Inches AwayInches Away


Jack’s breath quickened as he shut the door of the yellow cab and stepped across a shimmering, slushy puddle onto the sidewalk in front of the downtown Hilton. Why here, he wondered, of all places. Still, he was happy to meet Vanessa anywhere right now. More than happy, after what had happened two days ago. He was still embarrassed thinking about it and now he was nervous and excited to see her. As the cab pulled away onto the still-wet streets, Jack bounded up the stairs and pushed through the revolving door with as confident a swoosh as he could muster.

Vanessa was already sitting at the bar, a few sips into an apple martini. She beamed her megawatt smile at him, all perfect teeth and rich pink lips as he sat down. “So glad you could meet me here. Sorry it’s a little out of the way but I wanted someplace we could talk away from the house.”

“Um, yeah, sure,” Jack said as he let his eyes fall to Vanessa’s blouse. It was his favorite, a simple cream satin thing that buttoned only to the middle of Vanessa’s cleavage. You had to hand it to this girl, Jack thought. She definitely knows how to work her assets.

“So look, Jack, I want you to stop worrying about this thing, okay? First of all, we’re roommates. Crazy shit happens between roommates. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. Everybody does it and it’s not like you were out in the middle of the living room or anything. And about the pictures, just forget it, okay? I’m… I don’t know, flattered, really.”

“Oh, god, Vanessa, thanks. I was really worried you’d be so pissed off. I mean, I feel really badly about it, I do. I just…”

“Hey,” she chimed in, “just forget it, okay? I think the whole thing is kind of cute. Seriously. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with you. You look great, you’ve got lots of options and lots of opportunities. My friend Carla thinks you’re super hot, and I know she’s not alone. So just… relax about the whole thing, okay? Have a drink with me.”

Jack was halfway through his second glass of cabernet when Vanessa leaned forward and said, “Hey. Wanna have some fun, Jack? A little adventure?” Jack put his wine down as his heart raced. Her look was undeniable.

“Yeah, sure… uh, what did you have in mind?” he stammered out, worried he sounded like a dork.

“Just come with me,” Vanessa said, picking up her glass and swiftly turning away. Jack stared at her ass a full, long second as she started off. She turned her head and caught him looking. Vanessa giggled, tossed her hair, and said again, “Come on, let’s go. I got us a room.”

Jack felt almost sick as he got in the elevator; he was so excited this was finally going to happen. He nearly stumbled at the door when Vanessa grabbed him and pulled his head toward hers. She kissed him hard, pushing her soft tongue between his kırklareli escort lips and letting out a soft moan.

“Do you want this, Jack? Do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh god yes,” Jack replied. She slipped her hand down his chest and between his legs, feeling him stiffen under his slacks.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “already getting there… nice.” She pushed the key in and rolled the door open, her warm mouth on Jack’s as she steered him to the bed and pushed him flat upon it. She climbed atop him and for a second he caught a glimpse up her skirt. Jack reached up to feel her breast but she pushed his hand away and leaned into him with another kiss.

“No, just wait a second,” she said, grinding her hips on his. Jack felt his hardness pressing on her soft thigh and squirmed to get between her legs.

Vanessa jumped off him. “Jack, wait. It’s an adventure, remember? Make it last,” she said as she walked to the door of the adjoining room. She opened it, revealing the facing door. Jack shot her a puzzled look.

“Jack. Wait here. Don’t move. Promise me you won’t move from that spot, okay?” Vanessa asked. She knocked on the adjoining door. It opened almost before she finished knocking. She swept through before Jack could see anyone or anything and disappeared behind the closing door.

Jack was stunned, confused. He went to the door and knocked. “Vanessa?” he called, but there was no answer. “This is fucking weird,” he said to himself as he walked back toward the bed to sit down.

Jack caught himself short when he heard it. A muffled thump, and a sigh. Hushed voices, and then Vanessa’s clear, “mmmm” came through the door. Jack couldn’t help himself, he put his ear right on the door and listened.

The sounds were undeniable. Jack didn’t know what to do with himself but he knew Vanessa was right next door with another man. He heard the man push Vanessa right up to the door. “Oh, god yes” she said as he smacked her ass, “smack it again, again,” and he did. Jack stood stock still. He heard her breathing quicken.

“Turn around” he heard through the door, and Jack heard Vanessa turn and drop to her knees. “Suck it, you dirty little slut. Suck my cock. Take it all in, dirty girl.” Jack heard the muffled slurping sounds as Vanessa eagerly sucked off the stranger. He was riveted to the spot. Half of him wanted to run screaming from the hotel; his gut felt like it was on fire. But he stayed, with his ear pressed right to the door.

“Stand up, dirty girl,” Jack heard. “Face the door.” Jack knew Vanessa had her face pressed against the door less than two inches from him. It seemed like he could feel the heat of her body through it as she started to moan and grunt. Thump, thump, thump went the door as the man slammed his cock into her, shoving her kırşehir escort into the door with every heavy thrust. Jack swallowed hard as the man drove himself deep into Vanessa. He kept his ear hard against the door and heard every quickening breath, every moan and squeal.

The rhythmic slapping of flesh on flesh drove Jack nearly over the edge and he slowly became aware of his hand in his pants, gripping and squeezing the base of his rigid cock. It shocked him to know he was masturbating — again — to Vanessa, but this time there was barely an inch and more than a world between them.

Vanessa started to moan faster and harder and Jack knew she was getting closer to climax. “Fuck me, yes, harder deeper ohh yes, fuck me, harder, get it, there, there, there, there” she was almost screaming now, and Jack knew he had never fucked any girl the way he was hearing Vanessa get pounded now. He could hardly stand it but at the same time his cock was so stiff in his pants it felt like it might explode any second.

He heard her reaching her peak as she started crying out to the man, “I want your cum, I want it in me. Shoot it deep inside of me, shoot that hot fucking load deep inside me! Come on…give it to me, pump it in me!”

“Oh yes, baby, I’m gonna cum. Here it comes,” Jack heard, and he turned away and sat on the bed as the man emptied himself into Vanessa. Jack was stunned. Perplexed. He wanted to run, and yet he was glued to the bed, his chest heaving. He heard Vanessa say through the door, “Oh god that was so good. I can barely stand, I haven’t been fucked like that in months.” Jack lay back on the bed, utterly weakened.

Less than half a minute later Jack sat up as he heard the door open. There was Vanessa. She closed both doors behind her and walked sloppily to Jack. She was sweaty, her blouse askew and her skirt nearly sideways. Vanessa’s hair looked like she had been outside in a hurricane. She pushed him back onto the bed. “Lie down, baby,” she said.

Vanessa straddled Jack, hiking her skirt up and crawling up to perch right over his neck. The feral scent of her next-door romp assaulted him and Jack closed his eyes. “Look at this, Jack. Open your eyes. Look at all that. Did you hear that? I know you did, didn’t you. You were right there by the door, listening to the whole thing. Did you jerk yourself off while you listened, Jack? Did you jack off to me again? Look at it!”

Jack opened his eyes and looked. Vanessa had pulled her panties back on and now Jack could see them, soaking wet and outlining every fold and opening of Vanessa’s freshly-fucked gash. Vanessa moved it closer to his face.

“You want this pussy, don’t you Jack?” She purred, lowering herself right down to his nose. “This is how you’re going to get it. Open your mouth. Come kızılay escort on, Jack, I know you want it. If you want to be close to my beautiful cunt, take it.”

Jack was squirming, trying to get away but Vanessa locked his face in her legs and pressed herself down onto him. He felt the wet, slick heat of her as his tongue brushed over the soaked fabric of her panties. She moaned a little and opened her legs wider.

“Yes, baby. Yessss,” she said, and Jack couldn’t help himself. He pressed his tongue flat onto her swollen slit, tasting the slick and salty wetness through her panties. She rode him now, pressing down.

“Yes, Jack, I know you like it,” she said as she reached back and squeezed his crotch. “I feel how hard you are, Jack. I can feel your throbbing cock. Look at you, Jack, you’re licking my cum-filled pussy. Can you feel how hot I still am? How loose? He pumped me full, Jack. His cock was so big it stretched me open. Did you hear my head banging on the door? Of course you did Jack… you were right there, weren’t you? Come on, baby, lick me like you mean it. If you make me cum right now I’ll let you fuck me…”

Jack tore the slick panties to the side and drove his tongue inside her. He couldn’t believe what he was doing now but he didn’t care. Vanessa ground herself faster against him and he reached his tongue up to circle her clit. She bucked and moaned, “yes baby, right there, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop, I’m going to cum…”

Jack did exactly as told, circling his tongue around her bulging clit until he felt her squeeze so tight he thought she might crush his face. He felt pulse after pulse of pleasure wash through her body as she moaned and sighed on top of him. When she finished, Vanessa pressed herself back down tight against Jack’s mouth.

“Good job, Jackie,” she said. “Now, listen to me. This is how it’s going to be,” she went on as she undid Jack’s pants and then reached for his hand. She guided Jack’s own hand to his painfully-hard cock. “No more beating off to my pictures, you nasty little thing. You’re going to stroke yourself off right in front of me every time I come asking, Jackie. Every now and then I’m going to come to you with a little treat just like this. Maybe if you do a really good job I’ll let you watch while I’m getting fucked. You’d really love that, wouldn’t you, Jackie? Wouldn’t you love to see him bend me over and slam me while I’m looking you in your eyes, knowing that moments later you’ll be cleaning me out?”

Jack gulped. “Stroke it for me baby. You know he pumped me full of hot, sticky cum. He got to fill me up, baby. He got to pump that load deep inside me. Maybe you will too someday, but today I’m going to watch you shoot it all over yourself. Come on, Jackie, stroke that dick for me. See if you can last more than 30 seconds before you blow it all over yourself. Come on… go.”

Jack felt the orgasm building up faster than he could control. He didn’t want to but he couldn’t stop. And he knew he was in for a whole new relationship with his sweet little roommate, Vanessa.

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