House on Park Ch. 07House on Park Ch. 07


After tending to the needs of the bound burglar in the exercise room, I entered the living room of the house on Park to find that there had been an addition.

“The pizza came, and maybe soon the pizza man will come as well,” Eric said cheerfully to me, as I walked in. Eric was sitting in the middle of the sofa and had a young guy, certainly no more than nineteen, astride his lap, both facing the TV set. Both were naked.

I gave Eric a meaningful look.

“No problem,” Eric said cheerfully, “He’s just turned nineteen, and his name is Red.”

Appropriate name, I thought. The guy was a natural flaming red head, as attested by the big bush that surrounded his erect cock. The hair on his head was long and curly, but other than those two bushes, he was smooth as a baby and fair-skinned, but heavily freckled. He had a good build, although he wasn’t heavy on the muscles. He probably was a basketball player. He gave me a bemused and disdainful look as if he was just trying out this man-to-man stuff for the first time, just to see how it might work out.

Eric was slouched forward on the sofa down under the guy so that his own cock jutted up from under that of Red’s. Red’s cock was a real attention getter. Long and slender, its astonishing attribute was that it took a curve back up toward his belly when erect. That would be an interesting feel in an ass, I thought. Eric had his arms loosely wrapped around him, and he was fondling Red’s chest and belly. Claude was sitting to the right of Eric and the pizza man and turned a bit toward them. He still had his silk shorts on, but the front of these were tented up and Red was giving them an occasional apprehensive look. Claude’s left arm was strung along the top of the sofa and under Eric’s neck, and most of his attention was on the football game. All except for his right hand, which was cupping Eric’s and Red’s rods together and was gently stroking them as if they were one cock.

I walked over and sat down on the sofa on the other side of Eric and threw my right arm across the top of the sofa behind Claude’s arm. Eric turned his face to me, and we went into a long kiss. The pizza guy tensed up, and I could tell he was getting a little worried about the size of the group and quite probably about the size of whatever Claude had there in his shorts. With my left hand, I joined Eric’s roaming, rubbing, massaging, prodding, and tweaking of Red’s chest and belly. Then I moved my hand down into his bush and traveled around in there a while. Eric and I came out of our kiss, and I started nibbling on Red’s left nipple. He gave a little lurch as my left hand came out of his thatch at the root of his cock. As Claude had done, I encircled both cocks at their root and gave them a little shake. Claude’s hand came back and encircled both cocks below where I had a purchase and we stroked in unison briefly. Eric relaxed, but the pizza guy remained pretty tense.

The TV went to commercial, and Claude stood up, stretched, and said he’d go dispatch the dude in the gym. I certainly hoped he meant that he was letting the dude go, rather than that his was going to dispatch him in the same manner he had earlier that day.

When Claude had left, I felt Red relax under my hand and lips. I scooted off the edge of the sofa and went down on my knees in front of Eric and Red. I started at the young guy’s nipples and slowly licked my way down his belly and into that fiery-red thatch. I lifted both cocks with my hand and went for the balls. I managed to get a ball of each of them into my mouth and sucked them into my cheeks. Red voiced objections, and his hands went to my head to pull me away, but Eric got his arms under Red’s and pinned them up over his head.

“Relax, Guy,” I growled after I’d plopped the balls out of my mouth. “If I lose my concentration down here, you could get hurt.” I slapped him on the belly with the back of my hand, and he flung a dirty word at me.

“Watch your mouth,” I said, as I took both of his balls in my hand and pulled them out sharply and gave them a little squeeze. He gasped.

“I said relax.” And he did, collapsing like a deflated balloon.

I did some more gentle double work on their balls and then, bunching their dicks together again at the root with one hand, I got my mouth around both of their dick heads, having to force Red’s cock into a straighter position to do so. I did some double dipping, running my tongue around both knobs and giving attention to the piss slits in succession. Red was doing some squirming and panting, but Eric was thoroughly enjoying himself and was keeping the pizza guy pinned with his arms. I was about to see how deeply I could throat this combined package, when Eric drew my attention to the tube of fuck lubricant on the table beside the sofa. Ignoring Red’s questions of what that was, I reached over, opened the tube, took out an extra-large glob and started working it into both assholes that presented themselves under the cocks I was holding in my mouth.

The pizza guy izmir escort was protesting and making definite “no” sounds until I nipped at one of his balls again and then he went silent, with just an occasional moan or whimper.

While I worked the ointment in with one hand, I continued holding the two cocks together with the other, and put my mouth into a churning, circular motion around the two rods, rubbing them together, and swirling down further, further toward their roots. I had most of both in when I felt Red tense as if he was ready to shoot off. I plopped the dicks out of my mouth and said, “No, don’t you dare shoot off yet.” We all held position, both Eric and the young guy now panting and twitching, until all had calmed down.

Then Eric gave a “Now” direction and lifted Red’s chest up and out. In the same movement, I lifted the pizza guy by his buttocks, and positioned his asshole at the tip of Eric’s hard on. Red was giving little yip, yip sounds, not fully comprehending what was happening. As I spitted his asshole on Eric’s cock a good two inches in the first push, though, Red understood enough to let out a big gasp and a little scream.

“Stop screaming, and put your mouth on mine and open your lips to me, or I’m going to jam you right down,” I instructed. I hadn’t liked that snotty look he’d given me when I’d first come in the room. The young guy gave me a wild-eyed look now, but when our lips joined and I pressured his open, he did open his lips to me. Then in one movement, I went ahead and jammed his buttocks down on Eric’s rod, Eric thrust up to meet that movement, and I forced my tongue into Red’s mouth. There was muffled screaming and a good bit of writhing on Red’s part, which only helped Eric go in deeper and deeper. When I could feel Eric’s pubic hair meet the pizza guy’s buttocks, I brought my tongue out of his mouth and went into a more tender kiss. Our lips parted and he collapsed back onto Eric’s chest. He had managed to take all of Eric’s length and width, and the lubricant was increasingly loosening him up. He relaxed as he became more comfortable with his circumstances and even, now, could begin to feel the pleasure. My lips went to his nipples, which were now fully erect, and he moaned with pleasure. With my hands under his buttocks, I started rocking him back and forth, first side to side and then front to back, and he opened up more and could feel the pleasurable friction of Eric’s rod. Then I started, ever so slowly an up and down, in and out movement.

Eric felt he was able to give Red back the use of his arms at this point. And that also gave him the opportunity to take control of the fuck. He brought his hands down between mine and the young guy’s buttocks and took over the motion of Red’s pelvis. The pizza guy’s arms wrapped around me, and he scratched his nails down each side of my spine, reaching as low as he could. He couldn’t get anywhere interesting, though, so he snaked his left hand around to my nipple and mimicked the circular motion I was performing on his own. With his right hand, he dove for my cock, and was rewarded with success. I gasped as he cupped it, squeezed and then jerked it. I grabbed for his cock, in turn, and once again felt a ripple of pleasure at the way it curved up.

On impulse, I grabbed for the tub of fuck lubricant, lathered my own hole up, and disengaged from the pile. I jumped up on the sofa, went down on my calves, facing the TV, and, straddling Eric and the pizza guy, put my hand back and grabbed Red’s cock and slowly descended my butt down to his cock head and slid back and down. We all gave a little jerk and shudder when Red entered me, but I sighed with pleasure as his long, slender rod slid right in. The bent cock was a whole new pleasure for me, and I could tell he got a thrill out of this too. It didn’t go straight in; I could feel his dick head drag along the back of my ass chute as it entered. When he was all the way in, Eric and I set up a counter rhythm that had the pizza guy squeaking with pleasure. Eric would push Red’s pelvis up, pulling Eric’s cock out, on the same stroke that I thrust down in my squat, pushing Red’s rod further in. We hadn’t been at this for very long when Claude reentered the room and, seeing the action, squatted in front of me, took my cock into his mouth, and started giving me vigorous head. He could see that he needed to play catch up, and he was right. Eric, Red, and I didn’t come simultaneously, but it was a close race. We collapsed on the sofa and Claude just stood there, looking down at us, those silk shorts tented out.

The pizza guy clearly thought he was done here indeed he was sure to have thought he’d already gotten more than he imaged would happen and he got up gingerly and with a few grunts as if to gather his things and leave, but Claude was still standing there between him and the door, very close to him.

Red looked into Claude’s eyes with an apprehensive look but couldn’t keep his eyes from running down the huge alsancak escort chest of the giant and to those tented shorts.

“I know you’re curious, Guy,” Claude said, with a grin, “So let’s just satisfy that curiosity.” Then he took both of Reds hands and stuffed them down the front of his shorts. Red gasped and his legs got a little rubbery by what his fingers encountered down there. He looked up into Claude’s eyes with a look of both fear and admiration, and Claude, still holding the young man’s hands in his shorts, brought his face down to his and gave him that same tender, full-tongued kiss that I had so enjoyed in my first encounter with Claude. Red’s hands jerked, as he felt that the kiss had filled out Claude’s desire even more than when the young man’s hands had first touched that mighty oak.

Claude came out of the kiss, laughed, and, with a hearty, “And so, to the showers,” picked Red up, threw him over his shoulder and headed for the stairs. Red lifted his head and gave Eric and me a pleading look. His long arms were dangling down, and he grabbed Claude’s butt cheeks through the silk shorts to maintain his balance. If he thought this was going to cool Claude down, he was sorely mistaken.

“Should we join him?” I asked Eric.

“Naw, let him have his own fun,” Eric answered. “I sure we can think of something to do ourselves.” And Eric was right. We did some kissing and fondling and back and forth on the sofa for a while and then, just naturally, found ourselves in the 69 position, and practiced some synchronized face fucking, ball rolling, and orifice fingering. When we were spent, I drifted off into sleep.

When I awoke, the room was dim, and the house seemed very quiet. It had been a great day, but it was time to shower off one last time and hit the road. But first I’d find the guys and see what they were up to. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard some noises from the back of the house and padded into the gym.

The pizza guy was still on delivery, I could see. They’d pulled out the parallel bars and had him trussed up on that apparatus like a pig over a fire. He was laid out on top of the bars, face down. His arms were wrapped around the bars and strapped down so that he was locked into position. His legs were draped back over the bars behind or would have been draped back over the bars if Claude wasn’t holding them out over the bars at the widest angle possible to give him purchase. One of the bench presses had been moved under and between the bars back there, and Claude was standing on it and hunched over Red a bit to gain the best angle for his fuck. His cock was a good five or six inches up the guy’s ass already, but Claude was in a rest period, probably having taken some time to get the depth he’d already achieved. Red was laying limp across the bars, although the sweat that was running off him attested to the ordeal he’d had to this point. Part of his ordeal was that the other end of him was getting attention as well. The other bench press had been placed between and under the bar under Red’s chest and head, and Eric was standing on this bench. He had his hands buried in the pizza guy’s flaming red mop, with his head pulled up and back an angle that had allowed the deep-throating of Eric’s cock. He was just about all the way in, so he was making a little more progress than Claude was.

Claude saw me at the door and asked if I couldn’t give him a little help. Why not, I thought. I still remembered that I didn’t particularly like the pizza guy’s attitude. I went over, slid under the bars, reached up, grabbed Red’s butt cheeks, and pulled them as far apart as possible. He shuddered and twitched as Claude grunted and stuffed his sausage farther in.

“Thanks,” Claude said. “I think that’s done it. Yes, sliding right in now. In, in, in, there. Ah, that red hair tickles. There. Now out just a bit and see if it can get back in. There, yes, ah, that fuck ointment feels good, and I think he’s opening a bit more now. Ah, yes. Okay, out a couple of inches, and then slowly back in. Y-e-s.” Red was twitching and was all tense.

“Hey, Guy,” I called up to him. “Just try to relax. It will be better if you relax and open up. It’s a glorious fuck, Red. This is one that you will remember forever. You just have to relax. He’s not going to really hurt you. None of us is going to hurt you.”

I felt sorry for him then and reached up and cupped his curved dick in my hand and stroked around and up, taking the glans gently in my fingers and putting my thumb on his piss slit. There was a little moisture there, but not enough to play much without hurting him. I put my lips on the tip and swirled my tongue around the glans, adding moisture. The cock began to stiffen and increase its curve almost immediately.

Eric spoke, “You in, Claude?”

“Yeah. He’s a good fuck. He’s relaxing; I’ll be able to pump pretty soon. Ugh. Tightened right up again. Here, maybe this will help.” Claude swung Red’s legs buca escort down and folded them out in front of him, outside the bars. I could feel that this opened him up a little more.

Eric spoke again. This time to the pizza guy. “Okay, Red. I’m coming out most of the way, and I want you to be nice to my head. I want you to lightly suck it and run your tongue around it. Yes. Ah, yes. Now, feel the slit at the tip? Take the tip of your tongue and try to get it in there. Oh, yes, yes. That feels so good. You’ve got such a sweet tongue. Now, get it under my dick and slowly stroke it down to the root as I slide in. A-h-h-h. Oh, honey, that’s great. You give good head.”

I gave the pizza guy slow and gentle head myself, while Claude started to pump, lengthening his strokes and increasing the speed. Eric came first, and exchanged his dick for a soft mouth; Red came second, and Claude came last.

I let loose of Red’s butt cheeks and came out from under the bars after he’d cum. I had my tongue in Claude’s ass when he came. He slowly pulled his thunder buster out of Red’s ass, and I could clearly hear the sucking sound as it came out. The pizza guy’s hole was wide and loose, and he seemed to have taken the ultimate screw very well. But, was this really the ultimate screw, I thought. I looked at that hole pensively. Claude helped Red bring his legs down onto the bench press, and he asked to have his arms untied.

“In a while, Red, Eric replied. I haven’t had my dip in that hole yet.”

The guy started to object, but Claude slapped him on the butt and told him to be quiet. Eric scooted the other bench press out from under the parallel bars and pulled it over into the center of the room. He laid down on it on his back, and I walked over and straddled him in the 69 position and gave him head to pump him back up, while he licked my balls and rimmed my ass. When Claude could see Eric was erect again, he unstrapped Red’s arms and manhandled him over to the bench. I got off of Eric, and Claude pushed Red down into a crouch above Eric, and I helped insert Eric’s cock into his hole. Red was still so wide from Claude’s drilling that Eric’s rod just slurped on in. I told Red to stand perfectly still, while Claude walked around to the head of the bench and directed him to kiss his cock and give him some head. Eric could reach Claude’s drooping balls and worked on them with his mouth and one hand, while he wrapped his other hand around Red’s cock. I put my hands under Eric’s butt cheeks and raised and lowered them and moved them back and forth so that his rod dipped around in Red’s ass.

I kept on thinking about the concept of whether Claude’s screw had been the ultimate fuck for this smart-assed guy, however, and decided that maybe we could do a little better. And thinking about what might be better stiffened my own cock right up. I dropped Eric’s butt cheeks and his cock dropped down to the lower end of the hole without losing much of its depth. I then spread my hand over Red’s left butt cheek in a steadying hold, took my hardened cock in my right hand, and inserted the head above Eric’s cock in the pizza guy’s ass, while I mouthed “double fuck” across the bodies to Claude. Claude moved his hands down along Red’s side to his waist and held him steady there in his grip. Red still tried to buck when I entered him, but we weren’t giving him much room to maneuver. Eric figured out what was going on as well, and snaked his hands around Red’s thighs to hold him in place there. Eric stopped reaching for Claude’s balls with his mouth, and dug his heels into the carpet, ready to raise his hips when I was ready. I encased the root of both Eric’s and my cocks around my fingers to hold the two rods together and slowly pushed the two cocks into Red’s hole, with Eric rising up to the hole with his pelvis, as I pushed him. It was a much tighter fit now, and Red gasped and started to swear. Claude brutally took Red’s mouth into his and used his tongue as a gag. Once in a good four inches, I released our cocks and let them work on their own. We pushed in, in unison until we were both in to the root.

I pushed down on Red’s back with my chest until he was firmly sandwiched between us, and Eric’s mouth replaced Claude’s as an effective gag. I grabbed Red’s upper arms and pinned them above his head, while Claude came around behind me and held his thighs forward and up. When Eric and I were well in, we both began a slow pumping action, but like the pistons of an engine. While Eric was pulling out, I was pushing in. The friction of this on my cock was driving me wild, and I could tell Eric and Red were enjoying it to. I don’t know when Claude had let go of the guy’s legs, but I soon felt his big strong fingers playing with my ass, and, shortly after that, the feel of Claude’s enormous dick head pressing on my back door, and I just widened my leg stance and let him in. A short time after that still, I could feel one of his hands coming up from under my balls and he inserted fingers alongside Eric’s and my cocks as they were stuffed in Red’s hole. The pizza guy did some more squirming, which just helped make us all cum in quick succession, and we tumble in different directions off the bench press, and laid there panting, regaining our composure. Now, I thought, the pizza guy had finally felt his ultimate fuck.

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