Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 09Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 09


Well he did ring the next day, twice! I played it cool of course. I knew he wanted another phone sex session. He would just have to wait until he came round with the money, besides the trick was to keep him hot. I had already got revenge on Lin. Barry was next, and then Jenny. This was my main reason to take up Clive’s idea. I had spoken to my uncle briefly on the phone and he seemed quite pleased with the idea. The only thing was mum had gone over the top. Well just because Lin had caught me screwing her husband. Mum had a fit down the phone at me. She called me names and said she didn’t want me around at Christmas. This was bad enough but she had also cut me out of her will! That’s when Clive suggested I went to London for awhile.

Shit I better explain why I let Lin catch me with her husband. Four months after I had sex with Jason to get my husband the job, remember? Well things were going well, the house was up together, and we had a smart car, and we could even afford to get my hair done once every two weeks. God I could even buy new clothes from a classy boutique. Then Lin comes round to my house full of tears. She sat in my kitchen and blurts out how she and Jenny had sex with Barry! She sat there crying her eyes out, and begging me to forgive her. I just sat there in shock as she explained it all. It happened on the night us girls had planned a night out. I had flu and couldn’t go. We had arranged that Barry would pick us up at the night club afterwards, as Mike and Greg were out of town. He drove them back to Lin’s house and they seduced him. Now at first I thought she was having me on. I mean Barry was a once a night man, and with a small dick. He couldn’t satisfy me let alone two women at once! But the more I thought of that night; well he was gone a long time. Lin blurted out that it was all Jenny’s idea. Well that I could believe that. The cow! Then Lin told me Jenny was toying with the idea of dropping hints to me that something had happened, and she wouldn’t drop it when Lin begged her. You see Jenny and I could play the game to see who the ‘Queen bee’ was. Lin was always on the fringe, she would go with whoever was winning at the time for an easy life. That was another reason I was sceptical, but her tears looked real and she was shaking.

“What are you going to do Julie?” she sobbed.

I walked to the front door and opened it. I just scowled at her.

“Get out,” I said calmly.

“Please Julie I’m so, so sorry. Don’t tell Mike. It was all her idea. I was drunk, I didn’t really want to. She, she made me,” she cried.

“Just get out now Lin, and keep your mouth shut. If you tell Jenny I know about it I’ll be straight round to see Mike.”

“Oh god you wouldn’t.”

“If I detect the slightest hint that you have told her I know, then I’ll fuck up your stupid little marriage. No it’s her I want. One day she’ll regret taking me on.”

I grabbed her arm as she reached the door. God she was so shit scared she flinched.

“Please I’m begging you, stop this game you two play, its getting out of control. We are all supposed to be friends.”

“Friends? So we can all fuck each others husbands can we?” I hissed.

“God I wish I had kept quiet now. Please Julie stop doing this,” she whimpered.

“No way, we keep going until I win. She’ll never beat me. Remember mouth shut Lin, or you know what will happen?”

Her tears started flowing as she fled down the path. It was a good job Barry was away on some course or I might have busted his balls! No I had too much to lose at that point. But I did open my own account in a different bank that was to be my own little savings plan, just in case. And as for Lin, I never really intended getting even with her. Not until the night in the club when she couldn’t hide her delight about Carl and me having sex. I suppose she felt safe or something. Her biggest mistake! Just one more thing before I get to the juicy bit. We got very drunk one night and told each other a little secret about each of our husbands. Jenny said Greg liked big tits and legs, Lin told us Mike wanted to cover Lin in dirt or something then fuck her. I mentioned that Barry didn’t really have any kinks but he was a konyaaltı üniversiteli escort little on the small side. This was before I found the pantyhose pictures, and I wouldn’t have told them that anyway.

So to Mike, he was a mechanic, and so I asked him to come over and do a service on my car. We arranged it one Saturday morning. It took him less than a second to run his eyes over my body. I pretended not to notice as he followed me into the kitchen. Even though I had my back to him, I could feel his eyes burning into my ass and legs without having to turn around.

Yes boys we know you are looking!

I wore a tight white T-shirt, and a white ass hugging miniskirt, it was so tight the hem actually dug into my thighs 8 inches above my knees. Of course the pantyhose had to be white, and the court shoes with a 4 inch heel. I’m sure I could have fucked him right in the kitchen, but just teasing Mike amused me, he had beads of sweat on his brow already! I moved around the kitchen giving him plenty of opportunity to have a leer at my body. I talked about the usual things, Lin, holidays, weather, that sort of stuff. Finally he went to the garage and started work on the car. I gave him ½ an hour to cool down a little, and then I went to see how he was getting on. He was under the car, and although I couldn’t see him I bet he watched my high heels and white nylon covered ankles as I walked in. I began talking to him as he worked, not that I could hear him doing much of that. Well I was stood roughly where his head would be under the car, and I was sliding my foot in and out of my shoe. I rubbed the sole of my foot on the back of court shoes pretending I had an itch. I talked about my divorce and how bored I was at the same time as my little foot show. I bet he couldn’t take his eyes off my flexing nylon covered toes. All I got in response was the odd grunt. I think his mind was somewhere else. When he did finally emerge from the under the car he looked flushed. Then he noticed my nipples, well I had been teasing them as I talked to him. I knew my dark nipples could be seen through the thin white T-shirt, and due to my fingers working on them they stuck out quite well, of course not wearing a bra helped.

“I um, need something to catch the oil in,” he said interrupting my babble.

“Here have your cake first,” I said with a smile.

I reached over to the bench and picked up a plate of Black Forest Gateaux full of cherries and cream. Now Mike wasn’t a bad catch, for Lin that is. He might be a little over weight but so was she. He had brown curly hair and quite a nice face. But I guess he was 20 pounds over what he should be. Even so he was still worth a fuck. He showed me his oil covered hands. So I picked up the cake and offered it to his mouth. He looked at me for an instant.

“Go on I won’t tell Lin I had to feed you,” I said with a giggle.

He took a bite and the cream and cherry sauce went all around his mouth. We both chuckled, and before he could object I forced more into his mouth. He was leant against my car so I dragged my foot on the concrete floor. My metal heel made a scraping noise that echoed around the garage, and my foot came to rest between his.

“Open wide,” I said with a grin.

“I’ve still got a mouthful,” he said chuckling as much as the cake would let him.

I moved forward still further between his spread legs. My groin was lightly pressing against his. The touch was so faint that he didn’t seem to notice.

“Don’t be a baby or mummy will get cross,” I moaned with a pout.

Again he bit the cake, and we both chuckled as he did so. I don’t think he found my behaviour a little strange if he did he didn’t show it. We used to tease each other when we were out in the pubs as couples. To be honest I missed him more than I thought. Our conversations were always suggestive but quite proper. Flirting with him was just innocent fun and everyone accepted it as such. Although today I was determined to get his cock jammed into my cunt up to his bollocks!

“Julie, I’ll choke,” he said with a creamy smile.

“Nonsense, quick before it trickles down kurtköy escort my arm,” I responded with a grin.

I shifted my weight onto one foot causing my leg to lean on his thigh. I kept up the smiling as if I didn’t notice we were touching, but at this point Mike did. I saw him give me a questioning look out of the corner of my eye. I’m sure he was wondering now if this was more than the playful slaps on the arm we had exchanged in the past. I didn’t let him linger too much on his thoughts.

“Come on one more mouthful and I can go and wash my hands.”

This did the trick he was back to his amused smile again. Even so I could feel his eyes watching my parted, painted lips, especially as I was running my tongue along them. It would have appeared quite innocent, like I was concentrating on feeding him, but a little sexy at the same time. Then he jumped back as I began to wipe my other, clean hand, over the mess on his face. “God keep still you baby I’m only cleaning your face up.”

I could sense his eyes watching my face again. I was half expecting him to kiss me, but I never made contact with his eyes so perhaps he wasn’t sure what reaction he would receive. My groin was pressed against his, only this time a little more forcefully. He just couldn’t bring himself to make the first move. Not that I minded because it was great fun watching him trying to pluck up the courage. I suppose what didn’t help Mike was his oil covered hands. All the way through he just kept them away from me. While I had been cleaning his face with my fingers, my other hand had been busy rubbing the gateaux into my skirt, and my nylon clad thigh, and my other leg had brushed against his, where I thought I had seen a fresh oil stain on his overall.

“There you are all clean,” I said with a smile.

I moved away and then looked down.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed.

I looked down again and waited for a comment from Mike.

“Look at you dirty bitch,” he said.

I looked into his eyes and moved close to him again pushing my pelvis out so we made contact. He leaned forward and kissed me. His smile had dropped and he looked quite serious.

“If you want a fuck you only had to say.”

I was slightly shocked by his bluntness. He just smirked at me.

“Lin has obviously told you about our little game. So do you fancy playing it then?”

“Would it be worth it?”

He gave a little half smile. Now I must admit I was a little wet after the last 20 minutes or so.

“Just sex Julie, but how I like it. Well what do you say?”

He just stood there looking so smug and calm. Even that made me drip.

“OK I’ll admit I wanted to fuck you for ages, and now you have been trying to seduce me. I mean what’s worse? You and I fuck, or I tell everyone you came onto me and I walked away?”

I was on the car bonnet with my tights and pink panties hanging off my left ankle as Mike fucked me hard. His hands were everywhere, coating my white clothes in grease and oil. He didn’t last long, but it was still good to feel a hard cock in me, the first for quite awhile.

“What’s up Julie didn’t you come?”

I licked my lips nervously as I looked at my watch.

“Oh got somewhere to go?” he said with a smirk.

“I was just wondering if that was all your little game was. I mean it was just a fuck.”

I knew I was leaving myself open but I had to. He moved towards me and I backed away a little.

“You want the full version then?”

I swallowed then nodded. He grinned again.

“OK but you have to do as I say its just sex, OK?”

You know, while I was apprehensive I was still aroused. Perhaps if I had come then I would have walked away. The tease with the cake was supposed to be just that. But I had got so desperate for a hard cock, that I had let the real purpose of fucking Mike escape my mind. Not only that I thought he would be off as soon as we did it, and I still had well over an hour to fill until zero hour.

“OK,” I said finally.

He grinned at my response.

“It won’t be easy for you,” he said rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“Good, I’d hate ankara kurtuluş escort to get bored,” I said with a stone like expression.

“Oh you won’t get bored, turned on, and maybe a little scared, but definitely not bored.”

“We’ll see.”

“Let’s go into the house and I’ll explain the rules.”

I began to take off my shoe.

“What are you doing?”

I looked up at him from my bent position.

“I was going to take my tights off,” I replied with a quizzical look.

“Put them on properly, you’ll need to wear them for what I’ve got in mind.”

I followed him through the utility room and into the kitchen. Luckily the garage had been built onto the side of the house so I knew we couldn’t be seen.

“Have you still got your wedding dress?”

“Yeah in the spare room I think, but why?”

“You look good in white. Just get the veil.”

“Why?” I asked again.

“Look if you are going to question everything then I’ll finish your car and go. I told you it’ll be fun, scary, but fun. So what is it to be?”

5 minutes later I walked into the kitchen carrying my wedding veil. He smiled at me.

“Take off your T-shirt and put the veil on,” He ordered calmly.

I must admit that I was excited, my panties now held his spunk that had escaped my pussy, and I was getting wetter by the second. I was scared but only because I wasn’t sure what he planned to do. By the time my veil was in place he had explained everything. At first I was a little disgusted, but by the time he had finished my cunt was getting wetter again. He was going to dominate me like he wanted to do to Lin, whatever he wanted he would get. He promised not to harm me. But he would do things that I might not like. Then as if to show he would keep his word, he told me that he would have changed places with Barry if he could. I could see in his eyes that he truly meant every word, and I could feel myself relax a little.

He pulled the veil down over my face and I felt the fine mesh graze over my nipples causing little shock waves. For some reason I expected to feel a little stupid with the veil over my head and topless. With my skirt and tights covered in oil and gateaux I must have looked quite strange. But this was his game and I really wanted to play!

“Now get the rest of the gateaux and bring it to the garage.”

“All of it?” I queried.

“Yes,” he replied firmly.

I carried the cold plate to the garage. He nodded to the bonnet and I put the plate down, and then rubbed my hands together trying to warm them. I stopped in mid flow as I watched him divide the gateaux in half. He slid one half onto the plate that I had fed him from earlier.

“Mike I can’t eat all that,” I said breaking the spell I was under.

“I’ll be eating most of it later. Now do you mind if I tie your hands to that bar?”

I looked up to the bar hanging from the garage roof. Why the hell I didn’t say no straight away was beyond me. I looked back at him trying to get in his head but I didn’t have a clue what he intended.

“I want peace and quiet while I finish your car Julie. Look I promised you I wouldn’t harm you didn’t I?”

“Yes, but I don’t understand,” I replied.

“God was sex really that boring with Barry,” he chuckled.

I shook my head still not understanding.

“OK look forget it. I’ll just do your car then go.”

I watched him move the two plates off the bonnet to the bench and he picked up a spanner.

“God I feel embarrassed, even my wife won’t do this, sorry.”

I moved forward after a few moments.

“Over there so I don’t get in your way?” I asked.

His face broke into a smile after I grinned at him. I don’t know why but I trusted him. Not only that, but zero hour was 50 minutes away.

He secured me to the rail using plastic things; I think they are called cable tie-ups. Well you feed one end through the other and they make a sort of clicking sound. OK I was at his mercy now, but he was grinning and telling me how sexy I looked. We even shared a giggle together. He pulled the veil down over my head again.

He traced a finger down my breast to my belly. I closed my eyes and we kissed through the veil. I felt him pull the waist band of my skirt, tights, and panties all in one.

“Julie, watch this,” he whispered after our kiss.

I looked down and my face dropped, he began to tip one of the gateaux filled plates slowly. I shook my head but couldn’t speak as the gateaux slipped into the front of my panties, skirt, and tights!

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