Masturbation Diaries: Office ViewMasturbation Diaries: Office View


Rita Goodlow worked in the strategic plans department upstairs. For the last couple of weeks we had been on a team working a new project for our firm. She and I had always been very professional with one another from the first day although our office relationship soon became very friendly and okay, I admit I began a little mild flirting. She seemed to love the attention though. It was all harmless fun. But I’d be lying through my teeth if I said she wasn’t sexually attractive to me. She never did anything that could be labeled as truly seductive and she didn’t seem to be intentionally trying to arouse me.

Only she was, she aroused me everyday.

Okay, calming down a moment…as I said, recently I have been on a project that has called for a series of joint meetings with the other departments which has meant many more contacts and conversations with Rita. After the first everything was normal, all work and friendly banter. But after a little over a week of seeing her everyday, something changed in the way I looked at her. I had noticed before that she dressed very nicely, nothing overly provocative, just professional and nice. Of course, from the figure I could discern in those clothes, it would be hard to disguise how sexy she was unless she wore a cardboard box. Even then I’m not so sure she wouldn’t make that sexy as all get out.

For some reason as the days of the second week on the project went by I swore her voice started sounding more sexy and every little thing she did seemed to trigger some sort of sexual innuendo within my brain. The more we spent time together the more the subtle innuendoes seemed to become real to me. Now you have to understand, we were almost never left alone in an office or conference room, it was truly a team project. I guess a lot of guys wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but things like this just didn’t happen to me. She was gorgeous, but she was also a coworker.

I knew all this had to be a product of me always having sex on the brain. It’s not like women go around flashing me at the office or anything. And Rita wasn’t, but I have been flashed purposely or not from women. Sometimes it’s been pretty subtle and I’m sure not meant to be a flash. Like a woman wearing a fairly loose low cut blouse and then leaning over to talk to me. She may not be interested in making sure I get a good look down her front but it happens. And I seem to manage to make sure I fantasize that she does even if she doesn’t.

I had been working on a couple of erotic stories in the last several days, but none of them had to do with an office tryst. All I knew was I was getting turned on constantly and found myself being very self-conscious around Rita and trying to be very careful about what I said or did around her.

Then yesterday Rita walks in wearing a silky, button-down blouse with the neckline open low enough to show off more than a hint of her gorgeous cleavage. Her bra must have been as sheer as the blouse as I could make out the contours of the rest of her breasts and even her nipples through them both. To top that off, or should I say bottom that off, she wore a very short skirt. A lot of bare leg flashed just from her walking down the hall.

As she walked by she smiled and waved.

“Hi Don.”

“Hi Rita. Looking lovely as usual today.”

She grinned.

Rita, as always, wore little or no makeup. Even beyond the hot outfit she looked even sexier than usual, which was saying a lot. Despite my intent to not take her sexiness too seriously, I couldn’t help but give her some of my sexual attention. For a moment my mind drifted off into a fantasy of her slowly stripping for me as I watched from my vantage point standing at the receptionist’s counter. I thought back to what life was like when I was her age, and I had to admit to myself I was way too shy and nervous around women to ever have stood a chance with someone like her back then. I sighed and forced myself to stop thinking so deep and just enjoy her absently flirting with that sexy body while I had the chance. And I was getting more than ample opportunity for that right then, as she slightly bent over the copying machine.

That incredibly round, tight ass of hers!

At that very moment, watching her at the copier, I was totally aroused. But I wasn’t going to go up and tell her it was her cute backside that had just given me a hard-on. I lowered the file folder I had in my hand and headed back to my own office.

Luckily or not the boss came in right after I sat down and the whole mood changed.

The sight of Rita’s taut backside became a fleeting memory.

After lunch we had another one of our joint department meetings. Being it was soon after lunch, I knew by experience it was going to be difficult to stay awake. Sitting in a stuffy conference room with a dozen other people as someone droned on up front was not conducive to a great time for me.

Anyway, isveçbahis I obligatorily got to the conference room a few minutes early and took a chair at one end of the long table. Not long after I took my seat a few others came into the room and spaced themselves out in the several swivel chairs. Rita came in a moment later. That extra short skirt was the first thing I noticed. It really was short!

She traipsed into the room in her high heels and under that tight white blouse her breasts bounced just enough to be oh so noticeable. Rita had never looked hotter!

Much to my pleasure she sat down at the end of the conference table beside me. After getting her note pad and papers in order she pushed her chair back away from the table a little and swiveled toward me.

“You ready for this long afternoon?” she asked.

“I suppose. I just hope I don’t fall asleep.”

“Make a deal with you, I’ll bump you if you nod off, if you’ll do the same for me.” Rita said with a grin and a wink.

There obviously wasn’t anything sexual about her comment, but her naturally sultry voice combined with her sexy outfit and then the wink just made for a tinge of eroticism I could not ignore. Rita made me have those thoughts I knew I shouldn’t have, especially if I was going to be sitting so close to her for the next three hours or so.

My wandering mind was reeled in by the entrance of our boss.

Everyone settled in their seats and he got started.

Several minutes into the brief I turned to see if Rita was any more interested in the presentation than I was. She had rested her chin in the palm of her hand and was actually watching rather intently, seeming to be absorbed in what the boss was saying. She still had her chair turned toward me but had leaned back now. I glanced downward and realized I had a pretty good view of her long shapely legs. My mind went into overdrive and found myself hoping she would part her legs a little. I was sure as short as that skirt was I would have gotten my first ever panty shot at work!

As I grinned and turned my attention back to the boss my mind stuck on the thought of Rita’s panties and as to what color they might be. I grinned broadly and then bit down on my pen as I watched the next couple of slides flash across the screen up front.

It was a few minutes later when I sensed Rita shift in her chair. I no sooner looked back and my eyes found her legs, as well as her thighs had moved apart some. I nonchalantly scratched my head, leaning it down just a little more as if looking at the notepad in front of me. But averting my eyes I looked her way. Although I couldn’t see that far up her legs the fantasy of seeing a nice pair of silky panties flashed across my mind’s eye. But when she swiveled in her chair just a little more, I did come to realize something else…she wasn’t wearing pantyhose. Instead I saw she had on thigh-high stockings, with garters and all. I was getting a pretty good view of it all!

I blinked twice I know before I turned my attention back to the discussion at the head of the table. I also gradually glanced around to see if anyone had caught me in my peeping. I didn’t have to worry as everyone else but me seemed to be engrossed in the boss’s brief. Such dedicated employees.

I went back to paying attention myself for probably the next ten minutes, but then I caught Rita shifting in her seat again. I so wanted to turn and stare right back down again, but held back a moment until I could more subtly take a peek out of the corner of my eye. My first glance at her face confirmed she was still attentive to the discussion up front. I slightly adjusted in my own chair and turned my head just a little more until I was able to look down at her lap. The view had improved alright, the skirt had moved up enough so I could see past the tops of her stockings…I could also see the front edge of her underwear!

I closed my eyes and opened them again. The sight was just before me. I could see the smooth white material of what looked like satin panties. I grinned inside, and out I’m sure, with the novel thought I could confirm now she did have panties on. I actually felt a little twinge of disappointment at that though, but when I realized I had a bit of a hard-on going seeing the slight image of her silvery white panties I knew I was being flashed, intentionally or not!

I didn’t really want to, but for the sake of my job and the need to calm the raging monster in my dress slacks, I turned my head back up front in an attempt to pay attention to what was going on in the meeting.

I’m almost sorry to say it didn’t work though. Instead, all I could think of was Rita’s underwear and that I had actually answered the question I posed earlier this morning…’I wonder what color panties she is wearing?’

I didn’t have to guess anymore.

I found myself glancing from the discussion at the head of the table and back isveçbahis giriş to Rita, or more rightly Rita’s lap. I soon had an erection that was killing me! I also had no idea what was going on in this meeting, but at the moment didn’t really care. I couldn’t pay attention to it now as I had to sneak another glance at my sexy coworker’s crotch.

If the last look hadn’t been erotic enough, her legs were spread wider now and her hand was resting on her thigh. One of the conference room can lights shone nearly right down on the visible portion of her panties now. I was so enthralled at that very moment that I think I would have fallen to my knees and buried my face between her legs if she had asked me to. However, I’m sure getting caught pulling the panties off a coworker with my teeth would probably get me fired on the spot.

“Rita, what do you think of the proposal?” I barely registered the boss’s voice but was still in an erotically charged trance until as cool as you please my coworker sat up in her chair to provide an answer.

“George, I’d say that gives us the flexibility we’ve been looking for with our client.” Rita answered.

Then for the next few minutes she joined a discussion that left her leaning up into the table and dissolving the naughty view she had shared with me. Well, that was probably the end of the sexy sights I thought as she further adjusted her skirt.

I waited impatiently for her to sit back again so I could steal one more look at her lap and least those sexy stocking covered things, but it was not to be.

An hour or so later and the meeting was over.

Although I really couldn’t say for sure what all was discussed in the real meeting, my meeting with Rita’s underwear was surely a highlight of the day. But damn if I didn’t still have somewhat of a hard-on with her sitting next to me!

Rita stood and straightened her skirt. “That wasn’t that bad. Didn’t go the full three hours we thought it might.

“No, I guess you’re right.” But as I sat there and she stood no more than two feet in front of me, her short skirt nearly in my face, I thought to myself… ‘Yes, but I would have enjoyed a lot longer view of your sexy panties though’.

Rita passed by me toward the door. I got ready to stand when I felt a nudge into my thigh by the hard-on I still had going on in my slacks.

“Uh, I’ll be right out. I uh, just thought of something and need to write it down before I forget it.” I settled back into the conference room chair with a bit of a wince as my manhood bent in a way it really shouldn’t. “Uh, why don’t you go on ahead and I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Okay, but you be sure to stop by and see me. I want to make sure we are in sync going forward with this latest proposal.” Rita said and then turned toward the door.

I couldn’t help but fix my stare on her cute sashaying bottom as she walked away. Inevitably my cock surged and the additional swelling resulted in another wince and groan. But it was all worth it!

Everyone had already filed out of the room by the time I tried to stand once again. My condition still had not fully subsided, but I got up anyway, adjusted myself in my boxers and as I made my way to the conference room door. I tried to stand up tall and act as if nothing had happened, but finally realized a good strategically placed notepad would do to cover the possibility of embarrassment with the rest of the staff.

All I could think about as I walked back to my office was Rita back in her office playing with herself in those sexy panties. I’m sure she wasn’t an intentional exhibitionist but I had enjoyed every second of it anyway. That was an amazingly gorgeous sight and I still had that picture vividly ingrained in my memory. When I was finally in my office, I closed my door and realized I was horny as hell with a hard-on that wouldn’t go away. I was so horny that I knew I just had to get off. It was an insane idea, but I finally gave in and unzipped my pants and let my cock out.

I started to take care of my problem when all of a sudden the phone rang.

I almost pulled my manhood off I tugged so hard at the shocking interruption. But I took a breath and leaned up across my desk.

“Hello.” I said picking up the phone with my other hand.

“It’s me. So you really think it was one helluva a meeting huh?” It was Rita.

“It was pretty dull to me. But seemed like you got into what the boss had to say.”

“I guess I was interested.”

I wanted to say…’I was interested, but not in the meeting, but I sure loved your nice pretty white satin panties and those sexy stockings. And, by the way I’m sitting with my hand on my totally hard cock for you!’

“I thought I’d have time to get back with you, but I have another client on hold and it may take awhile. We can get together in the morning. No use you hanging around for me.” Her sweet voice came over the phone isveçbahis yeni giriş line and all I could do was fantasize that her hand had gone to her lap. She had hiked her skirt up and now her panties were gone! She was showing me her bush ever so clearly with her fingers fluffing it up!

“Uh, okay, I won’t wait on you then.” I did my best not to sound as if I was overheated in lust, but damn it took every ounce of strength to do so.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye.” With that the sweet sexy voice faded away.

But I kept the receiver to my ear even after I heard the click of the line, as I started to stroke faster getting so into the show Rita unknowingly was putting on for me in my head. I saw her take a finger and very cutely crook it enough to slide it up her fur covered slit. She slowly moved it up and down until her pink wetness was exposed and then she took two fingers and spread her pussy lips so wide I could see the inner lips and her erect clit peaking out of its hood at the top. There this gorgeous woman was sitting at her desk like a good professional working woman only she just happened to have her legs as far apart as she could get them while she slipped a finger into herself and then slid that nice wet finger up to her clit and rub it.

As I pumped my cock with my big fist I ‘watched’ Rita inserted another finger into herself and slowly pumped it in and out. I wrapped my left hand tighter around my cock and began to stroke up and down its length for all I was worth as I remotely heard the ‘beep-beep-beep’ of the broken line in my ear. But I was not going to stop even long enough to replace the phone, for by then I pictured Rita’s luscious mouth and tongue running back and forth on the sensitive underside of my erect shaft. She was sucking hard and running it in and out of her mouth as fast as she could.

My other hand was now her mouth and damn was it good!

I was stroking it pretty fast now, too. The head was all swollen. I knew I couldn’t last long and this could get messy. Fortunately I keep a box of tissues on my desk.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and felt my orgasm start.

It was going to be a strong one. I could feel my cum rising up from my balls and shoot up the length of my shaft and finally up into her eager sucking mouth. My whole body shuddered and my knees got weak as I pumped load after load of my cum into her mouth.

I remained quiet for the rest of my orgasm, which was just as well as there were voices outside my door about then. When I was finally done I let go of my balls and let my now partly limp cock slide through my hand and opened my eyes.

There was cum all over the top of desk and dripping down the drawer front.

I hadn’t had an orgasm like that while masturbating in a very long time.

Then the panic set in…What if my boss had come in right then and wanted to have me go somewhere with him? It would have been just a little embarrassing to stand up with my cock hanging out let alone having cum splattered everywhere for him to see.

I replaced the receiver and then put my limp cock back in my pants. As I zipped up there was a knock at my door.

“Don you still here?”

I frantically grabbed a few tissues and tried to wipe up the mess. The door wasn’t locked so I was sure she would come walking in any second.

I can only assume she must have noticed the lights were out in my office and she thought she had missed me.

Sure enough, I heard her heels clap away back down the hall.

I finished tidying up and decided it was indeed late and I wasn’t going to get much else done.

I got to the door and something told me to wait and listen a minute. When I could hear nothing outside I opened the door and stepped out. I walked down the hall and headed for the front door.

“Oh, hi Don.” I heard a voice behind me.

I turned and saw Rita.

“I thought you had left for the day. I just went and got the key to your office from the secretary. I was going to drop this bundle off in your office. These are all the reports and other things you asked for yesterday. I finally got them all together.” She walked to me, those long legs striding in a sexy swish under that sexy gray skirt.

“Oh thanks.” I said taking the thick file folder as she stood in front of me. “I was, uh, in the men’s room when you came by I guess.” I lied well I thought.

“Okay. I’ll just return the key to your office, then.” She dangled it on one finger in front of my face. “You have a good night. See you in the morning.” She pivoted on her high heel and now I got a rear view of the legs, the strong calves, and my oh my, the sexiest backside there ever was!

After she was out of sight I breathed a sigh of relief. That was really close! If she had tried the knob on my office door she’d have found me there. If she had done that five minutes earlier she may have witnessed the mighty cum shower her sexy vision had produced. Damn!

But the thing was at least I didn’t get caught, that’s what counted.

The other thing was I had a damn good hard-on going again…Rita you are so inspiring!

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