Like Mother, Like DaughterLike Mother, Like Daughter


“Matt, are you sure about this?” Chloe asked, pausing for a moment from chopping vegetables. She turned to her husband, her face showing her concern as she watched him open a bottle of wine, pour two glasses and hand her one.

“Sweetheart, we discussed it all last weekend and again before I rang your father. We both want Katie’s first time to be a loving, enjoyable experience and who better to introduce her to anal sex than her own grandfather? I know you’re worried about the size and thickness of Stephen’s cock, but he’s assured me he’ll take his time about working the full length into Katie’s rectum. There’s no way he’d ever hurt her. He’s never hurt you when he’s fucked your ass, has he?”

“No, but she’s only 18 and Daddy’s cock is almost as big as yours and just as thick! I’m just afraid her anus won’t manage to accommodate him,” Chloe said, taking another, larger, sip of her wine.

“Chloe, love, we both know it’s time to take Katie’s experience to the next stage. I’ve been fucking her every day since her birthday, you’ve introduced her to woman/girl sex, she knows what it feels like to have her cunt fisted, it’s the logical next step and she’s looking forward so much to spending the night with Stephen. I can’t imagine her disappointment if I told her you were having second thoughts.”

“I know, it’s silly I suppose,” Chloe said, leaning across to kiss her husband as thanks for the reassurance. “She was so bubbly with excitement when I drove her to ballet this morning. She sat with her skirt round her waist, masturbating all the way there. She kept leaning across to give me her fingers to suck, wet with her cream so I could see how aroused she was by the thought of having anal sex with her own grandfather. It was so funny, I had to keep waving to her friends and their parents when we arrived because she was sitting in the car with her eyes shut, her whole body trembling with the intensity of her orgasm.”

Matt laughed. “Wait until we tell her Stephen and I are going to double-fuck her pussy and ass if she takes to anal sex. Are we all right for lube? Do we need any more?”

“No, we’re fine,” Chloe said. “I picked up a new bottle when I did the shopping yesterday. Mind you, I did use plenty to slide in the plug I’m wearing now – “

Matt interrupted, “Is it the really big one?”

Chloe gave him a sexy smile, “Of course. There’s no way I’m taking both you and Daddy in my asshole at the same time without a good stretching…”

Matt put his wine glass down on the counter and reached for her, his arms sliding round her waist as he cupped her buttocks in his hands. Slowly he pulled the material of her skirt up until he bared her plump, curvy bottom, his fingers taking hold of the plug. Chloe’s breath hitched with rising desire as he gently eased the plug out an inch or so, distending her sphincter which held it tight.

“There isn’t time, is there?” he whispered in his wife’s ear. Chloe could tell how aroused Matt was from the way he was barely able to speak.

“Not unless you want raw duck for dinner,” Chloe said, her lips meeting his in a long, slow kiss. “Daddy’s train arrived at Waterloo half an hour ago so he’ll be here soon and I know better than to keep my starving father from his cassoulet.”

“Two horny, hungry men,” Matt said. “And both of us desperate to sodomize the same beautiful and sexy woman. Perfection…”

“Not to mention her daughter,” Chloe said with a laugh, squirming free of her husband’s embrace and pushing her skirt down so the plug stretching her anus wouldn’t be the first thing Katie saw when she walked in.


Aware that nobody was more discerning than her father when it came to good food, Chloe was enormously relieved when Stephen took a bite of her duck cassoulet, pronounced it superb, and produced a bottle of claret he’d brought from his cellar as the perfect accompaniment. Dinner had been full of laughter and flirting, Katie’s otele gelen gaziantep escort eyes bright with excitement as she listened breathlessly to her grandfather’s adventures as a surgeon and serial seducer across the world, the diamond ear-studs he had given her to commemorate her first sodomy glowing in the candle-light.

Watching the happily laughing young woman Katie had become, so like herself at the same age, Chloe felt proud of her daughter’s beauty, wit and intelligence, not to mention her gorgeously pert, bare breasts which the velvet vest Katie was wearing did little to conceal. In fact, as soon as they finished eating and she brought coffee while Matt poured brandy, Chloe reached across and slipped her hand into the neckline of her daughter’s vest and eased first one of the sweet globes into full view and then the other, delighting in the heated glances the two men gave their daughter and granddaughter as Katie chatted and giggled, delighted by the reaction she was provoking in the two men she worshipped.

Indeed, the lustful looks her father gave her daughter and herself made Chloe too aroused to wait to be satisfied by Matt. She pushed her chair back, worked her skirt up until it was bunched round her waist and slid her fingers between her legs, teasing open the lips of her pussy glistening with cream, her stiff clit poking out, so she could masturbate openly as she listened to her father describe introducing an Arab princess to the pleasure of taking his fist in her rectum. Glancing across, Katie said, “Mummy!” in a mock-scandalized voice, but Chloe could see from the way her daughter kept squeezing her own nipples, closing her fingers and pulling first one taut bud out from the creamy surrounding flesh and then the other, she was anything but shocked.

Almost immediately Stephen responded to the signal from both highly-aroused women.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m a little tired,” he said, standing from the table, his enormous erection clearly visible against the material of his linen suit pants. “Matt, it is a delight to be here. Chloe, darling, thank you for an exquisite meal, as always. Katie, sweetheart, would you show me to my bedroom, please?” and he smiled at his daughter and her husband as Katie quickly walked round the table to kiss her father and mother goodnight, then took her grandfather’s hand as he led the way upstairs.


Sitting at the kitchen table dressed in a transparent silk robe, Chloe heard the clock in the hallway chime 12.30am and helped herself to another cup of coffee from the cafetière she had made.

She couldn’t sleep; too concerned her daughter should find being fucked in the ass for the first time a pleasurable experience. Not that she would have intervened unless Katie called for her: both her husband and her father loved emptying their cocks in the hot, tight depths of a woman’s bowels so much that Katie not enjoying being sodomized was impossible to contemplate. Indeed, all the time that her father’s cock was buried in his granddaughter’s back passage, Chloe had her husband’s buried in hers, both of them climaxing repeatedly until she slipped out of bed leaving her beloved husband happily asleep, too sexually satisfied even to suck his sperm from Chloe’s gaping asshole as he usually loved to do.

Smiling to herself as she squirmed her bottom on her chair to enable the reinserted buttplug to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in her rectum, Chloe thought back to the first time she welcomed her father’s cock into her own asshole, a pleasurable reverie which was interrupted when she heard the soft sound of footsteps outside the door and wondered who it was. A moment later, Katie’s face appeared, her hair disheveled, her face flushed, droplets of creamy sperm visible in the downy hairs covering her mons exposed by the tiny teddy she was wearing.

“Hello, gaziantep otele gelen escort darling,” Chloe whispered. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Yes, please, Mummy,” Katie said, sitting down a little gingerly. “I need it to wash down Grandpa’s sperm. There was so much I thought he’d choke me!”

Chloe reached for the cafetière and poured a cup as Katie leaned across and kissed her mother on the lips. Chloe noticed the rich scent on her daughter’s skin and tasted a mix of cum, lube and asshole. As she expected, her father had obviously introduced Katie to the pleasure of sucking his cock after it had been buried in her bowels, doubtless at the same time as he sucked the cum from the depths of his granddaughter’s freshly-fucked rectum.

“Celery, sweetheart,” Chloe said with a soft laugh.

Katie looked at her quizzically. “Sorry?”

“He eats celery which he says is good for producing masses of sperm. He swears by it.”

“God, he must eat handfuls at a time,” Katie said and swallowed a mouthful of coffee before looking over at her mother and smiling happily.

“So…?” Chloe said. “Are you going to tell me all the juicy details, or do I fetch a washcloth and the anesthetic cream?”

Katie met her eyes and smiled shyly. “Oh Mummy, it was wonderful,” she said with a breathy sigh. “I had no idea just how wonderful it would be.”

Chloe reached across and took Katie’s hand. “I’m so pleased,” she said, extremely proud of her daughter.

“It was so romantic,” Katie said with a sigh. “When we got to his room, Grandpa closed the door and turned to me. ‘You are so beautiful and desirable,’ he said, and took me in his arms. His kiss was hot and fierce and his hands were everywhere but most of all on my bottom, naked under my little skirt, kneading the cheeks and pulling them apart. It was so sexy the way he trailed his lips over my jaw, down my throat to my breasts, sucking on first one nipple then the other at the same time as his finger was sliding into my bumhole up to the knuckle. I felt as if everything inside me was turning to creamy liquid, hot and wet at the same time.

“Very gently he urged me to my knees and unzipped himself. I knew what to expect because I’d seen how big his erection was when he stood up at the dinner table but when his huge cock was just in front of my face, I felt like fainting. That was going into my bottom? It would never fit! I mean, I could barely get my lips round it and I’ve had loads of practice with Daddy’s cock which is really big.

“Anyway, Grandpa was obviously very aroused because it was only a few minutes before he started breathing hard and he pushed his cock as far into my mouth as he could and I started choking. ‘I’m coming, darling,’ he said. ‘Swallow it all, there’s a good girl!’

“Mummy, I tried but there was just no way I could manage it all. Big gushes of cum flooded my mouth and I just had to swallow as quickly as I could but even then some dripped from my lips down onto my breasts. I mean it was a shame to waste it, but Grandpa didn’t seem to mind, he just helped me to my feet, bent his head and licked the gooey blobs up with his tongue and then kissed me so I managed to get every drop after all.

“That was really nice but I knew what he wanted and I wanted it just as much. He led me over to the bed and whispered, ‘Slip your clothes off, sweetheart, and lie face down.’

“I did, enjoying the sensation of the soft coverlet against my hard nipples, and watched as he opened the bedside table and took out a bottle of lube which he put where he could reach it. Then he knelt between my legs, his face level with my upturned bottom. I wanted to giggle, it felt so sexy feeling his hot breath between my cheeks and on my anus but then I gasped and my cunt flooded because he stuck his tongue as far inside my bumhole as he could reach!”

“Did you like gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan that?” Chloe asked, knowing what the answer would be. Katie was her daughter, after all.

“Oh god, yes,” Katie said, closing her eyes at the memory. “Grandpa’s tongue was slippery and firm at the same time, working its way past the muscle until I felt it was really deep inside. It felt heavenly! I mean I worried for a moment if I was clean but then I knew it wouldn’t matter to Grandpa, because that was why he liked doing it, like Daddy does when he licks me and loves to swallow down my cunt cream.

“He did this for a really long time, and then I felt a squidgy feeling of him putting something slippery on my bumhole followed by his fingers working it in. That was nice, lovely and cool after the heat of his tongue. The next thing I knew he settled himself carefully on top of me, supporting his weight so I could just feel the length of his cock sliding up and down the furrow of my bum as he kissed my cheeks and my throat and my ears. I could smell my asshole on his cheeks and mouth and it should have been like really gross but it wasn’t, it just turned me on even more.

“I felt him take hold of his cock and then he slid the big swollen head back and forth over my anus until I moaned, ‘Please Grandpa, I’m ready. Please, push it into my bottom,’ and he let out a little moan of pleasure and started to push his cock against my puckered hole, working it in, a little bit at a time.

“I was afraid it was going to hurt but it didn’t. The way he’d made me all slippery inside I was so turned on I really wanted to have his cock buried all the way inside me. And when he slid one hand between my legs and started stroking my clit at the same time as his big cock slid slowly into my rectum, inch after inch until I was really filled up and I could feel the head buried in my bowels, then I had to bite the coverlet because I wanted to moan really loudly it felt so wonderful. I don’t know how long he fucked my ass, it was so amazing, but when I’d had so many orgasms I lost count, and my bum was absolutely overflowing with his cum, he slid his cock out and asked me to suck it clean.” Katie giggled and added, “Mmm, his cock tasted really nice.”

Chloe squeezed her daughter’s hand. “Yes,” she said, “I know. And wait ’til you have two cocks filling you like I’m going to have in the morning when your Dad and Grandpa both fuck my bottom at the same time. Now that feels absolutely incredible…”

“God, Mum, I’m really jealous!”

Chloe laughed. “Don’t be, sweetheart. You can watch them do it to me,” she said, leaning across to give her beautiful daughter a slow, passionate kiss. Then she said in a voice thick with lust, “Both Daddy and Grandpa would really like it if you were watching. And I don’t think it’ll be too long before they will want to do it to you. You just need to know your sphincter muscle can stretch enough to take the double width and that’s down to practice. Believe me, you’ll be getting plenty of that, your Dad’s absolutely dying to fuck your beautiful bottom.”

“Oh Mummy, I really want him to. I mean, it was incredible when Grandpa did it, but I want to lie on my back on your bed, my knees lifted back against my breasts, Daddy between my legs, fucking my bottom with his big hard cock while you and I are kissing…”

“God, I’d love that too,” Chloe said, her fingers trembling slightly as she picked up the two cups and put them in the sink. She turned to Katie and smiled happily at her daughter. “Is Grandpa asleep?”

“Yes,” Katie said, giggling. “He said I was to wake him up in the morning so he could fuck my bottom again.”

“And so you will,” Chloe said, reaching her hand out to help Katie to her feet. “But first I think we should climb into bed with Daddy so he can slide his big hard cock into the masses of thick, creamy sperm Grandpa spurted into your bowels. He’s been looking forward so much to sodomizing you and then sucking his and Grandpa’s cum from your rectum.”

“Mummy?” Katie said, a shy little smile on her face as she took her mother’s hand.

“Yes, darling?”

“Can I suck clean the big plug that’s been in your bottom while Daddy is fucking my ass?”

“Of course, darling,” Chloe said as she kissed her daughter and then whispered in her ear, “That’s why I put it in…”


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