Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 05Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 05


Katie and Amanda were at a dinner party with friends at a popular restaurant when their song started playing.

Looking into Katie’s eyes in an intoxicating way, Amanda whispered, “Would you care to dance?” Katie put her hand in Amanda’s and they took a few steps to the dance floor.

Amanda and Katie held each other close as they moved in a slow, tender and sensuous way. They gave each other soft, wet kisses. Their breasts were touching and soon their nipples were erect and rubbing against each other. Katie felt like she had butterflies inside her, her head was in an erotic daze. She held onto Amanda’s shoulders as they kissed some more.

“Let’s get out of here,” Amanda told Katie. They gathered their purses, thanked the host for inviting them, and left for their home in the hills. Both women kicked off their heels and stepped out of their dresses after walking in the front door, and were now only clad in their panties. Amanda had a red and pink thong while Katie’s panties were pink with white frills at the ends.

They plopped down on the couch and continued where they left off at the restaurant, kissing and caressing one another. Amanda placed a finger in Katie’s mouth and Katie licked and sucked it in a loving fashion. Amanda kissed Katie’s neck and went down to kissing, then sucking on Katie’s breasts, which fit nicely into her 32C bras. Amanda lingered on Katie’s breasts, and then had Katie lie on her back so she could eat her pussy, placing her legs on her shoulders.

Amanda didn’t want to rush Katie, just yet. She kissed Katie’s inner thighs which were already wet from her vagina secretions. She teased Katie by kissing around her vulva and then along the slit, which drove Katie into a frenzy. Amanda got Katie where she wanted her, begging for more and on the edge of what would be a multiple orgasmic night. She put two fingers in Katie’s pussy and started stroking slowly before altıparmak escort increasing her speed. She pinched and rubbed Katie’s clitoris, causing Katie to nearly hyperventilate. Katie’s body was covered in sweat, her hair was all wet and she was on the verge of cuming. Amanda kept moving her fingers in and out of Katie’s pussy until Katie tiled her head back, lifted her butt off the sofa and stopped breathing for a second, then she let go with a huge orgasm that left her totally spent. Amanda lapped up Katie’s cum before kissing her. The went up to bed, and Katie fell into a deep sleep as soon as she hit the sheets.

Katie thought she was dreaming that Amanda, her wife and lover, was eating her out on their bed. Amanda was holding Katie’s pussy open with her fingers and flicking the inner walls with her tongue. Katie saw her body squirm and her back arch up. It was only when Katie awoke that she gasped and sighed with delight as Amanda’s tongue flicked over her clit and eagerly sucked out the juices from her pussy that were pouring into Amanda’s nose and mouth.

Amanda let Katie sleep for a couple hours before jumping her and hoping she would soon awake. Amanda moved her hands over the length of Katie’s nude quivering body as she sucked out her pussy, caressing her hips, her buttocks, her stockings, her bare thighs and her kinky boots.

With the intensity of the pleasure, Katie was only just able to stay up-right as she moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, Amanda, I love you,.” she gasped, just as she was reaching climax. Katie leaned back a little and looked down at Amanda, who looked up in delight at her face contorted with pleasure as she continued working her clit with her tongue. Then, with a long lustful moan and an ecstatic smile on her pretty face, Katie orgasmed, her knuckles turning white as they gripped the back of the couch. “Oh my… gosh…”she bursa anal yapan escort cried biting down on her bottom lip in pure joy.

Amanda flipped Katie over and got her up on her knees. She removed her nightie, knelt behind Katie and was licking her vagina from behind, using her tongue to lick around the outside vulva working her way inside tasting Katie’s vagina. Amanda inserted one finger into Katie’s asshole which was well lubricated. She added a second finger and then started finger fucking Katie’s ass. With her head pushed into a large pillow, Katie’s moans and screams in ecstasy were muffled. Just then Amanda used her other hand to play with Katie’s clitoris, causing her to lose all control and cum in Amanda’s mouth.

Flipping her over on her back, Katie was giddy and focused her eyes on Amanda’s breasts which were slick from Katie’s oozing pussy. Katie let out a loud gasp as Amanda began suckling on her clitoris again, this time moving her fingers inside, and around, teasing her labia. She began to stroke the outside of Katie’s pussy, a finger occasionally slipping into her, while stroking one of her nipples. Katie moaned quite loudly and began breathing quicker. Amanda slid two into her vagina, and gripped her clitoris tightly with her lips, as she suckled letting it pop free just long enough to lick it, and suck it back into her mouth.

Katie groaned loudly as Amanda sucked and licked her clitoris while slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her anus and pussy. A shudder swept across Katie’s body, and with three loud gasps she pushed her blushing vulva into Amanda’s face. A creamy white fluid formed on Amanda’s fingers and ran down her hand and dripped from her chin as Katie had a massive orgasm, her body convulsing and her pussy spasming on Amanda’s hand. Katie now breathless flopped back on the bed.

Before Katie could bursa bayan escort finish Amanda placed her lips to Katie’s and kissed passionately. Her tongue undulating inside Katie’s mouth. Amanda started nibbling her ear and cheek whispering between kisses, “I am so in love with you babe.” Then slowly placing her mouth back on Katie’s, Amanda started sliding her tongue into the back of Katie’s throat, and slowly it snaked from side to side. She fondled Katie’s tongue with hers while Katie fingered Amanda’s bristling nipples. Amanda placed her fingers just inside Katie’s vagina and pressed on the top wall, causing Katie to have an immediate orgasm. Amanda kept her fingers stroking Katie’s vagina and her G-spot until she came again. Then, once the waves of pleasure finally passed, Katie collapsed exhausted in a heap on top of Amanda, whispering into Amanda’s ear, “Please, no more. Let me catch my breath.”

“Maybe later, but I have to do this.” Amanda got into a 69 position with Katie, pressing her sopping pussy into Katie’s face. Amanda positioned herself right over Katie’s mouth. Anytime she started speaking, Amanda hunched back and covered Katie’s lips with her pussy. At the same time Amanda was licking Katie’s vagina and making tiny circles with her fingers on Katie’s clitoris which made Katie go crazy with lust. Gasping for air at times, Katie held onto Amanda’s butt and unintentionally lifted her ass in the air which put her pussy closer to Amanda’s lips, tongue and fingertips.

“Your vagina is like a waterfall,” Amanda said. Katie was so aroused her pussy was dripping droplets of her secretions on the bed. Amanda tried to lick as much as she could into her mouth. Now sucking on Katie’s clitoris, Amanda put two fingers in her pussy and started rubbing the top wall of her vagina, causing Katie to have a massive orgasm which gushed out of her, while Amanda kept grinding her pussy and came all over Katie’s face as Amanda continued to lick Katie’s vagina clean.

Katie’s body spasmed and she lost her grip on Amanda’s ass as she passed out. Amanda carefully cleaned her cum off of Katie’s angelic face. She bent down and kissed Katie’s forehead and stroked her hair, saying, “Go to sleep baby. We’ll have more fun tomorrow.”

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