Locker Room LesbiansLocker Room Lesbians

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I met this girl Jerica at Hearst Pool Saturday morning, and I couldn’t believe how much we clicked. She was wearing a two-piece Speedo that pushed up her large breasts and accentuated the womanly curvatures of her stomach, and even in the pool her scent was like magic as it trickled outward in subtle waves that flushed my nose and congested my mind with a lust for her that I could scarcely conceal. As we talked between laps she would touch my shoulder or squeeze my forearm, and with just the right intonations of her voice she could most certainly drive men wild. Her voice was driving me wild. But she seemed like one of those excessively happy girls who are – to my dismay – straighter than straight. Jerica’s sexuality, I ruefully admitted to myself, would only remain an aberration to my perpetually impending lesbian desires.

By this time I had swam for over an hour and it was time for me to get out, shower, then study. I told Jerica I’d see her around then she asked if I was going to take a shower. I thought she only wanted to know out of curiosity – you know, ask a follow up question like “how’s the water pressure?” or something trivial like that. But as I pulled myself up out of the water and affirmed her inquiry she unexpectedly asked if she could join me in this darling, husky voice that traveled straight to my pussy and rubbed hard. My knees buckled.

To my left an older man, mid 40s or so, took off his goggles, looked at us wide eyed, then down at his crotch, discovered an imminent hard on, covered his crotch.

To my right a girl, I’d seen her around before – she was plain looking; she gaped at us, her eyes vivid with the image of Jerica and I showering together.

But it was Jerica’s voice that made another swimmer stop şişli escort to see what all the commotion seemed to be about, for in my observations of all the subsequent shock her simple question had induced among the swimmers at Hearst Pool, I had forgotten to give her an answer. “Well?” she asked. Her voice was noticeably lower, somehow louder, and the pitches, the tones, the beautiful symphony of her voice had caused two or three more people to stop and see what sort of lascivious goings-on were going on. I looked down at her from where I half-stood out of the pool. She had taken off her swim cap and her hair bounced around her narrow face, like sand encased in crystals that curled this way and that, shining up at me and the sun and the sky. “Yes,” I finally managed to squeak, “yes, you most certainly can join me.” The older 40ish man clapped and whistled at my response, and all the male witnesses grinned all naughty-like.

Jerica wasted no time. She jumped out of the pool, smiling just as naughtily as some of the guys had been, grabbed her towel, grabbed my hand and led me down to the women’s locker room. I heard cheers, hoots, and hollers as we left the pool deck. Once in the locker room I went to get my 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner and my bar of Zest whitewater soap and as she went to get her stuff I told her to meet me at the showers on the far right, in the back corner. We got there at just about the same moment, and I was admittedly a little nervous. I’d had girl sex before, but never with such a gorgeously seductive vixen. I gave her as confident a smile as I could manage, and as I bent down to set my stuff on the floor, she threw her little bag on the floor and slid her hands around my waist from behind and whispered in my ear and in that mecdiyeköy escort voice, in that voice whose sound alone could please me for hours, “What are you doing right now?”

I breathed loudly through my nose as girl pre-cum gushed from my pussy – a mad torrent I tried to keep at bay. “I’m… I’m gonna have girl sex.” I said with a slightly quivering voice and with a little bit too much enthusiasm, but I was nonetheless surprised at my eloquent spontaneity under such riveting circumstances.

“Ooooh!” she cooed and her lips lightly slid over the back of my neck. I stood up, turned around, put my hands down her bathing suit bottoms and rubbed her cunt slowly as I kissed her chest and took in that magical scent that had enraptured me from the start. She gritted her straight, white teeth and kissed my cheek, and I went down to pull her bottoms off with my hands and teeth. Once they were off I started kissing up her firm, tanned legs, and she let out a high-pitched gasp as I slid my tongue over and around her clit while I worked my fingers up inside her, reaching for her G. I could feel her orgasm getting hotter within the confines of her body as my nose rubbed against the soft, blond fur of her pubic hair, so I stopped and with that she went over to her little bag and pulled out a 9-inch dildo.

I turned the shower on and leaned into the steamy rush of water that poured over my back, and Jerica pulled the straps of my tight Nike swimsuit over my shoulders, then pulled it all the way off so that I stood naked under the showerhead, eyes closed, quivering under the touch of her warm hands on my tits and my abs of steel, and the wet, rough feel of her hot tongue pushing into my mouth like a first-class, fearless battalion. My pussy was so unbelievably wet that the 9-incher and what felt like two or three of Jerica’s fingers slid right in, all the way, and I moaned loudly as the tremors of sexual bliss that traveled up my body and into my brain suddenly drove me to scream out unabashedly “Oh god, yes, YES! More!”

She thrust the dildo in me and moved her entire body up with every thrust. Her thumb was fingering my clit and my hands were all over her body – squeezing her breasts, rubbing her clit, and I was so totally overwhelmed by the summation of our passions that it didn’t take long for me to scream out in unprecedented passion this monster of an orgasm: I wrapped one leg around Jerica’s body and the walls of my pussy clamped down on the width of her fingers and dildo as my whole body quaked and contracted. I panted heavily, engulfed in the beauty of this climax.

I was still working Jerica’s clit as my cunt quivered in the aftermath of my ravenous orgasm, and she squealed out gleefully in that voice as her clit gave way to an equally ravenous orgasm and I was ready for more as the water poured down on us. Our bodies were so close together that only our backs were wet from the shower, and our chests and stomachs were locked together by the warmth of our silting sweat and passions. I looked up over Jerica’s shoulder, the dildo still in my pussy, one of my hands in her hair, the other down low so that my fingers were on the crack of her ass, and I saw three women, shocked, and staring at us with highly disapproving looks of disgust upon their wrinkly faces.

“You! Goddamn exhibitionists! Sick!” an old lady with a stern, prudish face yelled over at us.

“YOU’RE sick,” Jerica turned around and retorted calmly, in that voice. She looked at me – hunger for more of my girl sex still rampant in her eyes – and said to me, loud enough for the women to hear, “what are you doing right now? Wanna give them another show?”

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