Loretta Part 6Loretta Part 6


Making love to Kayla was the last thing I was expecting on this, Loretta’s last night in town but, as Kayla and I entered the house after our sweet little liaison in the garden, I was in for quite a surprise…………..

Jade spoke first; looking up from behind Ulrich’s blond head. She seemed a little embarrassed but only for a moment,

“Come and join us guys,” she said huskily.

Next to Jade, her husband Zane was seemingly lost beneath Loretta’s long, strawberry blonde locks. His arms circled Loretta’s tight waist and both his hands grasped her butt cheeks. There was no getting away from Loretta once you were under her control.

I smiled and nodded then Kayla suddenly said,

“We’ve been out in the garden having quite a party of our own. Hey Pete?”

I looked at her dumbly and absentmindedly ran my hand over her butt. I went to the CD player and took my time putting on some chill-out music. When I returned to the couch Jade was helping Ulrich out of his shirt while Zane furiously licked and nibbled at Loretta’s boobs; she was of course totally nude. Again I smiled and shook my head; this was not the Jade and Zane that I knew. Loretta’s witchery had evidently transformed them. Kayla handed me a cold glass of wine and we pulled up two chairs to watch the increasingly steamy activity on the couch. Casually I asked Kayla,

“How would you feel if I asked you to pose for me?”

“I’d say yes! But I’m afraid that I’ve left nothing of me to your imagination.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I’ve got a very active imagination.”

She laughed then asked, “Was it nice living with Loretta?”

“Yeah, I’m going to miss her.”

Kayla smiled and stroked my hair,

“Oh, poor Pete, the night is still young and watching these guys is already making me feel a little left out.”

She looked at me seductively and slipped off her t-shirt. “And over dressed.” She added.

We sat on the floor by Ulrich and Jade and I felt Kayla’s hands unbuttoning my shirt. I took it off before she had a chance to finish. Kayla’s kisses were very addictive and her hands did not hesitate to clasp my muscles and hold me close. Soon I found her boobs and quickly became reacquainted with their divine softness. She moaned with delight and pushed my face into her chest.

Next to us, Ulrich now got up from where he and Jade had been sharing long, tender kisses and caresses. Ulrich was a gentleman of the old school and he now asked Jade’s permission to proceed. He didn’t have to, for in an instant, Jade had removed her panties, discarded them over the back of the couch and spread her legs. With his usual Teutonic sang froid, Ulrich knelt down and spread her pussy lips. Next to them, Zane hardly noticed for he was now enjoying a very wet blowjob from Loretta. His palm caressed Loretta’s cheek while with his other hand he stroked his wife’s hair.

The music played on; cool, sophisticated and relaxing. I finally felt Kayla tugging on my shorts. I took them off obligingly and flipped over. I soon had Kayla’s head in my lap and my cock in her sweet little mouth. I spread my arms and rubbed Jade’s leg. She giggled and looked down at me. I saw a look of pure pleasure in her eyes as Ulrich ate her pussy with sweet abandon. She moaned, sighed, writhed and giggled for several long moments until Ulrich stopped. He emerged from between Jade’s legs with a wet chin and just the hint of a smile.

Jade now got up. High around her waist she still wore the short floral skirt in which she had arrived. It looked absurdly superfluous now that she was topless and bottomless. Jade had fine light brown legs and a beautiful heart shaped ass. As always, I admired her beauty but only momentarily, for now Kayla, my little nymph, had succeeded in getting me hard. She looked up and down at my rigid cock as it curved towards me. She gave the head an extra few firm strokes and spat upon it for good measure.

“Hmmmm, not bad for an old boy.”

She giggled mischievously as I reached out to grab her shoulder. She pretended to avoid me as I started to chase her. By this time Jade was leaning up against the back of the couch where Ulrich was pounding her pussy. She dug her fingers deeper and deeper into the fabric as Ulrich thrust harder and harder into her from behind. Her head rocked back and forth, her beautiful heavy breasts swayed and all I could see of her eyes were the whites. She was lost in some realm of transcendental pleasure. Taking his cue from Jade and Ulrich, Zane now disengaged his cock from Loretta’s ravenous mouth. But Loretta was never one to accept being told what to do. She sat on the couch just below Jade and spread her labia.

“C’mon Zane, fuck me,” Loretta purred, with her head resting on her shoulder.

Zane needed no other invitation. He grabbed his cock and fed it into Loretta’s dripping hole. She gasped and wound her long golden legs firmly around Zane’s lower back. I had been in this position many times myself but to Zane, at that moment, it must have seemed like heaven.

I caught Kayla by the arm and swung her up and over my shoulder. She giggled and struggled half-heartedly. I was very hard by now. The mere sight of Ulrich thrusting into Jade from behind while, inches away, Zane feasted his cock greedily on Loretta’s succulent pussy, all to the accompaniment of grunts, moans, techno and tender sighs, was more than enough to give me a steel-hard cock.

Now where was that hot little nineteen year old to use it on?
I looked Kayla straight in the eye and she smiled back. She grabbed hold of my cock and tugged it gently.

“Fuck me up against the wall,” she whispered.

She led me to the corner next to the window. Luckily the curtains were drawn or the six of us would have presented quite an entertaining spectacle to anyone passing by. Kayla turned and pushed me up against the wall. She was about to go down on me again but I stopped her. Instead I thrust my cock between her legs. I could feel her wet pussy and now I felt a gentle hand reach down and lift my shaft into position. I grabbed hold of Kayla’s butt cheeks – two tight little handfuls that I had often admired on the beach and behind her counter at the supermarket. I spread them and kneaded them; stretching her pussy in the process as she slowly took in my whole length. She sighed and began to buck against me; the wall made us a threesome; offering us the necessary support. Kayla now rubbed her clit up against the base of my cock for several minutes while I pressed her ass tighter up against me. Suddenly I felt the thrill of her nails digging into my sides and her teeth biting my shoulder. I put my hands behind her butt to cushion it and then thrust my cock into her pussy as hard as I could. She moaned and gasped, bringing her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. Kayla impaled herself upon my shaft. The music of her breathing grew more and more intense, her breasts rose and fell, her hands held me tightly then her sweet moans reached a peak and she welt limp. The tightness of her pussy – told me that she had come but the look in her eyes said much more than words could ever say.
I hugged her as she whispered in my ear,

“Mmmmmm, that was just magic.”

I smiled and kissed her cheek. But now it was my turn. I brought over a chair and got her to bend onto it. Her beautiful ass and shapely legs presented themselves to my ravenous cock. A few meters away I could see Loretta’s beautiful golden mane bobbing frantically over Zane’s groin while Zane, breathing furiously and doing his best not to look down, was obviously Escort Kağıthane fighting off powerful forces from deep inside. Jade meanwhile was on all fours being treated to a wild ride by Ulrich. She was very vocal; calling out and moaning deliciously.
I took my shaft in my hand and ran the still wet head down Kayla’s tender butt cheeks and rubbed it all over her pussy before finally easing it in all the way. She was smooth, wet and tight and her juices flowed down to where I could feel them at the base of my balls. I grasped her hips and held on. Using the scene in front of me as a cue, I matched Ulrich’s thrusts then synchronized with Loretta’s rapidly bobbing head. For a while, I imagined I was five people; fucking, sucking and being fucked. It was a transcendent experience.

Zane at last exploded into Loretta’s mouth with a primordial growl. I saw her look up and giggle. She then let his come drip down the sides of her chin. She had conquered him. Sex was like mountain climbing to her; she scaled peak after peak, higher and higher, because they were there.

Now I refocused my attention on the little minx in front of me. Not that I had forgotten her, but I wanted to make our session last as long as possible. I grabbed her tight little breasts and massaged her baby-soft ass with my thumbs. With each stroke from me, Kayla thrust back; positioning her legs so as to offer the best possible return thrust. She was a considerate girl. I wanted to feel my come shooting up into her again and I imagined her pussy dripping with my juices. That thought was all it took and in a few more minutes, I pumped spurt after mouthwatering spurt of hot male magma deep into her. I could feel her clench and relax her pussy then clench it again so as to milk every last drop out of me. Like I said, she is a considerate girl.

Kayla and I now walked over to the couch to watch the others. By this time all of our inhibitions were long gone. I pulled up a chair and Kayla sat in my lap; her svelte little ass fitting neatly between my thighs. Jade had just taken Ulrich’s glistening shaft out of her mouth and was pumping it with all her might. The young German had the most perfect cock I had ever seen; it was ramrod straight, tapering and perfectly proportioned. Jade glanced at me as I sat down,

“Where have you been hiding this guy Pete?”

I laughed as Jade renewed her efforts; concentrating on the base of Ulrich’s shaft. Even Ulrich could not maintain his self control forever and now, at last, his abs flexed superbly as he sent a long stream of come flying over Jade’s shoulder. Jade giggled and caught the next spurt with her hand; rubbing it into the head of Ulrich’s cock. She cupped his balls and continued to milk him until he was spent. He then picked her up and kissed her appreciatively.

We all sat down to relax. It was only 1:30 am and the night was still warm. We were all totally relaxed and I still had plenty of drinks. We joked about Loretta returning to the farm the following day. She seemed a little melancholy about it, saying that she would miss us all. She and Jade seemed to be reconciled at last. I was glad about this as I wanted to remain friends with both of them. I got up to put on some more music- trance this time. By the time I’d got back, I found Kayla, Zane and Jade looking on in admiration as Loretta gave Ulrich a blowjob. Considering only about twenty minutes had passed since Jade had blown Ulrich, this was impressive. Ulrich swung his hips gently; thrusting his cock in and out of Loretta’s mouth. Meanwhile Zane played with Jade’s nipples and Kayla sat watching, with her legs crossed over and her sweet little butt in the air.

“You’ve got a great cock Ulrich, it’s beautiful,” Jade said suddenly.

“Danke,” was his laconic reply.

I sat down between Jade and Kayla and watched in fascination as Loretta used every imaginable oral technique on Ulrich’s rapidly swelling shaft.

“You must’ve written the book on blowjobs Loretta,” Kayla said jokingly.

Loretta paused; letting her hand take over from her mouth.

“Not written it honey, I’ve read it. It’s called Going Down Take a look at it some time, I’ll lend it to you.”

With that, she returned Ulrich to her mouth. Ulrich was grateful and he now started to breathe harder as Loretta increased the intensity of her efforts. Again, as I had done many times since meeting her, I marveled at how beautiful she was; with her eyes shut and her long blond lashes falling on her cheeks, her perfect profile, glorious strawberry hair and perfect cheekbones. Now as the head of Ulrich’s cock pressed up against the inside of her cheek I found my mind wandering away – as though I were adrift, lost on a tranquil sea of exquisite splendor. I was only drawn back by Kayla’s warm hand affectionately rubbing my thigh. I smiled and hugged her; looking into her gleaming dark eyes. She kissed me but just as I was about to kiss her back Loretta took Ulrich’s cock out of her mouth and asked,

“Ok boys, who’s next? Pete?”

I smiled but remained where I was,

“I’d rather watch.”

She next turned to Zane. “C’mon Zaney, I’m sure Jade will let you darling.”

Jade laughed and pushed him forward, slapping him on the ass good naturedly. He had already enjoyed Loretta’s mouth and pussy once tonight, so this was a welcome second course. Now he took up position next to Ulrich whose cock Loretta was still skillfully pumping. It took Loretta no time at all to get Zane as hard as Ulrich. Once she was satisfied with her handiwork. She slapped Ulrich side and indicated her posterior. Kayla and Jade exchanged looks of mild astonishment but Ulrich, in his workmanlike way, ran his hands down the marvelous contours of Loretta’s back and across the faultless cleft of her ass. He positioned himself and spread her knees slightly then fed the full length of his pole into her. Then, after a few thrusts, he withdrew and applied some saliva to her labia,
Pausing momentarily from her work on Zane, Loretta said,

“Oh, you’re such a gentleman, mein liebe Ulrich.”

Ulrich grinned and grasped Loretta’s hips. He settled back to enjoy the hidden delights of her pussy. Now Loretta turned to me.

“Pete, I’ve got room for one more, don’t be shy.”

I jumped up and stood next to Zane, he smiled broadly and pulled his cock, a little reluctantly out of Loretta’s mouth. She seemed a bit surprised but wasted no time in replacing Zane with me. Zane joined Kayla and his wife on the floor. The sight of him sitting between two gorgeous girls with his rigid shaft pointing north was somewhat comical but I had little time to look as my attention was focused on what Loretta was already doing to me with her miraculous mouth. At the other end of her, Ulrich was taking his time, savouring every nuance, every subtle fold of her pussy. He looked at me and winked. I nodded; yeah, life was good.

I now saw that Zane was resting his head on Kayla’s thigh as he licked her. Jade meanwhile had taken up where Loretta had left off with both her hand and her mouth. Kayla giggled and gently ground her hips into Zane’s face. Both girls were clearly enjoying themselves.

I concentrated on the sensation of being in Loretta’s mouth; the sheer skill of this girl with cock was truly phenomenal. She now passed the head of my cock rapidly over her lips, her mouth could not have been wetter, and her tongue could not have been more effective. I sighed deeply and my mouth watered, my head tingled with pleasure that seemed to flood my entire body. I looked down at her face; Kağıthane Escort Bayan to call it angelic would be to do it scant justice – it was the face of lust, the visage of desire, the countenance of sex incarnate. Right on cue Loretta opened her eyes and looked up at me; demonstrating her intuition yet again. Her beautiful eyes smiled when she saw how much I was enjoying myself then she closed them sensuously and returned to the task with renewed vitality.

But; whatever she did, where ever she was, Loretta was always in charge. Her motives were always her own, her purpose never readily apparent. She reminded me of a line by John Galsworthy,

” And now it was as if he were in the presence not of a mere woman, but of some force, subtle and elusive………

True to form, Loretta stopped and looked up at me.

“Pete,” she purred, “Fuck my pussy while Ulrich fucks me in the ass.” I looked at her for an instant which she mistook for reluctance on my part. “Please,” she continued, “Do this for me.” Her tone was strangely demure; almost as though she expected me to say no. But at that moment saying ‘no’ was the last thing on my agenda.
I slipped beneath her and she looked down. Her eyes were full of gratitude. She bent down and kissed me with more tenderness than I have ever felt.

“Thank you,” she whispered softly.

Our eyes met again briefly and I saw that hers were full of emotion. Then she smiled and winced slightly. As I felt her begin to rock back and forth I could tell that Ulrich was at that instant feeding his cock into the velvet softness of her ass. She had not forgotten me. After she had developed a rhythm with Ulrich, I felt her hand guide my curving shaft up into her pussy. The sudden sensation of finding both her holes filled made her gasp. I was gentle with her and I could tell that Ulrich was too, but it was obvious that this was a new experience for Loretta – another peak to ascend. She was remarkably wet which made the task that she had given Ulrich and me easier. I thrust into her slowly, running my hands down her smooth sides; across ribs and curvaceous hips to long golden thighs and back again. I could feel Ulrich doing the same with one hand as he held her by the shoulder.

As Ulrich and I became acquainted with our task we gradually increased the speed of our thrusts. Loretta seemed to love the escalating pressure of my fucking her pussy from underneath while Ulrich pounded her behind. I could hear his thighs slapping against her butt cheeks as she rocked back and forth. I found that when my cock was almost about to leave her pussy she would slide back down on it again. After a few minutes I became conscious of the giggles, comments and laughs of the others. We must have been putting on quite a fine show for them.

Now Loretta really got down to it. I could feel her digging her knees into the carpet as she took the intense hammering I was giving her pussy and the full impact of Ulrich’s cock in the satiny depths of her ass. She bucked like an unbroken colt; she slapped Ulrich’s thighs and ran her talons down my chest and sides. When she came, her profanities were sweet carnal music to all our ears. She seemed to love every minute of being double penetrated; the more we fucked her ass and pussy the more she wanted.

Now I concentrated on massaging Loretta’s hips with my hands while my cock feasted on her pussy. I could even feel Ulrich, a mere few centimeters away from me, propelling his cock and working her smooth ass with all his might. We thrust harder and harder, deeper and faster; teeth clenched, eyes rolled back, breathing harder and more rapidly. Loretta seemed lost under a barrage of male flesh but, as always, it was she that was calling the shots,

“Guys, this is soooo amazing, sooo fucking hot. I feel incredible. Haaa, haaa. But I want you both to come in my mouth.”

All Ulrich and I could do was nod and grunt assent while we gripped her body even tighter and thrust our cocks into her with renewed urgency. Sure enough, after a few more minutes of the most intense fucking I have ever experienced, I felt my juices gathering in the utter depths of my body. I pushed Loretta aside, rolled over and knelt before her. She looked up and smiled slyly then closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I grabbed my cock by the base and worked my hand hard along the shaft, massaging my aching balls. While doing this, I watched Ulrich’s cock still stretching Loretta’s ass and making divine sounds as his thighs slapped against her ass cheeks. The visual stimulus was all it took to send me over the brink. I rapidly sent squirt after squirt of steaming hot come into her mouth. She didn’t swallow it but let it pour slowly and sensually out of the corners of her mouth and down her beautiful chin. But I couldn’t keep my position before her for long. It was now Ulrich’s turn. Dependable as always, Ulrich satisfied Loretta’s thirst for come by downloading a respectable amount onto her tongue. It joined my own; dripping down her cheeks in two streams.

Loretta rolled over and collapsed. The look on her face was one of total contentment. I now saw the expressions on the faces of our audience. Zane was wide eyed; Jade was grinning and shaking her head in awe. Only Kayla didn’t seem to be overly impressed but it was she who now spoke,

“Wow guys, that was a multi award winning fuck. I’ve never seen anything like it – well not in real life.”

“Thanks babe,” said Loretta, taking all the credit.

Loretta now got up while I handed her a towel. She grinned broadly whilst cleaned mine and Ulrich’s combined come from her chin and disappeared to the bathroom.

An hour and a half later we were all showered and dressed. We said our goodbyes and goodnights. Kayla kissed me goodnight with sweet tenderness, promising she would call me in the morning – I was thrilled needless to say.


7:30 am

I woke up with a mild headache and rather sore nether regions. The studio was in reasonable shape considering the wild scenes that it had witnessed the night before. One would not quickly have guessed that six people had fucked in this very room at the same time. I shook my head and absentmindedly rubbed the stubble on my chin.

“Good morning Pete!”

I turned sharply and instantly my head regretted that I did so. There, framed in the doorway of the spare room was Loretta, looking as though she had just taken part in Paris Fashion week. For a second I wanted to ask her, “Just how much money did your parents send you?” But I kept my mouth shut, marveling instead at the vision before me. If, in the course of telling this story, I’ve said several times that Loretta was beautiful, well, for every one of those times, it has crossed my mind ten times since I first set eyes on her.

“Well what do you think?”

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and fought off that nagging head ache.

“You’re an absolute knockout – as always.”

“Awww, Pete you’re such a sweetheart.”

I lowered my head in mock humility then I noticed a pair of suitcases by the door.

“You’re all packed already. What’s the rush?”

“I want to get away early, the folks have been giving me a hard time about staying here this long. Those bees down on the farm are not going to collect their own honey.”

I blinked at the absurdity of her last sentence then said,

“Well, what about some breakfast?”

“Oh, I’ve eaten already, thanks anyway.”

“When did you Kağıthane Escort get up, it’s like, just after dawn.”

“Oh Pete, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s ok, let me get a cup of coffee and I’ll drive you to the airport. What time’s your flight?”

She hesitated for a moment then said,

“I’ve called a taxi. It should be here any minute.”

I must have looked at her strangely because she instantly became apologetic and a little defensive.

“Oh Pete, You’ve done so much for me over the last few weeks, I’ve imposed on you enough. Thank You.”

Loretta had subtly changed over those past few weeks; the attitude was gone, as was her rebelliousness and her resentment towards the world in general and her cousin in particular. She seemed content and happy. Who was I to argue with that?

The taxi soon arrived and once we had put her suitcases in the boot I felt her long strong arms wrap themselves tightly around my shoulders. She kissed me tenderly and whispered a thank you in my ear. I told her several times to ring me once she got home and after repeated promises that she would she got into the taxi.

“Will you say goodbye to Ulrich, Jade and Zane for me, Oh and Kayla, she’s a really sweet chick.”

“Ok, take care babe. Bye.”

I stood back and watched as the taxi drove slowly back up the street. Loretta turned to look at me with a flourish of golden strawberry hair, smiled, waved and was gone…………………


Thursday, 4:30 pm

I opened the door to be greeted by a worried looking Jade.

“Jade, is everything ok.”

She raised her hands in perplexity.

“I just got a call from Loretta’s parents. They wanted to talk to her!”

Now it was my turn to look worried and confused.

“Did you tell them she left over a week ago?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So she didn’t go back to Loxton?’


“Hmmm,” I shook my head, but before I could reply Jade said,

“Oh Pete, I’m worried as Hell. I hope she’s ok.”

I tried to sound reassuring, “Well, you know Loretta; she always seems to land on her feet. Her parents sent her some cash. I don’t know how much but maybe she used it to go off on holiday somewhere. I don’t know, she didn’t tell me anything but she was acting kinda weird that morning.”

“Yeah, you’re right, about her always landing on her feet I mean. I’m being silly I guess.”

Four days later I got a postcard from Prague.

“Dearest Pete, How are you, or should I say, Jak se Mate !!!
Well, here I am in the Czech Republic. Prague is a beautiful city and I’ve already made some friends – the girls are great and the guys are HOT! Best of all, I’ve got my dream job! You’d love this city – lots of cafes, art galleries and lots of that Art Nouvelle style architecture that you like. Will write soon. Give my love to all.
Love, Loretta.
P.S. I’m sending you all a little present soon. Xxx”

My first thought was – “Not Art Nouvelle, it’s Art Nouveau!”

I read the card several times, each time her words seemed to raise more questions in my mind than they answered. What was Loretta’s dream job and why did she have to travel all the way to central Europe to get it?

I pinned the card to the kitchen message board after showing it to a much relieved Jade and Zane. Jade assumed that Loretta would have told her parents of her whereabouts by now so she thought it best not to call them. And there the card stayed – a small but powerful reminder of its sender.

That week Kayla posed for me several times. She seemed to enjoy the experience. The money she earned certainly supplemented the income she got from her day job and she was happy. We got along very well and sooner or later we became lovers. The difference in our ages seemed not to concern her and hey, who was I to argue.

It wasn’t until Loretta’s presents finally arrived that we got to the bottom of the mystery.

Ulrich arrived a little early on the day he was to help me pack some of my pictures for postage. He held up what looked like a burnt DVD in a generic looking case,

“Have you got one of these,” he said simply.

“What is it?”

Instead of answering he smiled and handed me the disc. On it, in blue marker, was written: “For Ulrich, Love Loretta.”

“It arrived this morning. Have you looked in your letterbox?”

“No, not today.”

Ulrich continued to smile at me enigmatically; he was giving nothing away. I got my keys, strode outside and opened the letterbox. Sure enough, there was a brown bubble pack envelope addressed to me and sent from Prague by Loretta. I tore it open and was soon holding a DVD identical to Ulrich’s.

“Oh, I see she has also given you four kisses. I only got the DVD.”

I almost blushed at this; one of Ulrich’s rare attempts at humour.

Without a second’s hesitation I slipped it into the DVD player and we both sat on the couch. The DVD contained a porn movie called, “Alpine Butt Sluts II,” a quality production too. The star was an actress I had never heard of; Serena Honeywell.

I gave Ulrich the remote and he searched forward to a scene where a beautiful, aristocratic blonde was talking in very aggressive tones to a young man who was obviously her subordinate. The woman was Loretta.

Suddenly I heard Ulrich’s voice but I could not tear my eyes from the screen.

“She’s calling herself Serena Honeywell. Sound’s cute eh!”

All I could do was nod dumbly as I watched the woman who had been my model, lover, and friend over these last weeks.

I stopped the DVD and suggested to Ulrich that we call Jade and Zane over. He agreed and minutes, later all four of us were sitting on the couch where we had all recently fucked to celebrate Loretta’s last night in town. Now we were watching her as a fully fledged porn queen. After recovering from their initial shock, Jade and Zane both agreed that they were not overly surprised – this was just the sort of thing that Loretta would do, given the opportunity. Jade shed some light on one thing,

“Serena was the name of her first kitten years ago and ‘Honeywell’ is the name of her parents’ farm!”

We all laughed, – trust Loretta!

Loretta had been cast as the ‘rich bitch’ surrounded by an assortment of dark, buff guys with perfectly chiseled abs, classic profiles and smoldering eyes – there’s the artist in me talking again. The film’s female cast was all very fine too; I had seen one or two of them in films before. Loretta seemed to be in good company. The most surprising thing about her was that she could act and seemed to have been given all the best lines. The plot revolved around the Alpine ski season and involved her seducing a rival’s husband, then her lover and ruining the woman’s career as a champion skier by swapping her urine sample with one containing drugs.

“I hate her, I want her out of the competition!” she reveals to her maid in another scene with the utmost venom. “I’ve taken her husband, now I’m going to take her lover. After that, who knows what I might take. I don’t want that upstart bitch coming here and taking my title! I’ll bury her in the snow before I’ll let that happen!”

“Wow, ouch, that sounded like she meant it!” said Zane. We all agreed.

We sat back and shared some drinks and food. Eventually we got to the film’s crucial scene where Zenia; Loretta’s character, seduces the heroine’s husband, after token resistance on his part. The scene was beautifully executed and shot; from prelude to blowjob, to anal, to money shot.

As we watched Loretta’s chin and cheeks being adorned yet again with come, Ulrich, in his intuitive way, said what we were all thinking,

“Ah, I wish she was here now.”

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