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Locker Room Talk

‘Boys will be boys’ was never truer to me than the day our team won the semi-finals round of the playoffs and were heading to the state title. It would be the first time our team had ever had a chance at the state title in over 40 years. At school, we were Gods. The best football team our school had ever seen, and we knew it. When we walked off the field after our stunning upset victory over TCU 27-21, we couldn’t stop cheering when we got to the locker room.

I was the running back. I had scraped up 86 yards and 1 touchdown which gave me over 1,000 rushing yards this season. I was only a sophomore. At barely 5’10 and with long legs, I was pushing my way through opponents on the field. But the best part about being on this team, was how comfortable everybody was with me. In the middle of my freshman year, I came out to my teammates. I had expected them to react negatively, but not only did they not, a few other players came out as well including Jimmy Bradshaw, our center, Kyle Lundgren, our corner and Miles Hackett, our receiver.

It felt good to not be alone, and felt even better that the team embraced us, and their behavior didn’t change. Guys would still come out of the showers without towels on, many of them with huge cocks, just showing off. Brett Henner, our defensive tackle once caught me staring at his fat cock. It was at least 8 inches long and meaty. “You want some meat, Nichols?” he said as I had to pull my gaze away from his dick as I realized he was talking to me.

“What?” I stuttered, “No, no of course not.”

“You sure?” he started, “I don’t care about you sucking me off. Head is head, bro.” he laughed. He said it around a group of guys, who started to laugh as well.

I laughed it off to shake off my embarrassment, because if everyone wasn’t there, I probably would’ve taken Brett up on that offer. His dick looked tastier than I could’ve imagined.

There was one person though that wasn’t as accepting as the rest, and that was Marshall Gordon, our Quarterback. He was in his senior year. A sure-fire guarantee to get into the NFL. Marshall was 21, he was 6’4 with sandy brown hair, and a lean figure. He had the kind of boyish good looks that seem to follow all quarterbacks, and after I came out, he said to me, “I’ll play with you, but if I catch you eyeing me, I’ll waste you.”

Needless to say, I kept my eyes away from Marshall Gordon. Besides, he wasn’t the one I had my eye on anyway. It was Miles I wanted. Miles was gorgeous. He was 6’2, chiseled from head to toe, he had flawless caramel skin and deep brown eyes. His lips were so smooth, I dreamed of kissing them, and his ass was so thick, I almost missed a play on the line because I was staring at it. God, I wanted him. But honestly, everyone wanted Miles. Even the girls still wanted him after he came out. And Miles definitely wasn’t shy about showing off his body.

That day, he’d come out of the shower, like an Egyptian God. Muscles freshly cleansed after an intense game, water still dripping off his exposed chest and rounding under the curve of his swollen pectorals. I had to grip my face to keep the drool from coming out of my mouth. I wanted so badly to lick over every inch of his body. And before he could find a towel to cover himself, I saw his juicy dick. It was perfect. At least 7 inches long soft, and a curve near the head. I instantly fantasized how good it would feel to take it down my throat and even better, how it’d feel filling my ass.

Before I could escape my fantasy, Miles was in front of me, fully covered and with a smile on his face, “Hey Jordie.”

Jordie, short for Jordan. I didn’t like too many people calling me that, but when Miles said it, it sounded sweet and genuine. “Sup Miles, great game man.”

“Same to you, 1,000 yards.”

“Actually, 1,028 yards” I corrected, “But who’s counting?”

We shared a laugh. His chuckle was light and charming.

“So, you got any plans to celebrate tonight?” Miles casually asked.

‘I’d love to celebrate by fucking you all night’ is what I thought in my head, but responded instead with, “I hadn’t planned on anything.”

Suddenly, Miles got closer to me, “How bout we do something tonight?”

“You and me?” I clarified.

“Yeah,” Miles got even closer, this time whispering in my ear, “I want to celebrate in you.”

My dick must’ve shot up instantly, and my heart was beating so fast I could’ve sworn the whole locker room heard it. Could this actually be happening? Could the guy of my dreams actually be propositioning me to sleep with him tonight?

“I’d like that.” I managed to choke out.

“So would I,” Miles said, walking past me to get to his locker, and giving my ass a little squeeze on the way, “Meet you here after the fanfare dies down.” he suggested.

“Yeah, sounds great.”

Miles gave me a warm smile, then headed towards his locker to get changed. We each had to do interviews before we could leave, and I still had to shower. Now I had another reason to shower as well.

“Nichols!” Coach Hines called out to me, “Get dressed and get out here, they got questions for ya!”

“Son of a bitch!” Damn press wouldn’t leave either. We were the hot story in every publication. The Cinderella darlings who turned their school football team around and now we’re heading for the Bowl game. I turned towards my locker and grabbed a sleeveless tee, and a pair of gym shorts. Threw my Nike’s back on and headed out towards the cameras.

The press gaggle had always been a chore but this time it was excruciating. More press than ever before were out there after our game. Going the distance really drew attention. Gordon was answering questions on his game, so was Brett, and Kyle. Miles came out about fifteen minutes after me. The press circuit probably took me about a half hour, but it felt like a century. All I could think of was getting clean, so I’d be ready for Miles at the end of the night. Even talking with reporters, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of his lips on mine, taking his swollen cock in my mouth, feeling him stuff my ass with his huge curved member. When I’d reached the end of my press tour, I hurried back inside the Demetevler Escort locker room to finish my shower. The timing was actually pretty perfect as the hot water had returned, and I was grateful I wouldn’t have to take a quick cold shower, but could rather indulge in getting every inch of me clean.

As I bathed, I looked over my own body. I was in pretty good shape. Shorter than Miles, but also pretty well-built. I wasn’t as chiseled and hard as Miles’s body was, but I had a solid 6-pack, and muscles to match. My cock was a solid 6 inches, but fat all around. It matched my frame well. And I did have a nice ass if I say so myself. Curved on each side, and a ripe hole ready for the taking. I was not a virgin. At that point, I’d had at least 4 partners. I was a little promiscuous. One guy was a little older and had a round fat cock. It was only about 5 inches but it definitely spread me out. The other was a guy from another team that spotted me out one night and we had done it in his car. The other one was a friend of a friend’s at a party. He’d had too much to drink and didn’t even remember what we’d done. And my first was actually a cousin of mine. He’d showed me his cock and I was impressed. Before I knew it, I was on my knees sucking him off. Then he was behind me digging deep in my ass.

But none of those would be half as exciting as what fucking Miles would be like. He was so damn sexy and he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I honestly didn’t even care if we didn’t date after this, just having had fucked him would be satisfaction enough for me. I was so lost in my thoughts I never heard anyone walk into the locker room. I’d washed the soap off my body and turned off the shower. As I was toweling off, I turned around to see someone standing in the shower area, but it wasn’t the one guy I wanted and the last one I expected.

“Marshall?” I asked quizzically.

“Were you expecting someone else?” he asked confidently, as if he already knew the answer. I froze, suddenly protective of showing off my body and also very curious as to where Miles was. “If you’re looking for Miles, he had to run home real quick. Said he had a hot date later. Guessing you were it.”

I nodded uncomfortably.

“Well, hopefully he won’t mind if I take care of you first.” My eyes opened in shock. Marshall Gordon, star quarterback, who had told me never to look at him in a sexual way, was now walking towards me with lust in his eyes, and a fistful of cock in his hand.

“Wh- wha??” Before I could respond, Marshall had grabbed my head and pulled me close into a rough kiss. Our lips mashing against each other in a hard, heated kiss. He parted from my lips way too soon, and tugged at his shorts to reveal a juicy 9 inch member.

“Get down,” he instructed. It was more of an order than a request. He grabbed the back of my head to bring me closer to his bulging red cock head. “You’re gonna suck my dick like you were gonna suck Miles.”

The mention of Miles’s name made me instantly angry that he was taking this moment away from him. Miles was supposed to feel the warmth of my holes tonight, instead Marshall Gordon was going to use my holes for his own pleasure. I still wasn’t sure what was happening. How did Gordon go from distance-keeping homophobe to raging gay rapist?

He used his fingers to open my mouth wide. It was a little unnecessary as his cock wasn’t so much round as it was long. When I felt it on my tongue, I almost melted. It was so hot and throbbing with anticipation. It was almost as if he wanted to do this for a while. His dick felt velvety in my mouth,

his smooth skin roughly penetrated my throat, and he started fucking my face. He buried his cock down my throat with each stroke, making sure his long dick would reach the back of my tonsils. I wasn’t sure how to feel about his assault. On one hand, it wasn’t his cock I wanted tonight and even if it was, I certainly didn’t want it this way. On the other hand, he had a very nice dick and it felt great in my mouth. What felt even better were his moans.

“Oh fuck yeah…take all that dick…yeah, you love sucking this dick don’t ya…yeah, fuckin’ queer.”

Even though he was forcing his cock down my throat, and trying to humiliate me, it was obvious he loved the feel of my tongue on his cock. His moans were coming from deep in his gut. Some of his strokes weren’t vicious, but savory. As if feeling my mouth close around the tip of his dick was the best feeling in the world.

“Ooooohhhh fuckkk…Goddamn, you fags know how to suck a dick…”

At that moment, he took notice of my ass, and smacked it hard.

“Goddamn, that ass looks sweet.” He smacked it again, “Were you gonna let Miles fuck your ass too?” he said almost dejected, as if he was angry that someone else wanted me. When I didn’t respond, he smacked my ass again, this time a little harder. “You wanted him to shove his dick in your gay little ass, didn’t you? Huh, little bitch?” He smacked my ass again. I still had his dick in my mouth, finally I uttered a moaning yes. “Oh, you gay little bitch,” He pulled his long cock out my throat and pulled me to my feet by my neck, he walked me over to the wall that separates the showers from the lockers. It was about 5 feet tall, not high enough to obstruct anyone’s view, and just low enough for him to bend me over it. I heard his pants hit the ground as he moved behind me. “Only person fucking this ass tonight is me.” he threatened. I felt him lean down near my ass, and felt some warm spit hit my hole. He smeared it around and positioned his dick at my hole.

I wasn’t that tight, but most of the guys I’d been with were smaller than Gordon. I felt his tip enter me, and I moaned louder than I’d expected. He covered my mouth with his hand, as he proceeded to fit more of his cock in my ass. It felt like a warm stiff pole being shoved in me. When he’d finally gotten deep enough, he moaned and then started assaulting my ass with his large dick. He kept one hand on my ass and another on my shoulder so he could pull my body into his powerful strokes.

“Oh fuck, you like that sissy? Huh? You like this big dick in Dikmen Escort your ass? Huh?”

“Fuck, fuck. Fuck you Gordon.” I responded, which only made him thrust harder inside me causing me to moan out, “Fuuuuuucccckkkkk.” Almost unconsciously, I started stroking my cock. Despite Gordon’s harassment and abuse of my asshole, deep down, I guess I was loving being fucked by him, and against my better judgment, I was going to cum even if deep down inside, I was wishing it was someone else. Wishing it was the boy I had my heart set on with his stick curved pipe pounding inside me. The thought of Miles getting seconds from Gordon made me sick. I almost hated him for it.

“Ahh, such a good hole. You wish Hackett was fucking this ass, don’t you?”

“Fuck you! You son of a bitch.” Marshall ignored my insults and continued to talk as he pounded my fuck hole.

“Ahh, great fucking hole,” he moaned. “Hackett doesn’t deserve a hole this good. Fuck yeah…I’m gonna ruin this hole for him.” he threatened.

I could barely get out another word as Marshall began furiously fucking my ass. I suddenly realized what he’d meant by ‘ruining’ my ass for Miles. He was going to cum inside me. “Wh-what are you doing, Gordon?” I asked panicked.

He didn’t respond, just continued to speed up his thrusts, repeating only “Great fuckin’ hole, great fuckin’ hole.” I was fisting my cock rapidly at this point. As much as I hated Gordon for taking my hole away from Miles, he was an incredible fuck.

Marshall was thrusting deeper and faster inside me, his orgasm building up with each thrust. I don’t know if he’d tell Miles what he’d done, but I wasn’t going to stick around to let Miles see Marshall’s load leaking out of my well-fucked ass. Marshall took hold of both of my hips and mercilessly pounded my ass for his last few strokes, then I heard him shout, “Fuuuuuuccckkkkkk,” and I felt his cock stiffen even harder and pulse as he shot streams of hot jizz into my ass. At that moment, my own cock stiffened and sputtered furious streams of semen onto the floor. My ejaculation was intense coupled with the hard fucking I’d just received and feeling Marshall’s heavy load in my ass.

“Oh my God.” I moaned as I felt his hot ropes of cum fill my anus. He covered my mouth again, and shoved in deeper as his orgasm ran through him and into me. He grunted hard as his long cock emptied all of his pent-up sexual aggression into my ass. It was a while before he came down off of his orgasm. Still he held me by the mouth until his last squirts were finally pulled from the depths of his heavy sack. It was then that he leaned me up and I felt his heavy cock lose its stiffness and slid out of my sopping hole.

He held me by the neck and pressed his chest against my back. His breath was heavy as he calmed himself, “I wanted to do that ever since you came out.” He whispered to me.

“What?” I asked still in his embrace.

“I tried to deny it. I knew I couldn’t admit it until I knew for sure I was signed.”


“Yeah, win or lose. I’m first round, baby.” He celebrated, then he got suddenly quiet. “But you know, the NFL don’t take gay quarterbacks.”

“So I was your last hurrah?” I asked cynically.

“More than you know,” he said. “I’m not gonna come out in the NFL. I’ll even marry a broad if I have to. But there was no way I was leaving here without fucking that sweet ass.” He said as he lightly tapped my ass and watched a drop of his semen drip out of me.

“And Miles?” I asked.

“I knew he liked you, and I heard him ask you out tonight. Had to beat him to the punch.”

“Are you satisfied now?” I asked angrily, “You can go live your life as a lie now that you’ve got everything you wanted?” My tone was intentionally aggressive, hoping it would hurt his feelings as much as he’d hurt my chances with Miles.

“Almost.” He said as he gripped my ass in his hand again, “I hope I get you more than once.”

Finally, I pulled away from him. “And what? I’d just be your little secret fuck on the side?! Some piece of ass you can hide from everybody?”

“That’s enough, Gordon.” A voice came from behind the lockers. A familiar voice. One that I’d heard and most importantly, fantasized about. Miles.

Both Gordon and I stood there, fully naked. Gordon’s soft cock almost rising out of fear. His cum shamefully leaking out of my ass. Gordon gathered his clothes off the ground to cover himself up, even though he knew he was caught. Miles knew his secret too.

“Hackett, I…” Gordon started.

“Don’t bother Marshall. Congratulations on your deal. Now get the fuck out of here.” Miles threatened.

Gordon hurriedly buckled his pants and tightened up before walking past me. He stopped when he got close to Miles. “You’re not gonna tell anybody about this, are you?”

“I wouldn’t, but he might.” Miles said, looking towards me. Both Marshall and Miles were looking at me now. I knew I should tell because Marshall took advantage of me, but doing so would mean outing him, and I knew that was something he’d have to do himself. I shook my head no. Relief washed over Gordon’s face as he cautiously walked past Miles, and out of the locker room.

I stood there, embarrassed covering myself and seconds away from tears when Miles approached me. He lifted my chin so I stare into his deep brown eyes. “He’s wrong, you know?” Miles said.

“About what?”

“He didn’t ruin you for me.” My eyes shot open as I realized how long Miles had been there, he’d heard just about everything, and didn’t stop it.

“What?” I said, aghast at what I realized.

Miles leaned in close to me like he did earlier and whispered in my ear, “In fact, I’ve always wanted to try sloppy seconds.” My eyes bulged. Not only did Gordon use my hole for his personal cum dump, but Miles still wanted to fuck me too. “Is that okay with you?”

It must’ve been impossible to hide the smile on my face, but I nodded and leaned in to finally kiss those lips I’d been dreaming about forever. I melted and felt my own cock rise to it’s full length. Miles gripped it in his strong hand and started stroking me. Elvankent Escort I almost buckled from his touch, but then he dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. I fought every urge I could not to blow my load right then and there.

His full lips felt soft and warm, he used his tongue to swirl around my shaft and tease my cock head. I had to grip the wall to steady myself. Once I did, Miles was relentless, as he full throated my cock and began sucking and slurping on it enough to drive me crazy. His blowjob was wet, sloppy and felt so damn good. Especially since Marshall practically ignored my cock the entire time he fucked me. Meanwhile, Miles couldn’t get enough of my cock in his mouth. So much that I started fucking his face. Watching those brown eyes look up at me as I made love to those soft ass lips felt amazing. Then Miles palmed both of my ass cheeks and held me in his mouth

Then his finger crept slowly into my well-fucked hole. He felt Gordon’s cum in me, and I almost died of embarrassment, but he played in it, almost trying to push it back in me. That did it. I grabbed the top of Miles’s head as I finally shot my load down his welcoming throat. I felt my legs tighten and ass clench as I fired hot jets of semen down the gullet of the boy of my dreams. I could’ve died right then from sheer ecstasy. Miles swallowed every drop of my load, pulled his soft lips off my still semi-erect cock, and began to undress.

He was wearing a sleeveless black tee, which he took off to reveal a chiseled physique and finally dropped his shorts so I could see that delicious curved cock again, that I was eager to take into my own throat. I didn’t even hesitate. Once his clothes hit the shower floor, so did my knees. I engulfed Miles’s cock in my mouth. His dick wasn’t as long as Marshall’s, but it was smoother and thicker in my mouth. I licked every inch and curve of his cock. Savoring its taste, its smell, its feel. I danced my tongue along his piss slit which made him audibly moan my name.

“Fuck Jordie, that feels so good.” Hearing him call me Jordie almost made me melt. It was the kind of thing I could hear everyday especially if he let me continue to worship this delicious cock. I could’ve sucked him all night, but he pulled me off his cock, and lifted me to his face. “You almost made me cum.” he warned. I looked at him almost pleading wondering why he didn’t shoot his load in my mouth, I would’ve swallowed his cum like he did mine. “I want to feel that cum-filled ass first, and then I’m gonna shoot my load in there too.”

Just hearing him say that almost made me squeal. I found myself bent over the same wall I was earlier, and Miles in his hardened frame positioned behind me. He spread my cheeks, still a little raw from the hard pounding I’d received, but my hole was a little looser with Gordon’s semen as lube. Miles grabbed the base of his curved cock and slid inside my wet hole. Instantly, he was met with the squelch of Gordon’s cum on his bare cock, and he moaned, “Oh fuck Jordie, your ass feels so good with cum in it.”

I almost came myself when he said that. Feeling his smooth hard dick in my ass sent vibrations all through my body. Making love to Miles was far different from the fucking I’d gotten from Marshall. He was gentle, he kissed all along my back, pinched my nipples and stroked my cock while he fucked me. I felt warm and loved in his arms, then Miles grabbed my neck to lean me up towards him and kissed me deeply with his cock still buried inside me. I tried not to stop kissing him, but the pounding he was giving my ass felt so good, I was forced to scream out, “Fuck yes, daddy. Fuck this hole.”

“Oh my god, his cum is so deep inside you.” Miles moaned, “Fuck it feels so good.”

“You like my cum-filled ass baby?”

“Oh, I fucking love it. I love watching you get used like a little bitch.” Miles moaned as he strokes sped up.

“You liked watching him fuck me?”

“Oh fuck yeah.”

“Yeah, did you see his big dick slamming in my ass?” I asked, and Miles’s strokes got rougher, deeper.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he moaned, “I loved seeing his big dick in your ass. I want to see him fuck you again with that big dick.” Miles teased. “I’m gonna fucking cum.”

“Yeah, you gonna cum in my ass too?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Miles’s pace increased again, ferociously pounding my ass hard. “I’m gonna fill you with my load. You’re gonna be my little bitch now.” Miles threatened.

He’d jerked my cock back to semi-hardness, and I was getting ready to blow from his thunderous ass ramming.

“Yeah, fill my ass baby. Make me your little bitch.” I taunted.

Miles pounded in my ass a few more times until I felt the spasm of his hot cock fire reams of semen in to my ass. Miles was cumming in my used asshole. “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiittttt” he screamed as his cock erupted inside me. At the same time, my cock shot streams of semen out onto the floor from inside Miles’s hand. Our combined orgasms shattering all sense of time as they rattled through our bodies. The ecstacy of it leaving us both empty and drained. Miles’s load felt much larger than Marshall’s. It was so much cum that it instantly started to leak out of my asshole. Miles pulled his cock out so he could watch his semen mix with Gordon’s.

“Fuck Jordie, that was amazing.” he’d said once he’d finally come down off his orgasm. He gave my ass a light smack as we laid on the tiled floor of the shower together. Miles arm around my waist, his limp dick resting on the top of my butt. My cum-soaked hole leaking two different men’s semen onto the ground. And I couldn’t have felt better. A little used bitch. Happily fucked and filled.

“Well, I knew you boys were queer but that was a fucking sight to behold.” a voice bellowed from inside the locker room. It was Coach Hines. Our offensive coordinator. We should’ve known he’d still be here, he had a penchant for always being the last one to leave. He was a hefty man, more bulk than belly. In the queer world, he’d be known as a Bear. He was staring at us lecherously and he had one hand on what looked like a meaty fuck stick. “I hope you boys saved your energy, cause I want some of that ass next.”

My ass was red, my hole had been fucked raw and there was a massive amount of cum leaking from it, I looked at Miles who was smiling, and I felt his cock slowly come back to life with the Coach’s entrance, and I knew I was in for an even longer night. “C’mon Coach, I can take another round.”

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