Love, Lust , Family Pt. 05: PartyLove, Lust , Family Pt. 05: Party


It’s recommended that readers start this series from chapter one. For new readers this chapter carries on a family holiday. It does have gay romance but only straight/lesbian sex.


It was mid-afternoon when Mariah broke away from my embrace to remind me of Samantha’s message from before our trip that the final night would be a formal dinner and she needed to get ready. The women of the family would get dolled up and as payment for their efforts the men of the family were responsible for preparing the meal. A fair trade off in her opinion as the men’s preparation for such a dress code required little more than a shower and a shirt and trousers combo.

All the girls disappeared together to prepare in two groups. They spent their afternoon with facials, make up, hair dressing and all the things girls love to do on special occasions.

It created quite the fantasy about what they might be doing. It was easy to get lost in imagination. Five beautiful women preparing for a night, getting around in their underwear and of course not too much imagination was required given their affection for one another.

I was pulled out of my trance imagining what the girls might be doing when Jack called us to the kitchen.

“Right troops, we better give these girls something they’ll enjoy or we won’t be having fun tonight either.” I think we all assumed he was talking about sex and responded with a chuckle. It was funnier than Jacks usually terrible Dad jokes.

“So the plan was Josh doing the entree, I’ll do the beef, Steve you’re preparing vegetables and Jesse you’re on dessert.”

I nodded in approval.

“Sounds like hard work, I’ll fetch some beers” responded Steve.

“Chocolate pudding coming up” remarked Jesse as he stuck his head into the pantry.

The afternoon raced by as we chatted and worked on our dishes although with only vegetables to peel and chop Steve seemed to do more drinking than cooking.

From time to time Jesse and I would catch ourselves glancing at one another, Jesse would shoot back a warm grin. I was happy to have patched it up with Mariah despite what it might mean in losing Jesse but his smile made my heart flutter and I’d suddenly find myself distracted from my cooking by memories of our love making.

After an hour or so I was done and left to catch a shower before being back for dinner.


I’d had our room to myself with Mariah somewhere else getting ready with one of the other girls. After showering and ironing my white shirt and navy blue trousers I got dressed, looked in the mirror and bam, I was ready for a formal dinner, after all it was far too warm for a jacket. In my opinion I looked quite sharp. It was nearing 7pm when I headed back to the living room.

Jack and Susan were the only ones around. Jack was it the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner as Susan sat by the window watching the sunset looking elegant in a floral sundress. Technically it wasn’t formal but it was more sophisticated than the usual outfit while on holiday, or at home for that matter, besides she looked beautiful so it was more than adequate.

“Can I get you a glass of wine senorita?” I said with a playful accent.

“Si, senor” she replied with a smile. Her smile tended to show her wrinkles and age marks but it was a warm smile and her wrinkles only added to the complexity of her beauty as a 50 something woman.

I returned a moment later, a soft fruity white wine in hand. Passing her the glass she smiled at me with a sparkle in her eye.

“I hear you and Mariah worked things through.”

“Yeah, I suppose we did” I said flashing a smile back.

“You see, love isn’t complicated Josh. Love just takes effort but love always wins.”

“I suppose you’re right Susan. Thanks for being a listening ear today.” I shot her a smile and we locked eyes, I genuinely meant what I’d said and I wanted her to know. Susan had always been nice to me since Mariah introduced me to the family but my appreciation and affection had grown for her this trip.

“You look lovely tonight by the way,” I said, unsure how she’d take it.

“Thank you Joshua. A woman my age appreciates such compliments, especially from a younger gentleman.”

“You’re not one that lacks confidence though.” I said playfully.

“I don’t need you to say I look nice Joshua, but it is nice to hear.”

“I’m going to fetch myself a drink” I said as I turned and walked away. Perhaps I had developed unrealistic expectations since I’d been with all her children but I swear there was a chemistry in our interchange. The idea of Susan had aroused my imagination.

I opened the refrigerator and proceeded to stand staring blankly at the shelves having forgotten what it was that I had come looking for. My mind was transfixed on Susan. With new found experiences I was desperate to have the woman who had raised children who were so powerfully sexual, a family whose exploits were not driven out of insecurities sisli escort or an need for affirmation but from their confidence and freedom. Susan was the mother hen and I wanted to roost.

I was snapped out of my haze when Steve walked into the room, “grab me one too Joshie”. I gathered a couple of brews and headed over to Steve. The two of us stood and watched as Samantha and Eve entered the room giggling to one another. Their conversation between one another made no sense without context, an inside joke between the two.

Samantha looked stunning. She was wearing a short black dress that was tight around the hips with a pair of dark stockings. The black outfit tied in with her customary dark eye makeup and her raven black hair straightened and pulled back into a tight pony tail.

Eve was wearing a similarly short black dress but with long fishnet mesh sleeves. Her dress was not low cut but even covered up to her neck there was no hiding a massive set of tits below the fabric. She was quite the specimen to have so much chest but such skinny legs.

Sam grabbed a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator and headed to the dining table. As she sat down the last of the party, Mariah and Erin, entered the room. Erin wore a pale pink skirt and a white blouse. Mariah was her stunning self in a deep blue pencil fit dress that showed her curves.

“Okay everyone, take a place” Jack called out, “boys grab the rest of the dinner and bring it over.”

We shuffled about carrying dishes and plates and moments later the family sat around the table eating and talking. The table was full of laughter and booze, some knocking back drinks at a quicker pace than others.

Eve clearly a bit tipsy, raised a glass, “here’s a toast, to the best family in the world.”

The family obliged and clinked their glasses between one another. Jack responded “we are glad you are a part of it Eve.”

Eve giggled and fluttered her eyes at Jack. Her glance lingered on him longer than what seemed usual. Eve adjusted her hair, “so um, Steve” she said moving her attention across the table, “how did you and Erin meet?”

“Well, I was at the tennis club and started chatting to Mariah when over walked this beautiful girl from the change rooms. The rest is history.”

“I thought he was so cocky and arrogant at first but I warmed up to him” added Erin.

“If I wasn’t cocky or arrogant I never would have started chatting to your sister and none of this would have happened” said Steve with what could be described as an arrogant smile took a swig of his drink.

“What about you guys?” Eve asked in Susan’s direction.

“Well,” started Susan.

“This is the best story” interjected Samantha.

“We went to school together but didn’t really know each other. After we’d finished school we went on ski trip together with friends from university. He was different to everyone else so kind and genuinely interested in me. We spent the day skiing and laughing. Then we had the best sex of my life in front of a fireplace in our chalet.”

Eve looked at Jack in shock eliciting laughter from his daughters.

Susan continued on, “Anyway we became so busy with life, university and everything, we just didn’t know if we wanted the same things. So we broke up.”

“We’d see each other here and there. We still had lots of mutual friends and we were still on good terms. Anyway I go on a ski trip with friends to the same ski field and guess who I bump into on the ski lifts!”

“No way” responded Eve.

“So we catch the lift together. We start laughing like we did when we were together. Long story short, he was staying in that very same chalet and that night we had sex in front of that very same fire and I wondered why I ever left him, so we’ve been together ever since.”

“Wow. That’s so romantic” Eve remarked, taking another wooing gaze at Jack.

“Yeah, so who is fucking who tonight?” Samantha threw her question into the conversation stopping everyone in their tracks.

“Samantha, that’s no way to talk” rebutted Jack.

“Mom was the one who started the conversation onto sex” replied Samantha. “Let’s not pretend everyone here is fucking someone else and everyone is looking good tonight. So, who’s keen for who?”

“It’s not a topic for conversation, discuss something else.” Susan assertively said, before flashing a smile, “anymore food anyone?”

Somehow, the table moved on from Samantha’s forthright question. The night continued on with laughter, feasting and drinking. Our food was on point and everyone enjoyed their meal. After finishing dessert the family moved over to the lounge to relax with coffee and after dinner drinks.


I found myself sitting on the lounge next to Jesse. The mood in the room was lively with everyone chatting and laughing with drinks in hand. By now I’d had a few drinks myself and was beginning to feel the buzz.

I noticed Samantha fussing with an old record player and after a screech from escort istanbul the speakers a salsa style music began to play. The music had a sexy rhythm and the singer rolled Spanish words from the tongue.

Samantha shuffled over to where Eve sat to the rhythm of the music and pulled her out of her chair to dance forcing Eve to quickly find somewhere to put her glass of champagne. The two threw their heads back in laughter at their first attempts to dance in unison but after a few moments their feet moved in sync, their bodies close, hips swaying to the beat. Their sexy performance had the rooms attention.

The two girls were clearly enjoying themselves, Samantha’s hands were roaming Eve’s body with the occasional squeeze of her ass. As the song went on the two seemed less interested in dancing and more interested in grinding their bodies against one another.

The song ended and the two separated. From where I sat I could see Samantha’s eyes staring at Eve, her facial expression full of lust. The next song began to play, a slow sultry classical guitar piece and Samantha took her exhibition to another level. Reaching behind her back she slowly unzipped her dress, gently she brushed it off her shoulders and with the help of Eve she tugged the dress off her body and it fell to the floor.

The two girls instantly embraced in a passionate kiss. It was clear that Samantha was lashing her tongue into Eve’s mouth. Samantha looked stunning wearing a black corset under that had been under her dress with a garter suspending her thigh high stockings along with a tiny pair of black knickers.

Sitting on the sofa opposite me, a coffee table between us, was Erin. I noticed her unbutton 3 or 4 buttons on her blouse revealing her brassiere. What she did next caught my attention more, she put her hand down her skirt and was clearly rubbing her pussy.

“Shit, Erin” remarked Steve, “you like what you see don’t you?”

Erin smiled and continued, now with everyone taking notice of her enjoyment of the girls show.

The girls were now really grinding on one another. They both swayed back and forward grinding the crotch on each other’s thigh. Eve’s skirt was now hitched so high you could see the bottom of her knickers, they covered what was a fat pussy between her legs.

“Come on Erin. Show us what you’re doing there” Steve said, egging his partner on.

Erin obliged, raising her hips and reaching behind her she unzipped her skirt and proceed to slide her skirt and panties to the floor. Steve gave an excited laugh. Erin smiled at him, she seemed to be doing it for his enjoyment as much as her own. Staring at Steve she unbuttoned her shirt entirely, removed it and then did the same with her bra. She now sat completely naked on the sofa next to Steve. The rest of the room didn’t know whether to watch Erin and Steve or Eve and Samantha.

Erin, the skinniest and daintiest of all the women in the house sat with her foot up on the couch revealing her tiny pink pussy, her small round pink nipples sat erect on her breasts which were barely a handful in size but wonderfully shaped and were perfect on her thin body.

As the two girls steamy love making continued Steve had joined Erin masturbating to the girls show, although Steve remained fully clothed with his hand down his trousers.

From where I sat I could see Jack whispering in Mariah’s ear but I couldn’t hear what was being said. A moment later Mariah stood reached behind her for her father’s hand, pulled him out of his seat and led him out of the room. I watched her walk out, her hips seductively swaying in her tight fitting dress with each step in her high heels. I wondered for a moment if Jack could satisfy her the same way as a younger man.

Just as father and daughter had departed Susan stood to her feet, adjusted her dress before turning to Jesse, “you want to find a room Jes.” Jesse gazed up at his mother with a warm smile and a look of admiration. He stood to his feet and approached his mother, he kissed her gently on the lips as their hands entwined. The two of them quietly left the room.

Turning my attention back to the scene before me Samantha and Eve continued to devour one another as Erin and Steve watched on. Erin stood up from the lounge where she had sat and made her way in my direction. It took me a moment to realize that she was indeed coming towards me. In my pants was a rock hard erection that I’d helped along with a gentle rub here and there as I’d sat watching the girls exposé.

Erin leant forward, her boobs dangling in my face just out of reach for me to kiss them, she begun to undo my belt then proceeded to unbutton my shirt. I needed no further invitation and assisted her in removing my clothes. I now sat naked on the sofa.

Standing upright Erin smiled as she ran her hands up her thighs, over her stomach then squeezed her breasts in what felt like my own personal show. Erin began a slow turn her hips swaying to the rhythm of the music. She kept şişli escort her eyes on me, looking over her shoulder, as her body now faced the other way. I smiled in appreciation of her cute ass. She had the smallest ass of the family but it was by no means small on her tiny frame, her thick cheeks looked great and aroused my desire.

I reached out to her and she obliged, backing her ass up towards me. She spread her legs a little and bent forward at the hips giving me a view of her glistening pink pussy. She bent her knees and lowered her ass towards my crotch. I took my raging boner and rubbed it gently over the hot lips of her pussy.

She looked back at me, her hair falling in her face and her eyes seemed darker than usual, they were full of lust. I returned both hands to her hips and pulled her down on me. She had tickled and teased her pussy so much that it glided easily down my cock as she sat back in my lap.

Her legs were now spread wide, she had one either side of mine as she rhythmically threw her ass back at me and slid down my cock. Her ass cheeks bounced every time she threw it back at me and with her legs stretched wide as she sat in my lap her ass cheeks spread revealing her tight pink asshole.

I took a moment to enjoy the view of her slender back, round ass and lean legs gyrating up and down on my dick but I couldn’t get the temptation of that tight little asshole off my mind. I pushed Erin forward and onto the large coffee table in the middle of the room. Her chest pressed onto the table, her ass in the air I ran my finger over her wet pussy and rubbed her juices over her asshole. I could see her ass begin to contract and quiver at the sensation of my touch.

Without saying a word I spat into her ass crack and massaged the saliva around her asshole before I took my thick raging boner and pressed its head against her ass. By now I’m sure Erin was aware of my plan to fuck her ass. She made a little moan, half pleasure half pain, in anticipation of my penetration. Steve still sat watching Eve and Samantha who continued to make love as well as glances at myself with his Erin.

I thrust into Erin’s tight ass. Having had Jesse recently I could notice the difference between his open passage and Erin’s tight little back door. Moving slow at first I began to thrust with more momentum as her channel began to expand to the girth of my cock. Erin encouraged me on by bringing her knees up onto the coffee table. Her knees were on one edge and her chest and face pressed down against the other side of the table with her ass in the air presented for me – ass up, face down.

From here I had a view of not only of Erin’s beautiful ass but the two girls. Samantha was currently face down between Eve’s legs, you could hear her really sucking on her pussy.

This was beyond my wildest fantasies. Ass fucking a pretty girl as two other sexy women pleasured one another. I loved the sultry curve of Erin’s back as it arched down from her raised ass to the body pressed against the table.

I could feel the pleasure building in my dick and balls with every thrust. I gripped her hips all the more tightly and gave my final few thrusts before busting a massive load of cum in Erin’s ass. Perhaps my final few thrusts were a little too forceful as Erin gave a yelp.

I fell back on the couch to catch my breath and Erin did likewise rolling onto the floor, she lay on her back panting. It was only now that I realized Steve sat wearing only his shirt slowly stroking his hard cock. In the recent days I’d come to love Jesses cock but the sight of Steve did nothing for me. I think it had less to do with the fact he was my cousin and more that he simply wasn’t “my type”, even if I’d only just discovered I had a “type” of guy. Maybe it was that I was only gay for Jesse.

Sitting on the couch I watched as Eve brushed Samantha aside no longer interested in having her pussy licked. She approached Steve as he sat on the couch and saddling him she began to ride his cock.

Looking pissed to have been left behind Samantha stood to her feet. Samantha looked over at me, brushed Eve’s juices from her mouth and made her way over to where I sat. As she approached Samantha unclipped her stocking suspenders from her knickers and now standing in front of me she slid her fingers under the string of her panties that and sliding them over her hips they gently floated to the floor.

She approached me on the couch with a strut, each foot landing in front of the other making her hips sway. She stopped posed in front of me as if at the end of a catwalk, her breasts bulging out from her tight corset, her waist squeezed in accentuating the curve of her hips. She was close enough that her left foot was between my legs, standing over my knee, she stood with all her weight on one hip like a model at the end of a runway and began to run her hands over her hips and stomach. Suddenly she lifted her right leg and put her foot on the top of the couch, her stiletto heel sinking into the leather beside my shoulder. My eyes traced from her foot along the sexy curve of her calf to her thick thigh and onto her juicy pussy which was directly in front of my face. Her outer lips of her pussy opened enough to get a peak of her juicy pink inner.

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