress.

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