Subject: Late Night with The Boss (part 3) This is an Fictional story about My current Boss. He is The Big jewish guy that Hired me soime time back for my Customer Service Skills. Now This is pure fiction and does Not preclude His sexual preference. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Late Night with The Boss (part 3) …. “Damn thats hott” He bent down and started to lick his own cum from my face. Then he surprised me by kissing me…. As we regained our composure I looked up to see someone at the doorway. Yuval also looked to see him. It was Drew from the shipping department. Drew was this young guy in his 20’s. He always had on a ball cap and dickies slacks. Well there was Drew standing in the door way rubbing himself. I looked down to see a huge pipe down his pant leg. Yuval also looked down to see the large object Drews hand was rubbing. “Get in here” he ordered. Drew looked at Yuval and then came into the room. He came over to us and stood right next to Yuval. He reached down and grabbed Yuval’s softenening cock. He stroked it a few times. Then Yuval dropped to his kees before Drew. He then opened his mouth and placed it over the tube in Drew’s pants. I looked at him, not knowing that Yuval was going to consider doing. Drew moaned as he felt Yuval mouth on his cock. I watched also as Yuval’s cock was starting to throbb between his legs again. I Saw Drew place his hand on Yuval’s head as he moaned. I watched as Yuval licked and chewed on the confined head of the big dick in those pants. A wet spot formed at the place he was drooling on. Then Yuval said to me. “Come here and feel this thing” I crawled over to where he was. Getting a close look at the huge tube trailing down Drew’s leg. I had to be massive. Yuval took my hand and placed it over the hardened tube. “Feel the size of Drew’s ataköy escort cock man” I rubbed along the length of this guy’s cock. It felt huge too. I dove for it and placed my mouth on the long tube too. Yuval reached up under Drew’s shirt and felt for his nipples. When he found one he pulled on it. Drew moaned again. Then he pushed me away from the big cock before me. “Move over” He said “I get this first” He continued to rub and chew on Drew’s encased cock for a bit more. Then he reached up and pulled on the zipper. Then he undid the pants and yanked them down. Drew had on boxers that could barely contain what was an enormous dick. Yuval pulled up at the leg and a huge uncut slab fell out. It had to be over 10 inches with a fat semi covered head. Yuval grabbed for it and pulled it out. He looked upon it in awe. And so did I. This young guy. Much younger than Yuval or myself had a gigantic cock. Yuval pulled back the skin to show the slimy precum covered head on his big dick. I watched in awe as he held on to the huge cock. Now Yuval has big hands. But even his big meat hooks looked small next to that slab. “Come here and feel this thing” He Told me “It’s so damned big.” I reached over to Drew’s massive log and wrapped my hand around the thick trunk. “Damn” I agreed. “This has got to be the biggest cock I have ever seen” “Yes it is” Yuval said. He licked his lips as i stroked Drew’s long cock. Then he pushed my hand away and grabbed for the cock before him. He lowered his head down to Drew’s giant cock. Then I watched as Yuval placed the thick slab into his mouth. He licked at the head and Drew instinctively thrust his cock at him. I watched as a good 6 inches was shoved into Yuval’s face. Yuval’s eyes squinting as he tried to accomodate as much cock into his mouth and now throat as he could. More merter escort cock was puched in. Another 2 inches before Yuval began to gag on the huge intruder.. He coughed up the giant rod and gasped for some air. I quickly grabbed for the cock myself and wrapped my hungry lips around the big head. Again Drew thrust his large dick into the mouth that was presented to him. inch after thick inch was pushed down into my throat. Yuval was again licking his lips as he watched my talented throat suck down almost all Drew had before i too was overcome with its sheer size. Then I too caoughed up the giant cock that was bvuried in my face. Then Yuval grabbed the cock again and returned it to his own mouth. Drew just moaned above us as we worshipped his giant cock. Wjile Yuval slobbered on the cock he had. I moved down to get at Drew’s equally huge balls. i licked at one and he thrust his cock hard into Yuval’s throat again. Again Yuval had to cough up the big cock again. I grabbed for it again and sucked it back into my mouth. We continued lick this. Each of us trying to gobble up all of Drew’s huge meat. Switching off between the massive cock and the pendulous balls. Then Yuval stood off his knees and guided Drew to the desk. Drew sat on the edge of the desk and I watched as Yuval grabbed his own cock, which was getting hard again and then grabbed Drew’s cock. he slapped the two big cocks against each other “Damn man” He said “You have such a massive dick Drew. Makes mine look small” And Yuval had no small dick. I looked at the two fat cock and became ravenous. I crawled over to them and grabbed for both their giant cocks. I swallowed down all of Yuvals huge dick. His meaty nuts slamming against my face. then I moved over to Drew and swallowed 9 of his ten inches before i could go no further. I went back and bahçeşehir escort forth between both massive cock for several minutes. slobbering on them and tasting the copious amounts of precum both men we drooling out. I looked up to see Yuval and Drew kissing. . Drew’s hands on Yuval beefy chest. He pulled on a nipple. Yuval thrust his cock into my gullet in response. I then grabbed both cocks. One in each hand and and stroked their slopppy shafts. Then Yuval came back down on his knees and grabbed Drew’s massive cunt crusher. He took it back into his mouth. He then pushed my head down to his lap and i went down on Yuval. It wasn’t more than a few moments like this before Yuval said. “This gorgeous cock is making me so fucking horny. ” “Gotta fuck some ass” He grabbed me and pushed me to the floor. Then Yuval pulled apart my cheeks and dove for my ass. I felt his hot tongue on my hole. He was munching out on my ass, getting it ready for a good fuck. Then Drew got on his knees next to Yuval. Then crawled under him between his beefy legs and he took Yuval’s cock in his mouth. Yuval thrust his big dick into Drew’s throat. Surprisingly he took it without an issue. He must have done this before. Yuval slobbered on my ass for several minutes. His fingers finding access to my hole. He would push in a digit or two between his tongue digging in there. I was moaning and squirming on his face. “Oh God” I cried “Fuck me daddy. Slam that big cock into my pussy” “Don’t worry” he replied. ” I plan on it” With that he pulled his dripping cock from Drew’s talented mouth and climbed up behind me. Drew came around front and dtood before us. His huge cock hanging low between his thighs. Then Yuval just grabbed at my sides and thrust his fat cock into my wanton ass. A sharp pain coarse through me. I forgot how fat his cock was. I cried out from the pain. Yuval just moaned as several of his thick inches ripped into my. “Aawweee shiit. What an awesome hole you have” “Fits so good around my cock.” Then he grabbed Drew’s cock and put it back in his mouth….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to be continued

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