Female Ejaculation

Subject: Horace When Horace was growing up he was as skinny as a rail and picked on by the bigger boys. This was partly due to the somewhat effeminate mannerisms he exhibited or rather the others ascribed to his physical stature. But there was one thing about Horace that was never anything but all man. His cock and balls were huge. Horace never saw his dad’s jewels so it was unclear if it was genetic or a happy accident but even at fifteen he had an eighteen inch cock that was as thick as a soda can and his balls were the size of small baseballs. Knowing this one can easily understand that as Horace neared eighteen he started to develop. This was greatly due to his working out at the gym. Within months his body changed from one of being that skinny adolescent to a very muscle bound man. Growing to the point that he was not only entering but winning many of the local and regional body building events. That was when Horace met Terence. Terence was a big black buck and gave Horace a run for his money in many of the competitions. They became close friends and even though Terence was almost two and a half years older than Horace they enjoyed many of the same things. Horace graduated from his high school shaking the dust of that place from his shoes and moving on to even more domination in the body building arena. Horace and Terence would often room together when they were at these events and eventually they started experimenting sexually with each other. It started with masturbating together. And even though Terence was able to shoot quite a load he was in awe of Horace’s loads. Preening and posing in the bathroom and even in the gym Terence would some times come up behind Horace and pose in unison with Horace. It looked like Horace’s shadow when you saw them posing together. When Terence was discussing Horace’s workout as they were posing he moved his arms around Horace’s waist and pulled each other together. This embrace startled Horace and he dropped his arms to almost push away Terence’s hold but it felt so good to have Terence’s arms around him. He rubbed Horace’s abdomen. Feeling bursa escort the ripples moving up to the cleavage between Horace’s pecs and down to his hips. Horace was unsure if this was some sort of sexual advance or just checking out his workout. Terence had never done this before and Horace didn’t want it to stop but they were beginning to get looks from the other people working out and it stopped almost as quickly as it had begun. The workout went as normal as usual but Horace kept thinking about the embrace and when they got back to their room he asked Terence about it. What was that all about Terence? You looked good. I was just checking out your body. You have a nice body. That ripple on your abs, the spread of your hips, that cleavage on your pecs. Magnificent. Horace blushed. Don’t do that. You enjoyed it. I know. You can’t hide that just like I can’t. Horace blushed even more. Terence came up face to face with Horace and pulled each other together. Look even now you are getting excited. Horace’s cock was poking out of his posing trunks. With one hand around Horace and the other between them Terence pulled out both of their cocks and began stroking them together. Horace had never had an orgasm as stimulating as he had that night with Terence stroking their cocks together. Horace was not on his game the rest of the week and Terence could tell. By the end of the week Horace was beginning to think that it was just an aberration and that it would not happen again but when the weekend came and they went to the beach to get some sun and enjoy a break Terence came up behind Horace as they were standing at the ice cream truck and Horace was so startled that he dropped his cone. Slipping down between his chest Terence turned Horace around and began licking him clean. Horace’s nipples were erect and that might have begun as from the coldness of the ice cream slipping down his cleavage but soon became stiff just like his cock growing from his swim suit. Terence got Horace another ice cream and they headed back to their towels and laid down. Terence licked bursa escort bayan his ice cream in a seductive way and as Horace looked a Terence. Laying close to each other Terence dipped his ice cream to Horace’s chest and began making circles and tracing the definition in Horace’s abs and then licking it off of him. Horace was getting more and more distracted by these advances and it was not a huge surprise when the accident happened. Horace was working out. Day dreaming while lifting weight is not a good idea but Terence was just too exciting right now. There was a terrible pain that woke Horace from his dreams when he realized that there was a blinding, searing pain and oh so much blood spewing from his crotch. When Horace got to the hospital and was finally able to think coherently again due to the pain medications coursing through his body he found out his balls had become entangled in the machine and were with one swift stroke removed from him. There was nothing that the hospital was able to do about his balls they were destroyed in accident. Terence called every day but the only day that he came to the hospital was the day that he was bringing Horace home. This led to the suspicion that Terence had something to do with Horace’s neutering. And in a way he did but it seemed as though it was only in Horace’s daydreaming that Terence was involved. No one was ever able to prove that Terence ever had anything to do with this. Horace rested for weeks recuperating from his injuries. Not being able to work out much of Horace’s muscular mass began to soften. Terence was quite solicitous toward Horace. Helping him in his convalescence. Helping Horace out of bed, fixing the bandages, helping him walk to the sofa. By the time Horace was healed he had softened to the point that he thought Terence would never be interested in him. As he looked in the mirror Terence came up behind him and squeezing the developing love handles and the softening pecs he felt Terence’s cock stiffen at his back side pressing towards it’s goal. Horace had lost some muscle mass due to his inactivity escort bursa but it was more he just was so beaten down by the events that he let Terence continue with his probing. Both his cock and his hands wandering around his softening mid section. Come with me Horace. Terence said. He led Horace to the bed and laid him down. I think you know I love you Horace and there is nothing that could change that. Terence crawled between Horace’s legs lifting his legs so that Horace was bent almost in half. Exposing Horace’s pucker he aimed his rigid rod and went for the gold. Now Horace had never had sex. Not with a woman. Not with a man. Not with anyone. But he took to this easily. Even the pressure around his ass was easily manageable. As Terence thrust deep Horace eventually felt a warmth in his abdomen that he had never felt before. Terence’s eyes rolled back in his head and with a mighty grunt he collapsed on top of Horace releasing his legs allowing Terence’s cock to slip from it’s home. Horace wrapped his arms around Terence and as the snores escaped from the sleeping Terence, Horace realized he enjoyed this new series of events. Horace became insatiable to Terence. He researched so much of the gay culture that he had never known about and became the bottom that he now craved. His workouts became fewer and fewer and although he had hormones to replace his loss of production he even used them less than directed. Horace became rolly polly according to Terence’s terms and they both seemed to like the new Horace. Terence admitting that he had a desire for a fat man and it was just wonderful that it was Horace. Without Horace’s previous body building he probably would have looked more like a pear but he looked more like a barrel. His legs were thick and his hips rounded. His chest began to sag and warp around his back. And although he still had quite a sizable cock it was beginning to be engulfed in the layers of fat in his abdomen. The pair looked like quite the contrast. Horace a smooth white blubbery mound and Terence the muscle bound body builder. Together they were two parts to a whole. The Yin to the Yang. Horace craved the stimulation that it seemed as though only Terence could provide. But as he grew outward it seemed as though his body became more and more sensitive to Terence’s advances.

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