“I saw your photos, Mrs. C.” continuation“I saw your photos, Mrs. C.” continuation


Chapter 1. Tom returns homeI had planned to tell my husband on the phone about what I’d done with the boys, but the timing just didn’t seem right, so I decided instead to wait until Tom came home to reveal what I’d been doing.  It seemed like the time Tom was away had flown by, and now he was going to be coming in the door any minute.  After my sessions with Jason and then with Kirk the next night I’d let both boys fuck me.  And then again the next night…and the next, each evening until Tom was due to come home.  And I loved it. Kirk had even been sleeping with me in our bed and several times during the night I’d awoke to his fucking me.  He was insatiable, often fucking me multiple times each night.  In the morning I would wake him up by sucking his cock to completion and during the day I spent hours watching porn incest videos on my computer of mothers fucking their sons as I masturbated and came over and over again thinking about what I was doing with the boys.  And now Tom was coming home, and again I was faced with how to break the news of my new obsession to him.  Little did I know he had a confession of his own to share with me.“Honey, I’m home,” I heard Tom yell from the kitchen as he came in from the garage.  Kirk was still at basketball practice, and would be for another couple of hours, so I knew I had time to share with Tom what I had to tell him.“Up here, darling, in the bedroom,” I shouted down to him.  I was naked except for a pair of red lace stockings, and my pussy was wet from playing with it.  I was in bed, on my back, with my legs spread and my fingers holding my cunt lips open to greet my husband like the total slut I’d become, and when he walked into the bedroom and saw me like this he immediately began to grin.  Then he dropped his suitcase and began undressing.“You look amazing, babe.  I’ve miss you so much, and can’t wait to taste and fuck you again,” he said.  And then he was naked, his cock already growing as he crawled up onto our bed and kissed me, his hand fondling my breasts.  “What a wonderful way to greet me, you nasty woman, you!” he grinned, kissing me again. “Well… I missed you, too, darling…and your cock.  But before we fuck I need to tell şişli escort you something.  While you were away something happened, Tom.  I think you’re going to be okay with it, but I must admit I’m nervous about it,” I said.“What is it, babe?  Unless you were fucking around with another man whatever it is shouldn’t be enough to make you nervous.  So tell me.  What happened?” he asked, leaning down to kiss one of my breasts, nibbling on it as he stroked his cock.  I felt some of his pre-cum already leaking from it, and knew he was excited, so I began….”“I didn’t fuck another man while you were gone, Tom.  But remember that video you took of us in Vegas, Tom?  The one in which we talked about me fucking Kirk?  Where we role played me sucking and fucking you while we pretended you were Kirk?”“Yeah,” Tom said, sliding down my body toward my pussy.  “What about it?”“Well…you had Jason work on your pc while you were gone…and he saw the video, Tom.”Immediately he sat up in bed.  “He saw it?” he gasped.  “Oh my God!  How… what… did he tell you he saw it?”“Yeah.  He did, baby.  And…well….”“What?  Tell me!  What happened?”As I spoke I reached down and began slowly stroking my pussy. “He kind of blackmailed me, Tom.  I’d forgotten he was bringing your pc back and I was doing housework and I was only wearing that old undershirt of yours and a pair of skimpy shorts and I wasn’t wearing a bra.  He saw my naked tits under the shirt, Tom, and it turned him on.  When I remembered how skimpily I was dressed I realized he could see my tits and I looked down and his cock was growing.  Then he said he had something he wanted me to see, and we went upstairs to your office and he hooked up your pc and began playing the video.“Oh fuck!”“Fuck is right.  So I sat there watching me saying all those nasty things that I would do to both Jason and our son and as I watched the video Jason’s cock got harder and he said he wanted me to do to him the things I said I would in that fucking video.  Remember how I said I’d suck his cock and lick his asshole and let him fuck me?”“Yes.  I do.  Oh my God, baby.  I’m so sorry I left that video on my computer.  I didn’t even think about that.  So what happened?”“Then şişli escort bayan he said if I didn’t do those things to him he was going to show Kirk the video.”“God DAMN that little bastard.  Geez, baby.  What did you do?” he asked.“I couldn’t let him show it to Kirk, baby. So I…I told him I’d fuck him.  Do you understand the predicament I was in, Tom?  And frankly, while I hate to admit this, sitting there like I was, watching that video and seeing Jason’s cock swelling in his shorts I was getting turned on.  So I made a decision, Tom.  I decided we wouldn’t want Kirk to see that video, right?  So I did it.  I let Jason fuck me.”“Holy fuck!” Tom gasped.  Then he noticed me playing with myself, and I continued.“I did, Tom.  And oh my God the kid has a huge dick.  I think his cock is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, much less fucked, baby.  And I was a bad girl.  I was so hot, Tom, and you were away and I was horny so I guess I just lost it.  I was so turned on by then when I told him I’d do it and when he took off his shorts and I saw what a monster cock the kid had I just turned into a complete slut.  I sucked his cock, licked his balls, even licked his ass for him like I said I would on that video and when he fucked me with that dick…well…let’s just say I’ve never had a cock that big inside my pussy and I came so fucking hard I guess I squirted on him.  And not just once, either, Tom.  I came over and over again.  I couldn’t get enough of his cock.  I loved it, baby.  I fucking loved his giant dick in my pussy.”Tom rolled on top of me then, and slid his cock into my wet cunt.  “So you loved letting him fuck you, huh, slut?  Like this, Sue?  Did he fuck you like this? With his unprotected cock?”I knew my husband was turned on now, not angry with me, so I said, “Yeah, he did, baby.  But his cock is way bigger than yours. And he made me come three times during that first fuck.  But only after I’d let him come in my mouth first so he’d last longer when he fucked me.”“Fucking slut!  Whore!” Tom cried out, fucking me hard.“Yeah.  I am, Tom.  I am a fucking slut.  And I love it!  I love his cock.  I worshiped it!  And not just that afternoon either, Tom.”“What!” mecidiyeköy escort he said, slowing down.“I have more to tell you, baby.  Much more.  But it excites you, doesn’t it.  To know your wife has done these things.  Admit it, Tom.  It turns you on, doesn’t it,” I said.  Not a question.  A statement of fact, I knew.“Truth?  Yes, it does.  So tell me,” he said, fucking me harder again.  “What else did you do with him?”“Oh not just him, baby.  After we finished fucking he said he had a confession to make.  Then he told me when he had stumbled across the video by accident Kirk was there and also saw it.  Our son saw me on video telling you how much I wanted to fuck him, too, remember?”“Oh FUCK, baby!” he said, pressing his cock as far up inside me as it would go.  “What did you do?” he gasped, fucking again.“At first I was stunned, of course.  But then the more I thought about it the more it also turned me on, and when Jason told me how hot it has made Kirk to see me like that, and when he told me they had both masturbated as they watched the video I began having thoughts about what it might be like to fuck Kirk as well.  Jason said Kirk told him that he gets my panties out of the dirty clothes hamper and sniffs and sucks them while he masturbates, too.”“Oh my God…no wonder you were so hot,” he gasped.“Exactly,” I said.“So don’t tell me.  You didn’t…did you?” Tom exclaimed, fucking me harder again.“Actually, baby. I did.  That night when Kirk came home I was still wearing the same undershirt I had for Jason, and I was so hot, baby, and horny and you were away and…well…I seduced our son, Tom.  And I sucked his cock and let him fuck me and the next day and the next and the next every night and every night since then I’ve been letting Jason come over and take turns with Kirk fucking me.  AND I LOVE IT, TOM!  Oh my fucking God how I love being used by these to hot, young, virile young men and their hot young cocks.  They fuck me over and over, Tom, and I can’t seem to get enough of their young cocks.  And… and I want you to watch me with them, Tom.  I want you to watch your wife while I suck and fuck these two dicks.  Your son’s cock in my mouth and cunt, Tom.  I want you to watch me with them while you sit there jerking off and joining in.  Please, baby?  Will you do it?  Kirk knows I want you to see him with me.  And if you’re okay with it we’ll do it tonight.  Okay, baby?  Please?” I gasped, close to coming.

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