How Warm InsideHow Warm Inside


How Warm Inside…mmm

It was a long train ride. So long. I left New York 11 hours earlier and arrived in Chicago at about 10:00 am. I thought to myself never again. Next time I would fly. I wondered through the long corridors in Chicago’s Amtrak Station looking for Ivona; a bright, sexy, Polish girl who had come to the United States illegally.
Ivona, who was tall, blond and a body to die for, was every man’s dream. She treated me like a King when we were together. I was her first, but wouldn’t be her last. She exploded just thinking about my hard cock she used to tell me.
I was in Chicago for a job interview. It was a great job with a hefty salary and great possibilities. However, I was reluctant to leave Cleveland because I was already employed and didn’t want to jeopardize my position within the company. However, I kept thinking about Ivona’s daughter “Sarah.” My cock went hard every time I thought of her. She was 13 now and full of life.
I saw Ivona standing and waiting for me, her right arm waving and begging me to find her. As I approached my thoughts instantly turned to Sarah who I hadn’t seen in a year.
Sarah was a cute, hot, redhead who deserved everyman’s attention. At 13 years of age she was fully matured and asking questions about sex. Her waist was thin and her tits were small and I knew I would have that virgin pussy soon. I will be her first I told myself!!!!
After greeting her with the typical European kiss on both cheeks I asked her about her daughter. Trying to appease Ivona and hide my desires I quickly turned the conversation towards her
“Hey Ivona, how have you been?”
“I’m great Dean. I’ve missed you so much.”
“How’s Sarah,” I asked knowing that I would be inside of my sweet young Goddess soon.
Ivona was a great looking girl. She had long legs, modest size tits and a pussy which would take anything. She loved my fingers inside of her until she exploded everywhere.
Ivona in one her talkative moods said, “Hey Dean how was the train journey”? All I wanted to tell her was that all I was thinking about was her hot daughter who had suggested a year ago that I izmit escort bayan might be the one. Her first one!!
When we arrived back to her apartment Sarah was waiting for us with that gorgeous smile. She had on cut-off jeans on with a tank top with no bra and white socks. Wow, I couldn’t believe how much she had grown in just under a year. Her legs were long, her hips slim and her tits at least had grown by a cup size. She smiled widely. When she saw me she rushed over to kiss me on my cheeks. Ivona excusing herself to go to the bathroom, Sarah took the opportunity to give me a proper kiss. She approached me and put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear that she had waited all year for me.
“Dean, did you forget”? How could I forget? I thought. This is what I had been waiting for all year. I instantly went hard and played dumb. She pulled me closer and this time started kissing me all around my neck. “Dean, I want you tonight.” Sarah reached down and started rubbing my already big hard cock. “Oh Dean, you are so big and hard. I want that hard cock inside of me deep, really deep.” Wow, had Sarah grown up so quickly? I year ago I had to entice her into just looking at my cock. Now she wanted it deep inside of her. “Dean, Mom is working the third shift tonight so we will be alone all night together.” Ivona hadn’t told me this but I knew she would ask me to babysit as soon as she got out of the restroom.
Ivona walked out of the bathroom to find Sarah and me on the coach acting like we were catching up on all the recent news in our lives. Ivona, buttoning up her pants asked if I wanted a glass of wine or something to eat. All I wanted to eat was her hot, sexy, wet daughter who kept on staring at the bulge in my pants. God was she hot!!!
The next part of my plan was to get Ivona out of the apartment as quickly as possible. I knew she had to work that night, all night. I wanted Sarah now, though! I couldn’t wait until she went to work.
“Ivona, what time do you have to work tonight,” I asked. “Ten till seven, Dean, why do you ask.”
“No reason, I just thought you would like to go pick-up some food izmit eve gelen escort while I unpack for a great dinner I was planning to cook for you and Sarah tonight”
“Oh Dean, you are such a sweetheart. That would be fine. What are you thinking of cooking?”
“I thought we would go all out and do lobster and steaks. Do you know where a great seafood monger is located”?
“Oh yea,” she said excitingly.
“My good friend has a seafood store about 30 minutes from here. Should I call him and tell him to pick out his three best lobsters”?
“What a great idea, Ivona.”
Ivona went into the kitchen to fetch her cell phone and I than got the chance to touch Sarah properly. Sarah snuggled up to me and said, “what a great idea Dean. I can’t wait either. Mmm Dean”
She took my hand and instantly stuck it down her unbuttoned shorts. Wow, her young, tight, virgin pussy was dripping with her warm juices. I started rubbing her young pussy and dared to stick my middle finger in her wet pussy.
“Dean please be gentle, but firm. OK”? I started fingering her young tight pussy and could tell she had already lost her virginity. My God, she was so wet. She laid her head on my shoulder while my middle finger started going deeper and deeper.
“Oh God Dean, I’m going to cum now.”
“Not yet Sarah, I exclaimed, wait till your Mom leaves in 10 minutes and we will do this properly.”
“Ok Dean.”
However, I couldn’t bear the thought of her waiting another ten minutes to cum. I wanted her to explode now.
As I continued to finger fuck her I heard Ivona finishing up her phone call. I quickly pulled my finger out of Sarah and sat up-right on the couch and fixed my hair.
Ivona walked back into the living room to find Sarah and me just talking like nothing had happened.
“Dean I called a friend who owns a fish market and he has put away 3 live lobsters for us tonight.”
“That’s great,” I replied. “Could you get some beer and wine on the way back as well,” I said knowing I would have that sweet young pussy in about 5 minutes.
“No problem. Will you and Sarah be alright for about an hour izmit otele gelen escort and a half while I’m out?”
“Oh yea,” I said, “Sarah and I have a lot of catching-up to do.”
Sarah looked at me and let out a wicked smile. Mmm
Ivona gathered her things and said her goodbyes and left the apartment knowing I would take care of her young daughter.
As soon as we heard her car startup and leave Sarah and I were embraced in a hot wet mouth to mouth adventure.
Sarah, to my surprise started unbuttoning my pants and said she wanted them off now!! Wow, this little girl was taking control of the whole situation. As she pulled my pants over my long hard cock I knew this would be the best fuck I’ve ever had.
Sarah pulled off my pants and threw them behind her. With me sitting on the coach, Sarah was standing in front of me looking at my huge, hard, throbbing cock. She smiled and took off her top to show me the prettiest little tits I had ever seen. Her nipples were still pink with age and quite hard and erect. She started undoing her jeans and next thing I know she was standing in front of me totally naked.
“Mmm Sarah, you have grown into a hot young woman,” I exclaimed. She bent over and gave me another tender kiss starting to work her way down to my throbbing cock. Sarah proceeded to get on her knees and started licking my shaft softly slipping it in her mouth every now and then. She obviously knew what she was doing.
“Oh Sarah, where did you learn how to do that?”
“Be quite Dean and let me taste you before I let you fuck my tight young pussy.”
Mmm, I couldn’t believe it, she wanted all my hot cum in that gorgeous young mouth of hers.
She started sucking my huge rock hard cock so deep I knew it wouldn’t be long until I blew my hot load deep into her mouth. She went deeper and faster. As I began to cum I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth deeper onto my spouting cock. She stated to moan as I shot my hot load into her lovely mouth. She kept on sucking until there was nothing left and slowly starting to release my cock from her gorgeous mouth. She looked-up at me and said, “now it’s you turn, Dean, I want you to please me like I have never been pleased before.”
That’s all I needed to hear.
I grabbed Sarah’s hand and she followed me knowing that this would be hot.

More to come………………

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