Irene – District NurseIrene – District Nurse

Alpha Female

Growing up in the North East of Scotland, I had a fairly sheltered upbringing. The social life of the community revolved around pubs and clubs. I was not allowed into the pubs, but had to stand outside with my bag of crisps and my bottle of Coke because of the licensing laws. I was however allowed into the clubs and it was there I developed my sexual fascination for the older woman. As my parents enjoyed a game of bingo and then a dance afterwards, I was left to occupy my own time. I mostly played pool until the men came and commandeered the table. I then took an interest in the live band and I watched the dancing. As I got older the widowed and divorced women would take me as their partner for a dance as most of the men by that time of night were engaged in heavy drinking or were drunk. I enjoyed the closeness of a mature woman, their shape and form and their warmth. There is nothing finer than the pressing curves of the mature female sex as they long for close affection. The problem porno 64 was, I didn’t know how to handle the situation,

Enter Irene. She was my closest friend, Graham’s mother. Irene was a district nurse and always wore her blue and white uniform, complemented with stockings. You can tell that I had developed a crush on Irene. My greatest opportunity to lose my cherry arose when I spend a summer holiday at their house about 5miles outside my hometown.

Irene had arrived home from around 4.30pm and indicated that as it was such a hot summers day, she would have to cool down. Straight away she removed her blouse, exposing her white bra. She walked into the kitchen and placed the blouse in the washing basket. She returned to the lounge and stood facing me. My eyes were drawn to her bra-covered breasts. She must have noticed this as she then enquired if I would like to take a bath. I said I would, and as I left the lounge she said that I should not lock the bathroom porno izle door in case I had an accident.

As I sat in my bath thinking of Irene’s breasts, I played with my erection. As I knew I would masturbate in the bath, I had locked the bathroom door for fear of being caught. As I stroked my dick, someone tried to open the bathroom door. It was Irene.

The previous paragraphs are fact. The rest of this story is what has played on my mind for the last 32 years. I imagine that the door was left unlocked and Irene would enter. She wanted to wash in order to cool down. She approached the bathroom sink and ran some water. She then removes her bra saying she doesn’t want her clothes wet. From my side on view, I looked at the swell of her breasts as they dangle down as she leans over the sink to wash. My erection grows to full extent. I cover myself with the face cloth to save my embarrassment. Irene notices my discomfort and asks for the face cloth. I slowly and sex izle reluctantly pass it over. She discards the facecloth and crouches down beside the bath. Reaching forward to grab my dick, she asks if I like what I saw. I have no answer, but close my eyes and whimper. Irene strokes my dick until I come.

Irene moves back to the sink and proceeds to wash. Once I come back to reality, I stand up and step out of the bath. My dick has reached full erection again. I move behind Irene and curve my hands around her body to grasp her breasts. I move my dick into her arse crack. After much grinding, I proceed to remove her uniform skirt. This leaves her in stockings and panties. I quickly move a hand into her pants and work away at her sex. I am young and inexperienced. She helps me by removing her pants and guides my dick into her sex. My passion takes over and I quickly bombard her sex with my strokes of passion. I come quickly and fall limply over her as she still washes in the sink. I have lost my cherry and it is down to this small woman, only 5 feet 4 inches tall, with small breasts. As I recover form my passionate eruption, I am aware of stroking her stocking covered thighs. This was to lead to another fascination.

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