Mistress Diabolique Ch. 04Mistress Diabolique Ch. 04


It was time now, Mistress Diabolique decided, to introduce Caleb to the delights of water sports. For some of her slaves the idea was revolting, for some it was their passion.

The 40-year-old domina knew that the passion came in several ways. Some of her rich clients loved the good, old-fashioned “golden shower” – she did not indulge in the so-called “brown showers”, which she found repulsive and, she considered, the ploy of a desperate domina. But the wet warmth of the golden variety was a huge favourite with her customers.

The way the urine splashed on their cock and balls almost invariably seemed to bring an erection, even if they had undergone a stringent flogging just before. Many of them used their hands to arouse themselves while they rubbed the sticky liquid into their naked flesh.

Others preferred a “golden” facial, even those to whom the idea of drinking the liquid was an anathema. Somehow they adored the aroma of strong urine on their faces, it excited and aroused them, even if they had no intention of drinking the stuff down.

And then there were her utter and total favourites – the piss drinkers. Some of them insisted on drinking her urine only after it had been chilled, like a fine wine. Those in this camp delighted in chugging on the dark amber stuff, especially after it had stood for a few minutes, placing a glistening sheen of moisture on the outside of the glass.

Then there were what she called “la creme de la creme” – those wonderfully wicked old perverts who eagerly drank down the flow from her bladder by placing their lips in a seal over her labia, or as she wore a pair of her rubber “piss panties”.

Truth be known, she preferred to use the pee panties – that way she could control the speed and timing of the urine’s ingestion.

One client, an old sweetheart in the City, was also a keen dancer and Mistress D loved pulling on the panties, peeing her strong flow and making him block it with his tongue.

Then, stepping into the naked old buffer’s arms, she would dance around the room with him, her breasts rubbing against his grey-haired chest, her mouth licking his cheek, the occasional kiss brushing his ear lobes, as they moved to a smoochy old love song, the hardness at his groin rubbing against her belly.

Then she would order him onto his knees and, as his brown eyes, the eyes of an obedient puppy dog, she thought, looked up with adoration, she would order the City gent to suck down her piss. It was such a turn on for her, even after all these years as a practising domme.

Now, Mistress D decided, it was time for young Caleb, at 18 by far the youngest slave she had ever trained, to learn the exotic delights that could be conferred by the taste of a domina’s piss.

Freeing the lad from his flogging frame bondage, Mistress D indicated to Tammy that it was “Time to give him a taste of my piss – the fresh Coke bottle in the fridge, I marked it ‘Today’,” she instructed her superbly-built, Kartaltepe Escort 25-year-old black assistant.

Tammy moved to the fridge, while Mistress Diabolique cuddled the nearly six-foot teenager in her arms and kissed him warmly on the mouth.

“Now we’re going to start your piss education, darling Cal,” she whispered. “We’re going to do it in the pillory, just to add some bondage fun to the scenario – that all right with you?”

The lad nodded eagerly, a sign that things were moving along beautifully, Debbie knew. The fact that he was aware he was going to be helpless in the pillory while his first bout of “instruction” was carried out, showed that he was willing to surrender himself totally to his “teachers”.

From a corner of the torture chamber, Debbie pulled a portable pillory – she called it her “Porta-pillory” – set on castor wheels into the centre of the room. The upper, hinged beam was lifted, and an obliging 18-year-old knelt on the carpet and placed his neck and wrists into the half-circles cut in the middle and outer edges of the leather padded item of furniture.

Debbie then lowered the upper beam and bolted it home. Caleb now found his upper body was imprisoned in the pillory, there was no escape.

His aunt then fetched a large black settle, which she pushed in front of where his face protruded. Tammy, who by this time had removed her black satin bra to reveal lush, firm 36-inch breasts, the nipples erect, the areola wide and suckable, produced a two-litre bottle of plastic bottle which contained a dark, yellowish liquid.

“This is where my first piss of the day is stored, darling,” Debbie informed her nephew, “only you’re right. I didn’t piss that much for my first piss, did I?”

“No aunty, you didn’t,” agreed Caleb, in a hushed voice.

“That’s because I’ve had two more pisses today and they ‘topped’ the bottle up,” said his aunt. “That means the taste will not be as stringent and bitter had it been undiluted first-piss-of-the-day urine. There, wasn’t that thoughtful of me!”

Tammy sniggered as Caleb agreed that yes, it was very thoughtful.

Then the semi-naked black beauty poured about half the contents of the bottle into a large brass bowl and returned the bottle to the fridge to keep it cold.

Aunty Debbie sat down on the leather seat in front of her nephew-slave and dipped her finger in the bowl, held out by Tammy.

“Hmm,” said the domina, licking the moisture from her finger, “yes, I think that’s a perfect temperature.”

Turning to face her pinioned prisoner, she smiled. “And now darling, you like licking aunty’s breasts and nipples, don’t you?”

Caleb looked puzzled. “You know I do, aunty,” he said, in a voice that was almost a protest.

“Good,” grinned his aunt, “then you’ll like licking my urine from them, won’t you?”

And after completing her sentence, the beautifully-breasted domme leaned to where Tammy held the bowl Escort Kartaltepe and dipped her left breast in the liquid, immersing it just slightly so that her hard nubbin and the areola were moistened.

Pressing her breast close to his face, Dennie whispered “Suck my nipple, there’s a darling”.

Caleb did as ordered, then his aunt pulled back. “And?” she inquired.

“Lovely, aunty,” said the boy, in a quiet voice.

“Don’t fuckin’ lie to me, Caleb,” snapped his domina-aunt. “Be truthful. What did it taste like?”

“Er, bitter, aunty, but not so awful as I thought it would be,” replied the teenager.

“Good, then we’ll try the other nipple then,” said the 40-year-old aunt, dipping her right breast into the cold liquid.

Presenting her breast back to his mouth, she watched with keen interest as the boy sucked on her nipple, then she left her breast there for a moment before withdrawing from his hot grasp.

“Report!” she snapped.

Caleb actually smiled! “That was nicer, I think because I knew what to expect,” he replied.

Aunty Debbie smiled broadly and leaned forward to kiss him smoochily on his mouth. “Good lad, now we go a little deeper,” she told him, and turned to her bowl-holding assistant and dipped about half of her lovely, lush left globe into the water.

“Now, clean it all away,” she ordered, letting her teenaged slave lick and lave all over the breast, before sucking finally on the erect nipple.

“And how was that, my darling?” she inquired.

Caleb was actually licking his lips!

And then his next remark sounded like a symphony of sweet music to his aunt’s ears: “More, please, aunty!”

Debbie’s heart soared with delight as she turned to Tammy and looked up before dipping her right breast deep into the bowl. Tammy, who also looked delighted at the way things were progressing, winked at her.

Caleb’s eager mouth worked away at his aunt’s urine-gleaming right breast, keenly sucking down the piss, then cleaning the nipple and areola.

“More, please, I’m getting to like it, aunty,” said the delicious young slave.

“No, that’s enough from me,” said the 40-year-old. “How would you like Tammy to take my place?”

If he could have nodded his head in total agreement, Caleb would have, but instead he gabbled “Oh, yes please, aunty, yes please!” came his swift response.

“Oh, so you prefer her titties to mine do you, you wicked boy?” joked his aunt.

“No, no,” said the boy, in a sort of gasped retraction, “it’s just, well, it’s just …”

Mistress Diabolique laughed: “It’s just that you like her big brown bubbas, eh? That’s all right, darling, I don’t mind you getting used to licking piss from both of us.”

And the dominatrix climbed from the large leather seat and took the bowl from the hands of her 25-year-old assistant.

Tammy pressed her mouth against the boy’s lips and thrust her tongue against his Kartaltepe Escort in a long, breathtaking smooch. “Ready, Cal? Time for more tit-tasting.” Then she dipped almost all of her large left breast into the bowl and presented it to the teenaged slave.

As Caleb was licking eagerly, like a veteran “golden” slave, his aunt placed the bowl on the floor and walked around behind her beautifully-buttocked young beauty and stroked his arse cheeks before slipping her hand beneath his belly and feeling for his cock.

“Fuck,” she said, as Tammy looked up at her as Caleb still laved and licked at her big brown udders, “he’s still cracking a fatty. This is wonderful, Tammy, he’s a fucking natural!”

Tammy laughed, pulled her plush boobies from the boy’s mouth, leant over and dipped both glorious globes in the liquid, immersing them as deep as she could without spilling urine onto the carpet.

Then, teasingly, tantalisingly, she rubbed the puppies across his face, smearing it with urine as they dragged back and forth across his features, while all the time Caleb left his tongue out to lick what he could from Tammy’s superb mounds.

Two more re-immersions, and Aunty Debbie went to the refrigerator and brought a frosted, ice-cold glass from it. She transferred the remains of the urine in the bowl into the glass until the bowl was empty and the glass contained about half a pint of her piss.

“Now let him up,” said Mistress D, and Tammy rose from the leather seat and freed the still stiff-cocked youngster from his place of bondage.

Walking to him and running a cool hand along his stiff shaft, Aunty Debbie pushed the glass to his lips and whispered: “Take a sip, tell me what it’s like.”

The boy obeyed, sucking down about a third of the contents.

“It’s lovely, aunty,” he said, in a hoarse, hushed voice. “I like it more with each taste. Your piss is like amber nectar.”

Mistress Dominique laughed. “Spoken like a true slave, Cal,” she told him. “You may drain the glass, but do it in two or three gulps, don’t chug it down in one go.”

The teenager nodded his understanding of her instruction, then raised the glass handed to him by his aunt and sipped once, twice, then a third time until the liquid was gone. Then he rubbed the palm of his right hand across his lips, inhaled deeply and licked his palm avidly.

When he had finished this act of obeisance, Mistress D kissed him full on the mouth, then turned to her black aide.

“See, what did I tell you, Tammy?” she said, proudly. “A fucking natural!”

Tammy nodded to her boss. “He’s amazing – look, still wearing a ‘Can I fuck you now, ma’am?’ boner,” she said, looking at the boy’s stiff cock. “Reckon he’s ready to learn the spray stuff?”

The mistress in Aunt Debbie pondered, then shook her head. “Nope, not yet,” she replied. “Tell you what – I know tomorrow is Saturday and your hard-earned week-end of rest, but would you like to pop around, say 10ish?”

Tammy smiled a big, white-toothed smile. “Would I what? I love helping educate ’em for the spray session. You got enough piss for it?”

Mistress Diabolique nodded. “Well, let’s put it this way, I will have by 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The pair of dominas laughed at their shared little joke …

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