Love at First BumpLove at First Bump


This is my first story!

Hope you like it,

~ Squired Raisin


Chapter I: The Preparations

“‘Cmon, Rachel! There’s no space left in the car!” Sam called to his friend packing upstairs.

“Almost finished! There’s something that I absolutely have to take!”

Shrugging, Sam turned towards his other friend, Sophie. “Can you believe it? She’s still packiiii-” The rest of his sentence was snatched from his mouth as he noticed his best friends ass waving in the air in front of him, pushing the last of her suitcases into the packed car. Sophie was dressed for driving. ‘Dressed for driving,’ basically consisted of a white, low-cut spaghetti strap shirt and a pair of black, skin-tight yoga pants. Being the only one with a drivers license, she was the only one who could drive them to Rachel’s parents’ cabin for their end-of-school vacation. Snapping out of his reverie, Sam playfully slapped his friend’s ass, receiving a yelp in response. Pulling herself out of the car, Sophie scowled at Sam and tackled him onto the front-lawn grass. Falling on his chest with her own, Sophie felt her breasts mash against his hard, sculpted abs that were a result of a rigorous workout routine in the school gym. Laughing, Sophie attempted to untangle herself from the sprawled body beneath her. With a growl, Sam rolled on top of her, the sun making his sandy blonde hair seem almost silver. Still laughing, Sophie said, “Gerr’ off of me, you buffoon!” Sam was about to reply when he heard shoes crunching on the gravel.

“Alright, alright, break it up you two.”

Turning his head, Sam was awarded with the sight of a grinning Rachel, her hands on her hips.

“You’re just jealous, Ratchet,” Sam teased, winking at the pinned down Sophie. Shaking her head, her blonde ponytail whipped from side to side.

“Who, me? I’m just starting to wonder when this whole love fest began!”

Sam’s face flushing a bright red, he climbed off of Sophie.

Just then, he noticed the two extra suitcases that Rachel had with her. Sophie took the words right out of his mouth, “You’ve got to be kidding me, Rachel. You can’t take those.”


“There’s not enough space! Where are you going to sit? On the roof?”

“There’s enough space,” Rachel said stubbornly, her blue eyes hardening.

Once Rachel had her mind set on something, there wasn’t anyone who could change her mind.

“No, there really isn’t, Rachel. Look,” said Sam, signalling at the open door.

Walking up to the car, Rachel peered inside. The car really was stuffed. The second back seat was filled with a suitcase and the compartment behind the two back seats was, as well. Her shoulder’s sagging, Rachel almost dragged her suitcases back inside when she had an idea.

“Why don’t I put this suitcase,” Rachel said, pointing at the larger of the two suitcases. “On the unoccupied back seat, and this suitcase,” signalling at the taller, but skinnier suitcase. “On the floor beneath the seat?”

“I think you’re forgetting something, Rachel…” said Sophie. “Where are you going to sit?”

“Oh, I didn’t forget about that! I can just sit on Sam’s lap. That’s OK, right Sam?”

“Um, I don’t think so, Rachel,” Sam said hesitantly. “This is a six hour ride and this could get very uncomfortable.”

“That’s OK, I’m wearing my comfy clothes,” Rachel said.

That was the first time that Sam noticed her clothing. She was wearing a tight-fitting, low-cut, spaghetti-strapped shirt with a combination of baggy shorts. It was no surprise that he couldn’t help but notice her figure. A slightly tanned complexion, Anadolu Yakası Escort round, perky breasts – probably a 30C – a flat stomach, bubble butt, with shapely legs.

Still unconvinced, Sam tried protesting again. “OK, so you’re wearing your comfy clothes, but what about me? It’s going to be really uncomfortable.” Not wanting to offend her, he didn’t mention weight. She didn’t weigh much, but after a couple of hours of supporting her, he was sure that he would feel her weight, regardless of how light she is.

“Then go wear your comfy clothes, silly!”

“Ugh, fine. Let’s fit your luggage in first.”

Try as they might, they couldn’t fit the smaller, skinnier suitcase below the backseat. Finally, Sophie stuck the suitcase in between the driver and passanger seat, effectively blocking the view of each other.

“Maybe we should just put it here,” said Sophie half annoyed at all the fuss.

Completely serious, Rachel replied, “That’s perfect! You’re a genius, Soph!”

“Whatever, let’s just go already!” said Sam.

Sam’s comfy clothes consisted of a baggy T-shirt, and a pair of baggy basketball shorts. Climbling into the car, Sam put his legs together. Before he could even tell Rachel to get in, she was already sitting on his lap, her legs spread on either side of his.

Chapter II: The Long Ride

After an hour of being on the road, Sam got extremely tired of seeing the suitcase to his left, blocking the whole driver’s side. He had no one to speak to. Rachel had long ago fallen asleep on his lap, her head leaning on his shoulder. Sam was way too uncomfortable to fall asleep. His thighs felt numb and he couldn’t handle it anymore. He had to readjust. Trying to keep his movements minimal, so as not to wake Rachel, Sam opened and closed his thighs, attempting to put some feeling back into them. Accidentally, the scissoring motion caused Rachel to move up and down on his crotch, sending waves of pleasure shooting up into his hardening dick. Unable to control himself, Sam felt the blood rushing into his tool, until finally, Sam sported his full, seven inch erection, the lenth of it trapped uncomfortably between Rachel’s soft ass cheeks.

Fortunately, Rachel was still asleep, so Sam was spared the humiliation. Try as he might, he couldn’t soften his raging hard dick. He also couldn’t adjust it from its uncomfortable position between her ass cheeks. Sighing, Sam settled back into his seat, thinking about how the whole roadtrip seemed to be a series of unfortunate events. He was further proven correct when the car bounced its way past a particularly large pothole, causing Rachel to jump in his lap, making his dick spring upwards and slip out of the crack in his underwear, only to be trapped again by Rachel on her descent. This time, though, it was pointing upwards, and the tip of his penis was prodding the soft flesh between her ass cheeks. Moaning, Sam pushed his pelvis upwards trying to achieve greater pleasure. Unknown to him, his short pant had ridden up his thigh to the point where his cloth covered ballsack was visible.

One small move and his cock would be free of its cloth restraints. Three layers of clothing. That is all that prevented Sam’s dick from entering the pussy of his best friend that had unwittingly entered his sexually fevered mind. Mumbling incoherently, Rachel attempted to readjust the thing that was prodding her ass. Barely conscious, Rachel’s hand searched for the source of discomfort, moving up her friends naked thigh all the way to his cloth covered testicles. Squeezing lightly, Rachel’s brain registered that this was not the Bostancı Escort source of discomfort and continued to move upwards. Now her hand encountered hot, naked flesh again. Moving her hand up and down the base of it, Rachel’s mind understood that this was most likely the protruding object. Wrapping her hand around it, Rachel jerked it forward, freeing the pulsing pole of its cloth boundaries.

Sam could hardly believe it when he felt his friends hand on his thigh, moving upwards toward his dick. He thought he was dreaming when she lightly squeezed his ballsack, and he thought he had died and gone to heaven when she wrapped her small hand around his dick and pulled it out of his shorts. Now his naked cock was resting against Rachel’s cloth covered mound, with her hand lightly holding the base of his dick. Sam was sure that if she even moved her pinky half an inch, he would cum all over her legs and stomach. Looking at Rachel, he noticed that she was still asleep. Not wanting to take advantage of his best friend, and maybe feeling a little guilty, Sam patiently waited for his friend to continue. After waiting for half an hour, Sam began to nod off, his throbbing, pre-cum oozing dick bouncing with the swaying of the car on the potholed surface of the road.

Chapter III: A Bumpy Ride

Rachel awoke to something hot, hard, and throbbing in her hand. Looking down, she gasped loudly at the sight of her best friend’s throbbing meat in her hand. Her tiny hand could barely wrap around it!

“Everything alright, Rach?” Asked Sophie from the other side of the suitcase.

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s alright. Just a cramp,” she replied.

“Ok. Mind if I turn on some music?”

“Sure, but Sam’s asleep,” she said, as she still held onto his hot flesh.

Sam’s moan was drowned out by the pop streaming out of the stereo.

Totally entranced by her friend’s dick, Rachel hardly noticed her moistening pussy until the car bumped across some large holes, forcing Rachel to let go of Sam’s prick so she can grab onto the handhold and suitcase to keep herself from slipping off her friend’s lap.

Thinking the worst was over, Rachel let go of her handholds. But the day had one more surprise in store.

Suddenly, the car fell into a huge hole and sent everything in the car flying, including Rachel, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, on its bounce out of the hole. Waking suddenly, Sam noticed his flying friend. Acting quickly, he grabbed her hips, and pulled her firmly onto his lap. In all of the action, both of them forgot about the unsheathed, lubricated pole.

Their forgetfulness was soon remedied when they both felt hot meat throbbing against Rachel’s pussy. As it turns out, Rachel’s “comfy clothing” did not include panties. On her descent into Sam’s lap, his penis slipped through the opening of her shorts, only to find itself surrounded by hot, moist flesh.

In a flash, Rachel’s horniness turned into anger. Twisting her body to face Sam, causing his dick to rub against her slit, she began viciously accusing him.

“You did this!” She whispered.

“I didn’t do anything!” He protested. “I woke up to find you flying through the air. I didn’t want you getting hurt.”

This gave her pause.

“You didn’t want me getting hurt? That’s so swe-“

Her words were snatched from her, as the car came to a sudden stop, causing her parted lips to mash against Sam’s lips and his hard pole to rub deliciously against her sopping slit.

“Sorry, guys! There’s a deer on the road.” The muffled voice said from the other side of the suitcase.

But Sophie’s words Ümraniye Escort fell on dead ears. Separating her lips from his, a line of saliva stretched between their panting lips. Looking deep into Sam’s eyes, Sophie closed the distance between them once again, their lips mashing together, tongues twirling wildly.

Separating again, both of them took quick panting breaths as Sam squeezed and kneaded her heaving breasts. Grinding her ass on his lap, his dick rubbed up and down her sopping vagina, sandwiched between her fleshy lips. Moaning softly, Rachel took a fistful of Sam’s hair and pushed her lips onto his once again.

Unable to contain himself, Sam began humping his meat up and down her slit, making Rachel moan loudly into Sam’s mouth. Twisting back around, Rachel picked herself up, stuck her hand into her shorts and positioned Sam’s dick at her steaming entrance. Slowly descending, Sam’s cockhead popped into her tight canal, their combined juices lubricating the way into her. Moving her hips in a tight circular motion, Sam’s dick threatened to pop out of her slippery entrance at any moment. Growling, Sam grabbed her hips and pushed her down hard, tearing her hymen and taking both of their virginity’s. Feeling her warm blood gush onto his invading tool only served to drive them both into more of a frenzy. Barely emitting a yelp, Rachel grunted, feeling her pubic bone grind against his, his meat deep inside her, pulsing with each pound of his heart. His large hands went under her thin shirt, ran up her toned stomach, where the side of his hands rubbed the underside of her breasts, teasing her. Slipping her own hands under her shirt, Rachel pushed his sweating hands onto each of her fleshy mounds, her nipples poking into his palms. Kneading the fatty orbs gently, Rachel moaned her approval. Slipping his hands out from under hers, she bit her lip in frustration. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, he pulled it over her head and threw it by their feet. Quickly taking each nipple in his large fingers, he gently squeezed them, making Rachel shiver in ecstasy.

The dick still deep inside of her, Rachel couldn’t hold back any longer. Placing her hands on his knees, she bent forward and began sliding his tool in and out of her pussy, grunting each time he bottomed out. Her humping grew more and more frantic until her moans of pleasure dwarfed the stereo and the loudest sound in the car was their combined moans of pleasure.

Working towards her own orgasm, Rachel made the tense, fiery ball in her lower regions grow more and more intense, until, finally, she could feel her release just around the corner.

Hands on her hips, Sam pushed her down each time she came back up, his own release boiling in his veins.

Eventually, the simulation grew too great, and they reached their release with mind-numbing explosions.

With one final, downwards push, his dick went as deep as it could possibly go and the fiery ball within her exploded, her juices spilling out of her pussy by the bucketload, pussy clenching and shivering on his dick, milking it for all it was worth.

Humping upwards, Sam met her last thrust with his own, and erupted, his cock spewing his cum, rope after hot sticky rope, coating the inside of her raw, unprotected vagina.

The combined juices proved too much for her pussy to handle, pussy juice and sperm spilled out of her hot, pulsing pussy, wetting all the garments beneath their adjoined bodies.

Sighing contentedly, Rachel leaned back onto Sam’s broad chest, Sam’s hands still cupping her heaving breasts.

“You two have a lot of explaining to do.”

Snapping their heads towards the voice, Sam and Rachel noticed two things:

1. The car was no longer moving


2. Sophie, their best friend, was grinning at them, the suitcase no longer in between their seats and Sophies hand deep inside her pants.

Part II?

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