High Expectations Ch. 07High Expectations Ch. 07


The sensations were incredible. I had no idea my body could feel like this. I started squirming, moving my hips up and down in an automatic motion. My hands clenched into fists and I tried to raise my arms but he held me in place.

He switched sides, pulling the other nipple into his mouth. I felt a noise in my throat and he laughed, sending a vibration into my body.

“Please,” I said, “please, let me touch you.”

He pulled back a bit. “I’ll let go of your arms, and you can ouch me, but don’t go lower than my waist. Okay?”


He shook his head. “Okay?”


He let go of my wrists, dragging his fingers down my arms, over my shoulders and tits, down my stomach, and rested on my hips. He sat up and I did the same. He shook his head again.

“Lie down and I’ll take your panties off.”

A squealing sound escaped my mouth, but I did what he said. He smiled again and hooked his thumbs under the sides of my panties. He drew his fingers lightly over the front before pulling them down and I lifted my knees so he could slip them off of my feet.

I watched him as he tossed the panties over his shoulder and gently pressed my knees apart, baring me completely. I touched his head and he looked up at me. The only word for his expression was hungry.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

He looked down again and got onto his knees. He leaned forward and hovered over me. He touched my thighs, stroking them. I had to bite back a demand to touch him. No matter how much I wanted to, I didn’t want him to stop either.

“Hold yourself open for me. Spread your pussy lips for your brother.”

I reached down and touched them. I held them open but bursa escort had to look away. He sucked in his breath and cupped my cheek in his hand, tilting my head back towards him.

“Your pussy is beautiful. Don’t ever be ashamed of that.”

I nodded, all too aware how hot my face really was. He was staring directly into my eyes and caressed my cheek. Before I realized what I was doing, I turned my head and drew his fingers into my mouth, tasting his skin.

Now it was his turn to gasp.

His free hand rested on top of my pubic mound. He tugged the hairs gently, not causing any pain but still announcing their presence. I started sucking on his fingers, twirling my tongue around them like I had done to his cock.

I started to shift my weight but he pushed my hips back down. “Keep those lips open,” he whispered. “Don’t let go or this stops.”

I nodded and readjusted my fingers. He looked back down at my open pussy. He let go of the hairs and traced my hands, stopping just short of my skin.

“Tell me you want me to touch you.”

Instead of letting go of his fingers, I nodded. But he shook his head and pulled his hand away from my face.

“Say it.”

“Please touch me. Please touch your sister’s pussy.”

He eased backwards enough so that he had room to maneuver. Then he used both hands to ouch my inner thighs. “Don’t look away,” he said.

“I won’t,” I whispered.

He drew lazy circles on my legs, each time getting closer to my pussy. Finally, he let his fingertips rest under mine. He carefully touched my clit with the very tips of his index fingers, trapping it between them. I sucked in malatya escort my breath with a hissing sound and he only grinned up at me.

He gently worked it back and forth between his fingers, sometimes pressing harder on one side or the other, other times working it up and down. I was breathing more heavily with each passing moment.

“Stay still,” he said, shifting his weight again. “And don’t forget to hold your pussy open for me.”

He let go of my clit and laid belly-down on the mattress. Before I could really think about what he doing, he kissed my open pussy. I jerked my hips up but he pushed them back down.

“Relax,” he said.

“Easy for you to say,” I groaned.

“Not even close to easy, little sister,” he said, using the so-called childhood pet name.

I tried to do what he said, but my muscles kept tensing up and my hips would move. He was kissing my pussy, licking the folds of the inner lips and even sucking them into his mouth.

He pushed my fingers away, holding me open with his left hand. I reached down and touched his head, breathing even harder. His right hand rested just under me, his fingers touching the edges of my pussy lips.

He put a finger just inside. I gasped in surprise. Because I was a virgin, I hadn’t ever gone to a gynecologist, and had never even used a tampon because I’d heard horror stories about how they would hurt.

“Sh,” he whispered. “Trust me.”

I opened my mouth to answer just as he pulled my lips open with one hand and planted his mouth squarely on my clit. Instead of words, of any protest or reassurance I could give him, what came out was a guttural moan çanakkale escort that ended with a little shriek.

He licked my clit, up one side and down the other. He sucked it up into his lips, applying gentle pressure. His fingers dipped in and out of my pussy, still barely going inside at all. I started moving my hips in a rhythm to match his movements.

Tension and pleasure was building up inside of me, more than I’d ever had before when I would play with myself. I couldn’t keep the moans inside. And he only licked faster.

Then, he did something I’d never even imagined in my wildest fantasies. He released my clit from his lips and then immediately sucked it back up, harder, and this time between his teeth. He nibbled it, just short of pain, and licked the exposed flesh.

I couldn’t even think straight. I grabbed his hair in both of my fists and thrust my hips upward. He moved faster in response. His fingers were a little further inside of me, but he stopped short of breaching my hymen.

And that did it.

My body seemed to explode. I cried out his name and pulled his hair in my attempts to get him closer. My muscles moved of their own volition and my whole body clenched.

He kept licking, slowly releasing my throbbing clit and sliding his now wet fingers out of me. The sensations slowly stopped, leaving me panting and sweating. He gently pulled my hands away from his hair and moved so that he was lying beside me, propped up on one elbow.

My breathing slowly returned to normal. He ran his free hand down my stomach, smiling.

“How did that feel?”

“I don’t even… I don’t have a word for it.”

He laughed. “Maybe someday we can do it again and give you a chance to find those words.”

“Only maybe?”

“Maybe.” He kissed me gently on the lips. “We need to get some sleep.”

He pulled the sheet and blanket over us and pulled me into the crook of his arm. I snugged into him, my arm over his stomach.

“Good night, Julie.”

“Good night, Mark.”

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