Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 03Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 03


More from Hank and Brosie.


Sunday. Tomorrow.

Seemed as good a day as any for my funeral, even if it was part of a long weekend.

It wasn’t two minutes after I found out about Marina’s evil little scheme that I was in my room, talking to Brosie on my phone.

“She did what?” Brosie asked, her voice surprisingly calm.

“She invited us… all four of us… over to use the pool. Tomorrow afternoon,” I repeated.

“Oh. I see,” Brosie replied. “So that’s her game, is it? She told me some friends were coming over tomorrow, and she might want to order some food. I told her that was fine, never dreaming she had this in mind. She knows I won’t say ‘no’ now, even when she tells me who’s really coming. She knows I’ll be the good hostess, to save face. I’m going to have to have a long talk with her.”

“So, um, what do I do?” I asked her. She had much more experience than I, dealing with her daughter. Her advice was crucial.

“Well, just be cool,” she said, remarkably in control. “I’ll tell you what you don’t do. Don’t forget where you are tomorrow. You’ve never been here before, as far as they know. Play dumb. Just be a guest, and for god’s sake don’t kiss me. Leave the rest to me.”

Our call ended, and I laid back on my bed. Leave the rest to her? Certainly, sounded easy, but the reality was another matter entirely.

Obviously, Ambrosia knew her daughter better than I did. Marina was trying to sabotage our relationship, in the most subtle way possible. Despite her promise to keep her mouth shut, she had found a way to expose us without doing it herself.

I had to trust Brosie to handle it. She was pretty good at dealing with unexpected circumstances, if our recent past was any indication, and I knew she was not one to be trifled with. Marina was poking the bear with a stick, and the bear might bite back, in her own way.

I suppose the less I knew about the plan, the better. If I was to play dumb, then being clueless was going to make it easier. I decided to practice, and went back downstairs, where I found Mom, my sister and Marina still chatting. Marina caught my eye as I walked in, and a disappointed expression briefly crossed her face. I can only guess that she expected me to hide from her, or at least show some semblance of terror at her evil plan.

Prior to my conversation with Brosie, Marina probably would have won the day, but my lover’s confidence was infectious, and very comforting. I gave her nothing to feed off of, and gave my Mother and sister nothing to suspect.

The first part was the key. Just like a schoolyard bully, Marina was trying to elicit a response with her tactics. She was hoping to either cause tension between her Mother and I, breaking us up, or to force us apart to keep things a secret. So, she was hoping for fear, anger, a mistake or embarrassment to achieve her goal. It was her way to win without breaking her promise, and the only way she could express her distaste for our relationship. If her word didn’t mean so much to her, she could simply expose us, and let the shit hit the fan.

Marina was at our house for the balance of the day, and every time I saw her, she gave me this questioning look. Why wasn’t I upset? What did I know that she didn’t? Toward the end, I could actually see her beginning to look a little nervous herself.

The game was on for tomorrow.

May the best player win.


When we arrived at Brosie’s house, I almost blew my cover. Dad was hesitant at the last turn, and I was just about to give him directions when I remembered I had never been here before.

Other than every spare moment spent in Ambrosia’s bed since her return from vacation, that is.

So, I bit my tongue, as Dad turned the wrong way, and led us through the wrong neighbourhood, before finally using the GPS built into the car to find the correct address. About five minutes later than necessary, we pulled to a stop in front of the house.

I trailed the group to the front door. It just felt safer, having all those bodies between myself and danger, as I had no idea what might be waiting on the other side. We might be walking into a war zone. I had no indication from Brosie, as she had been decidedly silent this morning. That made me nervous. I needn’t have been.

The door swung open as we approached, and Marina ushered us in, hugging my sister. She cackled happily, leading us through the house toward the back yard. As we passed through into the brilliant sunshine again, I saw Brosie sitting at the table, under the shade of the large umbrella, reading a book. She looked quite calm, but I knew she was just covering it well.

“Mom?” Marina smiled, stirring the pot. “Our guests are here.”

Brosie tipped her sunglasses down, and looked our way. Her face showed pleasant surprise, as though she had no idea who would be visiting today. I made a mental note about her acting ability, and watched altyazılı porno her jump to her feet to greet us.

I took in her attire. She was dressed very casually, as one might be when you weren’t expecting company, or at least not company that meant anything to her. A navy-blue t-shirt covered her upper body like a second skin, stretched tight by the curves I knew so well. She was wearing a bra, so didn’t jiggle as much as she might have. A pair of tan shorts clung to her butt. She looked delicious, but I had to remember to curb my appetite.

“Carol! Herb! So nice to see you!” she gasped, smiling wide. She opened her arms to hug my parents as a couple. I knew my Father would be enjoying the soft contact of her full chest, even if only getting half the benefit. “Sharon! About time you came over here. Marina has been spending more than enough time at your house,” she said, moving on to my sister, and dispensing another hug. Finally, she turned to me.

Moment of truth time. How would she play it? Was now really the time to tell my family about us, or would it be better when everyone was drunk, later?

“Hank?” she giggled, stepping back, and opening her arms wide, for me alone. “How have you been? Thank you so much for helping me with my shopping that day in Santorini.”

The hug that enveloped me was very familiar. I would never get tired of her huge breasts being squashed between us, intervening clothing or not. She even gave me a little peck on the cheek, but nothing that might give us away.

With that, the initial danger was past. I was sure it wasn’t over with for the day, as Marina had brought us here for a reason, and undoubtedly had more in mind than merely putting us in close proximity to my parents. I’d have to be on my guard all day.

Still, my part in this was easier than Brosie’s. I just had to keep my mouth shut, and my hands to myself, although the latter was difficult in the presence of her tactile-friendly body. She had to read and react to the many landmines Marina was scattering.

Speaking of Marina, she had taken a position on the other side of the pool, and was already cackling with my sister. I watched her for a moment, catching her casting a venomous glare at me, when my sister wasn’t looking. She didn’t even try to sugar-coat it, openly displaying her contempt for me, but only to me. I wondered what she might do.

I tried to put myself in her position. Not so much the ‘some young guy is fucking my mother’ part, as much as just her being upset, and hoping to expose us. What would I do? If I had already given my word not to tell, but I was desperately unhappy with the situation, and wanted to force it out in the open…? What would I do?

Certainly, the most important people to keep the secret from would be my parents. They would have the greatest ability to break us up, because they have the most influence on me. From that vantage point, her bringing us all together was a good strategy, but she had to have more in mind than simply hoping we’d give ourselves away. That was the real question. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the information necessary to formulate a guess. At this point, she knew her mother better than I did.

But… the parts of Ms. Ambrosia Castellanos that I did know, I knew very well, and those were enough for me to fall for her.

We were all lounging and talking about nothing in particular. Marina and my sister were sitting on the other side of the pool, chatting between themselves, and my parents were talking to Ambrosia, who, in apparent civility, was trying to include me in the chatter as much as possible. There was a radio playing in the background, and when a good song came on, Marina and Sharon would dance on the pool deck in their bathing suits.

I should mention that my sister is really a pretty girl. My friends have all voiced a desire to take a shot at her, if the opportunity arose, and even though I’m her brother, I admit she’s pretty hot. Marina too. If she ever fills out the way her mother has, she’s going to be spectacular, but none of it mattered to me.

There was only one Brosie, and I was head over heels in love with her.

So, being on the periphery of the conversation, I suppose it was natural that I be the first one to react when an eerily familiar drum beat signalled the start of a new song on the radio. I froze, and turned my eyes to Marina, whose head whipped around in my direction. By the time the horns joined in, I could see a little smile on Brosie’s lips in the corner of my eye.

“Ah!” she laughed. “If you’ll excuse me, I just love this song! I’ll be back in a minute!”

With that, she stood, and cranked the volume way up. Sharon, not knowing the significance of the song was just bopping along to it, forcing Marina to do the same. Brosie took half a dozen steps toward them, then spun on her heels.

“You!” she smiled, pointing at me. “Come on, Hank! Come dance with us!”

I tried not to grin too zenci porno widely, and not to seem too eager. After all, how many guys my age really want to dance with women old enough to be their mother?

Of course, how many have done so naked, to the same song?

I ‘let’ Brosie drag me over to where the dancing was happening, and much to Marina’s chagrin, we all had fun, to the song that would forever be ours. I know I’d never hear ‘Walking On Sunshine’ without smiling, for the rest of my life.

While not quite as arousing as the last time we did this, there was no dancing with my luscious Greek goddess with noticing her spectacular body, and how it moved so enticingly to the music. Her boobs bounced, her hair swung, and her smile beamed happiness, all while Marina wished she’d never heard this damn song. Her mother was rubbing her face in it. If she wanted to play games, then she had to be prepared for us to play back.

It was probably made worse when my parents actually joined in, and we all sang the song while it lasted. By the time it was done, just a few minutes, everyone was winded, and just a bit sweaty. Brosie fanned her face with her hand, and cast a knowing smile at me, before making a final comment, obviously directed at her daughter.

“I think that’s my favourite song ever,” she said, as we dispersed. “I don’t know why. It just makes me so happy, I can’t help myself. Don’t you agree, Marina?”

“If you say so, Mother,” Marina replied, a distasteful scowl on her face. “It’s too old.” She managed to get a barb of her own in, but Brosie just dodged it elegantly.

“Well, one of us is, but I’m not sure who,” she smiled. “I could use the pool now,” she continued, turning to the rest of us. “Hank, why don’t you change in the pool hut, over there? Marina, could you show Herbert and Carol to the guest room, inside? I’m going to check on lunch, and then change upstairs.”

The group broke up, with everyone else heading inside, while I was left on the deck alone. I went back to my chair, and picked up my bag, which contained my pool clothes and surf shorts. I was just about to walk over to the hut, when I heard a noise behind me.

It was a tap, on glass, and I turned to find the source. It took me a few seconds to see it, on the second floor.

Brosie’s bedroom window.

Actually, it was a sliding glass door, so I could see all of her, from the top of her pretty head to the bottom of her smooth feet. She blew me a kiss, then struck a playful pose, hips cocked to the side, and a finger on her lips.

I smiled, and blew a kiss back, continuing to watch her, intently. She didn’t disappoint.

She turned in profile, and arched her back, thrusting her breasts out more prominently, while unzipping her shorts. Bending from the waist, she peeled the shorts over her curvy hips, dropping them down her long, sexy legs to her feet. A single strap of white fabric arched high over the hip, and when she turned her back, I could see the string that appeared from between her firm butt cheeks, confirming that it was indeed a thong. She shook her ass at me, peering over her shoulder with a seductive grin on her face.

I could feel my dick waking up, while I enjoyed the unscheduled strip show, happening above me. With a flourish, Brosie skinned off her t-shirt, and spun to show me the whole picture, standing with her legs apart in a lovely, matching white bra and thong. Her body was everything I remembered it to be, since I last enjoyed it, yesterday. She pursed her pouty lips, while reaching behind her back, to unfasten her bra, which she held in place with her arm across her chest, once it was loose. Grasping the straps, she sawed the bra back and forth, dragging it upwards slightly while doing so, until those huge breasts simply dropped free, bouncing happily before my eyes.

This time, when she turned in profile and bent at the waist, her full breasts swung freely, jiggling with her movements. The thong joined her shorts on the floor, and she stood again, now gloriously naked. Her hands wandered across the smooth skin I was longing to caress myself, dipping suggestively between her thighs, before sliding upward to cup and heft her impressive breasts, juggling them as I wanted to do.

I was smiling up at her, when she pressed her chest against the glass, squashing her massive tits flat. She dragged those luscious globes across the transparent surface, teasing me mercilessly, but lovingly. She gave me a final pout, a flutter of her fingertips, and then drew the curtain, once again hiding her lovely body from my eyes.


“Lunch is here!” Brosie proclaimed, as she walked out onto the deck again, carrying four large boxes of pizza stacked high in front of her. “It was perfect timing. The delivery guy rang the bell just as I came downstairs.”

She put the boxes on the table under the umbrella, and stood clear.

“You answered the door dressed like that?” Marina aldatma porno said sarcastically. It made me look again.

Certainly, the pizza boy got more tip than he deserved. Brosie was dressed for sunbathing, and the bikini top that she was wearing made the one in Greece look conservative. She was very exposed, so I could just imagine the delivery boy’s eyes bugging out at the incredible slice of cleavage that she was showing. This one was red, and looked really, realllllly good on her.

“Yes Marina, I answered the door dressed like this. Jeez. It’s my body. Get over it,” Brosie laughed. “I’m not a nun.”

“Nope. Definitely, not a nun,” my Dad chuckled, drawing a sharp look from my Mother.

“Isn’t that the suit you bought to surprise your new boyfriend?” Marina grinned, raising the stakes again.

“Why yes, Marina, it is,” Brosie replied. “He hasn’t seen it yet, but I did buy it for him. In fact, I bought several new ones. He actually appreciates my body.”

He’s seen it now, and he’d like to rip it off you, suck your nipples, and fuck your brains out, I thought. Right here. Right now.

“He’s younger than you, isn’t he Mom?” Marina prodded, stirring the pot. “Much younger.”

“Is this really the time for this, Marina?” Brosie warned. “I could bring up a few questions about your boyfriend, if you’d like?”

“No, I’m just saying… You bought the suit for him, and he’s much younger. Simple facts. No opinion,” Marina smiled, feeling like she had the upper hand. Brosie stared her down, then sighed. I was terrified, wondering if I could just slink away unnoticed.

“Yes, I have a younger boyfriend,” Brosie said easily. “There. Now it’s out in the open. Can we eat now, or would you like to discuss more of my personal life?”

“I’d like to hear more about this boyfriend,” my Mother giggled. “Of course, I’m an incorrigible gossip. I’d like to hear about anything juicy.”

“Well, we can talk about that more, later, Carol,” Brosie smiled. “The pizza is getting cold.”

I realized that I wasn’t breathing throughout that last exchange, and inhaled desperately. Brosie glanced at me. A subtle wink followed, as soon as she knew the pizza had everyone’s attention.

Everyone but me, of course. I was still paying close attention to my lover, while trying not to be obvious about it. That bikini top was spectacular on her, and I noticed that my father was checking out her rack as well. I couldn’t really blame him. Like me, he knew a good thing when he saw it. Mom was giving him dirty looks for ogling Brosie’s ample curves, but they were pretty hard to miss. I smiled to myself, knowing that I would be benefiting from that body soon.

Just how soon, was a question we’d have to answer later. For now, I just tried to look like a normal young man. I wasn’t supposed to be blind, just not intimate.

I was amazed at how much everyone could talk. Sharon and Marina had one long sentence going on the other side of the pool. Knowing my sister, that didn’t surprise me in the least. My parents, on the other hand, hardly ever shut up, and that was unusual. Considering they only knew Brosie for a few days, a few weeks ago, you’d think they’d run out of conversation topics pretty fast, but the three of them were talking and laughing like lifelong friends. That was good, in my opinion. I hoped they’d remember how well they got along, if and when the truth about us came out.

I’m sure they’d have lots to say, then.

“I think I need to pee,” Mom giggled.

“Me, too,” Brosie nodded, as they both stood up.

“Jeez, can’t you women EVER go to the bathroom alone? Is it in the DNA?” my Father laughed. “Hank and I are the only guys here. I think you’re safe, ladies!”

“Just in case,” Brosie giggled, making very brief eye contact with me. “You never know.”

I laughed. It was a great way to cover the smile I was wearing. Yes, you never know. You never know when helping a new acquaintance with her shopping might lead to something much, much more fun, maybe for a lifetime.

Relaxing in the sun for another few minutes, it suddenly occurred to my bladder that using the bathroom might be a good idea. I hopped up, and went inside.

My Mom and Brosie were in the kitchen when I walked by, on the way to the bathroom, which I almost forgot I wasn’t supposed to know the location of. I made it look like I found it by accident, and when I was coming out, a minute later, I could hear them talking.

“So?” my Mom asked. “This younger guy? How long has this been going on?”

Ah. Girl talk. I might want to hear this, I thought, stopping out of sight around the corner.

“Oh, just a few weeks,” Brosie replied. “He makes me very happy.”

“Uh huh. I’ll bet,” Mom giggled. “You lucky girl. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a lover that could go all night, non-stop, and just make love like a train. Is it good?”

First of all… Mom? Eww! Second, I want to hear this answer.

“Mmmmm, good doesn’t even begin to describe it,” Brosie whispered. “He does things to me that you wouldn’t believe.”

I was amazed at how she could walk the tightrope, balancing just this side of blurting out the whole truth. Mom wasn’t done.

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